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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices.




Baxter P. H. Upper Lucky Valley Pen Baxter P. H. Half-Way Tree
Brandon D. Montpelier Banana p. Brandon D. Half-Way Tree
Campbell E. Knowsley Ten. Campbell E.
Campbell E. Mount Airy Pen Campbell E.
Casserly J. Charlottenburgh Cof Casserly J.
Chapman C. W. Cedar Valley Res Chapman C. W. Kingston
Cork Hon. P. Barbican Res Fursdon C. A. Kingston
Cripps J. H. Dallas Castle Pen Donaldson T. H.
DaCosta M. P. Cane River Pen DaCosta M. P. Kingston
Davidson J. L. Cavaliers Ten Davidson J. L. Cross Roads
DeMerdado C. E. Chesterfield Cof DeMercado C. E. Kingston
Desport Emily Twickenham Park Pen Desport Emily
Drew H. G. T. Maverly Pen Drew H. G. T. Half-Way Tree
Duffus Alexander Penton Ville Cof Duffus Alexander Half-Way Tree
Duffus Alexander Green Vale Res Duffus Alexander Half-Way Tree
Farquharson A. W. Constant Spring Pen Farquharson A. W. Constant Spring
Fawcett Agnes Berwick Res Fawcett Agnes
Feurtado Alex. Prospect Pen Administrator General Kingston
Finzi Eugene East Prospect Pen Finzi Eugene Kingston
Finzi Eugene West Prospect Pen Finzi Eugene Kingston
Francis Annie Hall Green Ban Francis Annie
Fulford I.(or J.?) H. Salisbury Plain Ten Lord C. G. Old Harbour
Gossett W. B. Farm Hill Pen Gossett W. B. Hagley Gap
Gosset Hon. B. S. Halberstadt Pen Gossett Hon B. S. Hagley Gap
Gov. of Jamaica Markham Hill Pen Gov. of Jamaica
Gov. of Jamaica Fair Hill Ban Gov. of Jamaica
Hannan W. B. Tweedside Cof Hannan W. B. Stony Hill
Hamilton A. R. Silver Hill Cof Hamilton A.R. Gordon Town
Henderson Dr. G. Stoneleigh Res Henderson Dr. G. Kingston
Heron Mrs. F. Greenvalley Cof Heron Mrs. F. Mavis Bank
Hussey C. A. Pembroke Hall Mt Pen Hussey C. A.
Hyams, Est. of Mt. Dakin Ten Administrator General Kingston
Hyams, Est. of Mt. Ossa Ten Administrator General Kingston
Isaacs L. Montpelier Pen Isaacs L.
Jopp G. K. New Garden Pen Torey Alexander Half-Way Tree
Kennedy Cath. Peter's ROck Res Kennedy Cath.
King, Sir Dudley Swallowfield Mt. Pen King Sir Dudley Cross Roads
King, Sir Dudley Carhampton Ten Fowlin J. E. Cross Roads
Kingston B. B. S. Hopewell Pen Kingston B. B. S. Kingston
Kitchener Col. C. Gordon Castle Ten Kitchener Col. C. Hope
Kitchener Col. C. Billy Dun Res Kitchener Col. C. Hope
Kitchener Col. C. Molness Pen Kitchener Col. C. Hope
Kitchener Col. C. Norbrook Res Kitchener Col. C. Hope
Lockett Rev. G. Belvedere Res Lockett Rev. G. Belvedere
McDonald C. J. Dublin Castle Pen MacDonald Mrs. Gordon Town
McLaverty Flor. Raymond Hall Res MacLaverty Flor. Newcastle
McLaverty Rev. A. Clydesdale Cof. Landale W. H. Clifton
Malcolm George Windsor Forest Pen Malcolm George Hagley Gap
Marescaux O. Est. of Cherry Garden Pen Marescaux Major Constant Spring
McGann R. A. Windsor Lodge Pen McGann R. A.
Munn H. F. W. Good Hope Pen Munn H. F. W. Kingston
Munn C. Victor Strawberry Hill Cof Munn C. Victor Mavis Bank
Murray James & Bros Keith Hall Ten Cork J. G. Half-Way Tree
Prideaux Miss H. Orchard Pen Stephens J. A. Hagley Gap
Prideaux Miss H. Mahogany Vale Cof Stephens J. A. Hagley Gap
Robertson A. S. Mt. Friendship Ban Robertson A. S. Gordon Town
Rogers H. J. Sterling Castle Res Rogers H. J.
Sant W. E. Langley Ten Linton A. Stony Hill
Sedgwick Robert Chestervale Cof Sedgwick Robert Gordon Town
Solomon Hon. Geo. Retreat Res Solomon Hon. G. Half-Way Tree
Solomon Hon. Geo. Retreat Pen Res Solomon Hon. G. Half-Way Tree
Soutar Simon Temple Hall Est Soutar A. O. Stony Hill
Soutar Simon Rosemount Est Campbell E. S. Stony Hill
Soutar Simon Moresham Ptn Thompson A. Stony Hill
Soutar Simon Yates Prospect Ptn Thompson A. Stony Hill
Soutar Simon Muff Castle Ptn Thompson A. Stony Hill
Soutar Simon Richmond Ptn Soutar H. Half-Way Tree
Soutar Simon Little Waterhouse Ptn Soutar E. L. Half-Way Tree
Stephens & Chisholm Mount Lebanon Cof Stephens Mrs. M. Clifton
Swettenham Sir J. A. Bellevue Res Sweetenham Sir J. Gordon Town
Thompson S. J. Mullett Hall Pen Thompson S. J. Stony Hill
Trench D. Greenwich Park Res Carver J. C.
United Fruit Co. Water House Pen United Fruit Co. Port Antonio
Verley Ernest Ferry Pen Verley Ernest Kingston
Verley Eliza Papine Pen Verley Eliza Cross Roads
Verley Eliza Hermitage Pen Verley Eliza Cross Roads
Verley Eliza Hope Verley Eliza Cross Roads
Verley Eliza Mona Pen Verley Eliza Cross Roads
Verley Ernest Mt. Patience Pen Verley Ernest Kingston
Walker W. J. Newton Cof Walker W. J. Gordon Town
Ward Hon. Col. C. Petersfield Cof Ward Hon. Col. C. Kingston
Ward Hon. Col. C. Pleasant Hill Cof Landale W. H. Clifton
Watson J. C. Chancery Hall Ten Watson J. C. Half-Way Tree
Wesleyan Body Woodlands Pen Hope
West In. Imp. Co. Mount Atlas Pen West In. Imp. Co
White Eliza Castle James Ten Nuttal E. Kingston
Wigan A. E. Harbour Head Pen Wigan A. E. Hartlands
Williams A. Stafford Hall Ten Williams A. Half-Way Tree
Wittingham J. Windsor Lodge Pen Wittingham J.


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