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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices

Administrator General Spur Tree Pen Facey C Spur Tree
Alhill Mrs. Fern Hill Pen Rainford P. C. Spanish Town
Anderson T. Weir Pen Pen Anderson T. Mile Gully
Angell Charles Green Pond Pen Angell Charles Newport
Angell Emma Providence Pen Angell Emma Balaclava
Bayley E. A. Devon Pen Bayley E. A. Devon
Boetcher Mrs. Hibernia Pen Boetcher Mrs. Mile Gully
Bonitto A. V. Battersea Pen Bonitto A. V. Mandeville
Braham R. B. Hope Pen Pen Braham R. B. Mandeville
Brennan Sarah The Farm Pen Brennan Sarah Mandeville
Brett George T. Kingsland Pen Brett G. T. Mandeville
Chandler William C. R. Clones Pen Chandler W. C. R. Harry Watch
Church of Scotland Medina Pen Morrison Rev. W. C. Maidstone
Clark J. P. Kendal Pen Clark J. P. Shooters Hill
Coke Edward F. Lyndhurst Pen Coke E. F. Mile Gully
Coke W. H. Martin's Hill Pen Coke W. H. Mile Gully
Crawford D. G. Isles Pen Crawford D. G. Newport
Dawkins Col. Dawkin's Run Cof Daly C. J. Mandeville
Deleon Joseph Wales Pen Deleon J. Newport
Denton Edward Bellefield Pen Denton Edward Williamsfield
Dodd Mrs. Sarah Glassonby Pen Vacant Newport
Ellington A. T. Mammee Gully Pen Ellington A. T. Newport
Ennevor A. F. Huntley Pen Ennevor A. F. Mandeville
Ennevor A. F. Constances Pen Ennevor A. F. Mandeville
Ennevor A. F. Pigeon Grove Pen Ennevor A. F. Mandeville
Evans Alexander H. Struan Pen Evams Alexander H.
Farquharson A. W. Coffee Grove Pen Farquharson A. W. Mandeville
Fitz Herbert Hon. G. W. Park Hall Cof Fitz Herbert Hon. Pratville
Ffrench Mrs. F. A. Heavitree Cof Ffrench Mrs. F. A. Harry Watch
Fulford Emanuel Mount Forest Pen Fulford E. Watson Hill
Fulford Emanuel New Forest Pen Fulford E. Watson Hill
Fulford G. D. Swaby Hope Pen Fulford G. D. Spur Tree
Glanville Eliza Bronte Pen Glanville Eliza Mile Gully
Glanville F. E. Green Hill Pen Glanville F. E. Mile Gully
Kerr L. P. Barossa D'ry Carr L. P. Mandeville
Glanville S. estate of Green Vale Pen Glanville S. Mile Gully
Glanville Thomas Richmond Hill Pen Glanville Thomas Mile Gully
Glave Edward Craighead Cof Glave Edward Harry Watch
Glave Eliza Good Intent Cof Fraser L. A. Harry Watch
Glegg Mrs. Mary Warwick Pen Glegg Mrs. M. Pratville
Goodison J. F. Etam Pen Goodison J. F. Santa Cruz
Gordon Ann Derry Pen Gordon Ann Mile Gully
Green C. L. Cowie Park Pen Green C. L. Troy
Griffith H. W. Bwthyn-Rhosyn Res Griffith H. W. Mandeville
Hall Mrs. Marlborough Pen Jacobs A. H. Mandeville
Hendricks S. A. Ramble Pen Hendricks S. A. Porus
Heron Fanny Cocoawalk Pen Heron George Cross Keys
Heron Fanny Russel Place Pen Heron George Cross Keys
Heron Fanny Williamsfield Pen Heron George Cross Keys
Heron H. Hugh Shooter's Hill Pen Heron H. H. Shooters Hill
Heron H. Hugh Virginia Cof Heron H. Hugh Shooters Hill
Heron H. Hugh Wigton Pen Heron H. Hugh Shooters Hill
Heron W. V. The Springs Pen Heron W. V. Christiana
Heron W. V. Chudleigh Pen Heron W. V. Christiana
Hire Mrs. Knowsley Park Pen Hire Mrs. Devon
Husband H. A. Greenvale Vale Pen Husband H. A. Newport
Hutchison J. Far Enough Pen Hutchison J. Newport
Isaacs C. R. Belcarres Pen Isaacs C. R. Shooters Hill
Jackson H. estate of Waltham Pen Jackson Charles Mandeville
Kennedy Alice Somerset Cof Kennedy Alice Mandeville
Lehmkuhl E. C. Oatlands Pen Lehmkuhl E. C. Christiana
Lermond Isabella Petersfield Pen Glanville S. T. Mile Gully
Levy Hon. A. Blue Mountain Pen Levy Hon. A. Mandeville
Levy Hon. A. Perth Pen Levy Hon. A. Mandeville
Lewis Clarie Albion Pen Lewis Clarie Mandeville
Lewis J. D. Brumalia Pen Lewis J. D. Mandeville
Lewis W. E. Blenheim Pen Lewis R. K. Mandeville
Lewis Harry Enfield Pen Lewis Harry Newport
Lewis R. K. May Day Hill Pen Lewis R. K. Newport
Lewis H. E. Pleasant Hill Pen Lewis H. E. Mandeville
Leyden J. Newark Frm Leyden J. Spur Tree
Lind Olivia S. Berry Hill Pen Hutchison P. O. Spur Tree
Lockyer A. E. Hartham Pen Lockyer A. E. Newport
Manager of Colonial Bank Woodlawn Pen Howe S. J. Kingston
Manton V. E. Berwick Pen Manton Mrs. Mandeville
Manton V. E. Ayr Pen Manton Mrs. Mandeville
Martin A. C. L. Canoe Valley Pen Martin A. C. Cross Keys
McDaniel Miss New Hall Pen McDaniel Miss Balaclava
McFarlane Jane Gowrie Pen McFarlane Jane Mile Gully
Meikle L. B. Bossue Pen Meikle L. B. Pratville
Meikle Mary Wickwar Pen Meikle Mary Newport
Miles R. W. Grove Pen Miles R. W. Newport
Miles R. W. Lancaster Pen Miles R. W. Newport
Muirhead Charles Chippenham Pen Muirhead Charles Newport
Muirhead E. W. Marshall's Pen Pen Muirhead E. W. Mandeville
Muirhead M. E. Redford Pen Muirhead E. W. Mandeville
Myers Alfred Heathfield Pen Myers Alfred Newport
Nash Alfred Belleretire Pen Nash Alfred Mandeville
Nash Emma Emporium Pen Nash Emma Watson Hill
Nicholson J. S. Hermitage Pen Nicholson J. S. Pratville
Nicholson James Hermitage Pen Nicholson James Pratville
Nicholson James Windsor Forest Pen Nicholson James Spur Tree
Nicoll J. Soho Pen Braham R. B. Mandeville
Nosworthy C. P. Farm Pen Nosworthy C. P. Pratville
Ogilvie James Melrose Pen Ogilvie James Porus
Parker Robert Wind Hill Pen Parker Robert Mandeville
Pearce Georgiana Oldberry Pen Pearce Miss G. Newport
Rainford R. S. estate of Tunbridge Pen Rainford P. C. Spanish Town
Sampson C. A. Glenhurst Pen Sampson C. A. Mandeville
Sampson Ellis E. Ward's Bay Pen Sampson Ellis E. Alligator Pond
Segre A. G. Mt. Prospect Pen Segre A. G. Mandeville
Stewart S. J. Edinborough Pen Stewart S. J. Newport
Stewart S. J. Sherwood Forest Pen Stewart S. J. Newport
Stimpson Dr. R. M. Burlington Pen Stimpson Dr.
Sturridge Mrs. H. G. Litchfield Pen Sturridge Mrs. H. Mandeville
Sturridge Frank Mt. Nelson Pen Sturridge Frank Mandeville
Teape F. A. Roxborough Pen Teape F. A. Mandeville
Tyson C. R. Ballymure Pen Jacobs W. B. Harry Watch
Verley Eliza Grove Place Pen Verley Eliza Mile Gully
Walker David Tiverton Pen Walker David Devon
Williams Isabella Waterloo Cof Williams Edward Harry Watch
Wright Charles Keynsham Cof Wright Charles Balaclava
Wynne W. W. Brokenhurst Cof Teape James J. Mandeville

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