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POSTSCRIPT TO THE ROYAL GAZETTE 1795 [dated about April 1795]

The Proceedings on board his Majesty's Ship BLANCHE, before and during the late memorable Engagement
January 4, 1795

At day-light a frigate at anchor outside of harbour of Point-a-Petre [JFS: Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe].  At 7 A.M. she got under way, and kept working under her topsails, backing her mizzen top sail at times to keep company with a schooner.  We run towards her until nearly within gun-shot of Fort Fleur d'Epee, then tacked, hove-to, and filled occasionally.  Finding the French frigate not inclined to come out from the batteries, we made sail to board a schooner coming down along Grand Terre [Grande-Terre].  At 11 A.M. fired again, and brought her to; she proved an American from Bourdeaux, and appearing suspicious, detained the Master, and took her in tow.  At this time the battery of Grozier fired two guns at us, and the frigate fired several, and  hoisted her colours.  None of the shot reached us.  Finding her still not inclined to come out, we made sail towards Marigalante [Marie-Galante], under topsails and courses.

Monday, at 4 P.M. we tacked and hove-to, took out the American crew, and sent a petty officer and men into her.  Saw the frigate still under Grand Terre.  At 6 P.M. wore ship, and stood towards Dominique, with the schooner in tow.  At half past 8 P.M. saw the frigate about two leagues astern, cast of the schooner, tacked, and made sail.  At a quarter past 12 A.M. passed under her lee on the starboard tack,  she on the starboard tack, and exchanged broadsides.  At half past 12 A.M. tacked and came up with her fast.  When within musket-shot, she wore with an intention to rake us; we wore at the same time, and engaged her nearly aboard.  At 1 A.M. put our helm a starboard, and run across her stern, and lashed her bowsprit to our capstern; kept firing our quarter-deck guns, and other guns that would bear into her, and musketry, which she returned from her tops and from her quarter-deck guns, run in amid ship fore and aft.  At this time our main and mizzen masts went overboard, and they attempted to board us, but were repulsed.  At a quarter past two A.M. she dropped astern (at this time Capt. Faulknor fell).  We got a hawser up, and made her well fast with her bowsprit abreast of our starboard quarter.  The marines keeping a constant fire of musquetry into her.  Finding the carpenters could not make the ports large enough, we blew out as much of the upper transom beam as would admit the two aftermast guns on the main deck to be run out and fired into her bows.  At two A.M. all her masts were shot away.  In this situation we towed her before the wind, engaging till a quarter past five, when she called out that "She had struck!"  The second Lieutenant and ten men then swam on board, and took possession of La Pique, of 26 12-pounders, French; 8 9-pounders, French; 4 32-canonades, brass, with a number of brass swivels on her gunwale.  At the time of the action we had away in prizes, two masters mates, and twelve men.  They had 76 killed, 110 wounded, and 30 lost with the masts.  Their complement at the beginning of the action was upwards of 400 men.  Our loss, including Captain Faulknor, is eight killed, and 21 wounded-- They came out on purpose to fight us.

Captain Faulknor was shot through the heart by a Frenchman, from the bowsprit of La Pique--Captain Faulknor having previously himself lashed the bowsprit of La Pique to the capstern  with his own hands.

First Lieutenant Watkins gallantly fought the ship after Captain Faulknor fell, and Lieutenant David Milne was second Lieutenant.


April 15, 1795
The wharf and stores up Port Maria Bay, at present tenanted by Mr. Ross; consisting of a well-situated Wharf, a Sugar-shade boarded round, a Rum-Store, a good Dwelling-House and Offices, with plenty of yard-room.  For terms of sale apply to Wm. Ross, Esq., at Richmond, St. Mary's.


Saint James's Pound
March 14, 1795
John Stevens, pound-keeper. A dun Colt to be put up for sale at Dobson's Tavern in Montego Bay.
[Signed]. S. B. Bowen


Kingston, Jan. 10, 1794
Having, in addition to the business of an Accomptant, taken up that of an Insurance Broker, will esteem it a particular favour of those Gentlemen who take risques, to send their names to his Office, so that he may whom to wait upon.


May 15, 1792 (?)
At his Wharf, Old Harbour
Boards, shingles, etc.


St. Andrew's, Dec. 24, 1794
CASTLE-LACHLAN MOUNTAIN, in the parish of St. Andrew, containing 308 acres of land, on which is a good Piemento Walk, and some Coffee in cultivation; the wood-land well stocked with valuable timber, and in some parts thick with Piemento trees.  With the above property Thirty-nine good Negroes.  For particulars, apply to John Bethune, Kingston; James Dickson, St. Andrew's; or Allan McLachlan, Hazard Estate, St. Mary's; Executors of William Smith, deceased.


Kingston, Dept. 6, 1794
Just imported and now landing from the Kingston, Capt. Walker, and Little Jean, Capt. Morrison, and for Sale--[cloths, boots, beer, herrings, hoes, etc].  WM. M'MURDO

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