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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices

Benbow R. L. Osborne Ptn Benbow R. L. Annotto Bay
Benjamin J. Coves Ban Benjamin J.
Braham J. Castlemine Ban Braham J.
Branday J. W. Platfield Ban Gray T. M. Richmond
Bridgemahon J. D. Devon Pen Ban Bridgemahon J. D.
Bridgemahon J. D. Mammie Hill Pen Bridgemahon J. D.
Broughton E. Rosend Ban Matthews C. D. Albany
Brown Rev. C. Union Pen Pen Brown Rev. C.
Cameron J. Huddersfield Pen Mais E. Retreat
Clark W. P. Way Hill Weyrauch H. W. Ocho Rios
Clemetson D. K. estate of Frontier Ban Bovell P.A.
Clemetson A. B. estate of Union Hill Ban Goffe J. B. Port Maria
Constantine Eva Clermont Ban Stockhausen J.
DaCosta S. R. Tryall Ban DaCosta S. R. Port Maria
DeLisser D. L. Montrose Ban DeLisser F. H. Richmond
Dixon A. N. Prospect Pen Dixon A. N. Lime Hall
Dixon A. N. Tower Hill Pen Dixon A. N. Lime Hall
Edwards Lydia Mason Hall Pen Edwards Lydia
Ellis A. F. G. Fort George Ptn Langbridge F. J. Annotto Bay
Emslie A. F. Gray's Inn Pen Graham Henry Annotto Bay
Farquharson A. W. Greenwood Ban Farquharson A. W.
Ferguson Dr. Wentworth Ban Cotter Syl. St. Ann's Bay
Finzi Eugene Good Hope Pen Finzi Eugene Kingston
Finzi Eugene Hermitage Pen Finzi Eugene Kingston
Foreman J. G. Bonny Ptn Foreman J. G. Richmond
Goffe A. D. Oxford Ban Goffe A. D. Port Maria
Goffe J. Roslyn Ban Goffe R. H. Port Maria
Gray T. H. Maiden Hall Ptn Gray T. H.
Hart Celeste Decoy Pen Hart Celeste Port Maria
Hosack Jane Iter Boreale Pen Hosack E. E. C. Annotto Bay
Isaacs C. E. Water Valley Ban Scarlett J. H. Albany
James Henry Wilderness Pen James Henry Port Maria
Kelly Mary Albion Ban Kelly Mary
Kelly T. M. Hazard Ban Kelly T. M.
Kerr J. E. & Co. Heywood Hall Ban Kerr E. H. Port Maria
Kerr J. E. & Co. Llanrumney Ban Kerr E. H. Port Maria
Kirvin W. B. Job's Hill Ten Kirvin W. B.
Lindo Irene Friendship Ban Administrator General
Lindo Henry Lucky Hill Ban Lindo Henry Kingston
Lockett John Kendal Ptn Lockett John Troja
MacDonald Annie Moore Hall Ban MacDonald Annie Albany
McGrath Hon. G. Derry Pen McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
Mais E. M. Salisbury Ban Mais E. M. Retreat
Marsh J. T. Epping Ban Marsh J. T. Port Maria
Marsh J. T. Industry Pen Marsh J. T. Port Maria
Marsh J. T. Warwick Castle Ban Marsh J. T. Port Maria
McGregor Stella Lewisburgh Ban Northover A. A. Richmond
McPherson E. Stoneyfield Pen McPherson E. Port Maria
McPherson E. Boscobel Ban McPherson E. Port Maria
Meikle F. M. Three Hills Pen Meikle F. M. Newport
Melville J. estate of Gayle Ban Mais E. M. Retreat
Meur R. W. Robinson Ban Meur R. W.
Murray John Decoy Ten Murray John
Nelson Rosa Orange River Ban Byles J. H.
Newman C. W. Decoy Pen Ten Newman C. W.
Olafson Hans Berry Hill Ban Olafson Hans Retreat
Paddyfoot Sarah Cardiff Pen Absalom J.
Paton A. C. Content Ban Paton A. C.
Phillpotts J. H.[sic] Eden Park Ban Philpotts J. H.
Pringle Hon. Dr. Agualta Vale Ban Pringle K. M. Annotto Bay
Pringle Hon. Dr. Chovey Ptn Pringle K. M. Annotto Bay
Pringle Hon. Dr. Colerame Ptn Pringle K. M. Annotto Bay
Pringle Hon. Dr. Greenside Ptn Pringle K. M. Annotto Bay
Pringle Hon. Dr. Brimmer Hall Ban Pringle Hon. Dr. Clonmel
Pringle Hon. Dr. Cape Clear Ban Fraser R. J. Clonmel
Pringle Hon. Dr. Nonsuch Ban Pringle Hon. Dr. Clonmel
Rigg Richard T. Warwick Castle Ban Rigg R. T.
Roman Catholic Church Donnington Ban Collins Rev. J. J. Kingston
Roper Ellen J. Up PArk Pen Pen Roper Ellen J. Annotto Bay
Roxburgh Adam Lucky Hill Pen Roxburgh A. Walkers Wood
Roxburgh Adam Gayle Ptn Orrett C. Gayle
Rudolf H. J. Nonsuch Ban Rudolf H. J. Hampstead
Rudolf H. J. Belleville Pen Rudolf H. J. Hampstead
Sanguinetti O. Langley Ban Sanguinetti O. Hampstead
Scott Rev. Henry Palmetto Grove Ban Hawkins G. H. Pear Tree Grove
Scott Rev. Henry Crawle Ban Hawkins G. H. Pear Tree Grove
Silvera R. A. Crescent Ban Silvera R. A. Oracabessa
Silvera C. G. Crescent Ban Silvera C. G. Oracabessa
Silvera J. N. Crescent Ban Silvera J. N. Oracabessa
Silvera L. G. Crescent Ban Silvera L. G. Oracabessa
Silvera Luna Crescent Ban Silvera Luna Oracabessa
Silvera A. E. Russell Hall Ban Silvera A. E. Gayle
Silvera A. E. Halifax Pen Silvera A. E. Gayle
Simmonds Hon. R. P. Fontabelle Ban Simmonds Hon. R. P. Oracabessa
Simmonds Hon. R. P. Quebec Park Ban Simmonds Hon. R. P. Port Maria
Sinclair John Pembroke Hall Ban Sinclair John Gayle
Soutar Simon New Friendship Ptn Tulloch L. Q. Castleton
Supersangsingh S. Dover Ban Supersangsingh S. Annotto Bay
Taylor William Pemberton Valley Ban Taylor William
Tingling Ella Crescent Ban Silvera E. E. Gayle
Tyson C. R. Retreat Pen Tyson C. R. Retreat
Walcott H. B. Richmond Ban Walcott H. B. Richmond
Walker C. L. Ballard's Valley Ban Walkers C. L. Walkers Wood
Westmoreland M.E. & Westmoreland A.C. Gibraltar Ptn Westmoreland A. C. Annotto Bay
Westmoreland A. C. Wakefield Pen Crosse T. Bo [?]
Westmoreland A.L. & Westmoreland A.W.G. Esher Ptn Westmoreland A.W.G. Albany
Weyrauch H. W. Sue River Ban Weyrauch H. W. Ocho Rios
White R. A. Berry Hill Ban White R. A.
Wilson J. Warwick Castle Ban Wilson J.

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