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1840 Jamaica Almanac


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Proprietors, etc., Properties, etc., Acres or Feet

[Properties in town, measured in "feet" will be so noted. All others are in acres]

Addison and Smith, 5

Anderson, Robert, heirs of, Hermitage, 250

Arcedeckne, Andrew, 4524

Anderson, Mary, 1

Bartlett, Agnes, 100 feet

Barclay, Alexander, Fairfield, 290

Barclay, Sarah, 50 feet

Barrett, Thomas Henry, Garland Hall and Mullet Hall, 6200

Bassett, Thomas, Richmond Hill, 75

Baxter, Edward G. estate of, Highgate, 40

Beckford, Nathaniel, Oxford, 1585

Beveridge, Peter, estate of, 32

Bell, James, estate of, Dalvey and Friendship Castle, 1150

Bell, Allan, 146

Bernard, David, 1

Bigbie, John, 16

Blair, Charles, East Prospect, 996

Black, James, 14

Blakely, Thomas, estate of, 200 feet

B1ake, James, 200 feet

Boggie, James, 400

Bond and Kinghorn, Cardiff, 854

Bond and Rutherford, Spring, 1543

Browne, Ann, Harbour View, 1

Bryan, William, 1920

Brydon, James, Cotton Tree, 500

Buchan, William, Bannockburn and Churchill, 171

Burke, John, Airy Castle and Somerset, 1139

Burton, James, 2004

Bennett, Samuel, 200 feet

Cameron, Alexander, Vineyard Hill, 1000

Cargill, John, Haining, 825

Cargill, Robert, Sunning Hill, 944

Carter, Amb., Barking Lodge, 830

Carter, William, heirs of, Essex and Wilmington, 500

Champneys, Sir Thomas S., Nutt's River, 1030

Chrystie, Margaret, 600 feet

Churnside, Marianne, 28acres/200 feet

Cockrane, Janet, 1 1/2

Clarke, Eliza, 150 feet

Codrington, William and George, Happy Grove and Santa Maria, 293

Collard, John, 300

Cooke, Andrew, Shady Spring, 385

Crane, William, 42

Cruickshank, Lewis, Springfield and Knockando, 265

Currie, Ann Maria, Whitehall pen, 400 feet

Cussans, Thomas, heirs of, Amity Hall, 1256

Cussans, Thomas, Winchester, 888

Chrystie, Charles, 200 feet

Dadley, James, 280

Davis, John, 14

Davidson and Jennings, Coley, 1080 acres/2 feet [sic]

Davidson, John, Providence, 2041 acres/4 feet [sic]

Donaldson, Alexander, Stokes Hall and Hampton Court, 1443

Downer, Robert, heirs of, Gilmour Hill, 50

Drysdale, John, Roaring River, 309

Duany, James F., 4

Douglas, Robert, 4

Dousbery, Robert, 5

East, Sir Edward H., The Rhyne, 838

Edmistone, Robert, Round Hill, 64

Edwards, William, 15

Elmslie, John, senior, heirs of, 1609

Elmslie, John, junr. heirs of, Island Head, 960

Fergusson and Blair, 1469

Fitzgerald, George, heirs of, 400 feet

Fitzherbert, Sir H., Grange Hill and Blue Mountain, 2586 acres/60 feet

Forsyth, William, 400

Foulds, James, heirs of, Orange Hill, 395

Francis, Samuel, Barracks, 1284

Franks, Priscilla, Duckenfield, 2361

Freeman, John C., 2050

Forsyth, James, estate of, Bowden, 1321

Galloway, Rachael R., 400 feet

George, John C., 5 1/2

Gordon and Hall, Hall Head, 2402

Grant, W. F. heirs of, Holliday Hill, 206

Grant, Donald, estate of, Amity Hall, 50

Grant, Robert, 15 acres/200 feet

Grier, Agnes, 1

Grossett, John R., Petersfield, 1768

Gildea, Margaret, 10

Halyburton, Gilbert, 680

Hall, Jasper, Hector's River, 1416

Haynes, Henry, 180 feet

Hamilton, Mary, 1000 feet

Hart, Daniel, Bowden, 1132

Harvey and Kemyss, Plantain Garden River, 1592

Harris, George, 20

Harvey, Thomas S., 200 feet

Hewett, William, 700 feet

Hicks, John W., Pembroke and Hicks Hall, 844

Hill, William, 5

Horman, Mary, heirs of, 200 feet

Huick, John C., 62

Hodgson, Charles O., 1195

Innes, Sarah E., 225

Irvine and Lambie, 1112

Jackson, John, 50

Johnson, Catherine, 6

Jones, George B., 350

James, William, Clifton Hill, 1162

Johnston, James, 100

Jones, Maurice, Hartford, 700

Jones, William, 255

Jopp, Keith, 300

Joughin, Robert, 380

Jourdin, Patrick, 50

Kavanaugh, Peter, estate of, 300

Kelles, William, estate of, Beldorney, 70

Kelly, Phoebe, 3

Kelly, James, Green Castle, 845

Kennedy, Archibald, Belle View, 100

Kennedy, Margaret, 200 feet

Kennedy, Sarah, estate of, 26 acres/200 feet

Kesler, Eugene, 30

Kingdon, John, 18

Knowles, Sarah, 41 feet

Langslow, Mary, 200 feet

Lake, John, 126 feet

Laurie, W. K., 721

Lewis, M. G. heirs of, Hordley, 1670

Lindsay, John, 37

Lindsay, John, 200

Lindsay, Mary, 400 feet

Loague, Dominick, 13 acres/ 200 feet

Logan, Robert, heirs of, Airy Mount, 1213

Lyon, H. R. H., 120 feet

McCourtie, Thomas, 150 feet

McCrae, Alexander, 5

McDermott, Martin, heirs of, Lebanon, 150

McDonald, James, heirs of, 1 1/2

McFarquhar, Alexander, Glenmoy, 791

McFarlane, Peter, Wakefield and Stratton Hall, 534

McIndoe, John S., 163

McKenzie, Duncan, Springfield and Seaforth, 10 acres/400 feet

McKenzie, Duncan, heirs of, 300

McKenzie, John, estate of, Air Mount and New Market, 2503

McKenzie, Cecelia, 203 feet

McKowan, Archibald, estate of, 28

McKie, Henry, 5

McNaught, Niel, 10

McPherson, John, estate of, Cluny, 55

McPherson, Kennell, Mount Vernon, 1100

McPherson, Duncan, 40

McQueen, John, Pot, 1538

McLean, John, 1400

Mclean, John, 620

Madden, Eleanor, estate of, 5

Maduro, Solomon, 200 feet

Marks, Richard, 100 feet

Martin, John, 200 feet

Matthews, Margaret, 3

Matthews, Mary, 3

Matthews, Thomas P., 14

Messenger, James, 60

Miles, John P., Golden Valley, 1041

Miles, Rose, 962

Morrison, John, 6

Milner, Thomas W, Wheelersfield, 1020

Murray, Edward, 4

Moon, John C., 14

Murray, Cornelia, 100

Neufville, W. B. estate of, Windsor, 100

Nicol, John, 220

Napier, John, 25

Noble, Janet, 100 feet

Nockells, Christiana, Mount Pleasant, 603

Noyes, Henry, estate of, 499

Noyes, Simon, Harbour View, 26

Osborne, Kean, heirs of, Mount Ephraim, 1633

Panton, Isaac, 200 feet

Panton, Mary, Rock Brook, 100

Panton, Frances, 1

Panton, George, heirs of, Elmwood, 1169

Panton, Margaret Atkins, Little Bay, 35

Panton, Richard D. dec., Rose Garden, 715

Paterson, Hugh, 1000 feet

Patton, George, heirs of, Friendship pen, 250

Perry, James, 40

Pedley, John, Stanton, 800

Phillips, Nathaniel, heirs of, Phillipsfield, 2719

Phillips, Henry, 400 feet

Pine, William, Belmont, 740

Passley, John P., 250

Price, Lewis, 10

Pinnock, George, heirs of, 1260

Pidoux, George, 200 feet

Prendergast, Hannah, 200 feet

Parry, William, 35

Quelch, Robert, Windsor Forest, 204 acres/80 feet

Rae, James

Rankin, Samuel, Mount Felix, 457

Rae, William, estate of, 860

Reeves, George, 200 feet

Reid, Francis, 6

Reid, James, estate of, Fonthill and Inverness, 721

Renwick, John, Mount Stewart, 136

Renwick, Jane, 5

Robertson, Hon. P. heirs of, Prospect pen and Dunrobin, 20

Robertson, Hon. P. assignees of, Weybridge and Friendship Valley, 696

Richardson, Henry, 4

Rankin, Fanny, 15

Rogers, James H., 1

Ross, John, heirs of, 970

Ross, John, heirs of, 163

Ross, Thomas, heirs of, Benlomond, 346

Robertson, Colin, Fair Prospect, 1113

Roach, David, 12

Rowley, James, 30

Scott, Charles, 10 acres/500 feet

Scott, Rev. John James, 780

Shaw, William, 4

Shirley, Mary Barnett, 200 feet

Speed, Thomas P., 1180

Sprout, William, 516

Sproull, James, Rose Mount, 9

Sterling, William, 10

Sterling, James, 14

Sterling, Joseph, 24

Sterling, Robert, 8

Stewart, Sarah, 18

Tasker, Robert, 660

Taylor, George W., Holland and Burrowfield, 3525

Taylor, S. and Sir R. B. heirs of, Lysons, 3017

Taylor, Simon, dec., 565

Telfer, Robert, heirs of, 1000

Thomas, Thomas, 100

Thomson, Charles C., Spring Valley, 846

Thomson and Kent, 1517

Thomson, Mary, 150

Trecothick, James, Boston and Buckingham, 2061

Turner, George A., 484

Uniacke, Elsie, Little Cardiff, 200 feet

Verity, Maria, 25 acres/200 feet

Walker, Thomas, 200 feet

Wardell, John, 20

Watt, Philip, 45

Werge, Elizabeth, Happy Grove, 20

Wedderburne, Lutie, 8

West, William, Betty's Hope, 2021

Whittle, Thomas, Grampian, 40

Williams, C. W., Duckworth, 1121

Williams, J., 128

Williams, Joseph and Henry, 961 acres/800 feet

Williams, Ann, 5

Williams, John, 5

Williams, Jane, 3 1/2

Wilson, William, 196

Wyllis, William, Mount Lebanon, 1340

Wright, George, 600

Williamson, Thomas, 166 feet
Total acres / feet 126,632 / 913,82 [sic]

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