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Add = Address

D.M.O. = District Medical Officer

dtr = daughter

J.P. = Justice of the Peace

M.O.H. = Medical Officer of Health

Sav-la-Mar = Savanna-la-Mar


Sale, Frederick George. Add: Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Sale, Frederick Victor. Add: Kingston Gardens, Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Samuel, Lionel L. Add: Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Samuel, L. V. D. Add: Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Sanderson, James Noel Eric. Add: Port Antonio. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Sanftleben, Hon. George Alexander Lorenz. Add: Lucea. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Sanftleben, Henry Charles Lorenz. Add: "Lucea View," Lucea. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Sanftleben, Hugh A. S. Add: Lucea P.O. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Sanguinetti, Edmund Haughton. As of 12/1916 carrying on his own business. Add: Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Sasso, Henry Fitzherbert. Dry Goods Merchant of firm Sasso and Miller. Add: Kingston.

Saunders, Frank H. Senior member of Saunders and Allwood, medical practitioners. Add: Kingston.

Savariau, Narcisse Soulange. Add: Sav-la-Mar. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Schliefer, Samuel A. Add: Chapelton P.O. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Scott, Henry Harold; M.D., L.R.C.P. Entered Public Service 1911 as Government Bacteriologist and Pathologist. Now Captain in the R.A.M.C. in England in the Great War. 3/1917 relinquished his commission and returned to Jamaica to resume his duties.

Scotland, Frederick Nathaniel. Add: 18 King Street, Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Seaton, David Tavares. Add: Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Seaton, Reginald. Add: Kingston. See Registers Sa - Sea.

Shackleton, Thomas Francis. Entered Public Service 1892. Appointed Senior Assistant Medical Officer of the Lunatic Asylum 1904. Now on active service in England in the Great War.

Sharp, Claude Evelyn. Entered Public Service 1910. Appointed District Medical Officer Gordon Town 1912, and later transferred to Four Paths as D.M.O. Now on active service in the Great War.

Sharp, L. Wilmot. Add: Duncans P.O. See Registers Sh - Si

Sharpe, Venerable Archdeacon Ferrar Hughes. Anglican Minister 1863. Curate Sav-la-Mar 1861-63; Acting Rector Black River 1863; St. Phillips, Old Harbour Bay, 1863-66; Rector Retreat 1866-87; Parish Church Montego Bay 1887-97; in charge of Gayle and Labyrinth mission Stations 1897; Curate for Middlesex 1866, Archdeacon 1906. Add: Retreat P.O.

Shekell, Wilton C. Add: Montpelier P.O. See Registers Sh - Si

Sheridan, James Walter. Entered Public Service 1892. Deputy Superintendent of Prisons in Jamaica since 1901. Add: Kingston.

Sherlock, Robert George. District Medical Officer for Lamb's River 1912; D.M.O. Bethel Town. J.P. Westmoreland. Add: Bethel Town P.O.

Sherlock, Alexander Marmaduke. Born 1884, third son of the late Charles M. Sherlock Esq., J.P. Kingston. Dry Goods Merchant. 3/1917 appointed Second Lieutenant of the J.R.R. for service with the Jamaica War Contingent. Add: Kingston.

Shirley, Rev. C. S. Add: Lawrence Tavern. See Registers Sh - Si

Sibley, Rev. W. P. Add: Hector's River P.O. See Registers Sh - Si

Simmonds, Hon. Robert Percy. Add: Port Maria P.O. See Registers Sh - Si

Simmons, Robert. Born in Manchester, England 9/27/1882. Appointed Assistant Chemist, Jamaica 1906. Deputy Island Chemist 1910. Add: Oxford Park, Halfway Tree P.O., and Government Laboratory, Hope P.O.

Simms, Venerable Archdeacon William. Born 2/20/1845 at Islington, Middlesex, England, son of William Simms and of Harriet, dtr of William Travers of Swanage; married Edith dtr of George Woolham of Burton, Westmoreland; 4 sons and 3 daughters. Archdeacon of Surrey. Add: Church Theological College, Cross Roads, and Ropley, Gordon Town.

Simpson, Aston Hedley Laselve. Add: Kingston. See Registers Simpson

Simpson, Francis Odell. District Medical Officer for Old Harbour. J.P. St. Catherine. Add: Old Harbour.

Simpson, Hon. Hubert Ashton Laselve. Add: Kingston. See Registers Simpson

Simpson, J. Montague. Born Kingston. Accounting Officer of the Union Poor House. Past Master of the Royal Lodge. Add: Kingston.

Sinclair, Frederick Archibald. District Medical Officer for Westmoreland since 1892.

Sinclair, Willoughby Edward Bland. Entered Public Service 1889. First Class Clerk Post Office Department. Add: Kingston.

Slader-Yorke, Charles Henry. Born at Green Castle 12/27/1867, son of Charles Graham Clader of Infracombe, Devon, deceased, and Julia, his wife, dtr of the late George Burrell Snaith of Snaith, Yorkshire. Married Edith, ftr of the Hon. J. F. Foote of Antigua, 1901. Appointed to Public Service, Jamaica, 1883; Assistant Clerk of the Courts, Kingston 188; Deputy Clerk of the Courts, Westmoreland 1891; First Class Clerk of the Supreme Court 1894; Clerk of Courts, Clarendon, 1900. Acting Commissioner and Judge, Cayman Island 1906-07. Barrister-at-Law 1907. Acting Commissioner and Judge Turks Islands 1909. J.P. Kingston 1909. Resident Magistrate Portland 1910; Clarendon 1912; St. Ann 1914. Address: New Hope, Brown's Town P.O.

Sloley, Aubrey L. Add: Sav-la-Mar. See Registers Sims-Sl

Smith-Lucie, E. W. Manager of the Colonial Bank in Jamaica, succeeding the late Hon. Oscar Marescaux. Add: Kingston.

Smith, A. Septimus. Chairman of the parochial Board for Kingston. Add: Brentford Road, Cross Roads P.O.

Smith, Eyre Vincent. District Medical Officer for Ulster Spring. J.P. for Trelawny. Add: Ulster Spring P.O.

Smith, Howard Russel. Add: Reed's Pen, Spanish Town. See Registers Smith2

Smith, James Alexander George. 3/1917 elected member of Legislative Council for Clarendon. Add: 14 Duke St., Kingston. See Registers Smith

Smith, J. R., Dry Goods Merchant; senior member of Sherlock & Smith. Add: Kingston.

Smith, R. H. Add: Sav-la-Mar. See Registers Smith2

Sollas, David Mendes. See Registers So-Sq

Solomon, Arthur Granville. See Registers So-Sq

Solomon, Maurice Hirsch. See Registers So-Sq

Solomon, Michael Claude. Entered Public Service 1885. First Class Clerk in the Island Medical Department, and Secretary of the Central Board of Health. Add: Kingston

Somers, Rev. Thomas Gordon. Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Mission. J.P. St. Catherine. Resigned as Chairman of the St. Catherine Parochial Board 1/1917. Add: Spanish Town.

Somerville, Rev. John Arthur Lewis. See Registers Whe-

Somerville, Rev. John Nathaniel. See Registers Whe-

Somerville, Reginald Constantine. See Registers So-Sq

Soutar, Aubrey Oscar. See Registers So-Sq

Soutar, Simon, J.P. See Registers So-Sq

Souter, Brigadier George. Born at Cambridge, England. Became officer in the Salvation Army in 1888. Various appointments in England and foreign field. Now Provisional Commander for Jamaica. Add: Kingston.

Souter, Mrs. Brigadier. Born in Derby, England. Became officer in the Salvation Army 1886. For 14 years various appointments in Great Britain. For last 16 1/2 years has assisted her husband on the foreign field. Add: Kingston

Spratt, Arthur Sale. First Class Clerk in the Revenue Department Head Office since 1899. Secretary of the Sailors' Home. Add: Kingston

Spence, Patrick B. Born in Montego Bay. Son of the Rev. Patrick and Mrs. Spence. Clerk of the Portland Parochial Board. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Squire, Charles Augustus. Registers So-Sq

Squire, Harold Edward. Accountant in the Administrator General's Office. Add: Kingston.

St. Aubyn, Geoffrey Peter. Called to the Bar 1880. Resident Magistrate for the parishes of St. James and Trelawny, 1908. Add: Montego Bay.

Stedman, Major the Hon. Stephen Samuel. See Registers St - Stev.

Stephenson, George Pike. Registers St - Stev.

Stern, Philip. J.P. Was twice Mayor of Kingston; for 14 years member of the Legislative Council for Kingston. Now Clerk to the Legislative Council, and a practising Barrister and Lawyer. He is the only member of the profession remaining who is entitled to practise in both branches. Add: Kingston.

Stiven, James Black. Merchant. Proprietor of the Jamaica Colosseum Store. Add: Kingston.

Stone, L. J. Admitted as a Solicitor 1899. Partner in Milholland, Ashenheim and Stone. Add: Kingston.

Strachan, William Henry Williams. Registers Sm - Sy

Strachan, Arthur Fitzmorris. Registers Sm - Sy

Streadwick, Stephen James. Born Kingston 12/20/1843. Married 1865. Builder. Grand Master Deputy of Scottish Masons in Jamaica. Add: 70 Harbour St., Kingston.

Streadwick, James Enos. Registers Sti - Su

Strudwick, Henry Thomson. Registers Sti - Su

Sturridge, Frederick Benjamin. Registers Sti - Su

Suares, Alfred Radimond. First Class Clerk in the Registrar General's Department; Assistant Deputy Keeper of the Records 1913. Acted June to Dec 1914. Add: Spanish Town.

Sutherland, J. Bancroft. Inspector of Plant Diseases. Add: Liguanea P.O.

Swettenham, Sir James Alexander. Born 1846; son of J. O. Swettenham of Belper Lodge, Derby; married in 1905 to Mary Emily, eldest dtr of R. P. Copeland of Ribblestone Hall, Stone, Staffordshire. Captain General and Governor in Chief, Jamaica 1904-07. Add: Bellevue, Gordon Town.


Tait, Gerald James Stuart. See Registers Tab - Tap

Tapley, John. Auditor and Accountant. Add: Kingston.

Taylor, Frederick Egbert. Superintendent of the Rio Cobre Irrigation Works, also Supervisor of Spanish Town Water Works. Add: Spanish Town.

Taylor, George S. H. See Registers Tab - Tap

Taylor, George William. Clerk and Purveyor, Lunatic Asylum. Add: Kingston.

Tennant, Henry Gordon. See Registers Te.

Tennant, Matthew Pettigrew. Born in Ayr Scotland in 1881. Appointed to the Government Service, Jamaica, as Assistant Engineer of the Jamaica Government Railway 1905. Inspecting Engineer of the Public Works Department 1914. Add: Public Works Dept., Kingston.

Thomas, Rev. Arthur Reginald. Born at Camborne, Cornwall, England 9/30/1880. Son of the Rev. Robert J. Thomas (Wesleyan Minister). Wesleyan Clergyman; came to Jamaica under the Wesleyan Missionary Society 1912, to Port Antonio Circuit; 1913 Kingston, Coke Circuit. Add: Coke House, Kingston.

Thomas, Charles Reynolds. See Registers Thomas.

Thomas, Herbert Theodore. Entered Public Service 1878. First Class Inspector in command of St. Elizabeth Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Add: Black River.

Thompson, Alfred J. Born in County Down, Ireland. Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant; Aerated Water Manufacturer; proprietor of Donard Estate. Add: Christiana P.O.

Thompson, Rev. George Hales. See Registers Thompso

Thompson, John Frank. See Registers Thompso

Thomson, Andrew William. District Medical Officer for Chapelton since 1902. J.P. for Clarendon. Add: Chapelton.

Thomson, Arthur A. F. Admitted as Solicitor 1913. Add: Montego Bay.

Thomson, Charles Alfred Hamilton. Formerly District Medical Officer, Falmouth. Now Acted as Senior Medical Officer and Government Bacteriologist until the arrival of Dr. Scott 2/1917. Add: Public Hospital, Kingston.

Thomson, George Shannon. Entered Public Service 1873. Deputy Stamp Commissioner since 1908. Add: Kingston

Thomson, George William. District Medical Officer for Montego Bay. Add: Montego Bay.

Thomson, John Maxwell Vassall. See Registers Thompso.

Thomson, William George. See Registers Thompso

Thrift, Rev. Joseph. See Registers Thr - Toa

Tittensor, Walter H. General Manager of the West India Electric Co. Ltd. Captain, O.C. Kingston Company of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment. Add: Kingston.

Toase, Rev. Frederick Godfrey. Born Kingston. Ordained Anglican Minister 1891. Curate of St. Mark's, Tollington Park 1890-91; St. Barnabas, Islington 1891-92; Africa and England 1892-1905. Rector Guy's Hill 1914-1915. 1/1917 Rector of St. Thomas-ye-Vale, St. Catherine. Add: The Rectory, Linstead.

Tomlinson, Frederick Charles. See Registers Tom05.

Tomlinson, Mrs. E. Bute. See Registers Tom01

Tomlinson, Martin Luther. See Registers Tom05

Tomlinson, O. E. See Registers Tom05

Townend, Arthur. See Registers U-V

Townsend, Miss A. M. See Registers Tow1

Trefusis, Hon. Robert. Private Secretary to His Excellency Sir William Manning. Son of Baron Clinton, Convener of Elcardinesh. Add: King's House.

Trench, C. LePoer. See Registers Tr-

Trench, Dutton. SeeRegisters Tr-

Tucker, David Alexander. Clerk of the Courts for Trelawny since 1897. (Died at Garredu, Trelawny, 2/25/1917). Add: Falmouth.

Tucker, Rev. W. A. See Registers Tu-

Turnbull, Rev. William Jones. Born at Newport, Mon., England 5/16/1887. Son of N. Turnbull of Newport, Mon., a well known business man. Junior Minister of Coke Church, Kingston. Add: Coke House, Kingston.

Turner, Rev. George. 2/1917 elected a member of the Clarendon Parochial Board vice Manly T. Lopez. See Registers Tu-

Turner, George Neville. See Registers Tu-

Turton, Robert Straker. District Medical Officer for Stony Hill 1899. J.P. St. Andrew. Now on the staff of the R.A.M.C. at Up-Park Camp. Add: Up-Park Camp, Cross Roads P.O.


Urquhart, P. Born in Scotland 1880. Inspector of Schools. At present in England on military service.


Valdes, John R. See Registers V1

Vancuylenburg, John William Arnold. See Registers V1

Vaz, David C. See Registers V1

Vendryes, Charles H. See Registers V1

Verley, Vincent E. L. See Registers V1

Vickers, Hon. W. A. S. See Registers Vickers

Vilmenay, Thomas Arthur. See Registers V3


Walcott, Gerald Stanley Rawlin. Born in Falmouth, Trelawny 1/27/1873. Son of Horace Braim Walcott and Mary Christie his wife. Acting Superintendent of Public Works, Westmoreland 1897; Clarendon 1910. Superintendent of Public Works, St. Ann 1911; Acting Superintendent of Public Works 12/1912, Hanover to put up Public Buildings destroyed by hurricane in 11/1912; Superintendent of Public Works, St. Elizabeth 1913. Add: Black River P.O.

Walker, Rev. Hardy Garfield. Born in Walton, Indiana U.S.A. 5/3/1881. Anglican Deacon 1915, Curate in charge of Clifton and Mavis Bank. Add: St. Peter's P.O.

Walker, William James. Born in Surrey, England 1870. Entered Public Works Department 1893. Secretary to the Kingston General Commissioners 1913. Add: Kingston.

Walker, S. Magnus. Born at Hampstead, St. Mary 1871. J.P. and Member of St. Mary Parochial Board. Master of the Clarendon Masonic Lodge. Add: Highgate P.O.

Wallace, John A. Born Black River 7/21/1861. Proprietor of Glendale Coffee Plantation in Clarendon. Member of Parochial Board St. Elizabeth. Add: Newmarket P.O.

Warner, Clement Austin. Born Bridgetown, Barbados 6/3/1870. Con of Nathaniel Warner and Georgina Warner. opened a commercial academy for shorthand, typewriting, bookkeeping etc. Professional shorthand teacher. Mason. Add: 58 Laws Street, Kingston.

Waters, Captain Reginald Charles. Born at Hampshire, England 1883. Captain of the Jamaica Contingents of the B.W.I.R. Has left with the Fourth Jamaica Contingent.

Watson, George Conrad Plagemann. Born in St. Kitts 1858. Attorney of the Earl of Dudley, Jamaica, 1907. J.P. Clarendon. Add: Race Course P.O.

Watson, Joshue Alexander; M.D. Born at Priestman's River, 4/4/1870. Son of George and Rebekah Watson nee Munroe. Married Rhoda, dtr of Dowell O'Reilly, J.P. Portland. Practising medicine in Jamaica since 1914. Add: Frankfield P.O.

Watson, Samuel Hammond. Born Kingston 1/17/1842, Admitted as Solicitor 1867. Notary Public for Kingston 1878. Mayor of Kingston 1895. Add: 6 Rum Lane, Kingston.

Wesleygammon, Charles Benjamin. Born Sav-la-Mar 8/4/1881. Son of Samuel Wesleygammon and Mary Elizabeth Wesleygammon. Solicitor. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Westmorland, A. C. Planter and J.P. St. Mary. Add: Annotto Bay P.O.

Westphal, Right Rev. Augustus. Born in Germany 7/2/1864. Educated in U.S.A. Came to Jamaica as Moravian Missionary 1890. Made Bishop 1903. Add: Spur Tree P.O.

Whitehead, Miss Amy. Principal of the Shortwood Industrial School. Add: Shortwood, Constant Spring P.O.

Whitelocke, Frederick William Moncrieffe. Born at Morelands, Westmoreland 10/9/1859. Son of the late Hugh Anthony Whitelocke and Helen Campbell Whitelocke. Married Gertrude Henslown, dtr of Fred. W. Taylor; 2 sons and 4 daughters. Sugar planter. J.P. Westmoreland. Add: Grange Hill P.O.

Whittingham, Septimus Howard. Commissioned Land Surveyor. Born at Tary See in Westmoreland 6/11/1872. Son of Eugene Whittingham and Judith his wife. Commissioned land surveyor 1900. Member St. James Parochial Board. Add: Newton Farm, Cambridge P.O.

Wigan, Alfred E. Born at East Melling, Kent, England 7/1/1855. Settled in Jamaica 1899. J.P. St. Catherine. Add: Hartlands P.O.

Williams, Adolphus Napoleon. Born in Black River, St. Elizabeth, 10/7/1847. Member St. Elizabeth Parochial Board. Builder and Contractor. Add: Black River.

Williams, Alfred Philip. First Class Clerk in Collector General's Office. Add: Kingston.

Williams, David John. Born at Crosswood, Aberystwith, Wales in 1865. Son of E. Williams, Esq., J.P. Medical Superintendent and Director of the Lunatic Asylum since 1904.Add: The Asylum, Kingston.

Williams, Rev. Edward Price. Born at Carmarthenshire, South Wales, 8/1/1871. Son of William and Mrs. Mary Anne Williams, Blaensawdde House, and dtr of the Rev. Edward Price, Rector of Myddfai, North Llandovery, Carms, South Wales. Anglican Minister Jamaica 1908. Curate of Half-Way Tree 1906-08; Mount Hermon and Nain 1908-09; Rector Linstead 1909-15; Rector St. Mary's, Southfield 1915. Add: The Rectory, Southfield.

Williams, James H. J.P. and Chairman of Parochial Board St. Thomas. Add: Morant Bay.

Williamson, Samuel Louis. Born St. Ann's Bay 1/12/1860. Son of James Thomas Williamson and Antoinette Williamson. Merchant. Add: Heathfield, Cross Roads P.O.

Wilson, Eustace Frank. Collector of Taxes for Hanover; Harbour Master for Lucea, since 1910. Add: Lucea P.O.

Wilson, Wilfred Emanuel. Born Kingston 1873. Builder and contractor. Apprenticed to his father Isaac Bryan Wilson, Contractor, after leaving school. Now has his own business. Add: Orange Street, Kingston.

Wilson, William. Third son of William Wilson, Esq., Stratford House, Atherstone, England. Born 4/24/1871. Came to Jamaica 1899. J.P. Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Winkler, Louis. Born at Sopron, Hungary 1849. Add: Kingston.

Wint, Dunbar Theophilus. Born Snowden, Manchester 1/28/1879. Teacher, planter and journalist. One of the leading local preachers of the Wesleyan Church. Owner of properties in St. Ann and Clarendon, and a planter of bananas and coffee. Member of several Secret Societies. Add: Inverness, Alexandria P.O.

Wolfe, Ellis. Succeeded the late J. B. Lucie-Smith as Postmaster for Jamaica. Add: Kingston.

Wood, James. Born at Montrose, Scotland. Accountant and Auditor. Add: 4 Duke Street. Kingston.

Wood, Reginald Leopold Alexander. Born Falmouth, Trelawny, 4/4/1872. Son of Alexander Wood and Harriett Ann Elizabeth, his wife. Appointed clerk and accountant to the estate of the Hon. George Stiebel, deceased, 1909. Add: Mendale, Retirement Crescent, Cross Roads, P.O.

Wortley, Rev. Canon Edward Jocelyn. Anglican minister 1883. Curate St. Faith's 1883; Incumbent Holy Trinity, Montego Bay 1883-86; Rector, Port Royal 1886-90; Curate, Spanish Town 1890-92; Rector, Spanish Town 1893-1900; Canon of the Cathedral 1899-1900; Rector, Halfway Tree 1901; Canon of the Cathedral 1909.

Wortley, George Magnan. Chief Clerk in the Colonial Secretary's Office, now Acting Assistant Colonial Secretary. Add: "Hesle," Leinster Road, St. Andrew.

Wright, Owen Franklin. Born in British Guiana 10/21/1887. Son of Edward F. Wright, late Inspector-General of the Jamaica Constabulary, and Constance Henrietta Wright, both of Newton Abbott, South Devon, England. Third Class Inspector of Police, now in command of the St. Catherine Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Add: Spanish Town.

Wynter, Richard Randolph. First Class Clerk in the Inspector-General's Office. Add: Kingston.


Yair, Rev. John. Born at Throsk, Stirling, Scotland 9/23/1864. Son of George Yair, farmer. Called to the pastorate of churches in Clarendon, Jamaica, 1892; Lucea pastorate 1897-1916. Now residing with his family in Warwickshire, England.

Young, Rev. G. L. Born at Mile Gully, Manchester. Son of George and Maria Young. Was Assistant Secretary of the United Methodist Free Church in Jamaica. Superintending minister for the Brown's Hall Circuit, consisting of 8 Churches, and Acting Pastor for the Cavaliers Church in St. Andrew. Add: Brown's Hall, Bartons P.O.

Young, John G. Chief Draughtsman of the Public Works Department and Superintendent of Roads and Works for Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Young, R. C. Born at Argyllshire, Scotland. Ordained Minister of the Presbyterian Church, 1908. Minister in George-town, Grand Cayman, 1908-13. Add: Sav-la-Mar P.O.


(information received while book was being published):

Aarons, M. H., Deputy Clerk of Courts, to act as Clerk of Courts for Kingston and St. Andrew.

Archer, D. G. appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Bentley, Rev. W. D. Appointed Warden of the Jamaica Theological College 12/1916.

Bowen, Rev. Henry Charles, appointed J.P. for Trelawny 1/1917.

Brandon, K. R. has passed his final law examination and will shortly be admitted as a Solicitor. 3/1917.

Bygrave, G. M. installed as President of the Jamaica Union of Teachers 1/1917.

Calton, Lieut. P. A. of the 12th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment has been awarded the Military Cross. He was formerly manager of the Port Maria branch of Messrs. Nathan & Co. 2/1917.

Cockell, Captain Anthony Buckland, formerly representative of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company in Jamaica was invested with the Military Cross by H.M. the King 1/24/1917.

Cridland, John Simon Hale, Esq., of Riversdale, Hanover, appointed J.P. for Hanover 3/1917.

Darby, Harold A. appointed Temporary Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent 2/1917.

DePass, Caryl, appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Draper, Eric H. appointed Temporary Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent 2/1917.

Facey, H. R. appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Farmer, Major E. T., R.M.L.I., General Staff Officer (Naval), Kingston, to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Kingston Sailors' Home, vice Major Peel.

Harriott, Edward Robert, Esq., L.R.C.P. etc., Clifton, Santa Cruz P.O. appointed J.P. for St. Elizabeth 1/1917.

Hopwood, Allan Longworth. Assistant Clerk of the Courts St. Catherine 1892. Deputy Clerk of the Courts Westmoreland 1909; Clarendon 1916; St. Ann 1917 (3/1917).

Jones, C. H. N., formerly Superintendent of Public Works for Manchester transferred to St. Thomas 12./1916.

Kohler, Henry H. appointed Temporary Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent 2/1917.

Mais, Roderick C. appointed Temporary Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent 2/1917.

Marescaux, Brevet Major O. H. G. retired pay from Staff Captain to be D.A., Q.M.G. vice Colonel E. H. Paterson, retired pay, from 11/21/1916.

Marshall, Lieut. F. H., R.N.R., appointed Naval agent 1/1917.

McCormack, A. H. Cormack, appointed Temporary Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent 1/1917.

McGrath, G. P., Senior Assistant Collector for St. James succeeded Mr. Davidson as Junior Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer, Trelawny, 3/1917.

Meikle, Dr. M. M. appointed to act as District Medical Officer at Mandeville vice the late Dr. George Cooke 1/1917.

Miller, the Rev. Alfred, Balaclava P.O. appointed J.P. for St. Elizabeth 1/1917.

Miller, C. B. H. appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Mills, James D. appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Morales, Mr. Charles McL. is the Jamaica Rhodes Scholar for 1917. He was born in Montego Bay, educated at Jamaica College. He left Jamaica in 1916 and enlisted in the Royal Garrison Artillery at Cornwall, England. 2/1917.

Moxsy, Lieut. Arthur Rupert, has been awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in the field. He is a son of Mr. Sydney Moxsy of Dry River, Clarendon, and was born at Suttons, Clarendon. 2/1917.

Mudie, Muriel Maud Phillips, of Hampton School, has been awarded the Jamaica (Girls) Scholarship 1917, 2/1917.

Nairne, J. R. appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Peynado , Cecil Alfred, Esq., Black River P.O., appointed J.P. for St. Elizabeth 1/1917.

Pittam, H. E. appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Pringle, Charles McKenzie, appointed Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent at Up-Park Camp 1/1917.

Riddell, Mr. C. E. of Jamaica College has been awarded the Jamaica Scholarship for the year 1917, 2/1917.

Samuel, O. L. has passed his final law examination and will shortly be admitted as a Solicitor. 3/1917.

Samuels, Harold K. appointed Temporary Second Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment to be attached to the Jamaica War Contingent 2/1917.

Saunders, Major Harold, son of the late Dr. Arthur Saunders, formerly og Kingston, and a nephew of Dr. Frank Saunders, has been promoted to Temporary Lieut.-Colonel. He belongs to the East Yorkshire Regiment. 2/1917.

Schofield, William, Deputy Clerk of the Courts for St. James, has been appointed to act as Clerk of the Courts for Trelawny vice D. A. Tucker, deceased.

Sharp, Thomas H., B.A. has passed his final law examination and will shortly be admitted as a Solicitor. 3/1917.


The following officers have been placed on the Reserve List of the Local Defence Force:

Jamaica Corps of Scouts:

Major Maurice Malcolm

Captain the Hon. Guy Seymour Ewen

Lieut. Harold Archer Melville

Lieut. Edward C. Pratt

Jamaica Reserve Regiment:

Major W. H. Plant

Major C. H. Yorke-Slader

Captain J. E. McCrea

Captain Leslie Levy

Capt. D. L. Feurtado

Capt. the Rev. E. Armon Jones

Capt. A. R. Suares

Hon. Physician Capt. T. Gideon

Hon. Physician, Capt. J. H. Peck

Lieut. H. G. Tenant

Lieut. K. McCormack

Lieut. C. L. Clemetson

Capt. W. M. Fraser

Lieut. L. C. Levy

Lieut. A. Cook

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