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There are numerous references to soldiers in the early Jamaican Parish Registers. Most of them were British soldiers. Some of these soldiers were later left in Jamaica when their regiments disbanded. There are records for burials, marriages and baptisms. The list below is a sampling of these records, including men from about thirty different regiments . Where the regiments in which they served are listed, this information may also be useful in tracing other military personnel. For more military personnel, please go to the Members' page, and consult the Registers, Roman Catholic records from Newcastle, Military sections of the Almanacs, and Monumental Inscriptions.

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BC=Burial of child (followed by name of child)


CC=Baptism of child (followed by name of child)


M=Marriage (followed by name of spouse)


NAME-Last, first or title



PLACE-Parish in which registered, location;

RANK/REGIMENT/and comment



Arnett, David, BU 27/1/1762, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Ashley, John, BU 24/1/1777, Westmoreland, Soldier in 60th Regiment of Foot.

Barnes, George Adam, M (Martha Sarah Whittaker) by licence 21/1/1826, St. Catherine, Lieutenant of His Majesty's 9th Regiment of Foot.

Barber, Sergeant Henry, CC (Henrietta) 17/8/1825, Trelawny, 33rd Regiment.

Barber, William, M (Margaret Sophia Parish) by licence 6/12/1830, St. Catherine, Sergeant of 33rd Regiment.

Barlow, Oliver, M (Mary Walker, spinster) 20/12/1832, St. James, Sergeant 84th Regt.

Barnett, William Henry, CC (Henrietta Elizabeth) 20/3/1872, Trelawny, Falmouth; Private in 1 W.I. Regiment.

Barry, Charles, Esquire, M (Maria Lunan) 13/12/1830, St. Catherine, Captain of His Majesty's 77th Regiment of Foot.

Blake, Captain, BU 6/8/1797, St. Elizabeth, church yard; Captain in 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons.

Bradbury, Thomas , CC (Francis, infant son) 23/1/1825, Trelawny, Private.

Briggs, William, CC (John) 1/3/1812, Kingston, Sergeant 18 R.I. Regiment.

Brimton, Thomas, BU 28/1/1840, Trelawny, church yard; Private 68th Regt., aged 30 yrs.

Briscoe, Spencer, BU 23/8/1777, St. Elizabeth, church yard; Lieutenant of His Majesty's 60th Regiment of Foot.

Broadheart, Private Joseph. CC Hanover 25/12/1785 (Sarah) aged 10 days. Wife Phillis. 19th Regiment.

Bulfield, Robert, BU 17/6/1812, Trelawny, Private 101st Regiment, aged 24 yrs.

Bunch, Thomas, BU 6/11/1757, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Burke, David, M (Sarah Throppel) 18/4/1837, Hanover, Sergeant 37th Regiment.

Burke, Isaac, BU 7/9/1852, St. Catherine, Spanish Town Military Burial Ground; Private 1st West India Regiment.

Burke, James, CC (William) 26/3/1816, St. Catherine, Private in the 101st Regiment.

Burke, John, BU 14/8/1782, St. Catherine, soldier in the 14th Regiment.

Burke, John, BU 12/12/1817, St. Catherine, in the Garrison, Spanish Town; Soldier in the 61st Regiment.

Burke, John, BU 5/2/1677/1678, St. Catherine, Corp. or Cap.

Burke, John, C 16/10/1806, Kingston, Fort Augusta, Soldier in 2nd West India Regiment.

Burke, Michael, BU 5/7/1829, St. James, 91st Regiment.

Burke, Mickle, BU 11/7/1812, St. Catherine, in the Garrison, Spanish Town, Soldier in the 101st Regiment.

Burke, Patrick, M (Helen McPherson, widow) 26/7/1823, Trelawny, Private 92nd Regiment.

Burke, Thomas, BU 29/7/1853, St. Andrew, Up Park Camp, Sergeant 3rd West India Regiment.

Burke, William, BU 8/1/1838, Trelawny, Private in 37th Regiment.

Burke, William, CC (William) 15/8/1849, St. Catherine, Spanish Town, Private 2nd W.I. Regiment.

Campbell, -, CC (Anne) 28/9/1819, Trelawny, Private 61st Regiment.

Campbell, Robert, BU 16/12/1833, Trelawny, church yard; Private 77th Regt., aged 27.

Campin, Peter, BU 25/9/1825, Westmoreland, of the 92nd Regiment.

Cannall, William. CC 17/8/1876 Hanover (William) born 5/8/1785. Wife Jane Robertson. Soldier 19th Regiment.

Carey, John, CC (John) 1/12/1811, Trelawny, Private in 101st Regiment.

Carr, Jacob, BU 11/4/1748, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Carr, William, BU 1/11/1716, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Carson, ---, BU 20/6/1800, Sergeant in 83rd Regiment.

Casey, John, BU 1/11/1825, Trelawny, Private 77th Regiment.

Casey, John, BU 29/12/1833, Trelawny, church yard; Private 77th Regiment.

Casey, Thomas, BU 18/6/1800, Hanover, Private in 83rd Regiment.

Chamberlain, James, BU 25/5/1763, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clark, Thomas, BU 3/12/1716, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clarke, Charles, BU 30/12/1761, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clarke, Daniel, BU 8/7/1757, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clarke, James, BU 29/12/1739, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clarke, John, BU 4/10/1763, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clarke, John, BU 23/11/1763, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clarke, William, BU 16/12/1678, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Clarke, William, M (Johanna Butterworth, widow) by permission of the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, 8/7/1833, St. Catherine, Private of the 56th Regiment.

Clayton, Thomas, M (Martha Sutton, widow of 92nd Regiment) 1/10/1823, Trelawny, Private 92nd Regiment.

Cole, Sergeant Henry, CC (Margaret) 8/4/1825, Trelawny.

Cuthbert, Henry, BU 11/7/1800, Hanover. Private in 83rd Regiment.

Denoon, George, CC (Ann Jane) 14/2/1823, Trelawny, Private 92nd Regt.

Devereaux, George, BU 21/1/1715, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Douglas, John, BU 23/8/1834, Port Royal, Lieutenant in 64th Regiment.

Dowling, Patrick, M (Anne Moore) by permission of Lieut. Colonel the Honourable G. Cathcart commanding, 21/4/1835, St. Catherine, Private in the 8th Regiment.

Downs, Andrew, BU 24/8/1799, Hanover. Private 83rd Regiment.

Drummond, John, BU 24/2/1760, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Dunn, Dennis, BU 20/2/1715, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Dunn, Edward, BU 4/7/1750, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Eason, William, BU 11/9/1761, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Evans, David, BU 14/6/1731, St. Catherine, a grenadier.

Evans, James, CC (Francis Augustus James) 13/11/1812, Trelawny, Sergeant 101st Regt.

Evans, John, BU 24/11/1717, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Evans, John BU 21/11/1761, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Evans, John, BU 1/8/1800, Hanover, Private in the 83rd Regiment.

Evans, Mark, C 31/3/1847, Trelawny, Soldier of the W. I. Regiment.

Evans, Richard, BU 6/12/1761, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Few, Matthew, M (Ellen Goddard, widow) by permission of the commanding officer, 24/6/1838, St. Catherine, Private of 37th Regiment.

Fisher, -, BU Before 1/1827, Trelawny, 77th Regiment.

Forbes, David, BU 20/4/1823, Trelawny, church; Private 92nd Regiment.

Friboral, Charles, M (Ann Holloway) 15/1/1802, St. James, of His Majesty's 55th Regt.

Gibson, Sarah, BU 27/8/1762, St. Catherine, soldier's wife.

Gibson, Thomas, BU 5/8/1762, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Gladwell, Martha, D and BU 1/10/1791. His Majesty's 10th Regiment.

Greir, Andrew, CC (Agnes) 26/6/1802, Hanover, Sergeant of 55th Regiment.

Graham, William, BU 10/6/1800, Hanover. Corporal 83rd Regiment.

Grant, John, BU 14/6/1800, Hanover. Private 83rd Regiment.

Gray, Sergeant, BU 3/4/1823, Trelawny, church; 92nd Regiment, aged 46 yrs.

Grumley, Captain Henry, CC (Charlotte Jane)22/4/1821, Trelawny.

Hamilton, -, D before 3/12/1850, St. Ann, a soldier.

Hamilton, Sergeant Major, BC (George, aged 8 yr 4 mth) 23/8/1837, Trelawny, church yard; 37th Regt.

Hamilton, Sergeant Major, BC (Richard, aged 6 yr 4 mth) 24/8/1837, Trelawny, church yard; 37th Regiment.

Harper, Robert, M (Susannah Lynch Heath) 5/6/1827, Hanover, Lieutenant H. M. 77th Regiment of Foot.

Harasy, Andrew. BU 4/7/1799, Hanover. Private 83rd Regiment.

Heath, Philip, BU 25/9/1678, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Hedley, William. CC (Margaret Charlotte) Hanover 1/5/1791, born 27/2/1791. Wife Jean. 10th Regiment.

Hilton, Jacob Johnson D 28/11/1792 BU 29/11/1792. Ensign in His Majesty's 10th Regiment.

Holland, Henry, CC (James Bethel, Mary B., Augusta B.) 1877, St. Andrew, Sergeant at Up Park Camp, Kingston; formerly in Demerara, Guyana.

Holland, Thomas, BU 7/8/1761, St. Catherine, a soldier.

House, Jones, M (Mary Tongue, widow) by permission of Lieut. Colonel the Honourable G. Cathcart, 2/6/1835, St. Catherine, Corporal of 8th Regiment.

Jones, Thomas, BU 30/6/1800, Hanover. Private in 83rd Regiment.

Keating, William, CC (John) 8/7/1822, Trelawny, Private 92nd Regiment.

Lefountin, Peter, BU 28/1/1740, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Levitt, Joseph, M (Mary Ann Nosworthy) by permission, 15/9/1839, St. Catherine, Sergeant of 2nd West India Regiment.

Lorimer, William, BU 29/5/1781, Westmoreland, private of the 94th Regt. of Foot.

Marshall, John, M (Frances Lyon spinster of Trelawny) 28/6/1822, Trelawny, Private 92nd Regiment.

Marshall, John, M (Isabella Douglas, widow) with the sanction of the commanding officer, 11/4/1827, St. Catherine, Private of the 91st Regiment.

Martin, Robert, CC (Isabella) 15/11/1822, Trelawny, Private 92nd Regiment.

McCaan, Donald, BU 31/7/1797, Hanover. 13th Regiment of Dragoons.

McConnell, Lieutenant, CC (Frances Jane McDonnell reputed daughter) 27/1/1825, Trelawny, Lieutenant 61st Regiment.

McEwan, James, CC (Thomas, infant son) 16/1/1825, Trelawny, Corporal 33rd Regiment.

McFersney, Daniel, BU 1/12/1797, Hanover. Private in 13th Regiment Dragoons.

McGhie, James, BU 2/6/1800, Hanover. Private of 83rd Regiment.

McGilligate, Charles, BU 26/11/1833, Trelawny, church yard; Private 77th Regt, aged 27.

McGinnis, Matthew, BU 8/7/1800 Hanover. Private in 83rd Regiment.

McGlone, John, CC (John) 8/5/1825, Trelawny, Private 33rd Regiment.

McPherson, -, BU 17/4/1823, Trelawny, church; Band 92nd Regiment.

McPherson, David, CC (James) 26/4/1829, Trelawny, 91st Regiment.

McPherson, Hector, M (Mary Ann Boyd widow of 92nd Regt.) 13/11/1823, Private 92nd Regiment.

McWilliams, James, CC (Charles) 4/7/1802, Hanover, Sergeant 55th Regiment.

Miles, Michael, CC (Elizabeth) 1/12/1839, Trelawny, Falmouth; Private 68th Regiment.

Miles, Michael, CC (Sarah) 8/5/1841, St. James, Maroon Town; Private 60th Regiment.

Miles, Richard, BU 13/10/1855, St. Elizabeth, Accompong; Lieutenant.

Miles, Thomas, M (Margaret Murry, widow) 16/2/1783, Kingston, 1st Batallion Duke of Cumberland Regiment.

Moore, Lieutenant, BC (E. A. S.) 8/2/1862, St. Andrew, Up Park Camp; Lieutenant 3rd West India Regiment.

Moore, James, CC (Catherine) 9/1/1820, CC (Sarah) 23/9/1821, Trelawny, Private 61st Regiment.

Moore, John, BU 7/2/1792, Westmoreland, Private 13th Regiment of Foot.

Moore, John, CC (Frances Lucy) 23/7/1807, Portland, Lieutenant Adjutant 6th Battalion, 60th Regiment.

Moore, Peter, BU 28/12/1745, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Moore, Samuel, CC(Sophia) 10/6/1849, Hanover, Fort Charlotte; Private H.M. 16 J. Reg.

Moran, Private, BU 19/9/1812, Trelawny, Private 101st Regiment.

More, James, BU 1/2/1716, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Morris, David, BU 16/5/1776, Westmoreland, a soldier in the 60th Regt of Foot.

Murphy, Francis, BU 24/11/1797, Hanover. Private in 13th Regiment Dragoons.

Murphy, William, M (Eliza Anderson, daughter of the late School Master Sergeant of the 33rd) by sanction of John Harty commander of the 33rd Regiment, Wednesday 1/9/1830, St. Catherine, Lance Sergeant of Captain Grotes Company of the 33rd Regiment.

Naughton, Sergeant, BC (infant daughter) 17/5/1812, Trelawny, Sergeant 101st Regt.

Newman, Christopher, BU 18/12/1716, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Nouter, Thomas. BU 3/6/1800, Hanover. Private of 83rd Regiment.

O'Brien, John, M (Mary Sarah Fraser) by permission of Lieut. Colonel commanding, 19/1/1831, St. Catherine, St. Catherine, Colour Sergeant of the 84th Regiment.

O'Connor, Lieutenant, BU 29/12/1796, St. Elizabeth, church yard; Master in 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons.

Odell, Lieut. Col. William, D before 11/9/1783. Of the Loyal American Rangers.

Odell, Lieut. Col. William, CC Hanover (John) 11/9/1783, Born 5/6/1783. Wife Mary. Loyal American Rangers.

O'meally, John, BU 26/7/1810, Trelawny, Sergeant 101st Regt., age 24 years.

O'meara, Patrick, BU 4/8/1837, Trelawny, church yard; Private 37th Regiment, aged 22.

Parker, Henry, CC (Henry T.) 11/1/1846, St. James, W. I. Regiment.

Piraro, John, BU 30/7/1837, Trelawny, church yard; Private 37th Regiment, aged 29.

Planche, John Douglas, M (Mary Brown) 24/9/1807, St. James, Lieutenant 60th Regiment, Rio Bueno.

Quin, Patrick, BU 11/9/1830, Hanover, Lucea; 22nd Regiment.

Quin, Thomas, M (Ann Clarke) by permission of the commanding officer, 25/5/1839, St. Catherine, Drum Major of the 56th Regiment.

Rae, Sergeant, BC (Thomas, infant son) 21/8/1823, Trelawny, 92nd Regiment.

Reid, John, M (Sarah Anne Easton) 11/3/1829, St. Catherine, Assistant Surgeon of His Majesty's Forces.

Renton, John, CC (Catharine, aged 10 yrs) 15/8/1825, Trelawny, Private 33rd Regiment.

Robinson, George. BU 7/12/1803 Hanover. Assistant Surgeon to His Majesty's Forces in this island.

Rowe, William, BC (John, aged 16 months) 20/5/1812, Trelawny, Sergeant 101st Regt.

Rowe, William, BU 26/9/1812, Trelawny, Sergeant in 101st, aged 30 yrs.

Salmon, James, BU 31/1/1840, Trelawny, church yard; Sergeant 68th Regt, aged 27 yrs.

Scott, John, CC (Charles Augustus) 24/4/1872, Trelawny, Falmouth; Private 1st W. I. Regiment.

Scott, Samuel, BU 22/6/1746, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Scott, William, BU 15/2/1720, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Sims, Jacob, BU 2/7/1725, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Smith, Henry, CC (Jane) 5/2/1820, Trelawny, Private 61st Regiment.

Smith, Samuel, CC (Samuel) 2/2/1823, Trelawny, Private 92nd Regt.

Solas, John Baptiste, M (Lydia Sarah Browne, widow) 23/3/1817, Trelawny, Private 6th Battn. 60th Regiment.

Stewart, Paul, BU 6/5/1781, Westmoreland, private of the 94th Regt. of Foot.

Tapper, John, M (Eleanor Stevenson, widow) 12/1/1812, Kingston, soldier 18th R. I. Regiment.

Tate, Robert, M (Mary McIntosh, widow) 16/12/1764, Kingston, Soldier H. M. 36th Regiment of Foot.

Tench, Charles Joshua, CC (Paulina) 30/11/1824, Trelawny, Maroon Town; Captain 33rd Regiment of Foot.

Thomas, Richard, CC (William Arthur) 20/5/1854, St. James, Maroon Town; Sergeant 16th Regiment.

Thompson, Catherine, BC 17/7/1822, Westmoreland, a child left by the 61st Regiment.

Toole, John, M (Mary Elizabeth Reid) 8/4/1822, Trelawny, Falmouth; Private 92nd Regiment.

Travers, James Eaton, CC (Isabella Margaret)24/3/1852, St. James, Montego Bay; Captain 3 W.I. Regt.

Vickers, Benjamin, CC (Hannah) 19/4/1801, Trelawny, 83rd Regiment.

Vickers, John, CC (William Pyramus, born on board the "Pyramus" Frigate at sea) 11/4/1824, Trelawny, Private 33rd Regiment.

Waine, Thomas, BU 30/8/1837, Trelawny, church yard; Private 37th Regt, aged 29 yrs.

Walker, Dixon, M (Mary Bond, daughter of Corporal J. R. Bond of the 56th Regiment) married by permission 23/7/1833, St. Catherine, Private of 56th Regiment.

Walker, James, CC (Elizabeth) 7/9/1766, Hanover, in the 66th Regiment of Foot.

Walker, Joseph, CC (Donald McKinnon) 24/2/1828, St. James, Montego Bay; 91st Regiment.

Walker, Robert, BU 19/11/1795, St. James, Lieutenant of the Artillery of M. Bay.

Walker, William, BU 14/1/1756, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Walker, William, BU 17/1/1744, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Walters, Joseph, M (Mary Downie, widow) 22/10/1816, Trelawny, Private of the York Chasseurs.

Warren, John, M (by licence to Elizabeth Scarlett James of Trelawny, spinster) 18/12/1823, Trelawny, Captain 92nd Regiment.

Webb, John, BU 10/11/1746, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Webb, Joseph, CC (Isabella Rose) 15/7/1855, St. James. Montego Bay; Soldier 3rd West India Regiment.

Webb, William, BU 2/1/1756, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Webb, William, BU 13/7/1838, Trelawny, Falmouth church yard; Private of the Regt.

Wheeler, Isaac, BU 9/8/1746, St. Catherine, a soldier.

Wheeler, Thomas, BU 19/10/1762, St. Catherine, Colonel of the Kingston Horse.

Wheeler, William, BU 13/7/1763, St. Catherine, a soldier.

White, James, BU 13/7/1834, St. James, Montego Bay church yard; Private in 56th Regt.

White, John, BU 24/6/1752, St. Catherine, a soldier.

White, John, BU 1/8/1763, St. Catherine, a soldier.

White, John, BU 27/2/1830, St. James, Montego Bay; 22nd Regiment.

White, Thomas, BU 6/7/1760, St. Catherine, a sergeant.

Wilkinson, Newcomin, BU 24/7/1796, St. Elizabeth, church yard; Master in 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons.

Williamson, ---, BU 28/6/1800, Hanover. Sergeant in 83rd Regiment.

Wilson, Roger, BU 31/1/1783, Westmoreland, an officer in the army, a stranger.

Windmill, John, BU 21/12/1795, Trelawny, of the 20th Dragoons.

Yellop, Nelson, BU 11/12/1833, Trelawny, church yard; Private 77th Regt., aged 25.


Gray, Mr. John, BU 17/8/1825, Trelawny, at Mount Carfax at Mr. W. H. Bullock's; late merchant of Glasgow, aged 37 yrs.

Johnson, Mr. John W. son of Dr. Johnson of Newark in America, BU 5/11/1810, Trelawny, aged 27 yrs.

McCallum, ---, BU 29/6/1800, Hanover. Carpenter lately arrived from Scotland.

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