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Dougal's Index Register to Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, and cases of Unclaimed Money Advertisements. 1891

N.B. Contributed by a reader who states, "Some months ago I found the above book at the local flea market. I have gone through it and extracted all names associated with Jamaica."

These excerpts are reproduced here for your information only. The book was published in the 19th century, and no reader need try to claim money in the 21st century.

"Index to Advertisements for Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, Legatees, &c., who have been advertised for to claim money and property in Great Britain and all parts of the world; also Annuitants, Shareholders, Intestates, Testators, Missing Friends, Family, Creditors or their representatives, Claimants, Unclaimed and Reclaimed dividends and stock, Citations, Administrations, Rewards for Certificates, Wills, Advertisements, &c., Claims, Unclaimed
Balances, Packages, Addresses, Parish Clerks' Notices, Foreign Intestates, &c.," Compiled and alphabetically arranged by F. H. Dougal & Co., 62, Strand, London, England. Ninth Edition. 1891

The names listed below were extracted from the above book. All had 'Jamaica' typed beside their name.

Ainsworth Thomas
Allan & Ramsey
Allen agst. Ramsay
Barnard James
Barnard Jonathan
Barnard Thomas J.
Barrett Geo. G.
Bayley Zachary
Blackbone J. H. P.
Bowman John
Broughton John (Jamaica & Liverpool)
Buckle, John Hill Neale, property in Jamaica
Butler V. Lindon
Byrne Jane
Campbell D. R.
Campbell John
Campbell R.
Campbell Robert J.
Clare Michael B.
Cox Henry H.
Crawford Robert
Crosbie Ann
Cunningham James
Cuthbert Lewis
Davidson Dr. (wife of)
Davidson Lucinda
Denton S.
Duncan Alexander
Dundas Ogilvie B.
Easson William
Eccleston Isaac
Edwards John
Edwards John P.
Edwards William
Elmslie John
Fernandes J. D.
Fraser -
Fry John
Greenwood Mr.
Heslop heirs
Hoare Mr.
Innes James
Jackson Louisa
Kidd James
Kidd John
King - died Jamaica
King heirs
Kinghorn George
Kirby William
Lewis George
Netherwood George (London & Jamaica)
Nisbett Robert
Ogilvie Barbara
Osborne Kean
Smith Eliza
Smith John
Smith Michael John
Sanders George Cooper
Vanheelen John

APPENDIX 1 - . . .Names are taken from Advertisements which have appeared in the English, Irish, Scotch, Indian, American, Welsh, Canadian, French, German, Swedish, Belgian, Colonial, &c., newspapers. A full and authentic copy of any ADVERTISEMENT, also name and date of newspaper which the advertisement appeared, will be forwarded to any part of the world for One Pound Sterling.

Amity Hall Estate
Boscobel Penn Estate
Coleman Thomas
Edmeston William
Hamilton John
Jackson James
Lewis George (died in Jamaica)
Pemberton Valley Estate
Wood Donald M.

REFERENCES. The following are a few of the Firms of Solicitors and others, in all parts of the world, for whom we have transacted business, and who have consented to be referred to.

Edward A. Bell Esq.
8 Church St. & Water Lane,
Kingston, Jamaica

Moses Farmer Esq.
175 Princess St.
Kingston, Jamaica

L. E. Joseph Esq.
6 Lord St.
Kingston, Jamaica

John C. Fegan Esq.
Ainslie House,
Manchester Square,
Kingston, Jamaica

William Andrews Esq. Solicitor
11 Church St.
Kingston, Jamaica

Unclaimed Money
F. H. Dougal & Co. Claimants should furnish description sufficiently full and clear to show their relationship to the persons named in this List.

Opinions of the Press: Index to Advertisements for Claimants to Money and Property. It may be the means of putting persons in possession of that which has been intended for them. Readers of this index may find a fortune in its pages!


The following is a list of names extracted from "JAMAICANS IN THE AUSTRALIAN GOLD RUSHES by Barry Higman, published in December 1976 in the Jamaica Journal Vol. 10 Nos. 2,3 & 4. [Reported here by kind permission of Professor Higman, February 27, 2004] The list of names appeared in "The Falmouth Post" on Friday, September 24, 1852.

The John Robinson a brig of 247 tons, sailed from Kingston on 19 September 1852 and arrived in Melbourne, Australia 18 February 1853.
Those passengers named were:
Robert C. Carr, merchant (represented the parish of St. David in the House of Assembly).
Alexander McWhinney, merchant, + his wife, 3 children & 2 servants
Whiteside McWhinney, clerk
Edgar C. Blyth, accountant + his wife & servant
(By late 1853, Alexander McWhinney & Edgar C. Blyth had established an ironmongery store in Melbourne).
Miss Gibson
Miss McMillan
Gilbert Handasyde*, accountant + servant
Alexander Handasyde*, accountant. (* these two had a brother William in Australia)
Peter A. Chavannes, accountant
Frank Garrigues, overseer
Ralph Lowe, overseer
John Hylton, gentleman
John Masterman, druggist
William Darrell, accountant
Thomas Ford, gentleman
John T. Ford, accountant
P. L. Grant, overseer
Thomas Edbury, overseer
Henry Beresford, planter
W. K. McLean, planter
Mr. Calvert, architect, + his wife
Miss Willis
Dr. Sutherland
Robert Gudeman, accountant
Samuel Brown, accountant
Mrs. William Garrigues & daughter
Andrew Simpson, accountant
James Watson, accountant
Alexander Davidson, accountant
David Lamont, planter
B. C. Evans, accountant
William Willock, overseer
Thomas Shannon, merchant
St. John H. Clement, proprietor
R. A. Griffin, accountant
Edwin Edwards, solicitor
Alexander Henriques, accountant (Descendants have been located in Australia)
William McNabb, storekeeper
William Baugh, planter
C. B. S. Hankin, planter
H. T. Bains, storekeeper, + his wife
2 Misses Macnamarah
William Chavannes, gentleman
Henry Garrigues, planter
Peter Simpson, planter

Mentioned in the article as most probably a doctor, but whose name was not on the shipping list is:
Joseph Phillips. He died in Melbourne 1856.

Another ship the Glentanner, 610 tons, sailed from Kingston 10 April 1853, arriving in Melbourne, Australia, 27 September 1853. It carried 151 passengers. The names of 41 are said to be known. The article gave the names of three:
S. Q. Bell, member of the House of Assembly for St. John parish.
Robert C. Thomson, merchant. (In Melbourne he met with another Jamaican merchant, A. Roxburgh).
Captain McCulloch - he stayed 12 days in Melbourne and had returned to Jamaica by January 1854. He was "necessitated to return owing to the impossibility of finding any employment in Australia..."

In January 1854, John Mais, Ernest Mais, Winchester Mais, and H. Ryder Waldron, departed Kingston for Australia. No further information given.

Other persons named in the article were:
Richard Holt, a "Jamaica black" who was transported to New South Wales, Australia, following the slave rebellion of 1831. In the 1850's he was working as a doctor's servant.

From other West Indian islands:
Tom Britt, negro from a "West Indies sugar plantation".

Peter Jackson, negro, born 1861 St. Croix. (His father, a seaman, jumped ship in Sydney and later brought he and his mother to Australia. His parents returned to St. Croix). Peter Jackson remained in Australia where he became a heavyweight boxing champion. He died in Roma, Queensland 1901 and was buried in the Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane.

James Williams, negro from Antigua, convict, transported for seven years in 1820.
Hanged in Sydney in 1828 for stealing.

Billy Blue, negro West Indian. Died 1834 aged 97.

Extracts from Bristol Cathedral (Gloucestershire) Register 1669-1837.

BERNARD : Charles, died 28 June 1797 at his home in Park St, Bristol. Buried 4 July 1797. Was of St James, Jamaica. Husband of Jane.

BURDETT: Mrs Janet, 19 years, died Clifton 22 August, buried 25 August 1803. Wife of Captain George Burdett R.N., Daug of Major General WHITELOCKE, Lieut-Governor of Portsmouth and his wife Mary Whitelocke. (See Whitelock below)

CAMPBELL: John, 61, of Clifton, Bristol. Died Jan 25, buried 1 Feb 1817. Of Spotfield and Gibraltar estates, Trelawny, Jamaica. And of Phill's Hill near New York. He represented Trelawny in the House of Assembly for many years.

CUTHBERT: Jane, 86, died 28 Sept., buried 5 October 1830. Daughter of Hon. George Pinnock. Married 31 May 1766 Kingston, Jamaica, Lewis Cuthbert (died 20 Sept. 1802) of Castle Hill, Inverness and Jamaica. Children include Hon. George Cuthbert, President of the Council in Jamaica. Ann Murray Cuthbert, born August 1777 (died Clifton 29 May 1855). Elizabeth Pinnock Cuthbert (died Clifton 9 Feb 1855 aged 75). In Clifton churchyard on the same stone as Ann Murray Cuthbert are inscriptions for Seignelay Thomas Cuthbert born 5 Jan 1786, died August 1872, and Frederick William Cuthbert born 20 May, died 22 Sept 1841.

CUTHBERT: Mary Hay, 45, of Clifton, Bristol. Buried 2 March 1819. Eldest daughter of Lewis  (died 20 Sept. 1802) and Jane (died 1830) Cuthbert, of Castle Hill, co Inverness and Jamaica.

DUNCOMBE: David;- died 7 Jan 1796, buried 11 Jan 1796 aged 80. Died at his house on Stoney Hill and was a merchant in Bristol for many years. His youngest son Benjamin Duncombe merchant of Jamaica married . . ..? Lee of Mile End, 11 May 1799.

GORDON: Louisa, 12, died 21 June, buried 29 June 1811. 4th daughter of Charles GORDON of Jamaica.

LOWRY: Joseph, 51, many years inhabitant of Jamaica. Died 27 Jan. 1806 at Park St, Bristol. Buried 3 Feb 1806. His wife Elizabeth, later married Lt-General James Lomax.

MCNISH: Charles, 46 of Jamaica, died 25 March at Penhill House, Clifton, Bristol, buried 30 March 1829. Left a wife and 10 children.

MCNISH: Albert Augustus, 6 weeks of Park Rd. Buried 6 June 1826. Son of Charles McNish above.

PALMER: James, died 5 July 1806 at Hotwells, Bristol?. Buried 12 July 1806. Many years a resident of Jamaica.

SHIRLEY: Hannah Spencer, 48, died at Clifton, Bristol. Buried 23 March 1808. Widow of Edward SHIRLEY of Spring Garden and Petersfield, Jamaica.

WHITE: David, late of Bristol, died at his home in College Green on 27 Nov 1797 in 67 year. Buried 1 Dec 1797. Native of Ayrshire. Many years a resident of Jamaica. Father of 9 children.

WHITE: Elizabeth Gould, (wife of David above) died 4 June 1793, aged 38 years, 5mths, 11 days. Buried 7 June 1793. Native of New Jersey, America.

WHITELOCK: Mary, 73, died Clifton, 19 November, buried 26 Nov 1832. Daughter of William LEWIS of Cornwall and Hordley Jamaica. Wife of General John Whitelock whom she married 8 April 1783 at St. Catherine, Jamaica. (See also BURDETT above)


Dated in the College in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields
The 14th. day of July, 1808

Dr. Solomon de Leon, Kingston, Jamaica

Montefiore, Judah H.  -  Jamaica

Members of the late Corporation of Surgeons, who have been admitted of the College since the 14th. Day of July, 1808:
 Smith, William - Jamaica

Member who do not reside or practise in or within seven miles of the city of London:
                                Broadbelt, F. Rigby - Jamaica
                                Brock, Thos. Hudson - Jamaica
                                Bravo, Moses - Jamaica
                                Bravo, David - Jamaica
                                Clare, Rich. Augustus - Jamaica
                                Cunha, Moses M. - Jamaica
                                Chamberlaine, Richard - Jamaica
                                Garsia, Aaron - Kingston, Jamaica
                                Henriques, M. Nunes - Jamaica
                                Hilton, Allen - Jamaica
                                Marshall, James - Jamaica
                                Morales, Moses - Kingston, Jamaica
                                Rooke, John - Jamaica
                                Spencer, John - Jamaica
                                Truscott, Chas. - Jamaica
                                Talbot, Thos. - Jamaica
                                Wonsbrough, Thos. - Jamaica

JAMAICA - 1811

Captain-General and Governor, Duke of Manchester
Lieutenant-Governor, Lieutenant-General Edward Morrison
Provost Marshal, Lord Baybroke
Naval Officer, John King, esq.
Receiver-General, --- Germain, esq.
Deputy, William Mitchell, esq.
Rec. in Chancery, Hon. P. C. Wyndham
Secretary and Clerk of the Enrolments, Clerk of the Crown and Courts, Right Honourable Sir Evan Nepean, Bart.
Secretary, Hon. Charles William Wyndham
Vendue-Master, John Munro, esq.
Attorney-General, William Ross, esq.
Judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court, Edward Long, esq.
Agent, Robert Sewell, esq.
Fort Charles Governor, Col. Hon. Charles William Stewart
Collector of the Customs at Kingston, John Carthew, esq.
Acting Compt., Sampson Gideon Kemble, esq.
Surveyor, ---- Blackwell, esq.

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