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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices.

Abrahams T. Dry River Pen Lopez C. May Pen
Abrahams Thomas Harwoods Pen Abrahams T. Chapelton
Abrahams Thomas Hindmost Pen Abrahams T. Chapelton
Abrahams Henry Morgan's Valley Ban Abrahams H. Chepelton
Abrahams T. Tavanore Ban Abrahams T. Chapelton
Abrahams George Retreat Pen Abrahams George May Pen
Allison Susan RIchmond Park Sug Allison Susan Chapelton
Allwood Fanny Wood Hall Pen Alwood Fanny Chapelton
Amalgamated Pro. Co. Ltd. Longville Stch Stewart A. May Pen
Anderson E. G. The Cottage Pen Anderson E. G. Hayes
Atkinson F. E. Mammee Gully Pen Atkinson J. E. May Pen
Baily J. Dawkins Patent Pen Bailey J.
Berthold & Grunhut Milk Pen Pen Grunhut B. Milk River
Bonitto C. J. Ashleys Condia Pen Bonitto C. J.
Braham R. B. Sanguinetti Pen Braham R. B.
Brennan F. J. Crawle River Pen Brennan F. J.
Burrell Ann Oaks Pen Burrell Ann Chapelton
Butcher F. H. Canoe Valley Pen Butcher F. H.
Calame E. E. Drummond Castle Pen Calame E. E. Mocho
Callaghan D. B. Paradise Pen Campbell R. C. Chapelton
Callaghan & Elliot Pusey Hall Sug Campbell R. C. Chapelton
Campbell J. Ludlow Pen Campbell J.
Chisholm R. L. Butler's Run Pen Chisholm R. L.
Coleman M. J. Cockpits Pen Coleman M. J.
Cork Henry Kellets Pen Cork Henry Kellitts
Craig Robert Savoy Pen Craig Robert Chapelton
Craig Robert Danks Pen Craig Robert Chapelton
Dawkins Col. Encombe Pen Upton H. E. Hayes
Dawkins Col. Friendship Pen Brennan H. J. Chapelton
Dawkins Col. Old Plantation Ptn Moxey S. Chapelton
Dawkins Col. Trout Hall Ban Sharp F. G. May Pen
Douet A. W. Eden Pen Douet A. W.
Drummond Mary Belmont Pen Drummond M. Mocho
Dudley Lord Whitney Cof Clarke A. F. Shooters Hill
Dudley Lord Rhymesbury Pen Upton H. E. Hayes
Dudley Lord New Yarmouth Pen Upton H. E. Hayes
Dupee Peter H. Lucky Valley Ptn Dupee P. H. Rock River
Eastwood H. New Salisbury Pen Eastwood H.
Eccleston J. Springfield Pen Eccleston J.
Ellis Thomas Dunkleys Pen Ellis Thomas Chapelton
Elliot Catherine Heathfield Pen Elliot J. C.
Elliot & Murray Casswell Hill Pen Murray G. Hayes
Farquharson A. W. Perrins Sug Sharp T. H. Spanish Town
Fox Isaac Halse Hall Pen Fox Isaac May Pen
Fray Henry Clarendon PArk Wd Fray Henry Spanish Town
Fray Mrs. M. E. Spring Plain Pen Fray Mrs. M. E. Milk River
Fray Mrs. M. E. Mount Pleasant Pen Fray Mrs. M. E. Milk River
Fulford J. H. Rose Hall Pen Fulford J. H.
George & Branday Lancewood Valley Pen George & Branday Kingston
Girvan D. T. North Hall Pen Girvan D. T. Chapelton
Glaive C. S. Cave River Pen Glaive C. S.
Gordon George Henry McGilchrist Pen Pen Gordon G. H. Spanish Town
Grant C. T. Paisley Pen Grant C. T.
Green A. A. Goulbourne Pen Green A. A. Toll Gate
Greenough Etta Sheckles Pen Pen Greenough Etta
Grinan Juan Curatoe Hill Pen Grinan J. May Pen
Grinan Juan Parnasus Sug Grinan J.
Grinan Juan Sevens Sug Grinan J.
Hamilton Jane E. Fearons Pen Pen Hamilton Jane Chapelton
Hannan & Son P. R> Cottage Api Hannan & Son May Pen
Hannan & Son Hayard Api Hannan & Son May Pen
Hannan W. B. Mason's RIver Ban Hannan W. B. Kellitts
Hibbert J. L. Est. of Mt. Industry Cof Braham R. B.
Hobson R. H. Tobby Abbotts Res Hobson R. H. Chapelton
Hodelin H. Beauchamp Pen Hodelin George
Huxtable Miss G. Cliffords Pen Huxtable Miss G.
Isaacs L. C. Rowington Pen Isaacs Cecil Milk River
Jam. Cotton Co. Inverness Pen Sharp T. H. Spanish Town
Johnson Elsie Tarentum Wd Johnson Elsie May Pen
Johnson S. A. Woodside Pen Johnson S. A. Chapelton
Latty W. D. Cumberland Pen Latty W. D.
Latty R. H. Cumberland Pen Latty R. H.
Latty W. S. Cumberland Pen Latty W. S.
Lindo E. S. Worksop Pen Lindo Margaret
Logan Quintin Glendale Cof Logan Quintin Toll Gate
Logan Quintin St. Toolies Pen Logan Quintin Toll Gate
Lopez Clarence Dry River Pen Lopez C. Hayes
Lopez Clarence Casswell Hill Pen Lopez C. Hayes
McCormack M. J. Manningsfield Pen McCormack M. J.
McGahan A. H. Moores Pen McGahan A. H.
Melhado C. H. Ashley Hall Pen Melhado C. H. Alley
Melhado Bros. Canaan Valley Pen Melhado Bros. Old Harbour
Middleton J. W. Mears Pasture Pen Middleton J. W. Cross Roads
Middleton J. W. Longville Park Pen Midleton J. W. Cross Roads
Miles R. W. Bushy Park Pen Ronaldson H. T. Milk River
Miller A. A. ROden Store Pen Miller A. A.
Mitchell Major H. Salt Savannah Pen Sharp T. H. Spanish Town
Mitchell Miss G. Chesterfield Sug Sharp T. H. Spanish Town
Mitchell Major H. St. Jago Pen Farquharson A. W. Spanish Town
Mitchell Major H. Amity Hall Fac. Cane A. H. Fac. Co. Ltd.
Morant, heirs of Ballard's River Pen Bernal C. Chapelton
Morant, heirs of Pindar's River Pen Wynne W. W. Mandeville
Morant, heirs of Glantham Pen Bernal C. Chapelton
Moxey Mrs. S. Provost Pen Moxey S. Chapelton
Moxey Mrs. S. Suttons Pen Moxey S. Chapelton
Munn Horace C. Low Ground Sug Munn H. C. Chapelton
Munn Mrs. Ame. Bryan's Hill Cof Munn Mrs. A. Mavis Bank
Murray Emily Clifford's Rest Pen Eastwood H. H.
Nias Catherine P. Breadlands Pen Nias Catherine
Orr R. B. Palmetto Pen Stch Orr R. B. May Pen
Panton S. E. Allstons Pen Panton S. E. Chapelton
Pawsey Alfred Bog Estate Sug Muirhead C. G. Hayes
Penrhyn Lord Denbigh Sug McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
Penrhyn Lord Pennants Pen McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
Penrhyn Lord Broom Hall Pen McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
Penrhyn Lord Cupies Pen Melville A. J. Chapelton
Robinson A. Est. of Old Yarmouth Pen Robinson W. F. Race Course
Robinson A. Est. of Gowry Pen Robinson W. F. Race Course
Robinson J. N. Belleplain Pen Robinson J. N. Race Course
Ronaldson Sarah Springfield Pen Ronaldson Hon. H. Milk River
Ronaldson Sarah Milk Spring Pen Ronaldson Hon H. Milk River
Rose W. M. Brandon Hill Pen Rose W. M.
Rowbotham T. H. McNie Pen Rowbotham
Scott H. H. S. Walstead Pen Scott H. H. S.
Scully J. Rock River Sug Scully J. Rock River
Shirley L. Rhymesbury Pen Upton E. C. Hayes
Soutar Simon Deeside Pen Price W. G. Milk River
Stewart A. A. Ludlow Pen Stewart A. A.
Sutton L. Peckham Pen Sutton L. Mandeville
Sutton Leonard Leiscesterfield Pen Sutton L. Mandeville
Vere Estates Co. Hillside Sug Fowles W. H. Hayes
Vere Estates Co. Morelands Sug Ellis F. M. Alley
Walder A. C. Mt. Lebanon Pen Walder A. C. Walderston
Ward Hon. Lieu. Col. C. J. Moneymusk Sug Harty Thomas Alley
Webb George Ritchies Pen Webb George May Pen
Wilson C. A. Forest Pen Wilson C. A. Chapelton
Winn Rev. C. A. Mears Pen Davis A. H. Frankfield
Wynne W. W. Chateau Pen Wynne W. W. Mandeville
Wynter A. F. Lanark Pen Wynter A. F.

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