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178. This stone is placed as sacred to the memory of the Honorable WALTER GEORGE STEWART who died on the 1st day of June 1864, aetat 63. For 33 years he filled thro eventful changes which came over this Island in its social and political affairs the office of Island Secretary and was during the whole of that period the Clerk of the Council in its legislative capacity, the duties of which he honorably and zealously performed. In his private life he was a warm hearted friend, liberal and never backward in his donations to the poor, in public life strenuous and forward to support all the best interests of Jamaica, his adopted country. He was also at the time of his death a member of the Privy Council of the Island. Requiescat.

179. Sacred to the memory of the Reverend GEORGE CRAWFORD RICKETTS FEARON, who departed this life on the 22nd October 1840 aged 49 years. He was Rector of Clarendon his native parish for a period of 20 years. He was unostentatiously good, without guile, true of speech and pure in heart.

180. REBECCA MARY BERNARD, born 23rd April 1828, died 4th February 1834 aged 5 years 9 months and 12 days.

JANE ELIZABETH BERNARD, born 19th April 1832, died 6th February 1834 aged 1 year 9 months and 17 days.


181. Here lies intered the body of JOHN JEFFERY KEALE who departed this life 9th April 1813 aged 38 years. (Loose slab.)

182. Sacred to the memory of JANE KING, eldest daughter of the late J. W. KING of St. Dorothy, Esqre., died the 2nd August 1844 aged 21 years. This tomb is erected by one who knowing her virtues when living now mourns his loss in her death.

183. Here lies the body of LEVINIA GAMBLE, the infant daughter of FRANCES HENDERSON who departed this life the 11th day of May 1803, aged 2 years and 11 months.

184. Sacred to the memory of SOPHIA wife of WILLM. DUTTON TURNER, M.D. She died on the 11th day of March 1834 in the twenty-fifth year of her age.

Also of FRANCIS ROBERTSON LYNCH, son-in-law of the above, born at Brompton, April 1st, 1824. Died Decr. 9th 1874. R.I.P.

185. A tomb with W.S.T. M.M.T.

186. In memory of ELIZA wife of FRANCIS ROBERTSON LYNCH. Born August 9th 1828. Died October 13th 1878. R.I.P.

187. Beneath this stone rest the remains of the Honorable FRANCIS SMITH, for many years Custos Rotulorum of the Precinct of St. Catherine. He died the 7th Novr. 1831 aged 69 years. He was a truly good man, distinguished throughout life for his piety and his numerous charities. This stone is placed here by THOMAS LAND Esquire, who owes his advancement in life to the friendship of the deceased.

188. Sacred to the memory of JOHN JARRETT SCHAW, Esquire, who departed this life at Port Henderson in the Parish of Saint Catherine on the 17th day of October 1844 aged 56 years.

189. Sacred to the memory of CHARLES WM. DUNN, Esquire, son of ANDW. & ELIZTH. DUNN who died in Spanish Town 3rd July 1835 aged 3 yrs. 6 months.

190. Here lies the body of WILLIAM WYBRANTS. Esqr. Captain in His Majesty's 62nd Regt. of Foot who departed this lie on the 8th day of November 1793 in the 36 year of his age, as also the body of his daughter ALICE ELIZA.

191. Sacred to the memory of Miss ANN BARTLETT MACLEAN who departed this life on the 16th day of March, Anno Domini, 1845 aged 26 years.

192. Miss ANN BARTLETT died 17 th June 1819.

193. Sacred to the memory of THOMAS BROWN Esqr. who departed this life on the 3rd Aug. 1822 at the advanced age of 75 years.

194. A tomb with initials D. M.

195. To the memory of HUGO [1] son of HUGO and AMELIA JAMES, Spanish Town, Jamaica, died 20th Decr. 1822 aged 3 years.


[1] 1817, July 1. Hugo James, esq. of Spanish Town, J., to Emily dau. of S. Jackson, esq. of Catherine-hall, Montego Bay. ("G.M." 274.)


196. In memory of JOHN ARMSTEAD Esq., & CONSTANT his wife she died August 8th 1793, aged 58 years. Also three of their children who died in their infancy. Likewise the body of ELIZTH., wife of Capt. JANNS, 18th Royal Irish Regt. who died 22nd May 1810.


198. Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH JANE REID, who departed this life on the 17th day of January 1831 aged 24 years.

199. MILLECENT, wife of FRANCIS SMITH, died June 1827.

200. Underneath are deposited the remains of Mrs. ELIZABETH wife of ROBERT HUGGINS of this Parish, who departed this life the 1st September 1802 aged 36 years. Also her son JOHN ELLISS HUGGINS, aged 2 years and 4 months. What kind of persons they were the day of judgment will show.

201. ELEONORA widow of Dr. ANDREW DAWSON of the Army Medical Staff, died in Spanish Town 15th March 1841 aged 81 (?) Years.

202. Here lies ye body of ANTHONY GUBB who died the 3rd of Novr. Ano. Dom. 1698, aged 63 years. And also the body of ANTHONY, grandson of ANTHONEY and son of FRANCIS and EDITH GUBB, who died Octbr. ye 15th Ano. Dom. 1695 aged 7 monthes.

203. Sacred to the memory of Miss ANN FRENCH, late of the Parish of Manchester, who departed this life on the 28th day of October 1835, aged 48 years.

204. Here lies the body of Ms. ELIZABETH RUSSELL who departed this life the 31st January 1824 aged 59 years and 5 months.

205. ROBERT RUSSELL, Barrister at Law, died 20th June 1886, aged 77 years.

206. Here lieth the body of EDMUND RUSSELL, who departed this life 27th Nover. 1846, aged 46 years & 3 months.

207. Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM TOWNSHEND, who departed this life on the 21st September 1846, aged 67 years.

208. In memory of SAMUEL P. MUSSON, D.D., for 13 years Rector of this Parish. Born Septr. 7th, 1812. Died Jany. 8th 1857.

209. Here lies the body of PETER WATSON, Merchant, a most respectable character, deeply regretted by his family and friends. He departed this life the 19th day of August 1804 aged 45 years.

210. HUGH MORRISON MYERS, died in Spanish Town February 20th 1854, 3rd son of WILLIAM ROBERTSON MYERS & ELLEN SPALDING his wife.

211. The remains of the late Honble JAMES GAYLEARD who departed this life on the 5th day of June 1855, aged 75 years. The deceased was a Master of the Court of Chancery of this Island, and for seventeen years President of the Council. The following resolution moved by the Honorable Sir JOSHUA ROWE, Knight, C.B., unanimously agreed to by that Honorable Board will convey to the reader the very high estimation in which he was held.

Resolved: "The Legislative Council, having since the last Session lost the service of their late President, the late Honorable JAMES GAYLEARD, who for seventeen years presided over their deliberations, wish, whilst they humbley submit to God's dispensation, to record their deep regret at his death, and to leave an enduring memorial in their minutes of their highest estimation in which they held him for his independence and liberality of sentiments. His unflinching advocacy and steady maintenance of all their rights and privileges, and his firm yet courteous and conciliatory conduct in the Chair by which the Council were greatly assisted in all their difficulties and embarrassments which have unfortunately so often beset the course of Legislation during the long period he held the high and responsible office of their President. 19th October, 1855."

ARMS.-Party per pale Azure, a bend Argent between three roses leafed, two and one, impaling Argent, two bars Sable, charged with three leopards' heads, two and one. CREST.-An arm dexter holding a rose leafed. MOTTO.- VIRTUTE ET L.....E.

Friend of my bosom they pure spirit has fled to meet a just regard in happier regions. Beloved brother, thy virtues thy fair fame which one little spot ne'er darkened will long be remembered and revered.

212. Here lies the earthly remains of HUGH WILLIAM BARNETT, Esquire, son of HUGH BARNETT, late of Sportsmann's Hall, in the Parish of Trelawny in this Island, Esquire, who departed this life the 11th day of October 1816 in the 25th year of his age. (Eulogistic lines follow.)

213. S.M. of ELIZA the beloved wife and of ELIZA JULIA the beloved daughter of JOSEPH GEGG, clerk. They sleep in Jesus. December 1844.

214. Sacred to the memory of MARGARET (wife of ALEXANDER) McEWAN who died at King's House on the 12th of June 1844, aged 33 years. Erected by her bereaved husband.

215. Sacred to the memory of the following sons & grandsons of Mrs. JANE BROWN. JOHN FRANCIS MATTHEWS, her youngest son, departed this life 11th July 1820, aged 32 years. WM. BIBBY BROADBELT, her eldest son, departed this life 29th January 1822, aged 37 years. JOHN C. MATTHEW, and FRANCIS BIBBY MATTHEW, sons of J.F. MATTHEW, the first aged 2 years 6 months, the second 1 year 2 months. This monument is erected by their disconsolate mother as a feeble tribute of affection who by the will of divine providence is left alone to lament her irreparable loss.[2]

216. Sacred to the memory of HANNAH, wife of Sergt. JAMES GORDON, 64th Regt. Who departed this life on the 20th Novber. 1837. This tomb is erected as a last testimony of respect by her affectionate husband.

217. Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH ANN WILKINS, who departed this life on the 4th day of May 1837, aged 40 years & 4 months.

218. Beneath are the remains of AUGUSTA GEORGIANA MILNE, only daughter of the late WILLIAM MILNE, Esquire, and SOPHIA MILNE, his wife, of Pedro River, St. Ann. Born 17th July 1806, died 31st October 1812. (Eulogistic lines.)[3]

To her endeared memory this marble was dedicated by her affectionate brother.


[2] 1810, Jan. 15. In St. Lucia, Capt. E.K. Matthews, 6th West India reg. eldest son of the late Etherington Thos. M. Esq. of St. Catherine's, J., ("G.M." 491.)

[a] 1811, Dec. 6. At Monmouth, Smart Aldred, of J., to Miss Matthews, dau. of the late Dr. M. of the same island. ("Bath Chronicle.")

[3] 1804, Jan. 6........on his passage to J., Andrew Milne, esq. merchant. ("G.M." 182.)

[b] 1822, Sept. 17. At Paris, Mrs. Sophia Milne, of Pedro River, J. ("G.M." 649.)


219. Sacred to the memory of ANNE MITCHELL, wife of JOHN MITCHELL, who departed this life the 2nd of June A.D. 1815 aged twenty four years seven months and two days.

220. Here lies the body of BARBARA CAMPBELL, the wife of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, who died the 22nd day of February 1803 aged 18 years 3 months & 24 days.

221. Sacred to the memory of ETIENNE VIAU, Esquire, native of Marseilles, who died in this town, Saturday the 28th Feb. 1835 aged 53 years, respected by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. This marble is placed over his remains by his disconsolate widow and children. (Translation in French follows.)

222. Erected to the memory of Captain EDMUND WRIGHT, 64th Regiment, by his brother officers by whom he was much beloved and is deeply lamented. He died 21st October 1837, aged 31 years.

223. JOHN ROSE departed this life Oct. 30th 1807 aged 50 years.

224. In affectionate memory of ELIZA GAYLEARD who died January 20th 1871 aged 60 years.

225. Sacred to the memory of COLIN MACKENZIE, Esquire, of Mount Gerald, Ross Shire, North Britain, and of Spanish Town in this Island, who departed this life on the 1st December 1837 aged 35 years. The honourable conduct the kind disposition and the amiable manners which distinguished this gentleman through life endeared him to many friends in this Island who have erected this monument to his memory as a testimony of their regard and esteem.

226. Sacred to the memory of Mr. HORATIO STEEVENS who arrived in this Island September 1839 and departed this life August 27th 1840 aged 35 years. Also to the memory of Miss SARAH STEEVENS sister to the above who arrived here April 1840 and departed this life September 6th in the same year, aged 23 years.

227. Sacred to the memory of JACQUES SICARD, Esq., late proprietor of York Castle Plantation in the Parish of St. Anns, who departed this life (in this town) on the 22nd of January 1821 aged 62 years.

228. ELIZABETH ST. WILLIAM DEANS, daughter of ALEXANDER and RACHEL SUSANNA, died 26th August 1821 aged 7 months.

229. Here lieth the body of ALEXANDER SLATFORD WILLOCKS who died 19th Sept. 1845 aged 52 years 9 months & 11 days.

230. CAROLINE PENISTONE McKELLA, born August 10th 1818...... (Fragment.)

231. Capt. D. CAMPBELL of His Majesty's XCI or Argyllshire Regiment. Died the 29th Novr. 1824, aged 42 years. (Loose slab.)

232. Sacred to the memory of ROBERT JOCELYN SHATON who departed this life on the 19th Oct. 1852 in the 19th year of his age. (Loose slab.)

233. Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER SINCLAIR who departed this life on 31st December 1854 aged 52 years. (Loose slab.)

234. (Masonic Emblem.) Credo. HENRY CALLANAN, Lieut. 1st W.I.R. Oct. 24th 1856. A.S. et E.M.S. Erexit. (Loose slab.)

235. To the memory of JOHN R. M. MURCHISON third son of KENNETH MURCHISON of Inverness, Capt. In H.M. 3rd Regt. of Foot. Died 6th day of Jany 1850. Erected by his beloved wife.

236. To the memory of SARAH ELIZA MURCHISON, widow of the late JOHN R. M. MURCHISON, and sister of the late ROBERT RUSSELL, LL.D. Died 9th February 1883.

237. Here lies the body of SOPHIA WHITTAKER, relict of the late BENJAMIN WHITTAKER, Esqr., of Port Royal, who departed this life on the 18th June 1835 in the 58th year of her age. Also the body of her son EDMUND CHARLES WHITTAKER, who died on the 19th November 1830 in the 36th year of his age.

238. THOMAS I. NUNES died in Kingston 25th April 1850.

239. Sacred to the memory of JAMES HIGGINSON, Esqr., of Spring Mount in the county of Antrim, Ireland, who departed this life on the 26th of May 1840 aged 26.

240. Sacred to the memory of HALFORD WOTTON, a native of England, who died August the 26th 1803 in the 22nd year of his age. This tomb was erected by his brother FRANCIS WOTTON. (Eulogistic lines.)

241. In memory of GEORGE WASHINGTON REED,[4] Master Commandant in the Navy of the United States. Born at Philadelphia May 26th 1780, captured in the U.S. brig of war Vixen under his command, by H.B.M. frigate Southampton. He died a prisoner of war at this place January 4th 1813. Unwilling to forsake his companions in captivity he declined a proffered parole and sunk under a tropical fever. This stone is inscribed by the hand of affection as a memorial of his virtues, and records the gratitude of his friends for the kind offices which in the season of sickness and in the hour of death he received at the hands of a generous foe.

242. Sacred to the memory of FREDERICK THOMAS BOLTON who departed this life November 13th 1839 aged 28 years & 4 months.

243. Here lies the body of CATHARINE BROWN who departed this life the 26th day of May 1865 aged 17 years.

244. Under this stone are deposited the mortal remains of ELIZABETH [5] wife of Captn. HOLMAN CUSTANCE of the 50th Regiment of Foot, and daughter of JAMES WHITE, Esquire, and ROSE, his wife, of Paul's Grove, Hampshire, who died deeply regretted by all who knew her, on the 23rd day of May 1822 in the 26th year of her age.


[4] 1813, March. At J., Capt. Washington Reid, late commander of the United States brig Vixen. ("G.M." 660.)

[5] 1822, May 28. At Spanish Town, J., 25, Eliz. Wife of Capt. Custance, of 50th foot, and dau. of J. White, esq. of Paulsgrove, Hants. ("G.M." 382.)


245. Sacred to the memory of ANN ELIZABETH LYNCH who departed this life the 10th day of December 1820 aged 15 months and 28 days. And of LARCHIN LYNCH who departed this life the 17th day of January 1821, aged 2 years 11 months and 3 days. Both of them are here interred in one grave. (Eulogistic lines.)

246. Sacred to the memory of SARAH, the beloved wife of JAMES P. CLARKE, died 16th July 1846 aged 36 years.

247. Sacred to the memory of Bt.-Major J. FITZGERALD of the 8th or the King's Regiment. Died the 5th July 1835 aged 56 years.

248. To the memory of STEPHEN WOOD, Esquire, Deputy Marshall for the Precinct of Kingston, Port Royal and St. Andrews, in the Island of Jamaica, who died on the 26th day of January 1819 in the fortieth year of his age. In the trying, arduous and important situation of Deputy Marshall he executed the duties of the office with that zeal and attention that firmness and humanity which will cause his remembrance to be acknowledged and respected by an extensive community and sincerely regretted by those to whom these virtues had endeared him as a friend.

249. To the memory of MARGARET the affectionate daughter of MARY SINCLAIR who died in the year 1845 aged thirty.

250. To the memory of LOUISA the beloved daughter of ALEXANDER and LOUISA his wife, who died 6th Oct. 1853 aged 7 years.

251. In memory of ROBERT CALDECOTT MORRIS, Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 2nd West India Regiment, who died at Spanish Town on the 7th of March 1840 of decline in the 23rd year of his age.

252. Sacred to the memory of Ensn . ANSTIS J. BEWES of the 8th or the King's Regiment. Died the 30th June 1835 aged 21 years.

253. Sacred to the memory of HENRY ROBERT BREDIN, Lieut. 37th Reg. Who died at Spanish Town of yellow fever on the 8th July 1838 in the 21st year of his age. Erected by his brother officers.

254. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. HONORIA GARVEY CLARKE only daughter of NICHOLAS GARVEY and consort of WILLIAM GARVEY CLARKE, Esqrs., who departed this life at her residence, Woodfield, St. Anns, on the 25th of June Anno Domini 1837 in the 33rd year of her age. (Eulogistic lines.)

255. Entombed within this monument lie the remains of NICHOLAS GARVEY, Esqre., proprietor of Woodfield, St. Anns, son of CHRISTOPHER GARVEY, Esqre., of Murrisk Abbey, Mayo, Ireland, who departed this life on the 4th of March A.D. 1817 aged 65 years. As a mark of respect his son-in-law, WILLIAM GARVEY CLARKE, Esq., erected this tablet to his memory.

256. Here lies interred the body of Mrs. JOHANNA BARTHOLOMEW who departed this life Dec. 21st 1808, aged 83 years. (Loose slab.)

257. To the memory of ELIZTH. LYNCH.... Jany. 1806. (Broken and loose slab.)

258. W. CAMPBELL died 27th February 1856 aged 96 years.

259. Beneath are deposited the earthly remains of WILLIAM ADAM HILL. He died 23rd Sept. 1822 in the 28th year of his age. (Loose slab.)

260. BONELLA WILLIAMS, born the 13th November, 1827, died the 23rd June 1828. (Loose slab.)

261. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, born the.......died the 7th November 1833. Children of ROLAND WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH JUILIANA his wife. (Broken slab.)

262. THOMAS WINDE, died June 24th 1818 aged 44 years.

263. In the memory of Mrs. SARAH COX also departed this life Dec. 24th 1828 aged 84 years. (Loose slab.)

264. Sacred to the memory of JOHN PARKER who died June 17 1812 aged 70 years. (Loose slab.)

265. Here lies interred the remains of THOMAS TOWNSHEND who departed this ..... the 21st January.....28 years. (Loose and broken slab.)

266. Here lieth the body of ROSANNAH THOMAS who departed this life on the 3rd Nov. 1846 aged 73 years. (Loose slab.)

267. WM. STEWART.....His Majesty's XCI or Argyllshire Regiment, died the 1st January 1825 aged 40 years. (Loose and broken slab.)

268. Sacred to the memory of EDWARD SWORD, who departed this life on the 23rd day of Augt. 1847 aged 30 years. (Loose slab.)

269. Sacred to the memory of ELIZA wife of JAMES DERBYSHIRE Esq. who departed this life June 2nd 1827 aged 28 years.

270. Here lieth the body of EDWARD WILLIAMS who died Oct. 14th 1848 aged 44 years & 2 weeks. (Loose slab.)

271. Sacred to the memory of Miss SARAH WILSON who departed this life Septr. 13th 1827 aged 7 years 7 mths 10 days. (Eulogistic lines.) (Loose slab.)

272. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. PRICILLA TAYLOR SAA wife of Mr. DANIEL SAA of Spanish Town who departed this life Novr. 15th 1805 aged 39 years.

Also Mr. DANIEL SAA above mentioned who departed this life April 27th 1810 aged 64 years.

273. Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE EVANSON who departed this life on the 19th day of April 1848 aged 85 years. (Loose and broken slab.)

274. Here lieth the body of JANET RENNALLS died 10th Mar. 1846 aged 85 years. (Loose slab.)

275. Here lies the body of CHARLES SMITH who departed this life 15th January 1808 aged 51 years. (Loose slab.)

276. Sacred to the memory of ANN LEE who departed this life the 4th day of July 1814 aged........years (Loose slab.)

277. To the memory of the Honorable DAVID FINLAYSON who was born on the 8th of January 1770, elected a Member of the House of Assembly for the Parish of Westmoreland in 1797 and chosen Speaker in 1821. The infirmities of age obliged him to resign the office of Speaker in 1830 and his seat for Westmoreland in the following year. He departed this life on the 7th of March 1831 aged 64 years.

278. Sacred to the memory of JOHN BAGNALD SAA, son of DANIEL SAA, Esq. Born 20th March 1834, died 16th May 1841, aged 7 years & 2 months.

279. Sacred to the memory of DANIEL SAA, Esq., who departed this life at Port Henderson on the 19th May 1842 in the 59th year of his age. Mr. SAA was highly respected for his strict integrity and honourable principles, and held the appointments of Churchwarden and Treasurer for the Parish of St. Catherine for many years.... (Eulogistic lines.)

280. Here lies SAR........ LARKSON ob...... yrs 1 month. (Loose and broken.)

281. ALFRED A. HEN......died 21st Sept. 18.......aged 21 years 10 months and 10 days. (Loose and broken.)

282. Sacred to the memories of WILLIAM DEMAREST & CATHERINE his wife who died the 14th of November 1772 aged 56 years, she died the 15th of April 1760 aged 38 years. To their much loved memory this stone is placed by their afflicted and only surviving daughter PH. YEATES. Also to the memory of ANN DEMAREST their daughter who died the 10th of August 1780 aged 34 years. Likewise a son & daughter who died in their infancy and lies [sic] buried here ANTHONY YEATES died 16th August 1811 aged 73 years.

283. Here lieth ANN wife of WILLIAM RODON Esqr. and their sons GEORGE and JOHN she died November 1816 aged 35 years and their children some years previous. Also MARY mother of WILLIAM RODON Esqr. Died 1824 aged 68 years. [6]


[6] 1808, Jan. 21. John Rodon, esq. of J. &c. ("G.M." 94.)


284. EUGENIE daughter of WILLIAM THOMAS MARCH and MARIE GENEVIEVE his wife died 22nd November 1836 aged 5 years and 8 months. ADRIANA REBECCA infant daughter of CHARLES CHENEY HAMILTON and CECILIA his wife died 28th July 1836 aged 7 months.

285. Sacred to the memory of LOUISE RAINSFORD the wife of SAMUEL RENALLS of this Town who died on the 12th January 1836 aged twenty five years.

286. Beneath this stone are interred the remains of Miss ELIZABETH EDLYNE CRASKELL youngest daughter of the late THOMAS CRASKELL Esquire Engineer of this Island she departed this life on the 19th May 1798 aged 24 years. (Text omitted.)

287. (Loose and broken.).....FLEMMINGS who..... Aged 60 years..... LEWIS her daughter who...... April 1819 aged 12 years.

288. Sacred to the memory of SARAH TAYLOR THOMPSON who departed this life the 19th day of September 1832 aged 35 years.

289. (Loose.) Sacred to the memory of JNO. EDW. CLARKE who departed this life on the 18th of July 1850 aged 9 years 8 months.

290. Here lieth the body of ANTHONY MATTHEWS Lieutenant 20th Lt Dragoons aged 22 years and his infant daughter MARIA MATTHEWS aged 17 months.

291. Sacred to the memory of Dr. WILLIAM MARCH late of this Parish who departed this life July 16th 1816 sincerely regretted.

[Continued from Monumental Annotations ]

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