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Ansell, Angelina, widow of Aaron Ansell, born 10/1/1838, died 7/3/1894. Stone placed by sons and daughters.

Ashenheim, Lewis, M.D., son of Mr. Jacob Ashenheim of Edinburgh. Died 10/22/1858 a.m. aged 42 years.

Ayrane, Joseph. [broken tombstone]

_______ Benjamin?, son of________. [Illegible. Small child's grave]

Carvalho, Moses DeCampos, died 5/9/1859 in his 54th year.

Carvalho, Rachel, daughter of David and Rebecca Carvalho, died 8/13/1838 aged 4 years 3 months.

Castle, Sarah. [Only name appears on tombstone].

DeCasseres, Hannah. Died 11/28/1904. Stone placed by her only surviving sister.

DeCasseres, Isidore, died 6/12/1913.

DeCasseres, Rebecca. Died 5/13/1898. Stone placed by her sister

DeCasseres, David. Stone placed by his only son.

DeLeon, Arnold, son of A. J. and Caroline DeLeon, born 12/27/1851, died 8/9/1856.

Delgado, Alfred Leopold 12/25/1861 to 12/3/1944.

Delgado, Charles Phillips, 8/23/1853 to 3/6/1904.

Delgado, Emma Phoebe, died 1/15/1895 aged 38 years.

Delgado, Harriette Phoebe, wife of Charles Delgado, died 6/14/1863 aged 27 years.

Delgado, Joseph Phillips, beloved son of Charles and Harriette Delgado, born 1/20/1860 died 8/12/1862, ages 2 years 6 months 23 days.

Delgado, Mary Ann, daughter of Charles and Harriette Delgado, born 3/14/1855 died 10/23/1856 aged 19 months 9 days.

Delisser, Abigail. "Our mother Abigail, relict [widow] of Samuel Delisser." 7/27/1796 to 8/17/1888.

Delisser, Alexander. Son of Samuel and Abigail Delisser. 11/27/1814 to 1/22/1881.

Delisser, Alonzo, son of George and Lydia Delisser, died 8/3/1858 aged 5 years 9 months.

Delisser, Harriet. Third daughter of Samuel and Abigail Delisser, 9/1/1824 to 9/24/1867.

Delisser, Henry, youngest son of Matthew and Abigail Delisser, died Hebat 23, 5504.

Delisser, Leopold, son of George and Lydia Delisser, died 6/18/1858 aged 1 year 11 months.

Delisser, Mirian Louise, daughter of George and Lydia Delisser died 7/26/1858 aged 4 years 2 months 10 days.

DePass, L. L., wife of T. M. dePass, born 5/30/1868 died 6/6/1942.

DePass, Theodore Mitchell, 1854-1939.

D'Souza, Louisa, wife of Daniel C. D'Souza, died 10/15/1879 aged 21 years.

DeSouza, Charles, son of Abraham and Louisa, born 12/21/1849, died 6/10/1856.

DeSouza, Lionel, son of Abraham and Louisa DeSouza, 6/18/1851 to 5/2/1856.

Furtado, Mrs. Rachel, relict of the late Jacob O. Furtado, resident 60 years in Montego Bay, died 8/2/1848 aged 84 years.

Harris, Benjamin, Esq., of Falmouth for over 30 years, died 6/11/1818 aged 45. [A long eulogy by a "sorrowing friend."]

Hart, Mary, oldest daughter of Samuel and Constance Hart, died 12/9/1879 aged 10 years.

Hart, Stanley Nunes, infant son of Edmund and Anna Hart, born 6/24/1869, died 4/24/1870.

Isaacs, David DeSouza. Born in London 1/19/1847. Died 6/17/1865. By his uncle D. H. D'Souza.

Hart, Stanley Nunes, infant son of Edmund and Anna Hart, 6/24/1869 to 4/24/1870.

Joseph, Ellis H., son of Henry H. Joseph, Esq., died 10/16/1837, [the 3 is partly illegible and may be incorrect], aged 22 years.

Lazarus, Michael, born London 11/28/1815, died Falmouth 8/12/1870. Stone placed by his brother.

Lazarus, Samuel, son of Lewis and Clara Lazarus, born London 10/18/1817, died 12/15/1881 aged 64 years 2 months.

Lazarus, Solomon, Esquire, died 8/13/1838 aged 76 years, for 42 of which he resided in Falmouth.

Lindo, Abraham, born at Greenwich Park Pen near Kingston 10/6/1815. Died Falmouth 10/10/1883 aged 67 years.

Lindo, Alicia, died 4/30/1926.

Lindo, David, died Falmouth 5/7/1889 aged 55 years.

Lindo, Esther, died 6/12/1908 aged 81 years.

Lindo, Harold F., born 12/28/1862, died 5/13/1903.

Lindo, Luna, died Falmouth 7/9/1885, aged 91 years.

Lindo, Matilda died at Falmouth 5/4/1884.

Lyons, Eleazer Bonnet, son of Hymen Lyons, Esq., died 8/27/1830 aged 11 days.

Lyons, Hymen, merchant, Falmouth died 3/11/1831 aged 47 years.

Magnus, Frederick, son of Elias and Sarah Magnus of Falmouth, died 7/2/1847 aged 14 months. Stone erected by his grandfather.

Melhado, George Bagnald, youngest son of Emanuel and Lunah Melhado, died 2/17/1854, aged 20 years 4 months.

Morales, Abraham died 8/26/1893 aged 7_. [obliterated]. He was a loving husband and brother.

Morales, Esther, relict of Abraham Morales died 11/19/1908. Stone placed by a loving sister.

Morales, Rebecca, wife of Abraham, eldest daughter of Isaac DeCasseres of Kingston where she was born 12th Kislev 5573 corresponding to November 16, 1812. Her parents died when she was young, and she looked after the family. Resident here for 26 years. After years of bodily suffering she died 8/18/1871, aged 59 years, leaving a husband, son, sister and brothers.

Morris, Mrs. Rebecca, of Falmouth, died 7/9/1844 aged 30 years, leaving husband and 3 children, and "nearby are the remains of " Elizabeth, Sarah and Esther infant daughters of H. W. and R. Morris.

Moss, Caroline, wife of Richard, died 5/8 a.m. year 5618 [1858] aged 38 years.

Moss, Nathan, son of Richard and Caroline Moss, died October 1853 [?? illegible, may be 1868] aged 11 months.

Nathan, Jacob Philip, merchant of Falmouth, died 10/26/1831 aged 42 years, a husband and parent.

Nunes, Charles Alfred, second son of Robert and Rebecca Nunes, born 12/6/1859, died 1/10/1914.

Nunes, Eustace George, infant son of Robert and Rebecca Nunes, died 5/31/1858 aged 7 months 8 days.

Nunes, Herbert, infant son of Robert and Rebecca Nunes, 9/10/1854 to 5/17/1855.

Nunes, Rebecca, wife of Robert Nunes, died 11/19/1862 in her 41st year, leaving children.

Nunes, Robert. "To our father Robert Nunes" born Montego Bay 12/14/1820. Died Top Hill, Trelawny, 1/31/1889.

Nunes, Robert Benjamin, eldest son of Robert and Rebecca Nunes born 2/14/1850, died 7/20/1903.

Nunes, Sigismund, infant son of Robert and Rebecca Nunes, 7/15/1853 to 9/30/1854.

Reuben, Arabella, daughter of Isaac and Judith Reuben, died 6/24/1854.

Reuben, Judith, wife of Mr. Isaac Reuben of Falmouth, died 3/8/1854 aged 39 years (children Arabella and Lewis listed on her tombstone).

Reuben, Lewis. Listed on mother's tombstone, "also buried near is Lewis," died 5/23/1854 aged 15 years.

Simon, Adah, daughter of Henry and Frances Simon, died 11/24/1845, aged 5 years 8 months.

Simon, Isaac, Esquire, formerly of Montego Bay and lately of Falmouth, died 1/17/1815 (5603) in his 60th year.

Simon, Zillah, daughter of Henry and Frances Simon, died December 1845.

Solomon, Esther, daughter of Lazarus and Rachel Solomon, died 7/6/1836 [fragments].

Solomon, Henry, died 11/9/1844 (5605) in the 78th [or 18th?] year of his age. Tombstone made by A. Gaddess, Baltimore.

Solomon, Henry Moss, Esquire, died 5/3/5620 [1860] aged 35 years.

Solomon, Lazarus, died 11/21/1822.

Tyson, Matilda, wife of Henry Tyson, 10/21/1829 to 7/25/1856 aged 26 years 9 months. Stone placed by her brother Benjamin Nunes.

Wetzlar, Frederick Phillips. Tablet erected by Daniel Noe and Sarah Wetzlar for their child Frederick Phillips Wetzlar, died 1/21/1844, aged 5 months.

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