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ABOVE ROCKS, St. Catherine. A fertile, well watered district. on the border of St. Andrew, producing bananas, cocoa, settlers sugar and provisions. Noted for production of Jippi Jappa hats.

ADELPHI, St. James.

ALBANY, St. Mary. A railway station and centre of banana growing district.

ALBERT TOWN, Trelawny. In the mountains of, Upper Trelawney. Fertile and well watered district producing ginger, coffee, cocoa and bananas, settlers sugar and provisions. Has Post Office.

ALDERTON, Trelawny.


ALLEY, Clarendon. Formerly capital of old parish of Vere: is now of importance only as being in proximity to large number of sugar estates.

ALLIGATOR POND, Manchester. Port of call for coastals taking produce-principally pimento-of Southwest Manchester and Southeast St. Elizabeth.

ANCHOVY, St. James.

ANNOTTO BAY, St. Mary. Railway station and shipping port: exports bananas and logwood: public general hospital and almshouse.

BALACLAVA, St. Elizabeth. Railway station and produce centre in northern part of parish.

BAMBOO, St. Ann.

BARTONS, St. Catherine.

BATH, St. Thomas. Populous village. Site of original Botanic Garden of the colony. Hot sulphurous mineral spring close at hand, which is still in use, and has been found efficacious for rheumatism.


BELVEDERE, St. Andrew.

BETHEL TOWN, Westmoreland.

BLACK RIVER, St. Elizabeth, Chief town and shipping port, situated on river of same name. Important centre for export of logwood. Has interesting Parish Church with many rural tablets. Town lighted by electric light. Population 1,514.

BLUEFIELDS, Westmoreland.

BLUE MOUNTAIN VALLEY, St. Thomas. A very fertile, well watered district, producing bananas, coffee and cocoa.

BOG WALK, St. Catherine. Railway Station at head of the romantic rocky gorge through which the Rio Cobre flows. [see photograph] The village of Bog Walk is an important banana and orange centre.


BOWDEN, St. Thomas. Opposite town of Morant Bay. Terminus of light Railway from adjoining banana properties. Banana shipping port.

BRAES RIVER, St. Elizabeth.

BROWNS TOWN, St. Ann. Largest inland town in parish: large produce trade. A lovely place, with claims as a tourist resort.

BUFF BAY, Portland. Chief town, old parish of St. George. Important centre of fruit trade.

BULL BAY, St. Andrew. Small village with Police Station. A very dry and arid spot.

BUSHY PARK, St. Catherine. A Railway Station on expensive property of same name now owned and worked by the Roman Catholic body.

CAMBRIDGE, St. James. A Railway Station in fertile district with good rainfall. An increasing banana trade is done.

CASCADE, Hanover.

CASTLETON, St. Mary. Famous Botanic Gardens, with specimen of tropical trees and plants from all parts of the world. There are cottages for tourists. The Wag Waters flows through the valley

CATADUPA, St. James. Railway Station.

CAVE VALLEY, St. Ann. Village and sugar estate situated in a beautiful and fertile valley; river of same name flows through and disappears in numerous sinks in Greenoch Estate.


CHAPELTON, Clarendon. Chief town in upper district of parish, 10 miles from May Pen Railway Station: coffee centre and important small settlers sugar market. Population 900.


CHRISTIANA, Manchester. Eight miles north of Kendal Railway Station: important as chief centre of Jamaica gingergrowing industry. Elevation 2,800 feet, fine climate and beautiful scenery.

CLAREMONT, St. Ann. Important inland township, with Post Office and Churches.

CLARKS TOWN, Trelawny. Inland, 10 miles southeast from Falmouth, and second largest town in parish, has large produce trade.

CLIFTON, St. Andrew.

CLONMEL, St. Mary.

COLEYVILLE, Manchester. Village 4 miles from Christiana 3,000 feet elevation, great ginger growing district. Post Office.

CONSTANT SPRING, St. Andrew. Situated 6 miles north from Kingston, at base of mountains. Named from everflowing stream which runs from the mountains and sinks here. Formerly sugar estate. Well-known hotel largely patronised by tourists.

CROFTS HILL, Clarendon.

CROSS KEYS, Manchester. Centre of penkeeping, and small settlers district. Chief production, cattle and horsekind, coffee, pimento. Elevation 2,000 feet, Dry climate. Post Office.

CROSS ROADS, St. Andrew. Suburb of Kingston.

DARLISTON, Westmoreland.

DEESIDE, Trelawny.

DEVON, Manchester. Named from being settled by people from Devonshire, England. Red soil district, chief production, coffee and oranges. Elevation 2,000 feet.

DRY HARBOUR, St. Ann. Town increasing in trade and prosperity: Harbour affords excellent shelter for vessels. Famous as being the point where Columbus landed and took formal possession of island. [The name has been changed to Discovery Bay. See photograph.]

DUNCANS, Trelawny. Near coast line, good trading centre. Large market.

ENFIELD, St. Mary.

EWARTON, St. Catherine, Railway Station and terminus at head of St. Thomas in ye Vale. Produce district.

FALMOUTH, Trelawny. Chief town and port of parish, entrance to harbour has recently been improved: town formerly of great importance: is well laid out and has many handsome public buildings. Population 2,517. [see Falmouth photographs. see History of Trelawny]

FELLOWSHIP, Portland. Situated in the valley of the Rio Grande. Banana growing district.


FOUR PATHS, Clarendon. Railway Station: formerly important market centre. Climate dry.

FRANKFIELD, Clarendon. Twelve miles northwest of Chapelton. Elevation 600 feet in the Rio Minho valley, centre of large and flourishing agricultural district.

GAYLE, St. Mary. Increasing banana growing district. 12 miles from sea.

GIDDY HALL, St. Elizabeth.

GLENGOFFE, St. Catherine. Very fertile district on borders of St. Andrew. Centre of Jippi Jappa hat making district. Banana, cocoa, coffee and provision grown largely.

GORDON TOWN, St. Andrew.

GRANGE HILL, Westmoreland.

GREGORY PARK, St. Catherine. Railway Station in heart of irrigated banana land of parish.

GREEN ISLAND, Hanover. Small shipping port at extreme western end of the island. Lands being taken up for bananas, cocoa and cocoanuts. Good rainfall.

GUYS HILL, St. Mary. Village and district bordering on St. Catherine, and. St Ann. Elevation 2,000 feet Bananas, cocoa and coffee grown.

GUANABOA VALE, St. Catherine.

HAGLEY GAP, St. Thomas.


HAMPDEN, Trelawny. Centre of sugar district of Western Trelawny.


HARRY WATCH, Manchester.

HARTLANDS, St. Catherine. Railway Station.

HAYES, Clarendon. Small village seven miles south of May Pen Railway Station, set in midst of arid savannah, but important general market centre


HIGHGATE, St. Mary. Important banana centre

HOPE, St. Andrew

HOPE BAY, Portland. Village with 500 population, on Railway.

IPSWICH, St. Elizabeth. Railway Station. Mails transferred for Black River.


KELLETS, Clarendon

KENDAL, Manchester. Railway Station. Chief Agricultural Show of parish, and one of the most important in the island is annually held near by

LACOVIA, St. Elizabeth. On Black River: small township with logwooddye factory

LAMB'S RIVER, Westmoreland. Arrowroot growing district




LINSTEAD, St. Catherine. Railway Station and a thriving township with increasing fruit, cocoa and produce exports

LITTLE LONDON, Westmoreland


LLUIDAS VALE, St. Catherine

LUCEA, Hanover. Onlv town of any importance in parish : possesses small but exceptionally well sheltered harbour: famed for its yam (ground provisions): in old barracks is kept Rusea's School giving secondary education to girls and boys. Population 1,595

MAGGOTY, Hanover [Current map shows Maggoty in St. Elizabeth]

MAID STONE, Manchester

MALVERN, St. Elizabeth. Small village on summit Santa Cruz Mountains. The mountains are considered generally salubrious. and the climate is a specially advantageous one for persons suffering from pulmonary diseases

MANCHIONEAL, Portland. On northeast coast line. Principal exports bananas and cocoanuts: possesses exceedingly small harbour. District the scene of some of the exploits of "Tom Cringle" as recorded in the "Log."

MANDEVILLE, Manchester. Chief town of parish. Centre of orange district: popular winter resort ; 2,131 feet above sea level; exceptionally cool and pleasant climate: has several good hotels. Population 1,171.

MARTHA BRAE, Trelawny. One and a half miles inland from Falmouth. Old Spanish settlement.

MAVIS BANK, St. Andrew.

MAY PEN, Clarendon. Railway Station and principal centre of the parish ; traffic of large part of Rio Minho Valley collects here.


MILE GULLY, Manchester.

MILK RIVER, Clarendon. Village 10 miles south of Clarendon Park Railway Station: Milk River is navigable for lighters for four or five miles, and the Custom House and wharves are on the banks of the river. A large business in logwood and other produce is done at this place. Nearby is a remarkable, warm, saline purgative bath, regarding the beneficial effects of which some remarkable results are on record.

MOCHO, Clarendon.

MOORE TOWN, Portland. A Maroon town: nine miles inland from Port Antonio.

MONEAGUE, St. Ann. Ten miles from Ewarton Railway Station: 12 miles inland from Ocho Rios: has fine hotel: good produce business.


MONTEGO BAY, St. James. Chief town and seaport of parish: transinsular Railway terminus. The bay is an open roadstead with good anchorage. Health resort with exceptionally attractive bathing grounds at White Sands: and the celebrated Doctor Cave sea water Bath, excellent hotel accommodation: secondary school for boys. Population 4,803. [see Montego Bay photographs]

MORANT BAY, St, Thomas, Chief town and shipping port of parish of St. Thomas. Principal scene of disturbances in 1865 rebellion. Population 656.

MOUNTAINSIDE, St. Elizabeth.

MYERSVILLE, St. Elizabeth.

NEGRIL, Westmoreland.

NEWCASTLE, St. Andrew.

NEWMARKET, St. Elizabeth.

NEWPORT, Manchester.

OCHO RIOS, St. Arm. Seaport with increasing trade : harbour easy of approach and affords good shelter.

OLD HARBOUR, St. Catherine. Railway Station a few miles inland from Old Harbour Bay. Has a public market.

ORANGE BAY, Portland.

ORACABESSA, St, Mary. Has safe little harbour: exports bananas: is eight miles west of Port Maria : health resort.

PEAR TREE GROVE, St. Catherine.

PEDRO PLAINS: St. Elizabeth.

PEDRO, St. Ann.

PEPPER, St. Ann.

PETERSFIELD, Westmoreland.


POINT, St. James.

POINT HILL, St. Catherine.

PORT ANTONIO, Portland. Has two of the finest and most secure harbours of the island. Centre of the Northside banana trade and leading shipping port : has magnificent hotel run on American system. Population 1,784.

PORT HENDERSON, St. Catherine. Inside entrance to Kingston harbour, port of shipment of large quantities of bananas from lower St. Catherine.

PORT MARIA, St. Mary. Chief town and shipping port of parish: prosperous and thriving. Contains public general hospital and alms house; Court House and fine market and two schools. Leading banana centre. Population 1,492.

PORT MORANT, St. Thomas. Shipping place of importance. Has a secure harbour.

PORT ROYAL, Port Royal. [see Port Royal map]

PORUS, Manchester. Railway Station: populous village: important produce centre at base of Manchester Mountains.

PRATVILLE, Manchester.


RACE COURSE, Clarendon.

RAMBLE, Hanover.

RETREAT, St. Mary.


RIO BUENO, Trelawny. [see Rio Bueno photographs]

RIVERSDALE, St. Catherine.


ROCK RIVER, Clarendon.


RIO NOVO St. Mary. Most westerly port in parish: exports bananas.

ST. ANNS BAY. St. Ann. Chief town and shipping port of parish: public general hospital: club : poor house: fine market: large shipping trade Population 1,615.

ST. MARGARET'S Bay, Portland. Thriving village on west side Rio Grande. Railway Station.

SALT RIVER, Clarendon.

SANDY BAY, Hanover.

SANTA CRUZ, St. Elizabeth.

SAVANNALAMAR, Westmoreland. Chief town and shipping port of Parish : is also one of chief towns as commercial centre in the colony: exports rum, logwood. Mannings Free School adjacent to town takes high place among educational institutions of the island. Town fitted with telephone system. Population 2,952

SHOOTERS HILL, Manchester. Same district better known as Kendal.

SILOAH, St. Elizabeth.

SOUTHFIELD, St. Elizabeth.

SPANISH TOWN, St. Catherine. Chief town of parish and formerly seat of island government. Original name St. Jago de la Vega. Amongst the more important public buildings are the old King's House, the building formerly used for the House of Assembly and Legislative Council, and the Cathedral. In the last named there are several important pieces of monumental sculpture. The Rodney Memorial is an important feature in the central square. Population 5,019. [see Spanish Town photographs]

SPALDINGS, Clarendon. An increasingly thriving village, 9 miles from Kendal railway station. Chief trade ginger and coffee. Elevation 2,800 ft.

SPRINGFIELD, St. Elizabeth.

SPRING HILL, Portland.

SPUR TREE, Manchester.

STEWART TOWN, Trelawny. Inland town on border of St. Ann: important trade in produce.

STONY HILL, St. Andrew.


TOLL GATE, Clarendon.

TRINITY VILLE, St. Thomas. 10 1/2 miles inland from Morant Bay: centre of populous and thriving district. Large coffee district.

TROJA, St. Catherine.

TROY, Trelawny. 10 miles from Balaclava railway station. Hector's river sinks here. Best starting place for visiting Cockpit district

ULSTER SPRING, Trelawny. Situated in a beautiful valley in very fertile district. Decendants of Germans who settled here are still in the district. Chief production ginger, coffee, bananas.

WALDERSTON, Manchester.


WATSON HILL, Manchester.


WHITE HOUSE, Westmoreland.

WILLIAMSFIELD, Manchester. Railway station for Mandeville.

YALLAHS, St. Thomas. Bay and salt ponds: fishing is source of livelihood of villagers. Yallahs Bay has 17th Century Episcopal Church.

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