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T71-76 Slave Register for Kingston 1817.

A return of slaves in the parish of Kingston in the possession of Aaron Garsia as owner

on the 28th day of June in the year of our Lord 1817.

Names of males

Prince colour - negro. Age - about twenty. Creole of Jamaica. Born at sea

Adam colour - negro. Age - about thirteen. Creole of Jamaica. Rather of a yellow complexion. Son of Bella

Names of females

Eleanor colour - negro. Age - about thirty two. Creole of Jamaica

Bella colour - negro. Age - about thirty two. African Eboe nation. Mother of the negro Adam.

Followed by a declaration signed by ? Garsia and countersigned by R Chamberlaine.

There are returns from at least two other Garc/sias.

T71-83 Slaves Register for Kingston 1820

No return by Aaron Garsia.

There were four other Gars/cias who made returns. Total number of returns - 157.

T71 - 91 Slaves Register for Kingston 1823

Return of Slaves in the possession of Aaron Garsia as owner 28 June 1823.

Names of males

Prince colour - negro. Age - 23 years. Creole. Born at sea. Sold to Daniel Alexander 1822

Adam colour - negro. Age - 16 years. Creole

Enrolled by Richard Chamberlaine Junr. as my attorney 1820


Ned alias Nod Lake sambo. Age 44 years. Creole. Died in 1821

James colour - negro. Age - 13 years. Creole

By deed of gift registered by Jacob Garsia Depass as Rebecca Garsia 1817 and 1820

Names of females

Bella colour - negro. Age 35 years. African Eboe nation. Mother to Adam. Enrolled by Richard Chamerlaine Junr. as my attorney 1820.

Eleanor colour - negro. Age 33 years. Creole. Enrolled by Richard Chamerlaine Junr. as my attorney 1820.


Other Garcias making returns were: Julian G., David Henry G.

Total number of returns was 149 Enrolled by Richard Chamerlaine Junr. as my attorney 1820.

T71 - 99 Slave returns for Kingston 1826.

Returns by Gars/cias other than by Aaron

David Henry Garcia


Aaron Garsia 's return for 28 June 1826:

Names of males:

Adam negro 19 years Creole Sold to David Alexander 1824.

John negro 17 Creole By purchase from Sarah Callendar in May 1825.

Cornelius sambo 33. Creole. Born at St. Thomas.

Samuel Smith negro 44. African.

Cornelius and Samuel: By purchase from Moses Henriques, attorney to David Henriques in June 1825.

Names of females.

Bella negro. African. Mother to Adam. Died in May 1824.

Number of slaves: five

T71 - 107 Slave returns for Kingston 1829

Other than Aaron

David Henry Garsia (as agent 3 returns), Julian Garcia


Aaron Garsia 's return

Dr. A Garsia 28 June 1829

Names of males

John negro. Age 20 yrs. Creole. Died in 1828.

Samuel Smith negro. 47 yrs. African. Died in 1827.

Robert negro. 19 yrs. Creole. Purchased from...in 1829.

Names of females

Randine negro. 45 yrs. Creole. Purchased from Sarah Henriques in1826

Ann negro. 24 yrs. Creole. Purchased from ... in 1827.

Georgeana sambo. 13 yrs. Creole. Purchased from .. in 1829.

Total number of slaves on 28 June 1829 was seven.

T71 - 114 Slave returns for Kingston 1832.

Other than Aaron

David Henry Garcia,


Aaron Garsia as owner in right of his wife Sarah Garsia formerly Sarah Melhado on 28 June 1832.

Names of males:

Frederick Hamilton colour Mulatto. Age 1 yr. Creole. Son of Rebecca

Names of females

Rebecca Soares Mulatto. 27yrs. Creole. Registered in 1829 by Mrs Garsia then Sarah Melhado spinster.

Emily Hamilton Mulatto. 5 yrs. Creole. Daughter of Rebecca and registered as above in 1829.


Aaron Garsia as owner

Names of males

Robert negro. 22 yrs. Creole. Sold.

James negro. 25 yrs. Creole. Sold.

Names of females

Ann negro. 27 yrs. Creole. Sold.

Georgeana sambo. 16 yrs. Creole. Sold.

Eleanor negro. 45 yrs. Creole. Manumitted in1831 by me without remuneration.

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