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BAPTISMS - 1807 - Page 2

Thomas Hynes and Robert Hamilton Esq., Church Wardens

The Revd. John Campbell, Rector

John Wright, Son of Joseph Hayes, Sergeant 55th. Regiment and Lucy his wife, Born 3rd. and Baptized 12th May, 1807

Sarah Brown Wight, Born 6th. August 1804, Baptized 17th. May

James, Son of John Doyle, 54th. Regiment and Mary his wife, Born 6th. December 1806, Baptized 17th. May

Daniel, Son of Lawrence Caffrac(?) 54th. Regiment and Johanna his wife. Born 16th. April, Baptized 17th. May

Margaret, Daughter of Ralph Campbell, Sergeant 54th. Regiment and Ann his wife. Born 23rd. February, Baptized 17th. May

Mary, Daughter of Hugh Flour, Corporal 54th. Regiment and Betsy his wife. Born 9th. April, Baptized 17th. May

James, Son of James Henderson, 54th. Regiment and Mary his wife. Born 9th. April, Baptized 17th. May

John, Son of Dennis Egan, 54th. Regiment and Sarah his wife. Born 15th., Baptized 17th. May.

Maria Bryson, a slave of Mrs. Floyd; 35 years old, Baptized 19th. May.

Cato, about 35 years old, slave from Chatsworth Plantation, baptized 26th. May.

Grace, about 23 years old, slave from Chatsworth Plantation, baptized 26th. May.

Robert, Son of James Edmonds, Corporal 55th. Regiment and Catharine his wife, Born 12th. May, Baptized 3rd. June.

Edward, Son of James Creed 54th. Regiment and Mary his wife; born 30th. May, Baptized 14th. June

John Heyliger, Son of Major John Heliger 55th. Regiment by Susanna Irving a free woman of color; born 28th. October 1806, Baptized 16th. June.

Slaves the property of Susanna Irving, a free woman of Color; Baptized 16th. June:

Mary , a Negro woman, 28 years old

Edwin, a Negro boy, 18 years old

Prudence Barrett, a Negro woman, 27 years old

Eliza Taylor, a Negro woman, 24 years old

Jane Jackson, a Negro woman, 24 years old

Rachel McLellan, a Negro girl, 16 years old

Sarah Anderson, a Mulatto girl, 16 years old

Thomas Smith, a Mulatto boy, 6 years old

William Whitaker, a Mulatto boy, 6 years old

Frances White, a Mulatto, 2 years old

George Fletcher Coward, a Negro boy, 8 years old

Louisa Edwards Goodin, a Sambo, 5 years old

Elizabeth Mansbridge, a Negro, 3 years old

Edward, a Negro child, 2 months old

Signed: John Campbell, Rector

BAPTISMS - 1807 - Volume II, Page 4

Campbell Robert, Son of the Honorable Robert and Susanna Jackson; born 26th. September, Baptized 10th. December.

Mary Campbell, a Negro slave of the Honorable Robert Jackson, Baptized 10th. December

Sally Pierce, Daughter of Ismeniah by William Pierce, 3 years of age, Baptized 12th. December

Lawrence Daly, Son of Sally Nugent by Mr. Bernard Daly, 4 years, Baptized 12th. December

Mary Ann Daly, Daughter of Sarah Rankin by Mr. Bernard Daly, 2 years of age, Baptized 12th. December

John Thompson, a mulatto slave of Miss Charlotte Thompson, 18 years of age, Baptized 18th. December

Slaves of James Falconer, Esq., Baptized 18th. December

John Falconer, 40 years of age

Grace Cramond, 50 years of age

Susanna Cramond, 55 years of age

Charlotte Falconer, 30 years of age

Elizabeth Falconer, 7 months old


Slaves on the Estate of ---- Haase Dec’d, Baptized 19th. December

Cecilia Douglas, 55 years of age

Charles Spencer, 21 years of age

James Moss, 10 years of age

Robert Haase, 12 years of age

Flora Thomas, 9 years of age

Ann Haase, 7 years of age

Sarah Haase, 4 years of age


Slaves of Mrs. Clark; Baptized 19th. December

Mary Ann Clark, 23 years of age

James Clark, 12 years of age

Jessy Clark, 3 years of age


Rachel, Daughter of James and Mary Waddell, Born 7th., Baptized 19th. December

John, Son of John and Jane Askwith; Born 15th. September, Baptized 26th. December


Slaves of Mr. Dugald Campbell Baptized 30th. December

Andrew Burnside, 20 years of age

William Burnside, 18 years of age

Robert McNeal, 17 years of age

Thomas Logan, 50 years of age

Edward Campbell, 25 years of age

Bella Campbell, 20 years of age

Juliet Campbell, 17 years of age

Kitty Calder, 4 years of age

Mary James, 5 years of age

Kate Elizabeth, 3 months


Julia, Daughter of James and __Pitkin; Born 14th. December, 1806, Baptized 25th. January.

Peggy, Daughter of Joseph Milligan, 54th. Regiment; Born 26th., Baptized 28th. June.

George, a free black, 40 years of age, Baptized 13th. February

1808 - BAPTISMS - Volume II, Page 8

Slaves of Dugald Campbell, Esq., Baptized 27th. December:

Sarah, 32 years of age

Elizabeth Campbell, 34 years

Eleanor, 40 years

Cecilia Sims, 20 years

Sally Campbell, 35 years

Frances, 28 years

Sally Brown, 22 years

Isaac Bayne, 40 years

Kenneth McLean, 50 years

William Dover, 24 years

Maria Campbell, 60 years

Charlotte Burnside, 14 years

Richard, a Child

Henry, a Child, 13 years

Eliza, a Child

Douglas Simpson, 14 years

Duncan Simpson, 11 years

Hood, 12 years

Tom Calder, 18 years

Quaco Brown, 10 years

Mary Thomson, 10 years

Charlotte Roan, 13 years

James Calder, 25 years

Mary Ann, 25 years

Harriet, 8 years

Robert Sims, 2 years

Eleanor Mills, 11 years

Margaret, a child

Charlotte Calder, a child

Lettice Calder, a child

Christian, a child

Manchester, a child

Archibald McKellar, a child

1809 - BAPTISMS - Volume II, Page 9

By John Campbell, Rector

Mary Ann, daughter of John Guidon and Catharine his wife, Born 26th December 1808, baptized 8th. January.

Slaves of Mr. James Nelson, Baptized 8th. January

Queen, 22 years of age

Olivia, 17 years of age

Frances, 4 years of age


Frances Myers, daughter of Lieut. Col. John Smith, 55th. Regiment and Mary his wife, Born 29th. October 1808, Baptized 9th. January.

Allegonda Ann, daughter of William and Dorothy Gray Hall Born 20th. June 1807, Baptized 15th. January.

Slaves of William Hall Esq. baptized January 15th

William Hall, 40 years of age

Mary Hall, 25 years of age

Sarah Boom, 25 years

Margaret Lubin, 6 years

Ann Stamp, 2 years

Slaves of Mr. MacGowan, baptized 15th January

Joseph Johnston, 17 years

Jonathan Hall, 16 years

Thomas Johnston, 18 years


Maria Grosicard, 20 years, slave of Mrs. Grosicard, baptized 15th. January.

Daniel Hall, 19 months old, slave of the Hon. Thomas Berry, baptized 15th. January.

Sarah Welcome, 20 years of age, a slave on Constant Spring Estate, Baptized 20th January.

Ann, daughter of Richard Wallis 54th. Regiment, and Mary his wife, Born 22nd. December 1808, baptized 23rd. January.

William Barnett, 21 years of age, slave of Pierre Templet, baptized 28th. January.

Henry Thomas, 35 years, slave of Miss Judith Silvera, baptized 28th. January.

Frances, daughter of George Kelly, deceased, 54th. Regiment, and Mary Ann his wife, born 12th., baptized 22nd. February.

Frances Wilson, daughter of Richard and Margaret Hall, born 16th. July 1808, baptized 2nd. March.

Thomas Hay, 30 years of age, slave on Temple Hall Estate, baptized 2nd. March.

Alexander Lynch, 25 years, slave on Temple Hall Estate, baptized 2 March.

Edward Luttrell, 40 years, slave on Temple Hall Estate, baptized 19th. March.

Robert, son of Robert and Martha Frances Stokes, born 16th. January, baptized 25th. March.

Henry Hope, 24 years of age, a slave on Hope Estate; baptized 25th. March

Mary, slave to Caleb Littlejohn, baptized 25th. March.

Margaret Taylor, 40 years of age, slave on Belmont Plantation, baptized 26th. March.

Thomas Nimms, 40 years of age, slave to James Dickson Esq. Junr., baptized 23rd. April.

Francis, 40 years of age, slave of John Elmslie, Esq., baptized 24th. April.

James Davidson, a free black, baptized 24th. April.

Thomas, son of John Cheatly, 54th. Regiment and Mary his wife, born 17th. March, baptized 25th. April.


Children of Edward Smith, Esq. by Grace a Negro, baptized April 25th.

Jane, born 8th. December 1795

Rachel, born 24th. June 1798

Edward, born 27th. January 1803

Henry, born 11th. April 1808

Grace, 40 years of age, mother of the above, slave of Edward Smith, Esq.

1810 - BAPTISMS - Volume II, Page 14

Margaret, daughter of William Mascaw, musician 18th. Regiment and Mary his wife, Born 21st. November 1809, Baptized 4th. March.

Mary Jane, daughter of Charles Mason, private 18th. Regiment and Jane his wife, Born 9th., Baptized 18th. March.

Mary Ann, daughter of James and Mary Nelson, Born 4th. October 1809, Baptized 25th. March.

Bessy Lewis, a Negro, 60 years old, slave of James Lewis, Esq., Baptized 25th. March.

William, son of John Yates 54th. Regiment and Sabina his wife, Born 1st. Baptized 8th. March.

Henry, son of James and Mary Bushman, Born 10th. December 1809, Baptized 14th. April.

Simon Taylor Hunter Cathcart, son of William Cathcart, Esq. by Sarah Taylor, a free woman of color, Born 14th. November 1809, Baptized 12th. April.

Negro Slaves from Constant Spring Estates Baptized 7th. April

William Gale about 40 years of age

Jane Lewis about 26 years of age

George Gale about 12 years of age

Cecilia Campbell about 4 months old


Isaac Askwith, a Negro slave of Mr. John Askwith, 25 years of age, baptized 8th. April.


Slaves of Hubert Nolan Esq. - Baptized 15th. April

David Nolan 22 years of age

Thomas Nolan 22 years of age

Elizabeth Nolan 17 years of age

Margaret Small 4 years of age

Christian Small 4 years of age

Peggy Nolan 8 years of age

John Nolan 2 years of age

Adam Nolan 6 years of age


Slaves of the Honerable Robert Jackson - Baptized 15th. April

John Henry 30 years of age

Richard 35 years of age

William Peat 40 years

George Brooks 40 years

James Charles 22 years

Abner Mellor 24 years

Duncan Campbell 20 years

Annie Hall 18 years

Dorothy Hall 10 years

Penelope Jackson 19 years

Betsey Jackson 17 years

Bessy McGlashan 46 years

Louisa Campbell 16 years

Colin Scott 21 years

Thomas Campbell 10 years

Archibald Jackson 28 years

Henry Campbell 20 years

Lewis Jackson 18 years

Billy Mellor 22 years

Billy Jackson 19 years

Jane Jackson 18 years

Luky Baillie 25 years

Sally Jackson 9 years

Margaret Jackson 30 years

Hannah Brooks 38 years

Emma Campbell 16 years

Andrew Jackson 19 years

Robert Campbell 21 years

Edward Campbell 14 years

Dugald Campbell 19 years

Betty Carr 21 years

Charles Phipps 40 years

Alley Hall 24 years

Cecilia Jackson 20 years

Mary Jackson 17 years

Charlotte McLarty 35 years

Peggy Jackson 45 years

Catherine Jackson 36 years


Judith, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Silvera, Born 16th. February, Baptized 16th. April.

William Bennett 40 years of age, a slave of Mr. Benjamin Silvera.

James 12 years of age, a slave of Mr. Aguilar, Baptized 16th. April

1813 - BAPTISMS - Page 33

By: Alex. Campbell

October 31, John son of James Copeland, private 18th. Regiment, and of Jane his wife, born 18th. Instant.


Negro Slaves of N. Lechmere, Esq. - Baptized October 31st.

Patty Fisher age about 35 years

Frank Lechmere age about 16 years


Negro Slaves of David Watt, Esq. - Baptized November 7th.

Philip Watt aged about 28 years

Thomas Watt aged about 52 years

Elena Watt aged about 7 years


Negro Slaves of N. Lechmere, Esq. - Baptized November 7th.

Charles Fletcher aged about 27 years

Frances Mira aged about 28 years

Bella Waters aged about 25 years

Monimia Lechmere aged about 20 years

Daniel Clark aged about 35 years

Louisa Bullock aged about 20 years

Jane Thomas aged about 18 years

Grace Williams aged about 20 years

Frederic Lechmere aged about 9 years

Sarah Thomas aged about 9 years

Love Anderson aged about 7 years

Catharine Lechmere aged about 8 years

Joan Sanders aged about 5 years

Samuel Lechmere aged about 18 years

Alexander Robinson aged about 6 years

Robert Jones aged about 1 year

Frank Small aged about 2 years


November 8th. - Mary Stewart, the daughter of Alexander Clarke, Lieutenant in the 18th. R.I. Regiment, and Harriet his wife. Born 27th. September 1813.

November 21st. - James son on Andrew Higgins, Sergeant 101st. Regiment, and Mary his wife. Born 17th. November instant.


Negro slaves of Jane Lassley - Baptized November 21st.

Thomas Lassley aged about 35 years

Nelson Lassley aged about 11 years

Jane Lassley aged about 7 years

Ann Lassley aged about 5 years

Hester Lassley aged about 3 years

Olive Lassley aged about 30 years

Frances Lassley aged about 1 year.


Nov. 21, Samuel Pyne son of Dorothy Burnside free woman of color, aged about 1 year.

1814 - BAPTISMS - Page 35

By Alex. Campbell

January 9, Robert Henry, a free black, aged about 31 years


January 9, Elizabeth Harris, a free black, aged about 40 years.

January 23, William Anderson, a free brown man aged about 39 years


Negro slaves of Mary Phipps, baptized January 19, 1814

Elizabeth Ann Phipps, age about 30 years

Elizabeth Kirbey, Born 19th. September 1813

Richard Kirbey, aged about 20 years

James Kirbey, born 8th. November 1807



Negro Slaves of Peter Mathews, baptized February 13

William Mathews, aged about 27 years

Elizabeth Mathews, aged about 50 years

Prudence Mathews, aged about 19 years

Princess Mathews, aged about 1 year

Susanna Matthews, aged about 19 years

Mary Mathews, aged about 1 ½ years

Adam Mathews, aged about 4 years

Sarah Mathews, aged about 30 years


Negro slaves of Elizabeth Newland, baptized February 13

Leonora Newland, aged about 25 years

Cecilia Newland, aged about 27 years

Angus Newland, aged about 2 years

Susanna Newland, aged about 2 years


February 13, Jasper Farmer, aged about 35 years, Negro slave of John Constantine.

February 22, John, son of Joseph Breiter of the York Light Infantry Volunteers, and of Rosalie, his wife; born 6th. January.


Negro Slaves of Nick Lechmere, Esq., baptized February 27

Rosanna Walker, aged about 20 years

Rachel Walker, aged about 18 years

Stephen Livermore aged about 1 year

Rachel Morris, aged about 19 years

Sophia Lechmere, aged about 20 years

Juliana Amos, aged about 23 years

Letitia Francis, aged about 20 years

Robert Ellis, aged about 6 years

Prudence Shekelford, aged about 25 year

Ann Marsh, aged about 19 years

Hannah Leaky, aged about 20 years

David Dallas, aged about 27 years

Letitia Small, aged about 20 years


March 6, Cecilia, daughter of Joseph Martin, Musician, 60th. Regiment, and of Margaret, his wife, born 24th. January 1814

March 13, Robert Johnson, aged about 19 years, Negro slave of Charles Satchall, Esq.

March 13, Fanny Francis, aged about 30 years, Negro slave of Charles Satchall, Esq.

March 16, George William Atkinson, a free black, born 16th. May 1813

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