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1878 Jamaica Directory


In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.


Page 46

Brookes Georgiana Mrs., h 16 Chancery lane

Brookes Michael, printer, h 16 Chancery lane

Brooks Rev. G. B., M. A., Secretary of the Synod, h Ropley St. Andrew's Mts. Gordontown, P. O.

Brooks Joseph, h George's lane, near Barry

Brooks Peter, locker and guager, Collector of Taxes' office, h 16 Duke

Brooks Richard, cooper, 170 Harbour, h 11 Fleet

Brown Agnes Mrs., h 11 Love lane

Brown Alexander, with M. Brandon & Co h 51 Charles

Brown Charles, janitor, Treasury building, h same

Brown Edward, tailor, 48 King, h Byndloss lane

Brown Elisha, provisions, 73 Luke lane, h same

Brown Elizabeth, widow, h 13 Cephias

Brown Henrietta, fancy goods, 2 Beckford

Brown H. B., with Charles Grant, h 25 Wild, Allman Town

Brown James, with Judith Aarons, h 129 Harbour

Brown James C., upholsterer, h 2 Foster lane

Brown John S., secretary, J. M. L. A. Society, h Simmer's Villa, South Cam. road

Brown John S. Jr., 8d class clerk C. H, h Simmer's Villa, South Camp road

Brown John U., h 61 Duke

Brown Jonathan, with Thomas Brown, h 25 Wild Allman Town

Brown J. H., manager, G. J. De Cordova, 68 Harbour, h 61 Duke

Brown Joseph, h 6 Potter's Row

Brown Mary A., bread, 6 W. Queen, h same

Brown Phillip, sexton, h 14 Rosemary lane

Brown Richard Mrs., teacher, 81 Orange

Brown Richard, tailor, h 5 Mark lane

Brown Rosa, organist, R. C. Cathedral, h 72 Barry

Brown R. T., general sup't W. I. and P Telegraph Co., h St. Thomas

Brown Sarah, cake, 107 Barry, h same

Brown Theophilus, tailor, 5 John's lane,h 30 Harbour

Brown Thomas, h 156 Princess

Brown Thomas, provisions, 5 Orange, h 93 East

Brown Thomas, tailor, 9 Church, h 25 Wild Allman Town

Brice Elizabeth Mrs., h 14 Foster lane

Brigade office, 74 Hanover

Briscoe Arthur (Briscoe Brothers), 155 Harbour, h Wolverhampton, England

Briscoe Brothers, hardware, 155 and 157 Harbour

Briscoe Jonathan, saddler, h 12 Wildman

Briscoe Richard H. (Briscoe Brothers;) 155 Harbour, h Wolverhampton, England

Briscoe Thomas, with Chas. Levy & Co., King c Little Port Royal, h 19 Lovelane

Briscoe Thomas Jr., at 26 Port Royal, h 19 Love lane

Bryan Emma, h 7 Smith lane

Bryan James, fisherman, h 38 Fleet

Bryan Joseph, bricklayer, h 47 Barry

Bryan Robert, foreman, M. De Cordova & Co.'s bindery, h 109 Charles

Bryan Thomas, porter, h 55 Hanover

Brydie Elizabeth Mrs., sewing mistress Wollmer's free school, h 16 King

Brymer Emily Mrs., h 91 Duke

Bullock Mary A., widow, 7 John's lane

Bundy Caroline, widow, h 49 East

Bundy Charlotte, widow, h 31 Charles

Bundy John J., with J. E. West, h Allman Town

Bundy Thomas, compositor, Gleaner office, h 48 Harbour

Bunting John, h 55 Peter's lane

Burger Frances Mrs., h 117 West

Burger Horace C., with Anderson & Watson, h 155 King

Burger H. J., collector of taxes, office C. H., h 59 East

Burger John, h 59 East

Burke Agnes, dry goods, 83 Princess, h 66 Barry

Burke A. E., solicitor, 12 Port Royal, h 16 Church

Burke Edmund, h 33 Parade

Burke Elizabeth M. Miss, h 21 North

Burke Frances E., h 11 Spanish Town road

Burke Frederick, pressman, Gleaner office, h 40 Parade

Burke George, clerk, Jamaica Railway Co., h 153 Princess

Burke John Milo, hardware, 14 King and 4 W Queen, h Rosetta Pen, St. Andrews

Burke Sarah, widow, h 140 Princess

Burke S. Constantine (Burke & Lee), 6 Port Royal, h Newington Pen, St. Andrews

Burke Thomas O., h 33 Parade

Burke & Lee, advocate and solicitor, 6 Port Royal

Burnett Chas. B., clerk to the Attorney General, h 21 Duke

Burrell Constantia G. Mrs., h 19 Water lane

Burritt George, shoemaker, 162 Tower, h 47 Bond

Burrowes W. R. P., with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 31 Prince Albert st., Allman Town

Page 81

Stines Priscilla Mrs., h Manchester Cottage, Manchester Square

Stines & Co., produce, 38 Port Royal

Stiven John, Supt. Kingston Gas Works, h adjoining works

Stratford George R., h 31 Foster lane

Stredick Jennie, bread, 98 Tower, h Love lane

Streadick S. J., lumber, Rum lane, h 50 Harbour

Street Charles A., 3d class clerk, Custom House, h 19 Water lane

Striboe Fernand L., grocer, 143 Tower, h 95 King

Strowers James, cigar maker, h 9 Barnes Gully

Stuart Charles M., with J. N. Cardozo, h 6 E Queen

Stuart James, clerk, Jamaica Railway Co., h High Holborn

Stuart J. Rev., resident master Collegiate School

Stuart J. J., writer, 74 Hanover, h 6 E Queen

Sturgeon John, engineer, h 18 Harbour

Sturridge Jamas, piano tuner, 25 Hanover, h same

Sullivan Fred., Postmaster General, h Richings Pen, St. Andrews

Sullivan Sarah, teacher, 46 Church, h same

Supreme Court, adjoining Post Office

Surgeon John G., with E. Sale, h 57 Rose lane

Surridge Charles, goldsmith, h 45 George’s lane

Surridge Eugene, with W. Faichney, h 45 George’s lane

Surridge Isabel Mrs., h 110 Orange

Surridge Thomas R. (Pinnock, Surridge & Co.,) Harbour c King, Northville

Surridge Thomas R. Jr., 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h Northville

Surridge Sarah, widow, h 45 George’s lane

Sutcliffe Charles, tailor, h 65 Church

Sutcliffe, janitor, Wollmer’s Free School, h same

Sutherland Charlotte, h 22 John’s lane

Sutherland W. H. H., teacher, 87 Duke, h same

Swainson Currie, 2d class clerk, Colonial Secretary’s office, h 62 Hanover

Symes William A., carpenter, h 7 Gold

Symmonett Emma, dry goods, 5 W Queen

Symmonett Mary, teacher, 116 Orange, h same

Symmonett Mary A., widow, h 99 Church

Symoinette Adelaide, h 62 E Queen

Symonds Mary A., widow, h 33 Church


Tadhunter J. W. G., with M. Brandon & Co., h 1 High Holborn

Tadhunter George W., h 1 High Holborn

Taggert Ann, widow, h 20 Smith lane

Tait C. W., 1st class clerk, Dept. of Roads and Works, h 1 Manchester Sq

Talbot Eliza, h 102 Orange

Tamayo Charles (Tamayo Bros.,) 122 Orange, h 86 Barry

Tamayo Peter (Tamayo Bros.,) 122 Orange, h 36 Church.

Tamayo Bros., cigar makers, 122 Orange

Tarbett Clara, h 41 Fleet

Target Felix, civil engineer K & L Water Works, h Hope Pen, St. Andrews

Tarnley Richard, h 55 Beeston

Tarrant William, h 92 Barry

Tate John, carpenter, 126 Tower, h 15 High Holborn

Tavares Abraham, 44 Port Royal, h 58 Orange

Tavares Horatio, coach builder, 105 Barry h 20 Pink lane

Tavares Rachel Mrs., h 58 Orange

Tavares Solomon, crockery, 117 Barry, h same

Taylor Ellen, manager, 6 Beckford, h 89 Princess

Taylor Ellen Mrs., h 72 Tower

Taylor George R. (Taylor & Ford,) Harbour c King, h 22 Rae, Rae Town

Taylor James, with M. C. Morgan, h 85 Church

Taylor John, carpenter, h 123 Church

Taylor John, laborer, h 115 Mark lane

Taylor Richard, fish, 86 Princess, h 15 Beckford

Taylor Sarah widow, h 94 Church

Taylor William, meat market, 25 Parade

Taylor William J., with Joseph Deleon, h 79 Princess

Taylor William P., clerk, h 94 Church

Taylor & Ford, dry goods, King c Harbour

Tejada R., tobacconist, 31 King, h 35 Sutton

Tenison C., laundress h 22 George's lane

Tenreyro Joseph, h 84 Orange

The Budget, 146 Harbour

The Church Chronicle, 130 Harbour

The Colonial Standard, Church c Port Royal,

The Gleaner, 148 Harbour, c Princess

The Instructor, 103 Water lane

The Jamaica Gazette, Robert Osborn, 12 Orange

The Mercantile Intelligencer, 148 Harbour

The Police Gazette, General Penitentiary

The Telegraphic News Letter, 46 Harbour

The Tri Weekly Gleaner, 148 Harbour


Page 90

Cabinet Makers.

Aguilar Joseph, 28 Church

Aguilar Thomas N., Water lane c Mark lane

Alberga William. B., 3 Port Royal

Austin Joseph, 22 Church

Austin Peter, 73 Port Royal

Berry Alexander, 109 Harbour

Burrows Stephen, 49 Beeston

Cox Alexander, 14 Beckford

Davis Joseph, 18 Mark lane

Depass Solomon, 126 Barry

Estwick R. T., 89 Water lane

Lawrence C. H., 6 Princess

Lefebre Octavio, Peter's lane n Barry

Perneau C. H., 12 Princess

Rowley William, 151 Tower

Shaw F. M., 220 Tower

Skinner John, 10 Temple lane

Wright Frederick, 20 W Queen


Darling Jane, 85 Harbour

Reed William, r 77 Tower

Carpenters and Builders.

Adams George, 9 Church

Brennan J. W., 47 E Queen

Escoffry Alexander, 5 Peter's lane

Henriques Alexander, 5 Peter’s lane

Henriques George, 17 Temple lame

Hurst Thomas, 127 Barry

Langley Stephen, 93 Duke Canadian Agency

Simpson Robert, 68 Water lane

Tate John, 126 Tower

Venice John 151 Water lane

Wilson Ebenezer, 19 Temple lane

Carpenters' Tools

Burke John Milo, 14 King


Roxburgh & Sons, 115 Harbour,

Pinnock, Surridge & Co., King c Harbour

Carriage Dealers

Brass John & Son, 97 Harbour

Turnbull, Lee & Mudon, 94 Harbour

Wilson H. C. & Co., 17 Port Royal

Carriage Manufacturers

Borrough E., 12 Mark lane

Brent Alfred, 111 Tower

DeCordova G. J_ 76 Harbour

DeSouza Reginald, 44 Hanover

DeVarris Horatio, 105 Barry

Goring G. F., 129 Tower

Hylton Samuel, 14 Duke

Mends, Alexander, 31 East

Monell Alexander & Co., 77 Harbour

Nelson Charles, 36 East

Pearson William, h 32 East

Carriage Materials

Burke John Milo, 11 King

China and Glassware

Burke John Milo, 14 King

Lyons George Jr., 123 Harbour,

Wilson H. C. & Co., 17 Port Royal


Page 125

Butler Ann, woodseller, 58 Duke

Butterfield D., shopkeeper, 45 Duke

Cadien James, clerk, 2 Lower Harbour

Campbell Charles, printer, 23 Queen, h 3 Pitt

Cameron John, wholesale dry goods merchant, 35 Market h 15 Duke

Cameron Joseph, secretary Trelawny Benefit Building Society, 35 Market

Campbell Mrs., 5 Cornwall

Campbell D., Miss, 5 Trelawny

Carey Miss, 6 George

Carvalho Henry, mail contractor, 8 Cornwall, propr. Florence Hall Pen, h 10 King

Carvalho M., cigar maker, 7 Newton and 30 Cornwall

Caulder Mrs., 24 Market

Charman W., wharfinger Trelawny wharf, 52 Market

Christie S., shipwright, 18 Tharp

Christie William, 19 Market

Clark Charles, tinsmith, 19 Cornwall

Clark J. W., overseer, Vale Royal estate

Clark E, F. Mrs., lessee Clermont Pen

Clark Robert, beadle, h 42 Duke

Clark Mrs., seamstress, 6 Tharp

Clealand S., 16 Market

Cole Emily, 7 Prince's

Collector Taxes Office, 6 Sea Board

Collymore J. R., clerk, H. M. C., 3 Sea Board

Cooper G. H., manager, Maxfield estate and Greenside Pen

Corinaldi J. S., firewarden and J. P., St. James, 38 Market

Corinaldi Mrs., 11 Market square

Corinaldi & Co., merchants, general importers and commercial merchants, 14 Market square

Cork William, Collector of Taxes, 47 Market

Cotter S., laborer, 6 Market

Coy Fred. R., propr. Good Hope estate

Crattie James, shoemaker, 7 Queen

Crawford Jane, 24 Queen

Creighting Mrs., 10 George

Crooks D., wharfinger, 19 Upper Harbour

Crooks Mrs., schoolmistress, 10 Prince's, h 12 Rodney

Cunningham Robert, cabinet maker, 12 Cornwall

Cunningham Samuel, 9 Queen

Cunningham Miss, proprietor Maxfield, Roslyn Castle and Green Side Pen

DaCosta George, clerk, 15 Falmouth

Davis E. A. Mrs., propr. Litchfield Pen

Dawes Mary, preserves, 18 Cornwall

DeCasseres Amos, salesman, 12 Queen

DeCasseres P., 14 Cornwall

Dedrick Betty, lodging house, 16 King

Deleon John, Government medical officer, 2 Duke

Delgado C. P., dry goods, 16 Falmouth, residence 17 same

Delgado Philip, storekeeper, 2 Upper, Parade

Delisser Alex., accountant, 20 Cornwall

Delisser George P., harbor master and pilot, 10 Sea Board

Delisser Herbert G., editor, 16 Cornwall

Delisser, John, propr. Orange Grove estate

Delisser Miss, schoolmistress, 4 Prince's

Delisser Samuel, overseer, Orange Grove estate, h 27 Market

Delisser S. A. Mrs., propr. Retreat Pen, livery stable, 27 Market

DeSouza, A. G., 31 Market

DeSouza D. C., Falmouth cigar factory, 33 Market, commission merchant, 40 Market and 12 Market square

DeSouza George, accountant, h 45 Market

DeSouza Rebecca, seamstress, 10 Duke

DeSouza's Wharf, 1 Sea Board

DeSouza & Co., liquor and provision shop, 31 Market

Dignum A. B., clerk, Falmouth District Court, h 49 Market

Dixon Edward, laborer, h 57 Duke

Dixon Jack, laborer, h 56 Duke

Dixon Samuel, laborer, h 55 Duke

Dixon Thomas, fisherman, 7 Rodney

Dobie George, tailor, 40 Cornwall

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