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       These names are taken from the first 9 pages of Volume I of the Jamaican Dissenter Marriage Registers, a register of marriages solemnized prior to the 11th of April 1840. There is no official index of names in that Register.
       For the full names and details on these brides and grooms, you may go to Dissenter Marriages 1
       The term Dissenter included Baptist, Methodist, Brethren, Presbyterian, and other churches, excluding the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in Jamaica.

Name of groom and bride, page

Allan and ___ Eliza 2v

Allen and Glen 4v

Allen and Low 1

Anderson and Campbell 5

Anderson and Clerk 5

Anderson and Furze 5

Anderson and Myrie 3

Anderson and White 4

Anglin and Miller 4

Atkins and Scott 3

Attic and Cunar 3v

Barclay and Lipscombe 4v

Baswell and White 1

Beattie and McGrotty 2

Beckford and Beckford 2v

Beckford and Wright 4

Bedward and Stewart 2v

Bellmore and Doherty 2

Benhorn and Top 4v

Bird and Spense 3

Black and Wait 5

Blake and Lewis 2v

Blyth and Allan 5

Bolsel and Pope 3v

Booth and Gauld 2v

Bowen and Duglass 3

Boyd and Brown 3v

Boyne and Woolery 3

Braham and Beattie 2

Brebner and Malcolm 5

Brisset and Brisset 3v

Brissett and Brissett 4

Brisset and Stevenson 4v

Britton and Harding 5

Broomfoot and Campbell 4v

Brown and Blackwood 4v

Brown and Cox 3

Brown and Haughton 4

Brown and Malcolm 5

Brown and McDonald 4v

Brown and Molton 3

Buchanan and Hill 5

Bucknor and Atkinson 3v

Buddle and Williams 3v

Campbell and Blackgrove 4v

Campbell and Campbell 3

Campbell and Campbell 5

Campbell and Campbell 5

Campbell and Campbell 5

Campbell and Clark 5

Campbell and Gardner 4v

Campbell and Gray 5

Campbell and Hill 4v

Campbell and Nicholson 4v

Campbell and Parker 4

Campbell and Quarry 5

Campbell and Renison 4v

Campbell and Williams 3

Canis? and Masters 4v

Canning and McGann 2

Chalmer and Nicholson 3v

Chalmers and Malcolm 4v

Chisholm and Jones 4

Chisholm and Thompson 5

Clark and Campbell 3

Clark and Chalmer 3v

Clark and Clark 5

Clark and James 4v

Clark and Reid 4

Clarke and Cumming 2

Cox? and White 3

Colch and Campbell 2

Cooper and Bartley 1v

Cox and Beckford 3

Crooks and Crooks 5

Crooks and Dun 5

Crooks and Forrester 5

Crooks and Fraser 4

Crooks and Miller 5

Dale and Reid 5

Dalop and Dalop 3

Dalrimple and More 3

Daly and Daly 2v

Daly and Scott 3v

Davies and Cameron 3

Davies and Benhorn 4v

Davis and Benham 4

Davis and Paterson 3v

Dehaney and McIntosh 5

Dickson and Dickson 5

Dickson and Stirling 4v

Dixon and Dixon 5

Doherty and Elder 2

Donaldson and Gordon 5

Duglass and Allen 5

Dulop and Brown 3v

Dulop and Lawrence 3

Dunkley and Vassal 1v

Edwardes and Barnett 2

Edwards and James 5

Edwards and Reid 4

England and Brissett 3 v

England and Gilpin 4v

Fan and Grant 3

Fearon and Davidson 2

Ferguson and Crooks 4v

Forbes and Thomas 3

Forrester and Campbell 4

Fraser and Markison 3

Fyfe and Drummond 3

Gant and Doherty 2

Gardner and Johnston 4

Gaynor and Bailey 2

Glen and Fraser 5

Godfrey and Murray 4v

Gooden and Cox 3

Goodin and Campbell 3

Gordon and Gordon 3

Gordon and Oughton 2v

Gordon and Stewart 1

Gordon and Williams 5

Graham and Samuels 3

Grant and Brisset 3v

Grant and Coates 2v

Grant and Dalop or Dulop? 3

Grant and Mourner 4

Griffith and James 5

Griffiths and Fyfe 3

Hall and Houghton 4

Hall and Nugent 4

Hardy and Grey 4v

Hawk and King 3

Hawkins and Robertson 4

Henderson and Campbell 5

Henlin and Slack 2v

Henry and Daly 3v

Hering and Williams 3

Hewitt and ___ Elizabeth 1v

Hewitt and Williams 1

Hibbert and Gordon 4

Hibbert and Hibbert 4v

Hibbert and Pattison 4

Hibbert and Stewart 4v

Hill and Dixon? 3

Hill and Hill 4v

Hill and Nilson 4

Hill and Samuells 5

Hill and Thomas 3v

Hogg and McKenzie 3v

Hopkins and Davis 5

Humphrey and Gauld 2v

Hunter and Grant 3

Hurch and Hibbat 5

James and Brown 4v

James and Malcolm 5

James and Thompson 3v

Jeffrey and Crooks 3

Jeffrey and Spai__ng? 5

Jennings and Graham 1

Johnson and Grant 3

Johnston and Johnston 4v

Keller and Smith 4v

Kelly and McKenzie 3v

Kelly and Ramsay 3v

Kerr and Beckford 5

Kerr and Chambers 5

Kerr and James 4

Kid and Shaw 5

Kirkaldy and James 4v

Lasly and Campbell 4v

Laurence and Brisset 4

Lawrence and Campbell 3

Lawrence and Dias 4

Lewis and Buchanan 4v

Lewis and Wedderburn 2v

Liddy and McGuire 4

Lipscombe and Lipscombe 4

Makeen and Fullerton 2

Malcolm and Campbell 4

Malcolm and Patterson 4

Malcolm and Williams 3v

Maritie and Wallace 3

Martin and Davis 4

Martin and Patteson 4v

Martin and Samuells 4v

Mathews and Keats 5

Maxwell and Fraser 3

McAlister and Wheeler 2v

McCallum and Garrison 4

McCarter and Spence 4

McDermott and McCann 2

McDonald and Tulloh 2v

McFarlane and Dickson 4v

McIntire and Atkinson 4

McIntire and Campbell 5

McKenzie and Brisset 4v

McKenzie and Brissett 4v

McKenzie and Foster 3v

McKenzie and Hibbert 4v

McKisser and Hibbert 5

McLean and Gale 2v

McLean and Millar 3

McNichol and Campbell 4

McPherson and Malcolm 4

Miller and Brisset 5

Miller and Malcolm 4

Miller and Rachel 4v

Minnikin and Bell 2

Monro and Carr 3

Morrison and McKenzie 5

Mudie and Brown 5

Muir and Sinclair 5

Murray and Clarke 1v

Murray and Dixon 4

Murray and Fyfe 3

Murray and Robertson 1v

Murray and Williams 3

Myrie and Ricketts 3

Nelson and Chambers 3

Nilson and Fan 3

Nilson and Williams 3

Nixon and Stewart 2

Owen and Campbell 4

Owen and Francis 4v

Owen and Seaton 1v

Paterson and James 5

Paton and Paton 2v

Patterkin and Clerk 4

Patterson and Foster 2v

Pattison and Ferguson 4v

Pearce and Crooks 4v

Peart and ____ Margaret 2

Pennycock and McKenzie 3v

Pennycock and Pennycock 3v

Pullar and Edwards 4

Rankin and Crooks 4

Read and Grey 2v

Reed and Simpson 5

Reid and Netteker 4

Reily and Williams 2v

Ricketts and Williams 3

Riddock and Samuels 3v

Riley and Riley 4v

Robam and Williams 1v

Robertson and Bantine 3

Robertson and Hostlin 2v

Robinson and Douglass 4v

Rochester and ___ Mary Catherine 1

Rowden and Campbell 4

Rowe and Lee 1v

Ruthen and Cathnec 4v

Samuells and Thompson 4v

Samuels and ___ Roselinda 1

Samuels and Gordon 5

Samuels and Lewis 3v

Samuels and Samuels 3

Samuels and Samuels 3

Sandilands and Wilson 5

Scarlett and Brown 4v

Scott and Allen 5

Senior and Reid 3

Shakespear and Wilson 5

Silent and Shark 2v

Simmonds and Ingram 2v

Simpson and Shaw 4v

Sinclair and Facey 1v

Smallwood and Bell 2v

Smith and Malcolm 5

Smith and McKenzie 4

Spence and Hall 4v

Spence and Kerr 4v

Spence and Lewis 3

Spence and Lipscombe 4

Spence and McKatty 3v

Spence and Samuels 3v

Stars? and Graham 3v

Stewart and Brown 5

Stewart and Reid 5

Thelwell and Daly 3v

Thelwell and Mais 4

Thompson and Barnett 2

Thompson and Pennycock 3v

Tomlinson and Carr 4v

Tulloh and Eason 2

Vassell and Vassell 2v

Walker and Brown 3v

Walker and Melnell 4v

Walker and Walker 4v

Wardand Senior 2

Webster and Philp 3

Wedderburn and Gordon 3

Wedderburn and Johnson 3

White and Morris 4v

White and White 4

Williams and Brisset 4v

Williams and Price 2

Williams and Smith 4v

Williams and Williams 1v

Wilson and Goodin 3

Woolery and Dixon 3v

Wright and Williams 4v

Wright and Robinson 1

Wylie and Campbell 3v

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