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Lt.-Governor- Sir H. Morgan, Knight 1675

Governor- Lord Vaughan 1675

Lt.-Governor -Sir Henry Morgan, Knight 1678

Governor- Charles Earl of Carlisle 1678

Lt.-Governor -Sir Henry Morgan, Knight 1680

Governor -Sir T. Lynch, Knight 1682

Lt.-Governor -Colonel Hender Molesworth 1684

Governor- Christopher, Duke of Albermarle 1687

President- Sir Francis Watson 1688

Governor- William, Earl of Inchiquin 1690

President- John White, Esquire 1692

President- John Bourden, Esquire 1692

Lt.-Governor- Sir William Beeston, Knight 1693

Governor- William Selwyn, Esquire 1702

Lt.-Governor- Peter Beckford, Esquire 1702

Lt.-Governor- T. Handasyd, Esquire 1702

Governor- Lord Archibald Hamilton 1711

Governor- Peter Heywood Esquire 1716

Governor-Sir Nicholas Lawes, Knight 1718

Governor- Henry, Duke of Portland 1722

President-John Ayscough, Esquire 1722

Governor- Major-General R. Hunter 1728

President- John Ayscough, Esquire 1734

President- John Gregory, Esquire 1735

Governor- Henry Cunningham, Esquire 1735

Governor- Edward Trelawny, Esquire 1738

Governor- Charles Knowles, Esquire 1752

Lt.- Governor- Henry Moore, Esquire 1756

Governor- George Haldane, Esquire 1758

Lt.- Governor- Henry Moore, Esquire 1759

Governor- William Henry Lyttleton, Esquire 1762

Lt.-Governor- Roger Hope Elletson, Esquire 1766

Governor- Sir W. Trelawny, Baronet 1767

Lt.-Governor- Lieut.-Colonel John Dalling 1772

Governor- Sir Basil Keith, Knight 1778

Governor- Major-General John Dalling 1778

Governor- Major-Gen. Archibald Campbell 1782

Lt.-Governor- Brigadier-General Alured Clark 1784

Governor- Thomas, Earl of Effingham 1790

Lt.-Governor- Major-Gen. Adam. Williamson 1791

Lt.-Governor- Alexander, Earl of Balcarres 1795

Lt.-Governor- Lieut.-General George Nugent 1801

Lt.-Governor- Lieut.-Gen. Sir Eyre Coote, K B., K. C 1806

Governor- William, Duke of Manchester 1808

Lt.-Governor- Lieut. General Edward Morrison 1811

Governor- William, Duke of Manchester 1813

Lt.-Governor- Major-General Henry Conran 1821

Governor- William, Duke of Manchester 1822

Lt.-Governor- Major-General Sir John Keane, K. C. B 1827

Governor- Somerset Lowry, Earl of Belmore 1829

President- George Cuthbert 1830

Governor- Constant Henry, Earl of Mulgrave 1832

President- George Cuthbert 1833

Lt.-Governor- Major-General Sir Amos Norcot 1834

Governor- Howe, Peter, Marquis of Sligo 1834

Governor- Lieut.-General Sir Lionel Smith, B. K. C. B 1836

Governor- Sir C. T. Metcalfe, Baronet, K. G. and C. B 1839

Lt.-Governor- Major-General Sir W. M. Gomm, K. C. B 1839

Governor- James, Earl of Elgin and Kincardine 1842

Lt.-Governor- Major-General Berkeley 1845

Governor- Sir Charles Edward Grey, Knight 1846

Governor- Sir Henry Barkly, Knight, C.B. 1853

Lt.-Governor- Major-General Edward Wells Bell 1856

Governor- Charles Henry Darling, Esquire 1857

Lt.-Governor- Edward John Eyre, Esquire ----- 1862

Governor- Edward John Eyre, Esquire 1864

Governor- Sir Henry Storks, K. C. B 1866

Governor- Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B 1866

Lt.-Governor- Major-General O'Connor, C. B. 1867

Governor- Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B 1867

Adm. Gov.- Hon. E. K. Rushworth, D. C. L 1870

Governor- Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B 1870

Adm. Gov.- Hon. E. E. Rushworth, D. C. L 1872

Adm. Gov.- Hon. W. A. Young 1873

Governor- Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B 1873

Governor- Sir William Grey, K.C. S. I . 1874

Lt.-Governor- Hon. E. E. Rushworth, D. C. L 1876

Governor- Sir Anthony Musgrave, K. C. M. G.------------ 1877

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