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A quote from the book: "On account of the size of the Handbook, it has been necessary to leave out the interesting accounts of the early history of the Churches, for which the reader is referred to the Handbook of 1891 . . ."


The early history of the Church of England in Jamaica from its establishment in 1692 under the Deputy Governorship of Sir Charles Lyttleton up to the year 1866, the time of the inauguration of Crown Government, has been published in previous numbers of the Jamaica Handbook, and to these the reader is referred for such information as he needs prior to the advent in Jamaica of Sir John Peter Grant.


Most Rev. Enos Nuttall, D.D., Lord Bishop of the West Indies, Pres., and Sec'y. of Incorporated Lay Body

Rev. J. B. Ellis, Secretary

T. L. Harvey, Esq., Legal Adviser


J. F. Cargill, M.D.

A. H. Jones, Esq.

S. C. Burke, Esq.

Dr. Pringle, C.M.G.


Nominated by the Bishop:

Ven. Archdeacon Downer

Rev. H. H. Isaacs, M.A.

Rev. Canon MacDermot

Rev. R. G. Ambrose

Rev. Canon Simms, M.A.

Rev. J. D. Ellis (also secretary)

Charles Goldie, Esq.

L. G. Gruchy, Esq.

W. E. Sant, Esq.

Hon. S. C. Burke

Hon. Dr. Pringle

A. N. Dixon, Esq.

Elected by the Snyod:

Rev. Canon Kilburn

Rev. J. W. Austin

Rev. J. B. Ellis, M.A.

Rev. R. Harding

Ven. Archdeacon Davis

Rev. Canon Wortley

R. Johnstone, Esq.

A. H. Jones, Esq.

F. Cundall, Esq., F.S.A.

J. W. Mennell, Esq.

C. P. Bovell, Esq.

F. Vickers, Esq.


Rev. J. B. Ellis, M.A. (and secretary)

C. A. T. Fursden, Esq.

L. Isaacs, Esq.

R. Johnstone, Esq.

Rev. Canon Simms, M.A. (secretary)

Hon. V. G. Bell

L. C. Gruchy, Esq., F.S.A.

Rev. Canon Kilburn

W. E. Sant, Esq.

E. J. Sadler, Esq.

E. Vickers, Esq.


Oscar Marescaux, Esq.

C. G. Farquharson, Esq.

Hon. James Allwood

L. R. Latrielle, Auditor

C. O. Magnan, Auditor

The Colonial Bank, Treasurer



(Church and Name of Clergyman)

G. W. Downer, Parish Church

M. C. Clare, Ditto

G. H. Thompson, Ditto

H. H. Kilburn, St. George's

J. B. Ellis, Ditto

R. G. Ambrose, St. Michael's

J. Massiah, Allman Town and 6 Mission Stations

C. H. Coles, Ditto

A. B. Mullings, Ditto


H. H. Isaacs, M.A., Halfway-Tree

C. R. G. Thomas, Ditto

D. W. Bland, The Grove and Woodford

H. M. F. MacDermot, Craigton

T. P. George, Clifton and Mavis Bank

J. N. Swaby, Mount James and Brandon Hill

W. M. Whiteley, St. Christopher's and Stony Hill

B. J. Shaul, St. Lukes and 8 Mission Stations


R. J. MacPherson, Morant Bay

Yallahs (vacant - no minister)

A. A. Hedmann, Woburn Lawn and Blue Mountain Valley

J. A. Bowen, Bath, Golden Grove and 4 Mission Stations


T. Harty, Port Antonio

C. C. Douce, Manchioneal, Rural Hill, and Boston

J. Thomas, St. Margaret's Bay

Thos. Banbury, Hope Bay

C. E. Tomlinson, Hope Bay, Moore Town and 10 Mission Stations

W. J. Dewdney, Buff Bay

F. Scurfield, Birnam Wood


E. J. Wortley, The Cathedral

C. M. Buckley, Trinity and Spanish Town

G. C. Linton, Harewood and St. Faith's

R. Harding, Linstead

J. S. Fraser, Somerset Hall

A. Brown, Lluidas Vale and Point Hill

Rev. J. S. Fraser, St. John's and O. P. Church

C. H. Swaby, Old Harbour, St. Phillip's, Catechist of Highgate, and 9 Mission Stations


C. P. Muirhead, Chapelton

A. Brown, Arthur's Seat

J. D. Hunt, Lime Savannah

A. B. Williams, Milk River and Kemp's Hill

C. T. Husband, Portland, Hayes, St. Peter's (Vere), and 10 Mission Stations


J. H. Graham, Port Maria

W. T. Graham, B.A., Retreat

S. A. Swaby, Highgate and Scott's Hall

F. M. H. Mercier, B.A., Annotto Bay

A. C. S. Smyth, Ditto

F. H. Sharpe, Gayle, Labyrinth, and 8 Mission Stations


Rt. Rev. C. F. Douet, Mandeville

H. Clarke, Ditto

E. Clarke, Mile Gully

J. Cass, Christiana

W. Lund, Porus and Chantilly

F. L. King, Snowdon and Providence

T. A. Fraser, Pratville

F. H. Perkins, Keynsham, Balaclava, and 6 Mission Stations


R. J. Ripley, St. Ann's Bay

G. S. Grange, Ocho Rios

J. P. Hall, Brown's Town

S. I. Moodie, Aboukir

J. W. Graham, Guy's Hill

J. T. H. Chandler, Claremont, Catechist of Gibraltar, and 7 Mission Stations


C. Melville, Black River

B. A. S. MacCalla, Lacovia and Siloah

A. P. Kennedy, Gilnock and St. Alban's

A. E. Lewis, Mount Hermon and Nain

C. T. Rickard, Plains, Mayfield, and 8 mission stations

J. D. Ellis, St. Mary

E. D. Tinling, Whitehall


C. H. Davis, Sav. la-Mar

J. J. C. Ormsby, Ditto

S. J. Vaughan, Trinity

S. Negus, Bluefields and Kings

R. L. Reid, St. Paul's and Negril

W. Heaver, Petersfield and Darliston

E. D. Tinling, New Road, and 5 Mission Stations


E. J. Thomas, Lucea

J. N. Somerville, Green Island

J. Rigg, St. Saviour's and 6 Mission Stations


J. W. Austin, Montego Bay

G. B. Hall, Holy Trinity

H. F. R. Sharpe, Marley

C. G. McGregory, Montpelier, and 5 Mission Stations


E. A. Stewart, Falmouth

H. A. Cover, Ditto

W. E. Evelyn, B.A., Swanswick

W. Noble, Rio Bueno

J. P. Hall, Stewart Town

F. H. Perkins, St. Silas

J. R. M. Cass, Albert Town, and 4 Mission Stations


The Church of Scotland in Jamaica has ten churches, four Clergymen, and one unpaid Lay Missionary and 2,000 to 2,400 communicants, twelve Day School and ten Sunday Schools with Scholars to the number of 1,200 and upwards. Its adherents are over 8,900. The General Assembly of the Church which met in Edinburgh in May, 1890, gave its sanction and approval to the formation of a Presbytery the members of which shall be the ordained Ministers of the Church labouring in Jamaica and in the Island of Grenada, along with a representative Elder from each Kirk Session. There is one Church in Kingston and there are seven others situated in the Parishes of Manchester and St. Elizabeth - Medina, Hyde Park, Thornton, Retirement, Accompong, Cambridge, and Giddy Hall. The Scotch Church in Kingston was opened for service in the year 1819. It was one of the finest buildings in Jamaica and cost over 12,000 sterling in its erection. It is octagonal in form, and while in an architectural point of view its external appearance is massive, and somewhat heavy, its internal arrangements are graceful if not elegant.


Rev. W. Graham, Kingston, Kingston

Rev. W. S. Lea, Thornton, Retirement, Accompong and Glen Stuart, Siloah

Rev. J. Maxwell, Medina, Giddy Hall, Cambridge, Green Valley and Hyde Park, Black River

Mr. Buckland, Cambridge, Black River


There is a considerable number of the members of this Church in Kingston where they constitute an influential section of this community. Their principal Church is that of Holy Trinity at the junction of Duke Street and Sutton Street. They have besides about 20 chapels in various parts of the island which are periodically visited either from Kingston or by Missionaries resident in the country.


The Right Rev. Charles Gordon, Bishop of Thyatira and Vicar Apostolic of Jamaica

Rev. William Spillman, S.J.

Rev. John J. Collins, S.J.

Rev. James Noonan, S.J.

Rev. P. F. X. Mulry, S.J.

Rev. Edward Magrath, S.J.

Rev. P. Kayser, S.J.

Rev. W. F. Gregory, S.J.


Rev. A. Emerick, S.J., All Saint, Duncans P.O.

Rev. J. J. Broderick, S.J., Reading, Anchovy P.O.

Rev. D. Lynch, S.J., Spring Hill P.O.


The foundation of the Baptist Mission in Jamaica was laid by a few black and coloured men who came from American to the Island in 1783. Some of them were slaves in the United States, who were granted liberty by their owners. Some were Christians when they arrived in Jamaica, but others were converted after their arrival. The most noted of these men were George Lisle, George Lewis, George Gibb and Moses Baker. It was chiefly through Moses Baker's representations that the English Baptist Missionary Society was led to take up missionary work in Jamaica. The first Missionary sent out was the Rev. John Rowe, who landed at Montego Bay, February 23, 1814. He commenced his earnest labours in Trelawny and St. James, but died in little more than two years after his arrival. In 1815, a second Missionary, Rev. Lee Compere was appointed, whose labours were commenced near Old Harbour, but who afterwards removed to Kingston, and ere long had a Church containing 400 communicants. Mr. Compere was followed by the Rev. James Coultart, who arrived in Kingston, May 9, 1817. Thus, at important centers, north and south, the Mission was started, and in a very short time, so diligent and successful were the Missionaries, the work extended until its influence was felt, and Churches were formed in almost every part of the island. The Missionary Society were gratified with the progress made, and generously supplied the Mission with men and women as fully as they were able. Many years previous to 1838 were years of struggle for the abolition of slavery and through all these years, the Christian Missionary of every denomination was opposed and persecuted in a greater or less degree. The Baptist Missionary was assumed to be among the most zealous friends of the slaves, and therefore received an unusually large share of the persecution. The published report for the Jamaica Baptist Union for 1898 shows that there are 177 churches connected with it, in which Churches there are 33,638 members and sons. There are many substantial places of worship belonging to the Baptists in the island, such as at East Queen Street, Kingston, Spanish Town, Porus, Sav.la-Mar, Lucea, Montego Bay, Mount Carey, Bethel Town, Falmouth, St. Ann's Bay, Brown's Town, Jericho, and many others.


Rev. S. J. Washington, Chairman, Secretary of Total Abstinence Association, Porus

Rev. G. House, Chairman Elect, St. Ann's Bay

Rev. P. Williams, Secretary, Bethel Town

Rev. E. J. Hewett, Secretary, Anchovy

Rev. P. F. Schoburgh, Secretary, The Sunday School Society, Adelphi

Rev. C. Chapman, Secretary, Day School Society, Montego Bay


Arnett, E., Linstead

Barron, Charles, Ulster Spring

Bennett, C. M., Moneague

Bennett, J. G., Dry Harbour

Bennett, R. E., Grange Hill

Brown, C. S., Gayle

Brown, T. N., St. David

Brown, W. D., Kingston

Brown, W. N., Montego Bay

Burke, Windsor, Point Hill

Chapman, Charles, Montego Bay

Christie, W. M., Flint River

Collie, G. S., Ulster Spring

Cunning, E. H., Bath

Dillon, J. T., Old Harbour

Donaldson, E. V., Rock River

Duckett, Angus, Four Paths

Eccleston, A. G., Falmouth

Edmonds, F., Ocho Rios

Fray, Ellis, Duncans

Gooden, A. M., Milk River

Gordon, J. J., Ewarton

Head, William. Cave Valley

Henderson, G. E., (M.A.), Brown's Town

Henderson, W. D., Oracabessa

Hewett, E. J., Anchovy

Hobson, R. H., Old Harbour

House, George, St. Ann's Bay

Hutchins, T. C., Montego Bay

James, A., (B.A.), Principal of Calabar College, Kingston

James, R. R., St. Margaret's Bay

Jones, Edward, Riversdale

Kendon, J. J., Linstead

Kingdon, John, Falmouth

Kirkham, A. G., Sav-La-Mar

Linton, J. S., Gayle

Marson, S. I., Santa Cruz

Marston, T.E., Newmarket

McCaulay, J., Cave Valley

Morman, W. J., Port Antonio

Mowl, Edwin, Cedar Valley

Murphy, J. B., Chapelton

O'Meally, Patrick, Ulster Spring

Pearn, W., Annotto Bay

Pratt, W., (M.A.), Kingston

Schoburgh, P. F., Adelphi

Shaw, M.A.N., No location given

Sibley, Charles, Balaclava

Sibley, W. P., Hector's River

Smythe, L. A., No location given

Somers, T. G., Spanish Town

Steele, J. J., Rio Bueno

Touzalin, E. J., Sav.-La-Mar

Thompson, W. J., Buff Bay

Tucker, Leonard (M.A.), Calabar College, Kingston

Tucker, W. A., Spanish Town

Turner, George, Croft's Hill

Washington, S. J., Porus

Watson, A. P., Blue Mountain Valley

Webb, W. M., Stewart Town

Webster, H. L., Montego Bay

Williams, Philip, Bethel Town

Yair, John, Lucea

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