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ADELAIDE, from Bryden to Mitchell, Rae Town

BARRY, from 75 King W. to Railway station

BARRY, from 52 King E. to 29 Fleet

BEESTON, from 88 King E. to 38 James

BEESTON, from 127 King W. to 42 Spanish Town road

BECKFORD, from 35 Parade, W. to 70 West

BOND, from 28 Spanish Town road N. to Percy

BOW, from Thompson's alley E. to Penitentiary

BRAY, from E. Queen to Sligo, Rae Town

BREAD LANE, from 45 Spanish Town road N. to Perch

BRYDEN, from E. Queen to Sligo, Rae Town

CATHARINE, from Paradise W. to Water, Rae Town

CHANCERY LANE, from 18 Parade N. to 25 North

CHARLES, from 108 King E. to 52 James

CHARLES, from 135 King W. to 57 Spanish Town road

CHARLOTTE, from 17 Water Lane N. to 22 Tower

CHESTNUT LANE, from 27 Spanish Town road N. to Percy

CHURCH, from 2 Little Port Royal to Mary Villa

DUKE, from 8 Port Royal N. to New North

EAST, from 2 Port Royal N. to New North

EAST QUEEN, from 6 Parade E. to Paradise

ELLETSON ROAD, from 1 Tower N. to City limits

FISHER'S ROW, from Paradise W. to John, Rae Town

FLEET, from 11 Harbour N. to 2 Laws

FLETCHER'S, from New North S. to New Cross

FOSTER LANE, from 35 Harbour N. to 14 E. Queen

GEORGE'S LANE, from 64 Harbour N. to 5 North.

GOLD, from 43 Harbour N. to 24 E. Queen

HANNAH, from Paradise W. to Penitentiary, Rae Town

HANOVER, from 54 Harbour N. to 3 North

HARBOUR, from 6 King E. to St. Andrew's lane, from 17 King W. to City limits

HEYWOOD, from 81 Orange W. to 10 to Rose lane

HIGH HOLBORN, from 32 Harbour N. to 4 E. Queen

JAMES, from 1 Sutton N. to E. North

JOHN, from 30 Potter's Row S. to South Rae Town

JOHN'S LANE, from 4 Port Royal N. to 11 North

KING, from New Market wharf N. to City limits

KINGSTON LANE, from New North S to New Cross

LADD LANE, from 25 Harbour N. to 2 E. Queen

LAWS, from 1 Parade E. to 51 Fleet

LITTLE CHURCH, from 131 Church W. to Love lane

LITTLE PORT ROYAL, from foot of Church W. to King

LOVE LANE, from 13 Parade to N. New North.

LUKE LANE, from 62 Port Royal N. to 31 North

MAIDEN LANE, from 53 Harbour N. to 28 E. Queen

MARGARET, from Water to E. Queen, Rae Town

MARK LANE, from 12 Port Royal N. to New North

MATTHEW'S LANE, from 74 Port Royal N. to 89 North

MILK LANE from Spanish Town road N. to Percy

MITCHELL, from E. Queen to Sligo, Rae Town

NEW CROSS, from Kingston lane E. to Cephas

NORTH, from 124 King E. to 36 James

NORTH, from 153 King W. to Spanish Town road

ORANGE, from 52 Port Royal N. to City limits

OXFORD, from 13 Spanish Town road N. to Percy

PARADISE, from Hannah to E. Queen, Rae Town.

PERCY, from Rose lane to Spanish Town road

PETER'S LANE, from 44 Port Royal N. to 39 Parade

PINK LANE, from 17 Spanish Town road to Percy .

PORT ROYAL, from foot of E. West to Custom House

POTTER'S ROW, from Elletson road E. to Paradise, Rae Town

PRINCESS, from 68 Port Royal N. to 33 North

RAE'S, from Paradise W. to Penitentiary, Rae Town

REGENT, from 95 Beeston N. to Percy

ROSE LANE, from 7 Spanish Town road N. to Percy

ROSEMARY LANE, from 59 Harbour N. to 32 E. Queen

RUM LANE, from 65 Harbour N. to 1 North

ST. ANDREW'S LANE, from 25 Water lane N. to 34 Tower

SLIGO, from Bray E. to Mitchell, Rae Town

SMITH LANE, from 27 E. Queen N. to E. North

SOUTH, from Water W. to William, Rae Town

STEPHEN LANE, from 9 Water lane N. to 14 Tower

SUTTON, from 47 Church E. to 1 James

TEMPLE LANE, from 4 Little Port Royal N. to Parade

THOMPSON ALLEY, from 5 Water lane, N. to 8 Tower

TOWER, from 51 King W. Pechon, from 32 King E to Rae Town

TULIP LANE, from 89 Rose lane W. to Spanish Town road

VICTORIA, from Bryden to Mitchell, Rae Town

WATER, from S. North to E. Queen, Rae Town

WATER LANE, from 23 King W. Pechon from 8 King E. to Penitentiary

WELLINGTON, from 118 Charles N. to Percy

WELLINGTON, from E. Queen to Sligo, Rae Town

WEST, from 82 Port Royal N. to Public Hospital

WEST QUEEN, from 27 Parade W. to 76 West

WILDMAN, from 39 E. Queen N. to E. North

WILLIAMS, from 16 Hannah to 41 Potter's Row, Rae Town

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