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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices

Administrator General Coxheath Pen Administrator General Kingston
Baillie W. L. Sterling Castle Ptn Baillie W. L.
Barclay J. Low River Sug Barclay J. Kingston
Barclay J. Glastonbury Sug Barclay J. Kingston
Baquie W. J. Baron Hill Pen Baquie W. J. Falmouth
Bayne W. J. Hopewell Pen Bayne W. J. Flint River
Broderick Emily L. Cave Island Pen Broderick E. L. Falmouth
Brown Joseph H. Retreat Pen Brown J. H. Falmouth
Brown G. P. Half Moon Bay Pen Brown G. P. Falmouth
Brown W. T. Recess Pen Brown W. T. Falmouth
Campbell Mary Allsides Pen Fisher S. Ocho Rios
Campbell A. Croydon Mt. Pen Campbell A.
Carter A. A. Troy Ptn Carter A. A. Troy
Chambers F. E. Green Vale Ptn Chambers F. E. Falmouth
Clerk J. H. Wales Ptn Clerk J. H. Falmouth
Clerk J. H. Hague Ptn Clerk J. H. Falmouth
Cover Eliza Maxfield Ptn Booth L. S. Falmouth
Curtis & Co. Ethingdon Sug Houchen A. C. Duncans
Curtis, Campbell & Co. Hyde Hall Sug Houchen A. C. Falmouth
DaCosta Jessie Seacoles Pen DaCosta Jessie Falmouth
DaCosta Jessie Belmore Castle Pen DaCosta Jessie Falmouth
Davidson A. G. Retreat Pen Davidson A. G. Falmouth
Delgado A. L. Carrickfoyle Pen Delgado Donat Falmouth
Delisser A. G. Hampshire Pen Delisser A. G. Falmouth
Delgado Bros. Wedderly Pen Delgado A. L. Falmouth
Dewar Dr. C. T. Pantrepant Pen Dewar Dr. C. T. Falmouth
Dewar G. P. Harmony Hall Pen Dewar G. P. Duncans
East J. C. Acton Mt. Pen East J. C.
Edwards H. Durham Mt. Pen Edwards H.
Edwards H. Ruthmels Pen Edwards H.
Ewen Guy S. Southfield Pen Ewen Guy Falmouth
Ewen Guy S. Weston Favel Pen Ewen Guy Falmouth
Gager J. W. Roslyn Castle Ptn Gager J. W.
Gentles Jane Hampstead Pen Gentles Jane Duncans
Gentles Catherine Casey Park Pen Gentles Catherine Duncans
Gerrard Family Springfield Pen Pasmore Mrs. M. Falmouth
Gillespie R. E. Clermont Pen Gillespie R. E. Falmouth
Gordon C. E. Braco Sug Hoskins H. S. Duncans
Gottburg Eliza Belmont Pen Hoskins H. S. Clarks Town
Gottburg ELiza Cambridge Sug Hoskins H. S. Clarks Town
Gottburg Mrs. Eliza Linton Park Pen Hoskins H. S. Clarks Town
Hawes Major C Forest Pen Clarke Ruth Falmouth
Hendriks Mrs. Wheatles Patent Pen Hendriks Mrs.
Hill W. D. Windsor Pen Hill W. D. Falmouth
Holmes Herbert Schawfield Pen Holmes H. Falmouth
Houchen & Curtis Georgia Sug Houchen A. C. Duncans
Irving James Dromilly Pen Irving James Deeside
Jarrett Margaret Chester Pen Jarrett Margaret Hampden
Jarrett Miss E. Golden Grove Pen Kelly-Lawson D. Hampden
Jarrett Miss P. Kent Sur Kerr W. L. Falmouth
Johnson W. Spring Pen Johnson W. Falmouth
Kelley-Lawson D. O. Tilston Sug Warner J. O. Hampden
Kerr H. J. & W. L. Dundee Sug Gray A. J. Hampden
Kerr H. J. & W. L. Phoenix Pen Kerr H. J. Hampden
Kerr H. J. & W. L. Gale's Valley Sug Kerr H. J. Hampden
Kerr H. J. & W. L. Orange Valley Sug Kerr W. L. Falmouth
Kerr H. M. & W. Wakefield Mtn. Pen Kerr H. & W. Falmouth
Kingdon J. Bunker's Hill Pen Kingdon J. Falmouth
Lehmkuhl E. Low River Pen Lehmkuhl E. Christiana
Lewis Mrs. A. Barnstable Pen Shirley Hon. L. Duncans
Lewis Mrs. A. Swanswick Sug Shirley Hon. L. Duncans
Main J. R. T. Unity Pen Main J. R. T. Falmouth
McCrea Ethel Dry RIver Valley Pen McCrea Ethel
McLaverty Florence Hinton East Pen McLaverty F.
Milliner J. J. Hermitage Pen Milliner J. J. Stewart Town
Milliner T. J. Kinloss Pen Milliner T. J. Stewart Town
Milliner H. R. Manchester Sug Milliner H. R. Stewart Town
Miller Robert J. Stoney's Patent Pen Miller R. J. Christiana
Morris Mrs. New Court Pen Davidson A. Falmouth
Morris F. A. Berlin Pen Morris F. A. Falmouth
Nunes Charles A. Merrywood Pen Nunes C. A. Falmouth
Oppenheim A. Good Hope Pen Oppenheim A. Falmouth
Oppenheim A. Pembroke Pen Oppenheim A. Falmouth
Page R. A. ROslyn Castle Pen Page R. A.
Phillips C. M. Hampden Mtn. Pen Phillips C. M. Hampden
Plunkett C. C. estate of Fontabelle Sug Plunkett Mrs. Falmouth
Plunkett C. C. estate of Florence Hall Pen Plunkett Mrs. Falmouth
Proctor A. F. estate of Bryan Castle Sug Hoskins H. S. Rio Bueno
Proctor A. F. estate of Brampton Bryan Sug Hoskins H. S. Rio Bueno
Purchas H. M. Lynton Park Mtn. Pen Purchas H. M. Runaway Bay
Purchas F. A. Ashley Hall Pen Purchas F. A.
Ramsden Hugh Bellfield Ptn Ramsden Hugh Hampden
Scarlett J. R. Peru Thicket Pen Vacant Falmouth
Scarlett J. R. Peru Pen Vacant Falmouth
Sewell H. P. et al Vale Royal Sug Hoskins H. S. Duncans
Sewell H. P. Arcadia Sug Hoskins H. S. Duncans
Sewell H. P. Lottery Sug Hoskins H. S. Falmouth
Sewell H. P. COlchis Pen Hoskins H. S. Jackson Town
Sheriff J. B. Steelfield Pen Taylor George Clarks Town
Sheriff J. B. Long Pond Sug Taylor George Clarks Town
Sherman Bertha Maitland Sug Sherman Bertha
Sterling & Co. Biddeford Sug Sterling & Co. Falmouth
Stewart Mrs. Armagh Pen Stewart Mrs. Falmouth
Stewart J. W. Mosquito Cove Pen Stewart J. W.
Strudwick Family Dry Valley Pen Strudwick E. Duncans
Tait Isabella M. Orange Grove Pen England Stanley Falmouth
Tharpe Sarah Wakefield Pen Tharpe Sarah
Tonsingh Ram Pol Jock's Lodge Pen Tonsingh R. P. Falmouth
Tonsingh Ram Pol Acton Pen Tonsingh R. P. Falmouth
Tulloch Mary Ann Bounty Hall Pen Wooliscroft W. Sav-la-Mar
Webb Rev. W. M. Woodlands Pen Webb Rev. W. M. Stewart Town
Whiting W. T. Suanvale Pen Whiting W. T. Stewart Town
Whiting William Garredu Pen Whiting W. T. Deeside
Wooliscroft Walter Green Park Sug Chambers F. E. Falmouth

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