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Royal Gazette

October 4, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies



Oct 2 Mary House, senior. Kingston

Oct 2 Mary House, junior. ditto


In Spanish Town, Dr. William Porter, of his Majesty's ship Success, to Miss Lydia Helen Betts.

In this town, Captain Thomas Knight to Miss Margaret Harper.

Montego Bay, Sept 27 - Last Saturday night, in this town, Mr. Thomas Bond to Miss Morris, second daugher of William Morris, Esq.


In St. Elizabeth's, on Saturday last, Edward Francis Cooke, Esq. and, on Sunday last, Florentius Vassall, Esq.

In this town, Captain S. Tingley; Mr. Peter Bender, baker; Mrs. Mary Testard; and Master Philip John Trott.

On the 12th of July, 1794, at Gully Hall Estate, in the parish of Bitton, after a lingering illness, which she bore with the most Christian fortitude, in the twenty ninth year of her age, Jannie Williams, formerly of the island of Jamaica, wife of Lieutenant Richard Williams, late of his Majesty's third regiment of foot. By her death, her husband has to lament the loss of one of the best wives, the children of a tender and affectionate mother, and her friends of a sociable and good companion.

At the Dispensary in Hanover, last Saturday, Dr. James Smith; The same day, at Green River estate, in the same parish, Mr. James Stewart, Overseer at Salt Spring.

At the Retreat penn, in St. Ann's, last Wednesday, Henry Barrett, Esq.


Capt. Corran, who so inhumanly murdered Mr. Joseph Porter, of this town, on board the brig Falmouth, on her passage to Belfast, and was afterwards carried into Halifax, was brought to trail there by a Court of Admiralty, which met on the 11th of July, and found guilty. He was accordingly executed on the 21st, on the beach at Point Pleasant.

The sloop Brothers, Hill, a droger, belonging to Kingston, but last from this port, was taken off Martha brae last Saturday, at twelve o'clock, about six leagues from the shore, belonging to Port De Paix. After plundering Capt. Hill, and Mr. McMichael, his passenger, a gentleman lately from America, of everything that belonged to them, but the dress they were in; they gave Capt. Hill his boat, keeping one man, as they sail, to ? the vessel. Capt. Hill, Mr. McMichael, and his people, were upon the water all night, and reached here last Sunday morning, greatly fatigued. The cargo of the Brothers consisted of eight puncheons of rum, belonging to Mr. Birch, of Kinston, provisions to the amount of £150 the property of the Captain, and some other articles.

Falmouth, Oct 1 - In consequence of the appearance of privateers on this side of the island, 7 ½ percent is required for insuring from Kingston to the northside ports.

St. Jago de la Vega, Oct 3 - On Wednesday the Grand Court commenced in this town, when the Grand and Petit juries were called and sworn. The presiding Judges were, Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Johnstone, Mr. McAnust and Mr. White.

By two o'clock yesterday, the Grand Jury had found bills against the following Gentlemen for misdemeanors, viz. John McPherson; H. R. Daily and George Gauntlet; David Ross; D. Henderson; George Blake and Thomas Fellows.

From the LONDON GAZETTE - War Office Promotions

Jul 12 - 20th reg. of foot, Edward Pipon to be Ensign, vice Davies, promoted in Lieut. Col. Murray's regiment.

Jul 19 - General Sir Henry Clinton, K.B. to be Governor of Gibraltar, vice Boyd, deceased.

Jul 22 - 20th reg. of foot. Ensign Edward Harvey Thorpe to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Ravenscroft, deceased.

John Colborne to be Ensign, vice Thorpe.

Jul 26 - 20th reg. of foot. Captain Lieutenant Isaac P. Tinsing to be Captain of a Company, without purchase, vice Hadden, deceased.

Lieutenant John Eccles to be Captain Lieutenant, vice Tinsing.

Ensign William Wallace to be Lieutenant, vice Eccles.

THE EARL OF GRANARD'S REGIMENT - Major Hon. George James Rawdon, from the16th foot, to be Lieutenant Colonel. Dated 17 May 1794.

OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, July 16 - Corps of Royal Engineers. First Lieutenant William Mackerras to be Captain Lieutenant, vice Douglas, promoted.

Second Lieutenant W. C. Rudyard to First Lieutenant, vice Mackerras, promoted.

WAR OFFICE, Aug 2 - 20th regiment of foot. Samuel Hodges to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Wallace, promoted.

49th ditto. Samuel Cautherly to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Robins, promoted.

GARRISONS - To be Surgeon to the Forces in the Island of St. Domingo. Dickens Buckle. Hospital Mate Thomas Powrie. Charles Montague.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Sep 27 Clarke, John by Thomas Robertson

Sep 27 Campbell, Alex. by John Milligan

Sep 29 Sutton, Thomas by James Ashworth

Sep 29 Sutton, Thomas by John Oxton

Sep 29 Sutton, Thomas by Arthur Broughton and William Tinker

Sep 29 Sutton, Thomas by Stewart Bruce

Sep 29 Sutton, Thomas by H. Bogle, R. Bogle, and George Bogle

Sep 29 Nelson, John by Charles Douglas

Sep 19 Phillips, John by Patrick Ballantine

Sep 30 Irving, R. Armilius by Wm. James Stevenson

Sep 30 Irving, R. Armilius by Archibald Morrison

Oct 2 Sutton, Thomas by T. Aspinall and T. Hardy

Oct 2 Sutton, Thomas by John Hart

Oct 2 Sutton, Thomas by Rd. Lake & A. Lindo

Oct 2 Sutton, Thomas by Ebenezer Edie

Oct 2 Caines, John Buncan by John Brown, jun.

Oct 2 Tomlinson, Frances by S. Wells Barnett

Oct 2 Clarkson, William by Robert Burford

Oct 2 Chapman, Robert by Thomas Johnston

Oct 2 Brown, William by John Gayner

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