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Royal Gazette

June 1, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


On the Countess of Galloway, Mr. Andrew Hannah, Mr. Peter Burne, Mr. Thomas McKay, Mr. William Christie, Mr. John Maxwell, Mr. Robert Thompson, and Mr. John Spimmen.

On the Salley, from New Providence, Mr. Caldwell, Dr. Pugeley, Mr. Magson, Mr. Astion jun. and Mr. Devit.

On the Euphrates, Messrs. Turnbull, Hay, Burns, Reid, Niven, and Sinclair.


May 24 Hugh Fraser, Westmorland

" William McPherson, Vere

" William Prosson, St. Catherine

" Robert Wilson, Kingston

May 25 Elizabeth Stewart, Vere

" Rebecca M. Findlator, St. James

" Emilia Gibbes, St. James

May 27 John Denison, St. Ann

May 29 Richard O'Conner, Trelawny

May 30 Wm. Reynolds Barrett, Kingston

" Abigail Barrett, Kingston

" Elizabeth Pharaoh, Kingston


In St. Ann's, Dr. John Fred. Nembhard to Miss Edwards.


In this town, Mrs. Mary Watson, wife of Joseph Watson, tavern keeper.


The brig Minerva, and her cargo, captured by a French privateer on her passage from Belfast to this port, are supposed to be worth upwards of twenty thousand pounds sterling.

By the Ann, from Philadelphia, advice is received, that the brig Little Sarah, Lowrie, of this port, and the ship Grange, of Liverpool, have been taken by the Ambuscade French frigate, and sent into Philadelphia. It is added, that the Ambuscade has sent several other prizes into the Delaware; but we have not learnt of any steps being yet taken in regard to them by the American government; which certainly, if it knows its own interest, will not suffer its neutrality to be further violated, by the sale of them in its ports.


The violence and extent of the floods, occasioned by the late rains in this vicinity of this town and Spanish Town, have probably not been equaled in the memory of the oldest inhabitant.

The River rose at Spanish Town nearly to a level with the magazine, and overflowed most of the pens in that neighbourhood; the bridge, although recently strengthened, was the first object of its ravages, and was carried completely away.

Off the east end, Captain Eglan picked up nine Negroes in a canoe, belonging to a pilot boat (the property of Mr. Chamers of Port Royal) that had sunk a few hours before.


An attempt was made on Saturday night to enter the store of Messrs. Linwood and O'Connor in Port Royal street; but the iron bar that crosses the door, being secured by two strong bolts instead of a staple, the purpose could not be effected. Great force must have been used, as the bolts were bent nearly double.


St. Jago de la Vega, May 30. - From the commencement of the present month, until Sunday last, the planters on this side of the country had been blessed with a continuation of the most favourable seasoning rains that could possibly be wished for; - on that day they increased considerably, accompanied by a quick succession of vivid lightning, and during the night poured in such torrents as caused the greatest deluge within remembrance. By ten o'clock in the evening the Rio Cobre, having risen to the astonishing height of twenty eight feet beyond its usual level, carried away the center arch of the bridge at this town, overflowed its banks on every side, sweeping the fences, and carrying from the pens all such movables and stock as were within its reach. The river being still impassable, we have not been able to learn the damage sustained in the adjoining parishes, but hope it may not prove material.

At Milk River, considerable loss is said to have been sustained. The ship Nelly, Capt. Hugh, lying at Old Harbour, was by a sudden squall driven on shore, and it is feared has received some injury.

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