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Api. = Apiary

Ban. = Banana plantation

Cane = Sugar cane cultivation

Coc. = Cocoanuts are cultivated

Cof. = Coffee cultivation

D'ry. = Dairy farm

Htl. = Hotel

Pen = This indicates stock is raised

Pim. = Pimento is cultivated

Ptn. = The property is in general cultivation

Res. = Residence

Stch. = Starch is manufactured

Sug. = Sugar estate

Ten. = Part of the property is let to tenants

Wd. = Dyewoods are grown

Wrf. = Wharf

Post Offices

The Post Office addresses are not necessarily in the Parish under consideration. For details on towns, see Towns and Post Offices.

Abrahams G. Hayfield Pen Abrahams G. Ewarton
Allwood J. Rodons Ptn Allwood J. Spanish Town
Allwood J. Lawrencefield Pen Allwood J. Spanish Town
Aris F. W. New Works Ban Aris F. W. Linstead
Bather P. H. Carew Castle Ban Bather P. H. Riversdale
Bather P. H. New Hall Pen Bather P. H. Riversdale
Bather F. G. Springvale Pen Bather F. G. Riversdale
Blair J. T. Mendes Pen Blair J. T. Spanish Town
Brass Isabella Rodons Pen Pen Brass Isabella Spanish Town
Brown C. Tydixon Park Pen Brown C. Spanish Town
Burke J. Harker's Hall Pen Burke J.
Collins Bishop Lloyds & Wilkins Pen Rainford P. C. Spanish Town
Calder Hon. J. V. Worthy Park Sug Calder Hon J. V. Ewarton
Cameron J. Wakefield Pen Cameron J. Bog Walk
Campbell D. A. Rose Hall Ptn Campbell D. Linstead
Campbell D. A. Palm Ban Shand A. Linstead
Carrington Lord Cow PArk Ban United Fruit Co. Port Antonio
Colonial Secretary Newstead Pen Colonial Secretary Gordon Town
Constantine R. Bybrook Pen Constantine R. Linstead
Crum-Ewing A. Caymanas D. Sug Cameron J. Gregory Park
Crum-Ewing A. Crawle Pen Cameron J. Gregory Park
Curphey T. J. ROmalis Pen Curphey T. J.
Dawkins Col. Bog Ban United Fruit Co. Port Antonio
Dawkins Col. Treadways Pen Gyles William Linstead
Delisser F. Cambria Ban Delisser F. Linstead
DePass T. M. Pleasant Farm Pan Depass T. M. Ewarton
Dixon W. Folly Pen Pen Dixon William
Dolphy A. Enfield Ban Dolphy A. Linstead
Douglas Esther Retirement Pen Douglas Esther
Dryden J. Airy Mount Pen Dryden W. Spanish Town
Duncan G. L. Riverhead Pen Duncan G. L. Ewarton
Dunn W. S. Tydixon Park Pen Dunn W. S. Spanish Town
Ellis M. A. Woodlands Pen Ellis M. A.
Falconer F. L. Burton Ban Falconer F. L. Linstead
Fitzherbert Hon. G. W. St. Helens Pen FitzGerald G. Old Harbour
Francis F. Mount Olive Ptn Francis J.
Fraser Rev. J. S. Water Mount Pen Fraser Rev. J. S.
Fraser Rev. J. S. Seaforth Pen Price Edward Gunaboa Vale
Fulford L. Goshen Ban Fulford L. Old Harbour
Fulford J. Bodles Pen Stk Fulford J. Old Harbour
Gordon John Tulloch Mrn. Pen Gordon John
Grant W. R. Crawle Pen Grant W. R. Spanish Town
Grant E. Hill Side Pen Grant E. Spanish Town
Graham D. R. Farm Pen Graham D. R.
Gyles John Wallens Pen Gyles John Linstead
Gyles William Recess Pen Gyles William Linstead
Gyles N. Mango Grove Pen Gyles N. Linstead
Hall Frank Wakefield Pen Hall Frank Bog Walk
Hall Clarence Old House Wd Hall Clarence
Hannan W. B. Minimus Pen Hannan W. B. Spanish Town
Harrison R. Banbury Pen Harrison R.
Hartlands Co., Ltd. Hartlands Pen Wigan A. E. Hartlands
Hay Robert Ebrick Pen Hay Robert
Hemans J. E. Hampton Pen Hemans J. E.
Hewitt Margaret Green Hill Pen Hewitt Margaret
Hill J. W. Burtons Pen Hill John Bartons
Hopkins F. E. Aylmer Pen Hopkins F. E. Spanish Town
Hotchkin R. H. B. Green Bay Ban Hotchkin Ralph Spanish Town
Hudson C. Gilpin Blair Pen Ban Hudson C. G. Spanish Town
Hylton J. S. Byndloss Pen Hylton J. S. Linstead
Ja. Tobacco Co. Colbecks Pen Rowe G. D. Old Harbour
Keeling A. L. March Penn Pen Keeling A. L. Spanish Town
Kerr J. E. & Co. Reid's Pen Pen Kerr J. E. & Co. Montego Bay
Kingston B. B. Soc. Mt. Pleasant Pen Fraser J. L. Spanish Town
Lecesne J. C. Harker's Hall Ban Lescene J. C. Bog Walk
Lecesne J. C. Knowles Mt. Pen Lescene J. C. Bog Walk
Lewin A. C. Sinclairs Pen Lewin A. C.
Lindo Robert New Hall Ptn Lindo Robert Linstead
Lindo Frederick Williamsfield Sug Lindo Frederick Linstead
Lindo Robert Sunny Side Pen Lindo Robert Linstead
Lord Charles George Kilbries Pen Lord C. G. Old Harbour
Lord Charles George Rodons Pen Lord C. G. Old Harbour
Ludford & Williams Cocoa Walk Pen Ludford & Williams Old Harbour
MacGilchrist Henry Long's Walk Pen MacGilchrist H. Old Harbour
MacIntosh A. R. Riversdale Pen MacIntosh A. R. Riversdale
MacPhail J. H. Tulloch Ban MacPhail J. H. Bog Walk
Manley Mrs. M. Belmont Pen Manley Mrs. M. Gunaboa Vale
Manley Mrs. M. Roxborough Pen Teape F. A. Mandeville
Martin J. T. Mulloch Pen Martin J. T.
Martin A. L. Sydenham Pen United Fruit Co. Spanish Town
McDermot Frank Orangefield Pen McDermot F.
McGrath Hon. G. Amity Hall Pen McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
McGrath Hon. G. Charlemont Pen McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
McGrath Hon. G. Ivey McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
McGrath Hon. G. Sterling Castle McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
McGrath Hon. G. Byndloss McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
McGrath Hon. G. Charlton McGrath Hon. G. Ewarton
McKinnon Lewis Kelly Pen Pen Lord C. G. Old Harbour
McLeod Joseph Dover Pen McLeod Joseph Spanish Town
McLeod Miss J. Hopewell Pen McLeoad Miss J. Spanish Town
McMahon F. Wakefield Pen McMahon F.
Melhado Bros. Lodge Sug Fowles I. Old Harbour
Melhado Bros. Wood Hall Pen Melhado Bros. Old Harbour
Mills J. & M. Dover Hall Pen Mills J. & M. Linstead
Money M. New Forrest Pen Money M.
Northover Mrs. E. Glengoffe Pen Northover Mrs. E. Glengoffe
Nuby Elizabeth Bushy Park Pen Verley Leo. Bushy Park
Parks Eva Llangibby Pen Parks Eva
Perkins Adelaide Bannisters Pen Perkins Miss A. Spanish Town
Powell J. S. Windsor Pen Powell J. S. Bog Walk
Purdon W. P. Holly Mount Pen Smith E. A. Ewarton
Randall C. E. Wakefield Park Frt Randall C. E. Bog Walk
Rigg R. T. Dove Hall Pen Rigg R. T. Linstead
Robinson Miss L. Bridge Pen Pen Webb N. G. Bushy Park
Robinson Miss L. Cherry Garden Sug Webb N. G. Bushy Park
Robinson J. J. Pear Tree Grove Pen Robinson J. J. Pear Tree Grove
Roberts M. Rio Cobre Valley Pen Roberts M.
Rudolph H. J. Rio Magno Pen Rudolf N. A. Riversdale
Rudolph H. J. Belleville Pen Rudolf H. J. Hampstead
Scott Benjamin Tydixon Park Pen Scott B. Spanish Town
Seymour George Dover Castle Pen O'Brien H. Linstead
Sharpe F. G. Williamsfield Pen Headman A.
Sharpe F. G. Mendes Pen Headman A.
Sparks Arthur Fruit Hill Pen Sparks A.
Sturridge H. G. Mendez Pen Pen Sturridge H. G.
Stephenson A. J. Vaxhall Pen Stephenson A. J.
Taylor & Bayless Berkshire Hall Pen Taylor & Bayless Linstead
Thomas Alfred Bernals Mr. Pen Thomas Alfred
Tivy St. Leger Pleasant Farm Pen Tivy St. Leger Ewarton
Turner W. R. Phoenix Park Pen Turner W. R. Spanish Town
Turner W. R. Mt. Pleasant Pen Turner W. R. Spanish Town
United Fruit Co. Congreave Park Pen United Fruit Co. Spanish Town
Verley Ernest Cumberland Pen Pen Verley Ernest Gregory Park
Verley Ernest Nightingale Grove Pen Verley Ernest Kingston
Verley Ernest Tradegar Park Pen Smeeton S. P. Spanish Town
Verley Leo. Spring Garden Pen Verley Leo. Old Harbour
Verley Vincent E. Thetford Hall Pen Verley Vincent Old Harbour
Verley Vincent E. Marley Pen Verley Vincent Old Harbour
Verley Mrs. Tredegar Park Pen Rainford P. C. Spanish Town
Ward Hon. Lieut. Col. C. J. Cedar Grove Ban United Fruit Co. Port Antonio
Watson William Twickenham Park Ban Port Antonio
Weatherly William Swansea Pen Weatherly William

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