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The Restoration in England in 1660 was followed by the substitution in Jamaica of a Civil Governor for the Military Officer, who up till that time had administered the affairs of the Colony.  This was followed in 1662 by the conversion by Lord Windsor, the first Royalist Governor, of the greater part of the Garrison into 5 Regiments of Militia.  This Militia was composed exclusively of European residents in the island, and negroes were rigidly excluded.  In the 18th and early 19th Centuries, the organization was more or less feudal, and each estate was called upon to provide its quota for the Militia.  Towards the end of the 18th Century, natives were admitted to the force and records show that its strength in 1783 was 6,793; and in 1792 it was 8,172, of which one quarter were natives.  It was then organized as 3 regiments of horse and 14 of foot.  In 1805 during the war with France, the militia rose to what appears to have been its maximum strength, 10,000 foot, and 1,000 horse. There were three regiments of horse, one in each county; and eighteen regiments of foot, one for each parish.

The Volunteer movement in England was reflected by the establishment of a small Volunteer Force in Jamaica.  This rose to a strength of 84 officers, 583 other ranks, and 260 horse. They were, however, shortly afterwards disbanded and the Kingston Light Horse alone remained in existence. After good service in the 1865 Rebellion, this also ceased to muster for parades and the Volunteer movement died.
In 1879 a Militia Law was passed which was amended in 1887 and 1891. Under these laws, the Jamaica Militia Artillery and Jamaica Militia Infantry were raised.  The latter was finally disbanded in 1906.

Some of the members of the Jamaica Militia Infantry formed themselves into the St. Andrew Rifle Corps, and this body was kept up at the expense of the public though never recognized as a military body by the Imperial Government, owing to their organization.  Members of this corps have been re-embodied as the Kingston Infantry Volunteers.


Major, Sanguinetti, Charles Shedden, appointed 1st April 1916
Major, Orrett, Edward George, appointed 4th August 1914



The Jamaica Militia Artillery consists of one Company.  The following, are the present officers:-

Captain, Simms, Alfred Aston, appointed 26 Nov. 1915
Lieutenant, Pawsey, Francis Graham, appointed 30th April, 1916
2nd Lieut., Melville, Harold Archer , appointed 5th June 1917
2nd Lieut., Anderson, Stanley Angel, appointed 15th Nov. 1917.


Following are the Officers of the Jamaica Garrison

Inspector of the West Indian Forces and O.C. Troops, Jamaica:- Colonel A. E. Glasgow, C.M.G., D.S.O., (Acting).
O.A.A. and Q.M.C. and Officer i/c records, W.I.R.:-Major T. B. Nicholson, O.B.E., W.I.R.
Garrison Adjutant-Captain:- J. C. Buchanan, 2nd W.I.R.
Staff Officer Local Forces:- Vacant.

Royal Garrison Artillery.

Major J. F. de F. Shaw, C.R.A.
Major E. H. O'Reilly Blackwood, D.S.O., M.C.
Captain H. H. M. Warner.
Lieutenant C. Cooper.
Lieutenant G. F. W. Horne.  
Lieutenant G. H. Patman.
Lieutenant A. R. Patman.

Royal Engineers.

Lieut.-Col. A. J. Woodroffe, C.R.E.
Major F. Caws, Inspector of Works
Captain G. Cox, O.B.E., O.C. Stores.

44th Company Royal Engineers.

Brevet Major F. P. Heath, O.C. 44th Company, R.E.
Lieut.? T. S. Sweeney.
Lieut. C. G. E. Eves.

2nd Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment.

Lieut.-Colonel A. E. Glasgow, C.M.G., D.S.O., Commanding Officer
Lieut.-Col. C. E. Bond, C.M.G., D.S.O.
Captain G. M. Shackel, M.C.
Captain T. E. Chad, M.C.(Adjutant).
Lieutenant A. Price.
Lieutenant J. I. Mason, M.C.
Lieutenant J. H. Dumbrell.
Lieutenant C. R. M. Fry.
Lieutenant S. A. H. Kirby, M.C.
Lieutenant G. Walter, M.C.
2nd Lieutenant L. B. Matthews.

1st Battalion West India Regiment

Lieutenant-Colonel J. P. Bliss, Commanding Officer.
Major R. G. Collins.
Major R. R. Leader.
Lieutenant J. A. Coakley.
Temp. Lieut. C. L. Robison.
Temp. Lieut. M. T. Mulcahy, D.C.M.
Temp. Lieut. O. J. O'Hare.
Temp. Lieut. C. L. Hall.
Temp. Lieut. H. A. Darby.
Temp. Lieut. R. P. O. B. Dowling.
Temp. Lieut. G. D. Phillips.
Temp. Lieut. G. A. Hall.
Temp. Lieut. G. N. Lanigan.
Temp. 2/Lieut. E. N. Mais.
Temp. 2/Lieut. D. E. Nixon.
Temp. 2/Lieut. J. L. Doherty.
Temp. 2/Lieut. J. B. L. Freeley.
Major and Quarter-Master:- J. E. Church.

2nd Battalion West India Regiment.

Lieutenant-Colonel E. J. Pomeroy, D.S.O., Commanding Officer.
Major E. C. Ogle, D.S.O.
Captain J. C. Buchanan.
A/Captain J. Edgar, K.O.S. Borders (Attached)
Lieutenant D. S. Marchant, M.C., 9th Bn. H.L.I. (Attached) Acting Adjutant.
Temp. Lieut. A. C. Stephens B.W.I.R. (Attached).
Temp. Lieut. P. O. Robertson, B.W.I.R. (Attached).
Lieutenant and Quarter-Master W. H. Hedley,(Tempy).

Royal Army Service Corps.

Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. M. Doran, C.B.E., D.S.O., Commanding Officer. Officer i/c Supplies.
Captain W. Seaman, Officer i/c Barracks.

Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

Major H. E. Smyth, O.B.E., D.S.O., Chief Ordnance Officer.

Royal Army Medical Corps.

Lieutenant-Colonel G. M. Goldsmith, C.B.E., (Senior Medical Officer).
Major J. E. Powell, D.S.O.

Army Pay Department.

Lieutenant-Colonel A. A. P. Butler, Command Paymaster.
Temp. Captain S. N. Hill, Assistant Paymaster for B.W.I.R. Duties.
Temp. Lieutenant W. H. Walton.
Temp. Lieutenant R. M. Hall, O. i/c B.W.I.R. Records.

Chaplain's Department.

Vacant A/Chaplain to the Forces, (Church of England), Rev. P.  B.  Richardson.

Addresses of Staff Officers and of Departments
General Officer Commanding Troops - Military Headquarters Up-Park Camp.
D.A.A. and Q.M.G. and O i/c Records W.I.R.-Military Headquarters Up-Park Camp.
Garrison Adjutant- Military Headquarters Up-Park Camp.
Staff Officer Local Forces, Headquarters, Kingston.
Officers Commanding-
Royal Artillery, Port Royal, 66 Company. R.G.A., Port  Royal
Royal Engineers, Up Park Camp.
44 Company. R. E., Port Royal
2nd Bn. R.S.R, Newcastle
1st Bn. W.I.R. Up-Park Camp
2nd Bn. W.I.R, Up-Park Camp
R.A.S.C., Up-Park Camp

Senior Medical Officer, Up-Park Camp
Chief Ordnance Officer, Up-Park Camp
The Command Paymaster, Up-Park Camp
Chaplain to the Forces, Up-Park Camp.


NOTE.-The above information is only approximately correct; frequent changes are likely to be made.


The members of the Central Recruiting Committee were: Gentlemen:-Hon. J. H. W. Park, O.B.E.. President; Hon. S. Couper, Hon. H. A. L. Simpson, O.B.E.; Hon. Dr. John Errington-Ker, Col. H. N. Durant, Lt. Frederick S. Waldegrave, Messrs. A. H. Jones, William Wilson, O.B.E., Michael deCordova, W. Baggett Gray, J. Tapley, D. N. Barr and A. B. Wood, Secretary.

His Excellency also appointed Recruiting Committees in each parish and the chairman and secretaries were as follows :

Parish. Chairmen; Secretary.
St. Andrew:  Hon. B. S. Gossett; J. W. Vancuylenburg
St. Thomas:  Mr. (then Hon.) H. Cork; J. M. Fonseca.
Portland:  Hon. E. Codrington Hall; P. B. Spence.
St. Mary:  Sir John Pringle, K.C.M.G.; S. C. McCutchin.
St. Ann:  Hon.T. L. Roxburgh, C.M.G.; H. N. Pullar.
Trelawny:  H. J. Kerr; D. L. Ogilvie
St. James:  W. Coke Kerr; I. W. Allwood
Hanover:  G. A. L. Sanftleben; J. H. Caseley
Westmoreland:  W. A. S. Vickers; O..M. Seaton
St. Elizabeth:  H. W. Griffith; F. B. Bowen
Manchester:  H. E. Crum Ewing; G. A. Bonitto
Clarendon:  G. W. Muirhead; G. V. Stephenson
St. Catherine:  George McGrath; F. S. Messias.


Our men, representative of all classes of the island's population, were to be found in all parts of the far-flung battle line, shoulder to shoulder with other subjects of the King, on land and on sea, doing the Country's works nobly and well. They were to be found in every branch of the United Service. In dreadnoughts, as well as in cruisers, destroyers and submarines, in the Flying Corps, in Cavalry and Artillery; in Royal Engineers and in Infantry-indeed, in every fighting unit on the field.


Since our last issue the Great War has come to an end and the officers and men of the British West Indies Regiment have been demobilized.

There can be no question that the war has been of the greatest national and political importance to the West Indies, and the story of the prowess, and the doings of our contingents will be told from generation to generation and will form a link with the Empire it might not otherwise be easy to forge.
The numbers sent from the various islands and from British Honduras and British Guiana are as follows:-
Officers..... Men

Barbados, 20 ....811
Bahamas, 2 .... 439
British Guiana, 14 ....686
British Honduras, 5 .... 528
Jamaica, 303 .... 9,977
Trinidad and Tobago 40 .... 1,438
Grenada, 4 .... 441
St. Lucia, 5 .... 354
St. Vincent, 0 .... 305
The Leeward Islands, 4 .... 225
Total, 397 .... 15,204


Our men were met with hearty commendation and especially those who went into action in Egypt.  Commanders-in-chief spoke highly of the conduct and bravery of the men, especially under climatic conditions to which they had never been accustomed before.  Thus it will be observed that in the casualty list the number that died from sickness was 1,071, while 185 were killed or died of wounds and 697 were wounded. The list of honours also showed that our men did well and were not overlooked by any means.  The list is as follows:-

Distinguished Service Order, 5; Military Cross 9; Military Cross with Bar, 1: Membership of the Order of the British Empire, 2; Distinguished Conduct Medal, 8; Military Medal, 37; Military Medal with Bar, 1; Meritorious Service Medal, 13; Royal Humane Society's Medal, 4; Medaille d'Honneur, 1; Mentions in Despatches, 49.

The West Indian Contingent Committee in London did splendid work on behalf of our men and too mach praise cannot be given them for the part they played.  Indeed the work the Committee undertook eventually proved far greater and much more complex than had been anticipated, for instead of 2,000 men as at first contemplated, no fewer than 15,601 men were eventually enrolled in the British West Indies Regiment.  Still the Committee rose to the occasion and got through successfully.

Speaking of the work of the West Indian Contingent Committee it is interesting to place on record the remarks made by Colonel Amery, at the time acting Secretary of State for the Colonies, at the final meeting of the Committee held in London in February last.

"Colonel Amery who was very cordially received, said that the Meeting marked the close of a very interesting and indeed remarkable chapter in the history of the British Empire--a chapter to which the historian of the future might possibly assign greater importance than could have been done by the public amid the intense and urgent preoccupations of the actual contest."

He continued:-"We have all been impressed by the wonderful spectacle of the way in which the great Dominions and India have come forward in the struggle for our common liberties, but it is at least as significant to think that the native population of the West Indies should have come forward voluntarily in the way they did to take part in this great struggle. It is a very remarkable thing politically; it is also a remarkable testimony, I think, to the, patriotism and courage of the men who did it.

"After all, we have got to look at the effort they made from the point of view of their own conditions. They were not going across a narrow channel to face dangers and conditions more or less known to them. They came from the warm climate and conditions in the West Indies to face conditions which, from their point of view, were extremely different and extremely hard. For the West Indian to face the cold winter in the trenches in France meant an effort and an undertaking involving as much sacrifice as that of an Englishman volunteering to serve for a jungle campaign in Africa. Indeed, that that is no merely idle theory is shown by the actual casualty list of the Contingents.
They sent practically 16,000 men-men who served and fought in almost every theatre of, war-in France, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia-and who, the reports of the Generals under whom they served and of their own commanding officers, did good service, won commendation in despatches and individually won many honours. The success was due to good qualities of the men themselves; it was also due in no small measure to the splendid work done by the officers and the commanding officers of the battalions--men who had in many cases a very difficult task, and who fulfilled it with great credit to themselves and to the British Army, of which, at any rate, for the purposes of this great war, they were a part." (Hear, hear).


[in addition to those already reported in the 1916 Who's Who]
Rank. Name. Date of Appointment.

Third Contingent, embarked 6th March, 1916
2nd Lieutenant, Daley, J. A. E. R., appointed 28th. Feb., 1916

Fifth Contingent, embarked 30th March, 1917
Surgeon Captain, Paddyfoot, J. A., appointed 20th March, 1917
Surgeon Captain, Barnes, J., appointed 29th March, 1917
2nd Lieutenant Pringle, Charles McKenzie, 15th Jan., 1917
[NOTE: "do" means "ditto", same as the line above.]
do, Fisher, A. V., 15th Jan., 1917
do, Miller, C. V. H., 2nd Jan., 1917
do, McCormack, A. H. C., 22nd Jan., 1917
do, Mills, J. D., 24th Jan., 1917
do, Draper, E. H., 27th Jan., 1917
do, Samuels, H. K., 30th Jan., 1917
do, Facey, Herbert Rhodes, 30th Jan., 1917
do, Pittam, H. E., 30th Jan., 1917
do, Kohler, H. H., 1st Feby., 1917
do, Powell, J. S., 20th Feby.,1917
do, Mais, R. C., 21st Feb., 1917
do, Mais, E. N., 22nd Feb., 1917
do, Archer, D. G., 19th Feby.,1917
do, Nunes, R. K., 1st March, 1917
do, Reid, Horace E., 10th Mar., 1917
do, Burke, S. C., 13th Mar., 1917

6th Contingent. - Embarked 31.5.17.
Captain Arnold, C. D., 18th April, 1917 Lieut., R.G.A.
Surgeon-Captain Surgeon-Lt. Moseley, C. A., 19th May, 1917
Surgeon-Lt. McKenley, A. G., 15th May, 1917
2nd Lieutenant Farquharaon, F. H. R., 2nd Dec., 1916
do, DePass, C. D., 19th Jan., 1917
do, Sargood. Arthur Henry, 26th Feb., 1917
do, Bravo, Charles F., 12th Mar., 1917
do, Fisher, F. Charles, 11th Mar., 1917
do, Hall, J. N., 19th Mar., 1917
do, Sherlock, A. M., 19th Mar., 1917
do, Hairs, Lester, 23rd Mar., 1917
do, Angel, Herbert R., 21st Mar., 1917
do, Webster, S. E., 21st Mar., 1917
do, Hendrick, Louis St. C., 23rd Mar., 1917
do, Vesey, C. A., 26th Mar., 1917
do, Pattinson, Michael Hurd, 28th Mar., 1917
do, Myers, Stephen B., 2nd April, 1917
do, Pittis, Harold, 2nd April, 1917
do, Gordon, Edgar James, 9th Apr, 1917
do, McCulloch, Albert C., 11th Apr, 1917
do, McNish, I. D., 12th Apr, 1917
do, Brandon, B. L., 16th April, 1917
do, Heron, M. G., 16th April, 1917
do, Peat, C. G., 16th April, 1917
do, Thelwell, A. F., 16th April, 1917
do, Cocking, K. M., 16th April, 1917
do, Henderson, A. M., 16th April, 1917
do, Nixon, D. E., 16th April, 1917
do, Lyons, George H. E., 19th April, 1917
do, Murray, R. M, 23rd April, 1917
do, Levy, K.C., 23rd April, 1917
do, Decordova L.L., 27th April, 1917
do, Harris, H. L., 5th May, 1917
do, Bevan, I. G. C., 28th May, 1917; 2nd Lieut. J.M.A., Jan 1916.

7th Contingent--Embarked 21.7.17

Captain: Jones, J. Gordon, 15th May, 1917
2nd Lieut. & Adjt. Muir, Ivan Adrian, 19th May, 1917
Surgeon-Capt: Norton, F. A., 19th June, 1917
do,  Farquharson, C. H. C., 1st June, 1917
Capt. & Chaplain, Ramson, J. L.
do, Lovell
do, Brown
2nd Lieut, Darby, H. A., 19th Feb., 1917
do, Gibson, G. H., 15th May, 1917
do, Hall, Charles Lawton, 28th May, 1917
do, Ripley, R. L., 21st April, 1917
do, Ashman, C. E., 16th April, 1917
do, Turner, William Vernon, 11th April, 1917
do, Jacobs, A. D., 16th April, 1917
do, Abrahams, Arthur Vincent, 2nd Dec., 1916
do, Brown, S. W., 23rd April, 1917
do, Casserley, F. L., 19th April, 1917
do, Mendez, G. W., 30th April, 1917
do, Melhado, Leo I., 10th May, 1917
do, Burrowes, George D., 7th June, 1917
do, Shirley, I. O.'B., 16th April, 1917
do, Patterson, F, L., 16th April, 1917

8th Contingent. - Embarked 26.8.17.
Lieut.-Col., Long, C. H.
Captain, Baker
Lieut., Hamper
Chaplain, Young (Rev.)
Surgeon-Capt., Farquharson, W. G. R., 23rd June, 1917
2nd Lieut, Birkbeck, V. C., 22nd April,1917
do, Howard, P. B., 28th April, 1917
do, Campbell, C. K., 30th April, 1917
do, Levy, Leslie Charles, 2nd May, 1917
do, Roberts, P. W., 15th May, 1917
do, Thorn, G. H., 15th May, 1917
do, Jackson, A. N. S., 28th May, 1917
do, DeCordova, L., 4th June, 1917
do, Lawson, S., 5th June, 1917
do, Thompson, L. B., 9th June, 1917
do, Dodd, J. H. L., 16th June, 1917
do, Melhado, Vernon K., 21st June, 1917
do, DeMercado, Frank E., 21st June, 1917
do, DeLisser, Andrew E., 26th June, 1917
do, Goldsworthy, W. R., 27th June, 1917
do, Magee, William, 4th July, 1917
do, Williams, Robert G., 6th July, 1917
do, Cooper, Herbert A., 9th July, 1917
do, Shirley, Edward C., 9th July, 1917
do, Hause, Edwin M., 10th July, 1917
do, Levy, Leander C., 17th July, 1917
do, Nethersole, Sidney C., 24th July, 1917
do, Morris, Esric Lionel, 25th July, 1917
do, Cooper, Douglas C., 6th Aug., 1917
do, Magnus, Vivian N., 6th Aug., 1917
do, Clarke, Arthur Tullis, 7th Aug., 1917

9th Contingent - Embarked 2.10.17
Major, Shipley, H., 10th Aug., 1917
Chaplain, Pike, (Rev.)
2d Lieut., Miller, A. L., 9th May, 1917
do, Nethersole, E. L.,14th May, 1917
do, Cahusac, B. R., 3rd July, 1917
do, Williams, V. G., 6th July, 1917
do, McCormack, Louis A., 6th July, 1917
do, Curtin, S. L. C., 6th July, 1917
do, Butler, N. O., 14th July, 1917
do, Mason, Stanley James, 17th July, 1917
do, Spratt, Samuel, 19th July, 1917
do, Perry, A. W., 21st July, 1917
do, Muir, H. I., 21st July, 1917
do, Vickers, William H., 21st July, 1917
do, Noble, H. E., 23rd July, 1917
do, DaCosta, H. J. S., 24th July, 1917
do, Lindo, Gordon Stuart, 25th July, 1917
do, Bayley, Walter R., 31st July, 1917
do, Burbury, Walter Henry, 1st Aug., 1917
do, Whittard, Leonard R., 8th Aug., 1917

Draft - Embarked 26th May, 1918
Captain, Hitchins, L. W., 15th Jan., 1917
2nd Lieut., Livingston, W. H. M., 3lst July, 1917
do, MacLaverty, S. A., 2nd Aug., 1917
do, Gravel, L. A., 29th Aug., 1917
do, Evans, R. C., 3rd Sept., 1917
do, Aiken, J. C. L., 9th Sept., 1917
do, Corinaldi. A. R., 10th Sept., 1917
do, Phillips, W. M., 10th Sept., 1917
do, Brown, William Thomas, 18th Sept., 1917
do, Gruchy, Claude L.C., 19th Sept., 1917
do, Marshall, Wilmot Neilson D., 27th Sept., 1917
do, Rennie, A. B., 10th Oct., 1917

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