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1840 Jamaica Almanac


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Proprietors, etc., Properties, etc., Acres

Allen, George, Berwick, 42

Anderson, Robert, Cape Clear, 20

Anderson, Patrick C. as guardian, Chesterfield, 5

Appleton, Mary, Clifton, 31

Anderson, James, Content, 11

Anderson, Sarah, Hopeton, 132

Anderson, W. W., Leighfield, 1200

Anderson, Robert, Mount Egypt, 38

Anderson, Joseph B., Mount Providence, 20

---Same, Pleasant View, 5

Anderson, John Edw., Oran Pen, 136

---Same, Redington, 408 1/2

Allen, James, Prior Park and Swift Town, 917

Archer, Charlotte, Retreat and Fellowship, 350

Allen, John, True Blue, 300

Atkins, John and son, Trafalgar, 1924

Brown, Rev. Henry, Altamont, 88

Baxter, Henry, Ann's Delight, 6

Bowyer, Josias, Ashcott, 500

Brown, Ann J., Bon Acord, 20

Brown, Daniel, Bon Acord, 25

Brown, Andrew, Charity Garden, 140

Brown, Mary J., Charity Mount, 19

Bell, Alexander, Cunning Park, 38

Baxter, David, Endeavour, 50

Buchan, Jane, Enfield, 75

Brown, Thomas, Friendship, 6

---Same, Pilgrimage and Hope Bay, 66

Baxter, James, Hamsley Hall, 3

Beaton, Alexander, Happy Grove, 18

Brown, W. A., Happy Hill, 22 1/2

Bloomfield, Ann, Ipswich, 52

Buckley, William A., Kensington, 20

Brown, Christian J., Low Garden, 25

Baugh, Eliza, Mount Friendship, 100

Brown, Charles, Mount James, 25

Brown, Daniel, Mount James, 25

Burgess, Edward C., Orange Hill, 96

Brown, Thomas H. estate of, Pilgrimage, 26

Brown, Peter, Providence, 14 1/2

Baugh, Robert, Rectory, 231

---Same, Shady Grove and Frankfort, 276

Baker, James, Retirement, 50

Balmer, John T. estate of, Retirement, 300

Baxter, William, Retreat, 50

Brown, Charlotte, Sherborne, 22 1/2

Brown, John, Springfield etc, 43 1/2

Clarke, John, Ann's Retreat, 50

Church Missionary Society, Birnam Wood, 60

Carpenter, Charles, Bunker's Hill, 66 1/2

Cockburn, James, Cascade and Marlborough Castle, 540

---Same, Hart Hill and Tranquillity, 1788

Christie, Porteous, and Carson, Cedar Valley, 1358

---Same, New Haven, 900

Cunningham, James, et al., Chancery Hall, 55

Campbell, Rev. Alexander, Claverty Cottage, 77

Cattherwood, Thomas, Fair Prospect, 43

Campbell, Alex., Glengyle and Castle Dawson, 192

---Same, Mount Providence, 11

Campbell, Christian, Grove, 10

Carby, William J., Lovely Vale, 100

Calder, James, Margaret's Hope, 71

Carpenter, William S., May River, 20

Coulter, Andrew, Moore Park, 150

Cairnes, Eleanor, Mount Edwards, 50

Cockburn, J. and B. Willis, Resource, 300

Codrington, George, Rodney Hall, 1105

Cargill, Jasper F., Skibo, 927

Dunbar, Anna G., Annotto River, 335

Dowswell, Abel H., Brampton, 120

Davidson, George, Broadgate, 332

---Same, Redington, 592

Deslandes, Jessy, Cross Hill, 188

Dyce, John, Dyce's Field, 6

---Same, Ramble, 30

Dunckerly, John H., Friendship Pen, 32

Douglass, Elizabeth C., Golden Vale, 2 1/2

Douglass, John L., Golden Vale, 18

Douglass, Robert, Golden Vale, 2 1/2

Douglass, William, Golden Vale, 2 1/2

Douglass, Charles, Golden Vale, 2 1/2

Douglass, James, Golden Vale, 2 1/2

Dunbar, Robert, Green Vale, 215

Donaldson, Alexander, heirs of, Lowlayton, 2045

Donaldson, Alexander, heirs of, Orange Vale, 1217

Dudman, Ann, Mammee Hill, 100

Deslandes, Louis, Mount Calvary, 23

Davies, Elizabeth, Mount Charles, 26

Davies, Thomas M., Pleasing Prospect, 109

Davis, William, Rose Valley, 13 1/2

Dumont, Francis, Trinity Valley, 13 1/2

Danriell, Samuel, Warminster, 338

Edge, Ann J., New Green, 5

Eaton, David, Epsom and Content, 381

Espeut, William F., Hope Hill and Fairburn, 500

Fairweather, Hon. Robert, Golden Grove, 831

Forrester, William, Come See View, 71

Fraser, Donald, as guardian, Corn Hill, 41

Forbes, Rev. R., Cottage, 45

Forrester, George, Garden Hall, 66

Ferriman, Elizabeth, Good Intent, 20

Forbes, Alexander, Mammee Hill, 900

Fargie, J., and J. Gully, Middleton, 750

Farquharson, Alex., Mount Olive, 8 1/2

Francis, John A., Pilgrimage, 21

Fowles, John, Spring Hill, 904

Forrester, Robert, Pleasant Grove, 66

Fargie, John, Smithfield, 350

Forrester, Joseph, Stand See and Still Further, 46 1/2

Gordon, Joseph, Birnam Wood, 993

---Same, Ellerslie, 160

---Same, Wallenford, 565

Gregory, Ann, Brown Hall, 25

Grosett, Hon. J. R., Chepstow, 1150

---Same, Spring Garden, 2660

Galloway, George, Clay Hall, 35

Gray, Richard, Citron Vale, 65

Giscome, John, Cottage, 77

Gooden, Robert, Desire Valley, 5 1/2

Gordon, George K.and John P., Dunbar, 300

Galloway, Mary Ann, George's Hope, 32 1/2

Graham, John, Graham Hall, 3 1/2

Geddes, Alex., Gray's Inn, 2106

Giscome, Ann C., Happy Hut and Orchard, 190

Guscott, Francis, estate of, Happy Hut and Woodward, 66

Gibson, Peter, Hope, Graham Hall etc, 697

Gillespie, Ann, Industry, 2

Gowie, Alex., Little Endeavour, 13

Giscome, Frances, Mount Endeavour, 13

Gray, Robert P., Mulberry Hill, 253

Gray, Janet, Recess, 114

Gibson, David, Wakefield, 220

Hynes, Robert, Ann's Delight, 8

Hosack, William, Buff Bay River, 820

---Same, Montpelier, 265

---Same, Woodstock, 1425

---Same, Merven, 50

---Same, Osborne, 1256

Herring, Andrew, Chesterfield, 17

Herring, Ann, Comfort Hill, 25

Howard, Francis, Comfort Hill, 20

Helps, George, Corsham, 345

Hall, George, Eden, 1145

---Same, Guatimala etc, 707

Harrison, Robert, estate of, Fairy Hill and Dunstable, 352 1/2

Humphreys, Charles, Happy Hut, 51

Hossack, John, Lady Hill, 78

Haddon, Henry W., Lenox, 2263

---Same, Paradise, 721

---Same, White River, 795

Henderson, James, Mamlarn, 250

Haughton, George, New Content, 30

Hagart, Sarah, Richmond Castle, 650

Herring, Robert, Springfield, 2

Ivey, Richard, Comfort Hall, 36

Jackson, Charles F., Melrose, 30

Jones, Mary W., Mount Olympus, 45

Jones, Peter, Mount Olympus, 46

King, John, By Brook, 510

Killikelly, Patrick F., Knox Patrick, 6

Killikelly, J. F., Lismore, 33

Kuckahn, William, Industry Mountain, 93

Kirkley, John, Mount Plenis, 30

Lewis, Richard, attorney, Balcarres, 1360

Leckey, Mildred, Content, 61

Laselve, Bernard, estate of, Fairfield, 550

Laidley, Jane, Fruitful Vale and Chelsea, 161 1/2

Lowe, William George, Green Hills, 320

Lecky, Sarah, Green Ridge, 52

Lecky, Alexander McC., Lecky's Field, 52

Leamy, Thomas, Lismore, 26

Lowe, Alexander, Monmouth, 120

Lemasney, M. F.G., Mount Vernon, 90

Lecky, Alexander, Pleasant Hill 182 1/2

Leith, Thomas, Rotherhithe, 41

Leadley, Eliza, Waterfall, 9

Lecky, Thomas H., Rural Bank, 25

Mackglashan, Charles, Ann Grove, 400

---Same, Belvidere, 903

---Same, Harmony Hill, 1000

Maulsby, John H., Ann's Delight, 83

---Same, Endeavour, 252

Murdoch, Amelia J., Airy Mount, 30

Myers, Thomas, Banff, 70

McDonald, James, Belmont, l00

---Same, Retirement, 13

Manhertz, Humphey and Henry, Bremen Valley, 291

Manahan, Lachlin, Castle Bar and Come See, 87

---Same, Longue Ville, 80

Moore, Hannah, Cedar Valley, 10

Murray, Robert, Cherry Hill etc, 141

Merchand, George, Clear Spring, 161

McLachlan, Alexander, Content, 10

Mure, Samuel W., Contrivance, 44

Maxwell, James Evandale, 324

Matthewson, Donald, Freefield, 107

McClery, William, Galloway, 300

Murdoch, William, Green Side etc, 30

Mann, Samuel A., Happy Grove, 65

Malabre, Philip, Industry Castle, 30

Mann, Mary V., Mason's Hope, 20

Maypother, Edward D., Mayfield, 200

Morrison, Janet, Morrison's Endeavour, 27

Mais, Hon. John, Mount Pleasant, 300

Murray, Thomas, Mount St. Bernard, 332

Murray, John, New Cottage, 10

Mann, Peter V., Newport, 41

McBean, George R. et al., Nutshell and Golden Spring, 50

Myers, John, Pleasant Mount etc, 600

McVean, Mary, Pleasant View, 28

Morrison, Dorothy, Retirement, 15

Mason, Henry, Silver Hill, Mahoe etc, 1068

Moody, Thomas, Southfield, 100

McKay, Rupart, Spring Vale, 11

Moore, Ann, estate of, Spring Valley, 60

Milne, Walter, Williamsfield, 787

Neil, William, Glasgow, 50

Oldham, John, dec., Caen Wood, 1022

---Same, Windsor Castle, 928

---Same, attorney, Georgia Pen, 1200

Owen, Robert, estate of, Redland and Clifton, 44

Passley, Valentine, Happy Castle, 60

Pernaud, Charles, Pleasant Retreat, 26

Pickersgill, Francis H., Thomasfield etc, 264

Phillips, Henrietta, Willford, 49

Robertson, William, Dover, 1467

---Same, Craig Hill and Strathnaver, 510

Roper, Thomas, Friendship Hall etc, 20

Rapkey, Charles T., Lovely Grove, 528

Rutherford, George A., Mount Faraway, 64

Roper, Susanna, Providence, 4

Rogers, Thomas P., Timsbary, 162

Ross, Jane, Whitehall, 150

Swire, Roger, Belle Vue, 250

---Same, attorney, Fort Stewart, 4167

Schoborg, Andres J., Devon Pen, 450

---Same, Richmond Castle, 216

Stamp, John, Dowans Castle, 10

Singer, William, Dry River Retreat, 482

Sutherland, Eleanor, Dyce's Field, 3

Swaby, James, Elysium, 1155

Seaford, Lord, Fort George, 3333

Spalding, Hinton, Good Hope, 222

---Same, Hermitage, 800

Strachan, Edmund, Good Intent, 22

Strachan, David, Happy Retirement, 19 1/2

Sutherland, Daniel, Harmony Valley, 16

Strachan, James, Industrious Cottage etc, 55

Shaw, J. J., Industry, 6

Smith, Archibald and James, Iter Boreale, 1475

Shirley, Edmund, Mann Mount, 36

---Same, Shirley Castle, 48

Sutherland, John, Mount Granby etc, 42

Summers, Nicholas, Mount Rose, 66

Strachan, Alex., Mountain View, 19

Strachan, Robert, Pleasant Park, 75

Shirley, Edmund L. Peppingford, 180

Sutherland, Andrew, Rose Hill and Reform, 330

Sutherland, George, Scotland, 43

Sherriff, David, Springfield, 22 1/2

Skyers, William, Winchester, 10

Strachan, William, Willsprospect etc, 22 1/2

Townson, James, Gibraltar, 2000

---Same, Kildare, 1650

Thomson, John, Lancaster, 473

Thomson, Daniel, Poor Man's Valley, 5

Vidal, George B., Cottage, 67

---Same, Pontifract, 180

Veitch, Margaret, Happy Retreat, 4

Veitch, Elizabeth Mount Pleasant, 235

Vandall, Lettice, Sherwood Forest, 38

Wordsworth, Elizabeth, Carlton, 12 1/2

Wordsworth, Harriet, Carlton, 12 1/2

Wordsworth, John, Carlton, 12 1/2

Wordsworth, Martha, Carlton, 12 1/2

Wordsworth, Mary, Carlton, 12 1/2

Watson, James, Chester Castle, 16

Watson, Jonn Owen, Gloomy Vale, 16

Watson, James, Golden Spring, 50

Watson, Richard, Greenfield, 16

Watson, Janet, Hill Side, 32

Watson, Catherine, Lucky Hill, 32

Williamson, William, Lime House, 52

---Same, Mount Holstein, 1082

Wright, James, estate of, Pleasant View, 40

Wright, Sarah, Rural Hill, 16

Watson, Robert, Rural Vale, 12

Wilson, Mary, Tryfaith, 13


Anderson, Alexander, 1419

Baxter, Richard, 10

Bond, George, 68

Brown, John, 5

Champigney, Eugene, 3

Clark, George, 32

Davidson, George, 3

Davies, Thomas, 4

Davies, William, 13

Davidson, William, 12

Duncan, David, estate of, Rothsay, 300

Edward, George, 2

Elmslie, William, 3

Ewill, James, 10

Gisconte, Dorothy, 13

Gray, Stewart, 2

Haase, John, part of Clear Spring, 100

Henry, James, 4

Irvine, William, 10

Kirkland, Richard, 4

Kuckahn, Jane B, 300

Leadley, John, 12

Lecky, Margaret, Swift River, 52

Lecky, James J., Waterfall, 9

McKay, John, 4

Manahan, Mary Ann, 32

Murray, Ann N., 31

Murray, John, 11

Murray, Clementina, 31

Murdoch, James A., Mount Irvine, 30

Munro, George, 3

McFarlane, Eliza E., 91

Nind, William, 4

Price, Jane, 300

Shirley, Henry, heirs of, 240

Smith, Bryan, 2

White, Leonard, 2

-----, Green Hill and Clifton, 561


[Total] 90,028

[added by hand]

Donaldson, Alex, heirs of, a Run of land west side of Buff Bay River formerly part of Fairfield, 300
Total 90, 328

---> The List for the Parish of Portland could not be obtained either from the Receiver General's Office or the Clerk of the Vestry when this Sheet was put to Press, but should it be obtained previous to publication, it shall be inserted in another part.

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