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Royal Gazette

Aug 2, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


On the ship Friendship, from Charleston, Mr. & Mrs. Shaw and Son, Capt. McDowel, and Capt. Cox.

On the brig Jane, from Greenock, Messrs. Blackburne, Christie, McColeman, McGregor, Urqubait, Douglas, and Smith.

On the Brig Vigilant, from Philadelphia, Mr. James Fletcher.


July 26 - Charles Evans, St. James


On Tuesday the 20th last died, at this estate in St. Thomas in the East, after a short illness, William Lambie, Esq. His fever was brought on by a fatiguing journey, and was of the inflammatory kind.

Early on Thursday morning, Mr. Robert Fyfe, a young gentleman lately from Leith; who, by his affability and amiable manners, had gained the esteem of a numerous and respectable acquaintance.

At Fort Augusta, on Wednesday morning last, Mrs. Davies, the wife of Ensign Davies, Adjutant of the 16th regiment.

In Trelawny, the Rev. Mr. J. Stoney, rector of that parish.

In Spanish Town, Miss Margaret L. Gordon and Mrs. Pryor, widow of the late Lieut. John Pryor, of the 20th dragoon.

In this town, Mr. Michael Savage and on Thursday, Mr. Robertson Morrison.

At Milk River, on the 24th July, Mrs. Mary Temperance Ludford, aged 56 years; whose beauty, good conduct, and accomplishment, distinguished her in the early part of life; and soon as she became a wife and parent, her attention and affection to both ever marked her worthy character. Soon she became much afflicted by various complaints; but all the distresses that could afflict human nature, could not avert the smallest of her care and attention to her family affairs; and ever studious and cautious to procure for her offspring, she laid by, from her own savings and industry, a pleasant assistance to her family. Thus she died, and lies much lamented by her affectionate husband and children. - J. Ludford.

At Hopewell, near Round Hill, in Hanover, Mr. Stevens, Overseer on that property.

In this town, last Thursday morning, Mr. Hugh King.


Last Thursday fortnight, as the Negroes were burning off some brushwood in the pastures of Cashew Park pen, in the parish of St. Catherine, occupied by Dr. Andrew Dawson, a spark was unluckily blown on the house, which being wholly of wood was almost instantly reduced to ashes. So sudden was the conflagration, that Mrs. Dawson, who was alone, had barely time to escape the flames, without being able to save one article of wearing apparel, money papers or even the Doctor's books.

The following list of British Officers, killed and wounded in the action of the first of June last, is supposed to be correct, and was received in Falmouth by a frigate, previous to the packet's departure.

Captain Montague, of the Montague, killed -

Lieutenant Heam, of the Royal George, ditto -

Lieutenant Kowlame, of the Queen Charlotte, ditto -

Lieutenant Neville, of the Queen, ditto -

Lieutenant Davis, of the Queen, ditto -

First Lieutenant of the Tremendous, ditto -

Master of the Impregnable, ditto -

Master of the Glory, ditto -

Mr. Mitchell, Master of the Queen, ditto -

Admiral Pasley, lost a leg -

Admiral Bowyer, ditto -

Admiral Graves, wounded in the arm -

Capt. Hutt, of the Queen, lost a leg -

Capt. Barclay, wounded -

Sir A. Douglas, wounded -

Lieut. Ireland, of the Royal George, lost a leg -

Mr. Bambridge, Master of ditto, lost a leg.


St. Andrew - At a Special Session of the Peace, holden at the Court House at Halfway Tree, in the said parish, on Wednesday the thirtieth day of July, in the year of our Lord 1794, before George Townshend Harris, Thomas Kaylet, and William Bailey; Esqrs., three of his Majesty's Justices assigned to keep the Peace in and for the said parish. . .

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Jul 25 Kimber, George by J. Ingram & R. Kenyon

Jul 25 Cuming, George M. by J. Gilzean & W. Gilzean

Jul 25 Blundell, James of John Christie

Jul 26 Baron, William by William Thompson

Jul 28 Badnedge, Edward by Mary Jane Badnedge

Jul 30 Anderson, James by John Blackburn

Jul 30 Anderson, Robert by John Blackburn

Jul 30 Kingston, Nathaniel by Henry Kingston

Jul 31 Gordon, Robert by Sarah Gordon

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