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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices

Aguilar A. S. Fish River Pen Aguilar A. S.
Aird A. A. Saxham Coc Cldd A. A. Green Island
Bell E. E. A. Bamboo Pen Bel E. E. A. Bamboo
Bell Elias New FOund Rier Pen Bell Elias Lucea
Blair Susan Rockspring Pen Blair Susan
Bond F. G. Rhodes Hall Pen Bond F. G.
Browne W. estate of Kenilworth Ptn Browne A. H. Lucea
Browne E. R. Tryall Sug Browne E. R. Sandy Bay
Bryce W. T. Lethe Pen Bryce W. T.
Charley A. Kew Sug Charley J. Lucea
Clodd Arnold Phoenix Pen Clodd A. Green Island
Cooke Mrs. E. C. Chester Castle Pen Cooke Mrs. E. C. Chester Castle
Cridland S. estate of Retirement Pen Sanftleben Hon. G. Lucea
Cridland Mrs. Rockingham Wd Sanftleben Hon. G. Lucea
Davis A. E. Georgia Pen Davis A. E. Lucea
Davis H. G. Hopewell Pen Davis H. G. Flint R.
Davis A. E. Caldwell Pen Davis A. E. Lucea
Davis A. E. Riley Ptn Davis A. E. Lucea
Deans Elizabeth Mount Pleasant Ptn Deans Eliza Lucea
Dehaney P. Cascade Pen Dehaney P.
Farquharson Hon. J. estate of Prospect Sug Farquharson W. H. Little London
Farquharson W. H. Spring Valley Sug Farquharson W. H. Little London
Fraser Ann Haddington Pen Fraser Ann
Goodwin J. D. Agingdon Ptn Goodwin J. D.
Gosset Hon. B. S. Belvedere Pen Gosset Hon B. S. Chester Castle
Grubb Samuel Friendship Ptn Grubb Samuel
Hay Robert Green River Ptn Hay Robert Green Island
Heaven B. Ramble Pen Beresford E. P. Ramble
Hewitt C. W. Ireland Pen Wd Hewitt C. W. Green Island
Hewitt C. W. Orange Bay Pen Hewitt C. W. Green Island
Hewitt C. W. Green River Ptn Hewitt C. W. Green Island
Hood-Daniel J. Copse Estate Sug Hood-Daniel H. Ramble
Hopkins Mrs. Blenheim Pen Gordon E. M. Green Island
Hudson Dr. J. Content Pen Hudson Dr. J. Ramble
Jackson E. P. Friendship Grove Pen Jackson E. P.
Jackson R. S. Friendship Pen Jackson R. S.
James, estate of Burnt Ground Pen Robertson R. H. Ramble
James Mrs. A. Haughton Hall Sug Farquharson W. H. Little London
Johnson Mrs. Swan Pen River Ptn Sanftleben Hon G. Lucea
Kennedy Cousins Cove Pen Neilson J. N. Lucea
Kerr W. L. Great Valley Pen Morris S. I.
Malcolm Col. E. D. Retrieve Pen Malcolm M. Cascade
Malcolm Col. E. D. Knockalva Pen Malcolm M. Ramble
Malcolm J. W. Buxton Pen Malcolm J. W. Ramble
McInnis R. Woodchurch Pen McInnis R.
Merriam Dr. G. R. C. Mt. Pleasant Ptn Merriam Dr. G.
Miller P. R. Orange Cove Mtn. Pen Miller P. R. Lucea
Moodie A. R. Grange Pen Moodie A. R.
Mudie Mrs. A. Point Pen Mudie Mrs. A. Lucea
Peynado Cecil Chigwell Pen Peynado Cecil Black River
Rankine J. N. Alexandria Pen Rankine J. N. Ramble
Reid George Campbleton Ptn Reid George Green Island
Rerrie W. E. Orchard Ban Rerrie W. E. Lucea
Rigg R. & S. Flint River Sug Rigg R. & S. Flint River
Robertson R. H. New MIlns Ptn Robertson R. H. Ramble
Saddler E. J. estate of Sadler's Hall Pen Morris S. H. Sav-la-mar
Saddler E. J. estate of Golden Grove Pen Morris S. H. Sav-la-mar
Samuels Charles Dolphin Pen Samuels Charles
Sanftleben Hugh Eaton Ptn Sanftleben Hugh Lucea
Sanftleben Hugh Eaton Mtn. Ban Sanftleben Hugh Lucea
Sanftleben Hugh Riley Pen Ban Sanftleben Hugh Lucea
Sanftleben Hugh Quasheba Mtn. Pen Sanftleben Hugh Lucea
Sanftleben Hon. G. Ruthland Pen Ptn Williams P. O. Lucea
Sanftleben H. C. L. Industry Grove Ban Sanftleben H. C. L. Lucea
Sanftleben L. & Sons Mosquito Cove Ban Sanftleben L. & Sons Lucea
Scott, Jessie Greenwich Pen Scott Jessie
Scott Joseph Round Hill Pen Scott Joseph Flint River
Taylor J. A. Blue Hole Pen Taylor J. A. Flint River
Thelwell Charles Ponte Fract Pen Thelwell Charles Lucea
Tingling J. C. Success Pen Tingling J. C.
Topper F. T. Barbican Ptn Topper F. T. Flint River
Vidal W. H. Paradise Pen Vidal W. H. Lucea
Wade C. Kew Mtn. Pen Wade C. Lucea
Watson-Taylor A. Bachelor's Hall Pen Gordon E. M. Green Island
Watson-Taylor A. Haughton Court Ban Dewar G. P. Lucea
Watson-Taylor A. Haughton Grove Pen Dewar G. P. Lucea
Watson-Taylor A. Orange Grove Pen Dewar G. P. Lucea
Whitelock Mrs. H. Yeardly Pen Whitelock Mrs. H. G. Hill

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