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Deputy Marshall's Office, Dec. 6, 1806

JURORS warned for the Courts of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas, for the parishes of St. Thomas in the East and St. David, to be holden at Morant Bay the first Tuesday in January, 1807.

John Russworm, Esquire, Fair Prospect

James Hannah, planter. Betty's Hope

Richard Codrington, carpenter, Manchioneal

William McBeath, planter, Manchioneal

Samuel Foulds, planter, Hardford

John Brown, planter, Hector's River

Patrick Spink, Esquire, Greenfield

James Henderson, planter, Williamsfield

Charles Murray, Esquire, Hopewell

Robert Baugh, planter, Long Bay

Florence McCarthy, planter, Boston

Anthony Strachan, planter, Providence

Thomas Blakeley, planter, Spring Valley

William B. Neufville, Esquire, Windsor

William Brock, planter, Amity Hall

Balfour Henderson, planter, Windsor Castle

Thomas Brown, planter, Windsor Forest

Robert Anderson, planter, Chiswick

James Cumming, planter, Fairfield

James Lindsay, planter, Gro--on-- [obliterated]

Alexander Garden, surveyor

John Gray, planter, Dalvey

Joseph Shield, planter, Golden Grove

Martin McDermott, planter, Green Castle

Robert Grant, planter, Hoardley

Andrew Hunter, planter, Holland

Walter Ogilvie, planter, Hampton COurt

William Kerr, planter, Hayfield

Alexander Sutherland, planter, House Hill

Donald McPherson, Knock Andrew

Edward Baxter, planter, Bath

William Reilley, planter, Bath

William Scholar, merchant, Bath

Charles Scholar, merchant, Bath

John Desmond, tavernkeeper, Morant Bay

Peter Smith, Esquire

David Smith, carpenter, Morant Bay

William Vick, Esquire, Shady Spring

Robert Whitfinch Esquire, Healthful Hill

Thomas Thomson, Esquire, Morant Bay

William Carmichael, Gentleman, Morant Bay

James McLean, planter, Albion

David Blair, planter, Aeolus Valley

William Lamont, Gentleman, Birness

Henry Crump, planter, Creighton Hall

James Muir, Esq., Chesterfield

James Townson, planter, Greenwall

Alexander Gordon, planter, Gloucester Mount


A. J. Oosterland, Deputy Marshal


Deputy Marshall's Office, St. George, Nov. 30, 1806

JURORS warned for the Courts of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas, for the parish of St. George, for the first Wednesday in January next.

Hector Ross, Esq.

Alex Park, Esq.

G. R. Orgill, Esq.

R. W. Sutherland, Esq.

Angus McKay, Esq.

Henry Forbes, mason

John Campbell, planter

Alexander Adams, planter

Robert Brown, carpenter

J. Giscome, junior mason

J. Wordsworth, planter

David Davies, planter

James Blythe, planter

Rell King, planter

Thomas Moody, planter

John Skimming, planter

William Tucker, planter

Adam Gray, planter

Lewis Desgouttes, Esq.

J. J. Spies, merchant

Peter V. Mann, planter

T. Harris, carpenter

H. Brown, millwright

John Clarke, planter

J. Paul, carpenter

J. P. McDonald, planter

John Laing, planter

Thomas Stone, gentleman

James Dodd, planter

James Laidley, mason

Richard Moore, planter

John Reid, planter

D. Aitkin, carpenter

--Duboisquegeneuc, planter

J. Duncan, wharfinger

John Hilton, carpenter


A. J. Oosterland, Deputy Marshal


TO BE SOLD, a SUGAR PLANTATION in the Parish of St. George, called LENOX, containing 811 acres of Land....etc......The estate is made particularly advantageous to the planter by a level carriage road, of nearly a mile and a half in length leading to an excellent barquadier at Orange Bay. For terms apply to Messrs. Robertson, Munro & Bullock in Kingston, or to George Buchanan, Esq., St. George.


TO BE SOLD a Mountain Settlement in the Parish of St. Andrew, called DUNSINANE, situate near Mammee Bridge, containing Fifty Acres of Land, mostly in Guinea Grass, with a comfortable Dwelling House and Out-Offices, suitable for a small family....etc... Please apply at his Majesty's Printing Office to Alexander Aikman.


FOR SALE on very reasonable terms, GOLDEN GROVE PLANTATION , in the Parish of St. Ann, situate five miles to the southward of St. Ann's Bay, to which there is a turnpike-road. This property contains by survey upwards of 500 acres. . . .

Also the WOODLANDS PLANTATION, situate about two miles to the southward of the above estate, and near to the great interior road leading from Trelawny to Spanish Town, containing by survey 447 acres. . .etc. .....please apply to John Thompson and William Parke, Esquires, in Kingston, with whom Plans of the Properties are left for inspection, or to the proprietor on the estate.

Thomas Raffington.


LANDS TO BE SOLD in the Parish of St. David, belonging to the estate of WILLIAM PATERSON, Esq., deceased.

400 Acres, or thereabouts, bounding northerly on lands in the possession of Mr. Ouchterlony, called Orange Park, easterly on a coffee plantation late in the possession of Mr. John Walker, deceased, but now in the possession of Thomas Kayler, Esq.; east and south on Dr. Telfer and Dr. Weir; and westerly on lands belonging to the heirs of Thomas Stratton, deceased.

170 Acres, bounding northerly on Montpelier pen, easterly on Mr. Ouchterlony, southerly and westerly on Thomas Stratton, deceased, and Hampton pen.

50 Acres, called MOUNT AEOLUS in the possession of Mr. Sands, bounding northerly on Boston estate, easterly on Petersfield estate, southerly and westerly on Aeolus Valley plantation.

78 Acres, nearly surrounded by lands belonging to the Heirs of Mrs. Sarah Gale, now in the possession of Mr. Delpratt.

70 Acres called MAVIES BANK PEN, bounded west on Yallah's River, and on all other sides on Albion plantation.

The whole of these lands are considered fit for the Cultivation of Coffee and Provisions.

For particulars inquire of Alexander Ritchie and Patrick Grant, Esqrs., in Liguanea, or at Port Morant, of

John McLean.

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