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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices

Burke S. C. heirs of Rhime Ban Burke S. C. Bath
Creighton H. M. Morant Ban Hopkins R. B. Morant Bay
Eves Capt. E. Arntully Cof Eves Capt. E. Cedar Valley
Eves Capt. E. Ben Lomond Cof Eves Capt. E. Cedar Valley
Eves Capt. E. Newfield Cof Eves Capt. E. Cedar Valley
Ewart Bros Cedar Grove Pen Sime J. Morant Bay
Gordon J. N. Ultimatum Pen Vancuylenburg R. Kingston
Gossett Hon. B. S. Farm Hill Pen Gossett Hon. B. S. Bull Bay
Grinan J. Albion Sug Grinan J. Yallahs
Groves Alexander Mansfield Pen Groves George
Hales Caird & Co. Sherwood Forest Cof Trench Maxwell Hagley Gap
Harrison L. G. Belgium C-nt Lewis J. M. Plantain Garden River
Harrison L. G. & Bros Prospect Ptn Harrison L. G. Morant Bay
Harrison Mrs. C. Oxford Ptn Lewia W. M. Morant Bay
Harrison Mrs. C. Ireland Ten Vacant Bath
Hawkins E. T. Duckenfield Ban Michelin V. A. Plantain Garden River
Hope & Co Lyssons Ptn Levy C. Hope Morant Bay
James A. C. Clifton Hill Ptn Bancroft A. C. Plantain Garden River
Jamaica Company Winchester Pen Pringle Hon. Dr. Clonmel
Kinloss Lady Middleton Cof Eves Capt. E. Cedar Valley
Kinloss Lady Hope Pen Eves Capt. E. Cedar Valley
Kirkland A. J. Fairfield Pen Banncroft A. C. Plantain Garden River
Lanaman W. T. Nuts River Ptn Lanaman W. T. Morant Bay
MacLean J. W. Lloyds Pen McLean J. W. Yallahs
Manners Mrs. Fanny Abbey Farm Pen Manners Mrs. F. Bull Bay
Marshalleck J. estate of Mt. Essex Pen O'Sullivan Mrs.
Melville & Eves New Monklands Ban Eves Capt. E. Cedar Valley
Mordecai I. J. Stanton Ptn Brown A. D. Morant Bay
Pine Margaret Ardsheal Pen Lanaman W. G. Morant Bay
Porter Mrs. F. E. Petersfield Ban Lewis M. H. Morant Bay
Provan J. P. Monklands Cof Provan J. P. Cedar Valley
Scott A. J. Stokes Hall Ban Bancroft A. C. Plantain Garden River
Silvera A. P. Norris Sug Silvera A. E.
Stephens & Chisholm Radnor Ptn Trench Maxwell Hagley Gap
Stephens & Chisholm Brook Lodge Cof Trench Maxwell Hagley Gap
Stephens & Chisholm New Baten Cof Trench Maxwell Hagley Gap
Sylvester, heirs of Orange Park Pen Lightbourne R. A.
Taylor A. W. Eastend Pen Pen Dewar G. P.
Taylor A. W. Holland Ban Dewar G. P.
Taylor Hon. Capt. G.G. Moy Hall Cof Taylor Hon. Capt. Cedar Valley
Turriffe W. Green Castle Ptn Turriffe W. Bowden
United Fruit Co. Retreat Ban Asten William Port Antonio
United Fruit Co. Wheelerfield Ban Beckford A. G. Port Antonio
West I. Plantation Serge Island Ban Blackwell A. T. Seaforth
Whitehorne Bertha Cheswick Pen Burke C. S. Bath
Whiting S. S. Cambridge Ptn Whiting S. S. Plantain Garden River

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