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Source: LDS Film Ref. 1291746. Dissenter Marriages.

No. 214: On 23 May 1857, David Minto (Baptist) - full age - to Laura Beckford, age 19 both of Anchovy Estate, St James.

Do - No. 157: On 21 September 1848. John Minto (Baptist) to Mary Forester. Both of full age, Mount Carey, St James.

Source: LDS Film Ref: 1291748: Dissenter Marriages, Vols. 12-14, 1860-71

Robert Minto (labourer) to Isabella Saunders, f. 109. No. 356, 20 December 1855. Full age/bachelor/spinster. Both from Orange Valley but married at Brown's Town, St Ann.

Film Ref. 1389221. Dissenter Marriages 1870-1878.

Lib. 20, 448: Robert Minto, planter of Providence, Liberty Mountain, St James to Nancy Milburne, on 24 April 1872.

Lib. 18, 76: James Ogilvie Minto aged 49, carpenter (widower) to Eliza Chunty Swan aged 35, widow. Residence: ?Bouch Sids, St James.

Lib. 11, 102: Robert James Minto, carpenter to Mary Ann Lawrence of Refuge, Carey Park. On 24 December 1879. Married at Irvine Hill, St James. Witnesses Robert Minto and Susan D. Minto.

Lib. 17, 47: Sarah Minto to Robert Richards on 20 May 1872. Residence: Mount Carey, St James.

Film Ref. 1291743. Dissenter Marriages 1818-1840.

Married at Bellemont, St Anns, John Shipman an African Negro man slave belonging to Miss Elizabeth Halbut, a free woman of colour, Kingston to Jane Grier Drew, aged 19 years, a Creole Negro woman belonging to Stephen Drew of Bellemont Pen.

Edward Drew, an African aged 29 or thereabouts to Elizabeth Drew aged 20, both of Bellemont Pen.

Source: St James Copy Register, 2, f. 224. Baptism.

No. 66. 5 May 1837. Robert Minto, son of James Minto (apprentice) and Elizabeth his wife of Millenium Hall.

LDS Film Ref: 1291717. Parish Reg. Vol, 12, f. 161.

No. 236. Baptism of Thomas Minto, Born 17 July 1848 to Thomas Minto, labourer and Cecelia his wife at Orange Valley, Trelawny.

LDS Film Ref: 1291755. New Series, Vol. 3, 86. (1851)

No. 52. Baptism, 13 April 1851 - born 29 December 1850. Henry James Minto, son of Frances Minto, labourer and his wife, Cecelia Minto of Orange Valley, Trelawny.

LDS Film Ref: 1291758. New Series, 7, f. 9. (1852)

No. 174 (indexed as173). Trelawny.

Mary Ann Minto, baptised 17 October 1852, born 26 June 1852. Daughter of James Minto of Orange Land and Agnes, his wife.

Ditto film, New Series 7, 23. Trelawny.

No. 4. Rebecca Minto. Baptised 1 January 1854, born 11 June 1853. Daughter of Thomas Minto, labourer of Orange Land and Cecelia, his wife.

Ditto film, New Series 7, 42.

No. 93. Jane Minto. Baptised 29 September 1855, aged 4 months. Private Baptism, Montego Bay. No further information given.

Ditto film, New Series 7, 39. Trelawny.

No. 55. James Ogilvie Minto. Baptised 27 May 1855, born 21 December 1854. Son of James Ogilvie Minto, carpenter of Orange and Agnes, his wife.

LDS Film Ref. 1291720. St James, Baptisms.

No. 62: Rebecca Minto, aged 5 years. Born in 1860, baptised on 11 April 1865. Spring Estate, St James. No parents mentioned.


Film Ref: 1291728. Parish Register, St James, 4, 32. Marriage.

No. 36: Edward Minto to Ann McIntosh residing in Potosi, St James on 6 June 1840.

Do - St James, 4, 35. Marriage.

No. 84. James Minto, carpenter, to Elizabeth Mockler married by special licence on 1 October 1840.

Film Ref: 1291733. Parish Register, St James, 5, 226. Burials.

No. 868. Jane Minto, infant, buried 28 September 1855 in the burial ground, Montego Bay.

LDS Film Ref: 1291671: Trelawny. Copy Reg. Vol. 1, 301.

No. 104: James Minto to Rebecca Minto both labourers of Dry Valley Estate, Trelawny on 5 August 1838. (NB Dry Valley owned by Walter Minto]

LDS Film Ref: 1291722. Portland, Lib 6, f. 53.

No. 56. Baptism. Martha Isadna Watson on 22 April 1876. Born 27 February 1877. Daughter of Andrew Watson, labourer and Jane Watson of Spring Bank, Portland.

LDS Film Ref. 1291729, Marriages, all parishes, p. 141, No. 16:

Joseph Watson, carpenter of St James to Elizabeth Maloney on 27 August 1846.

LDS Film Ref: 1291729. Parish Register, All Parishes, Marriages.

1842-1864. Trelawny: Vol. II, p. 51/84/70.

No. 25: Walter Minto to Lovice(?) Barnett, 3 November 1853.

Do - No. 112. Hanover: Thomas Lawson to Jane Minto, 4 August 1838.

LDS Film Ref: 1291727. Marriages 1826-1839. Parish Registers, All Parishes.

Page 253, St James:

No. 6. Frances Walker a free person and Edward Reid a slave were married by banns on 1 May 1830 by me, John McIntyre, Rector.

No. 7. Susan Clarke, a free person and Samuel Dickenson, a slave on 6 May 1830.

No. 15: Robert Scott and Amelia Williams a slave to Miss Ricketts were married on 26 July 1831.

No. 16, Thomas Llewellyn and Sarah Manderson a slave to Miss M. Samuels were married by banns on 14 August 1831.

No. 13, Robert Watson of St Elizabeth and Sarah Ann Davies of this parish (St James) were married by licence on 26 June 1832.

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