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1900 Handbook of Jamaica


Notaries Public

(Name, Date of Appointment, Parish)

ALLWOOD, J. H., 1898, Hanover

ASHENHEIM, L., 1897, Kingston

BICKNELL, C. A., 1891, St. Catherine

BURKE, E. E., 1895, St. Mary

CALDER, Charles MacClair, 1882, St. Elizabeth and 1882, Westmoreland

CLARKE, C. Lister, 1896, Westmoreland

CORINALDI, G. L. P., 1886, St. James

DAVIS, H. E. H., 1886, The whole Island

FACEY, J. M., 1875, Portland

FARQUARSON, A. W., 1890, The whole Island

GOFFE, C. H. C., 1889, St. Mary

GRANT, A. C., 1883, St. James

GRAY, W. Baggett, 1879, Kingston

GUNTER, G. G., 1890, The whole Island

HART, Daniel, 1880, The whole Island

HAUGHTON, R. S., 1877, St. Thomas

JAQUET, Sidney, 1896, The whole Island

LEWIS, John C., 1871, Trelawny and 1874, St. Ann

LYNCH, E. B., 1870, Spanish Town

LYNCH, E. L.,1896, Portland

MARSHALLECK, J. S., 1881, St. Thomas

MILHOLLAND, J. F., 1893, The whole Island

MUSSON, J. T., 1883, Kingston

NUNES, Charles A., 1889, Trelawny

OGILVIE, C.M., 1891, The whole Island

ORRET, W. H., 1895, Kingston

PEYNADO, S. C., 1882, St. Elizabeth

ROBERTSON, William M., , 1879, Westmoreland

SMITH, E. G. O..1887, The whole Island

TOMLINSON, A. E., 1892, Hanover

WALCOTT, R. A., 1885, The whole Island

WATSON, S. H., 1878, Kingston

WATSON, J. R., 1897, St. Thomas

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