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The contribution of the following people to this site is gratefully acknowledged:

Carolyn Abraham: Crooks wills.

Kim Anderson, transcription of some entries from the St. Elizabeth Parish Registers.

Atkinson, Keith and Nancy, trees, documents and photographs for the Ffrench and related families, and photographs of Spanish Town.

Tony Bate: transcription of Hals will.

David Binns: article on Edward Binns

Tony Blackburn: information on Harry Blackburn.

David Bourne: excerpts from "Stephen Bourne - a Flawed Philanthropist."

Copies of "The Falmouth Post" and "The Jamaica Witness" were loaned for transcription, dedicated to the memory of Raymond Allan Brandon, son of Allan Courtney and Violet Kate Steinmetz Brandon, June 26, 1944 to May 20, 2002, Jamaica. A keen sportsman, collector of books, and a great friend and supporter of the Jamaica Historical and Genealogical Society.

Keith Briggs: Briggs descendants in Australia.

Sienna Brown: excerpts from Australian records.

Ann Brownrigg, translation and transcription of Spanish Roman Catholic burials and baptisms 1804-1811.

Stuart G. C. Burke: photographs of two Monumental Inscriptions.

Ruth Burkholder, excerpts from Canadian Census.

Suzanne Burnette: excerpts from old newspapers, Caribbeana.

Philip Buzzuro: DeSouza documents

Eunice Campbell: Immigration Papers.

Barry Chapman: transcription of Jane Claypoole will.

John Chappell: extractions from British Censuses, and research on Delaroche family in England.

Harry Christensen: wills and genealogy.

David Clark: transcription of Wills and Conveyance; photograph.

Tim Clarke: 50 documents - wills, conveyances and inventories.

John Coughlin: Halsall genealogy and Strachan wills.

Edward Crawford: Manumissions and Acts of Assembly.

Ruth Crook: Portrait of John Simmonds, photographs of some family members, his grave and pistol.

Alberta Crossley: Radcliffe Bust and Monumental Inscription; Saunders marriage.

Carey Cunningham: Letters from the Revd. William Fraser and his wife Elizabeth Lucy (nee James). Their portraits.

Di'allo Cunningham, will of George Blair Virtue.

Pieter Dickson: document transcriptions and contributions (including Colonial Office papers, Hanover census, wills, Campbell documents), photographs, engraving, hand-drawn maps.

Bryan Dollar: Will of Andrew Dollar; Dollar family tree.

Allan Douglas: Military, Regiments stationed in Jamaica.

Patricia Donaldson: transcribing a Cornwall Chronicle.

Peter Dowling: Pinnock and Grant descendants, Memoir of Grace Pinnock, will of Isabella Campbell.

Robin Downie/Michelsen: excerpts from "The Royal Gazette". Moravian records

Frederick leMercier duQuesnay: original articles, and January 21, 1907 Gleaner

Audley Evans: obituaries.

James Evans: excerpts elsewhere.

Richard Facey: Jewish records

Joyce Falink: Almanac films, and excerpts from the Handbook of Jamaica

David Ferguson: Nicholas Stambury Tarr photographs and letter.

Heather Figueroa: Brownrigg Will; typing 1824 Almanac, Civil Lists; Dumfries photograph

John Fowler: 1763 Map of Jamaica; John Fowler letters and inventory; ships carrying slaves consigned to Fowler.

Geoffrey Frogley: excerpts from periodicals and registers; Australian data.

Michelle Gadpaille: "History of Kingston"

Angela Garcia: Malabre genealogy. Transcriptions from some St. Andrew Registers, wills, London Gazettes, Gleaners, obituaries, and other sources.

Christina Giscombe: James Giscome Land Patent.

James Glanville: photograph of house at Wear, Manchester

Peter Goble: RMA Chelsea records of BWIR descendants.

Charles Gordon Clark: wills

Ann Marie Grant-Lazarus: photographing and transcribing documents at the National Archives and other repositories in England, including Returns of Maroons, Returns of Land Grants, and New Canaan document; will of Alfred Charles Grant; Slave Marriages.

Enid Greenwood: will of John Green

Stephen Groser: Bayly/Smith wills and genealogy.

Elizabeth Hampson: slave lists, obituary, Times excerpts.

Anne Hartley: transcribing Henry Cerf documents; will transcriptions.

Sarah Harrison and Professor Alan Macfarlane: documents concerning the descendants of Richard James (William Rhodes James and others).

Leslie Hatton: Daniel Wade on British census.

Terry Hayes: Cox and Bravo information.

Ken Hicks: source book.

Robert Hodgson: Letter to Governor Eyre

Stephen Hopwood: source books; Kingston Insurance maps

Barbara Horbury: Monumental Inscriptions from Scotland

Marilyn Jane Horner: photographs of Glanville tombs and Mile Gully church

Terry Hunter Jr.: wills

Richard Hyams: two letters from Hanover 1820-21

Nedra Innerarity: Innerarity genealogy and photographs

Arlene Jacobs: photographs; Litherland records.

Kate Jessell: Conveyance of property in Princess Street, Kingston.

Dorritt Johnson: Bignall records.

Yves de Jouette de Ponthieu: baptism of Elisabeth de Rostaing

Donna Kenny: Jamaicans in Australia, and other items

Dorothy Kew: some genealogy reports; most of the extractions from the Gleaner that are on this site; photographs.

Wendy Kuntz: Malabre photograph

Peter Levarre-Waters: cemetery photographs

The Reverend Michael Linden: Roman Catholic records from St. Anne's Church, Kingston

Marc Leveque: de Gournay genealogy in France

Donald Lindo: "leg work" in Jamaica, obtaining and shipping films

Lyn Lombard: Stuart photograph and patent; D'Aguilar will.

Rod Lyall: transcriptions of pages of St. Catherine Parish Register

Jacqui MacLennan: Excerpts from Propinquity Records of Aberdeen.

Rory McGregor: photographs of monuments and tombs.

Michael McIntosh: transcriptions of the will of Edward Harrison and of some records in St. Ann Parish Register, Volume I.

The Reverend Gerrard McLaughlin: Roman Catholic records from the Kingston Archives; the "Gleaner" January 18, 1907

Peter McWhirter: Garsia excerpts

Jean Mackenzie: Dingwall letters from Jamaica to Scotland

Antony Maitland: 1755 and 1804 Maps and Gazetteers

Mary Mill: page on the Presbyterian Church in 19th century Jamaica; the Church of England in Jamaica, and the Journal of Alexander Innes.

Marcia Mitchell: Douse family

Richard Mitchell: Heron genealogy

Ara Morenberg: transcription of wills

T. R. Moss: wills of two William Frasers

Robin Murray: Isaac Levy Inauguration

Robert Naylor: Naylor and Perry documents

Phillip Nicholas: Jacobs, Lewin, and Newell records.

Heather Nielsen: transcription of Richardson wills

Donovan Ogilvie and Pearl Ogilvie, permission to use Daniel Ogilvie's "History of the Parish of Trelawny"

Sarah O'Neil: transcribing articles

Richard Osborne: photograph

Ralph Ottey: People of Little London, Westmoreland

Karen Palandri: Evans, Walker and Roe information; newspaper excerpts; photographs.

David Paterson: extracts from the Parish Registers for St. Andrew, Port Royal, and St. Thomas in the Vale

Dennis Paulsen: Philip Philip Livingston document

Jean Peart: Peart wills.

June Peart: extractions from Registers for St. Mary and Metcalf

Richard Phillips: Photographs

Felicity Potter: Clerical and family information on Robert Robinson

Dr. Edward Preston: Kirlew biography and photographs

Frank Randall: Letter from the Colonial Secretary

Peter Robson: McQuistin records.

Sallie Ramsay: will of John Phipps.

Jackie Ranston: excerpts from Parish and Dissenter Registers

James Irvine Robertson: will of Charles Stewart

Louisa Rowland, photographs of tombstones in Montego Bay Cemetery.

Margaret Robinson: List of Jamaicans appearing in newspapers in Australia and New Zealand.

Jim Saunders: will of Emma L. Saunders; photograph.

Samantha Sinner: will of Thomas Winder

Mrs. Jean Smith of Australia, will of Jacob Lyon

Jeanne A. Smith, MD: Extracts from Slave Registers; apprenticeship proclamation

Charlotte Soares: Immigrants 1840-1841; newspaper excerpts.

Rosemary Spencer: will of John Gregory

Robin Tingle: Portrait and death registration of James Lyon

David Townsend: photographs of Colin and Donald Campbell

Dr. Christopher Waddling: Lindo and Levy family information.

Flavia Wade: typing the 1861 Almanac, the annotations on "Monumental Inscriptions", the "Directory of Estates Pens and Properties" and "General Information" from the 1878 Directory

Liz Watson (nee Holmes): Will of John Holmes; letter and photograph of Thomas Addison Holmes

Nigel Webb: images and biographical notes on the family of George Bowley Webley.

Reginald Webb-Harris: maps, prints, photographs

Martin Weiler: Heavitree article

H. Wentworth: Photographs and prints

Dee Wilson: Slave compensation reports for St. Thomas in the East

Here are links to some Jamaican websites, and sites on which you can find information about Jamaica. (Please use your Back button to return to this page):

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The Jamaica Historical Society: http://jamaicanhistorical.tripod.com

The Georgian Society of Jamaica: http://www.georgianjamaica.org

The Registrar General's Office/ Island Records Office: http://www.rgd.gov.jm/

The WorldGenWeb Jamaica page:http://www.rootsweb.com/~jamwgw/index.htm

Madeleine Mitchell's Home Page:http://users.pullman.com/mitchelm/jamaica.htm

British Caribbean Slave-Ownership, slave compensation

Images of Jamaican Parish Registers and Civil Registration

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The weather in Jamaica (insert Kingston or Montego Bay): http://www.weather.com

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Montego Bay map http://www.caribbean-on-line.com/jm/mbmap.sthml

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The Army Children Archive (TACA) collects and preserves details of the 'army-child experience.'

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