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1840 Jamaica Almanac


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Proprietors, etc., Properties, etc., Acres

Those marked thus * were assessed

Anderson, James, estate of, Hermitage, 306

Austin, Thomas, Relief, 459

Atkinson, George, Windsor Forest, Somerset Vale and New Rambo, 1905

Anderson, Anthony, * 10

Black, Thomas, Old England, 6

Benson, John White, Whitehall, 400

Bull, John, estate of, Sheldon (300 acres in St. George's), 509

Brydon, John, Snowden, 10

Burgher, Henry, Manheim, 155

Barclay, John, Woburn-Lawn and Windsor, 472

Burke, Edmund, Happy Retreat, 10

Boyd, George, *Egypt, 10

Blay, William, *Little Hope, 100

Bennett, George, Clydeside, 10

Brown, Joseph, Distress, 1/2

Blair, Eleanor, Henderson's Retreat, 2 1/2

Canton, Robert, Hopewell Pen, 1

Colquhoun, James, Hillside, 78

Cole, Robert, Coldridge Valley, 48

Cornochan, John, Newton Hall, 10

Cross, Thomas, Fellowship Hall, 6

Clark, Francis, estate of, *Old England, 3400

Crosdaile, Edward, Grove, 215

Cherrington, John, Mount-Pleasant and Wellington, 209

Coppard, Henry and Sarah, Abbey Green, 905

Cross, Thomas, Friendship Hall, 10

Canton, Sarah, Present Field, 5

Cleugh, John, Cottage 1

Cushnie, George, Cave-Bottom, 1

Campbell, Taulbutt, Grant Hall, 4

Dick, Archibald, William Parke and Richard Hall, Windsor Castle, 2184

Dick, Archibald, Bransbury, 79

Delpratt, Edward, estate of, Brandon Hill and Edinburgh Castle, 250

Dickson, Sarah, Islington and Spring Vale, 41

---Same, *Dick's Delight, 300

Delpratt, Joseph, estate of, Lloyds, Coldstream and Mountain Spring, 2426

---Same, Mount Sinai, 1122

Davis, Joseph, estate of, Dry Sugar Work and Union, 88

Dalton, Thomas, Clayside, 5

---Same, Easington, 200

Fowles, John, Penlyne-Castle, 300

Foster, Annie, Content Pen, 2

Fouracres, Gracey, estate of, Pleasant Field, 3

Fisher, John, Cage and Call, 3

Francis, Edward, *10

Gordon, Joseph, Richmond Vale, 1009

---Same, Cocoa Walk and Ultimatum, 1200

Gully, John, Sheffield, 244

Gibson, Robert, estate of, Ayton, 230

Gilroy, John, Carrick Hill, 153

Grant, Catherine, Inverness, 160

Grant, William, Prospect Hall, 2

Goollen, George, estate of, *Bloom-Hill, 62

Graham, Elizabeth, Providence, 4

Geoghegan, Elizabeth J., Industry Pen, 8

Harris, W. R., Paradise, 15

[Note: starting here the Almanac changes the heading from Acres to Feet. It must be a printing error]

---Same, *Sweet Home, 8

Hibbert, Robert, Albion, 3401

Hill, James, Happy Retreat, 9

Hollister, James, *20

Hickstall, J. H., Rock Hall, 86

Hunter, Richard, Pleasant Castle, 1 1/2

Harper, John, Cottage, 50

Henderson, James, Brightfield, 2

Hunter, Charles, Behind Good, 1

Henderson, Susanna, Inch Valley, 4

Hickstall, Richard, *20

Irvine, James, and Gray Rutherford, Phillipsfield and Hampstead, 369

Jacob, John, Salisbury Plain, 8

Johnston, John, New Ramble, 1/2

Kellerman, Eleanor, Pentonville, 23

Leigh, Thomas, estate of, Whitfield Hall, 380

Law, Robert, estate of, Highgate and Clydeside, 183

Lamont, David, Berness, Bothwell, Somerset Mount and Cottage, 412

---Same, Harmour Hall, 50

Leslie, Hugh F., Belle Clare, 230

---Same, Cambridge Hill, 1060

Low, John, Melville, 71

Law, Robert, Mount Olive, 10

---Same, executor, Heart's Delight, 1

Law, Martha, *20

Law, Augusta, Providence, 1/2

Law, Gilbert, Somerset, 1/2

McDermott, P. estate of, *Hibernia, 650

McLean, David, Middleton, 150

Mclean, John, Mount George and Lowden Hill, 1002

Morgan, Robert, Radnor (37 acres in St. Andrew's), 1450

McTernan, Michael, Fair Prospect, 316

McGeachy, Edward, * Brighton, 218

McIntosh, Alex. estate of, Moy Hall and Ness Castle, 810

McFarlane, P. estate of, Mavis Bank, 73

Moore, Susanna, Content Pen, 138

Mignot, David, Friendship's Retreat (180 in St Catherine's), 180

Manahan, Mary A., Bloomfield, 140

Matthews, Elizabeth, *20

Mezgar, Emily, Cottage, 50

Mitchell, Allen, Cage and Call, 1/2

McGynn, Andrew, Fairwell, 1

Marks, Robert, Poor Man's Friend, 1/2

Martin, Thomas, Rest Settlement, 4 1/2

Nicholson, Margaret, Sugar Loaf Hill, [illegible]

Paterson, William, estate of, Aeolus Valley, 3056

Paterson, Robert, Cedar Valley, 1000

Parker, George, Wearfield, 200

Perkins, George, Ravensbury, 11

Plummer, Anthony, Charity Vale, 2 1/2

Plummer, J. Lynch, Providence, 2

Price, Joseph, 2

Phillips, Charles, Powerfull, 1/2

Phillips, Mary Ann, Friendship, 10

Perkins, Charles, Snugville, 10

Ramsay, Francis, estate of, Birse, 200

Raymond, Madam de, Friendship Hall and Mount Pleasant, 400

Ronnie, James, estate of , Norris, 1410

---Same, Swamps, 606

Rae, Wm. estate of, Sherwood Forest, 867

---Same, Arntully, 619

---Same, Brook Lodge, 373

---Same, River Head, 620

---Same, Eccleston, 500

Richards, Fitzherbert, estate of, Creighton Hall, 1850

Rennalls, Mary, *120

Reid, Richard, Never Thought, 1

Silvester, Robert, Pimento Grove, Shooting River and Dulce Domum, 436

Scott, Walter, estate of, Minto, 100

---Same, Llandewey, 974

Stewart, Robert, estate of, Glenfinlas, 535

Stewart, James, Healthshire, 4

Stewart, Janet, Kelvin Grove and Cherry Garden, 49

Stewart, Elizabeth, Perseverance, 6

Scott, Alexander R. and George Parker, Epping-Farm (300 acres in St. George's), 333

Sayle, John, Winchester Park, 10

Schroeter, G. H. and George Parker, New-Battle, 233

Smith, James, Amphitheatre, 3

Smith, James and Joseph, Retreat, 3

Shirley, Ann Cross, 1 1/2

Tarbutt, George, Prospect Pen, 850

Taylor, George, Orange-Park, 505

Turner, William, Worcester-Park, 363

Turpin, Henry, Farm-Hill, 523

Tingling, Mary, Healthy Valley, 158

Taylor, Sarah, estate of, *18

Veitch, Archibald, Cave Bottom, 9

Vandeburgh, H. estate of, Bull Park, 450

Warren, John, Somerset, 70

Wright, George, Greeenwall, 795

---Same, Palmyra, 44

Wright, George, Kensington Garden, 171

---Same, Heart's Ease, 80

Wilson, James, Pleasant Vale, 21

Wilkie, Jane, Shady Grove [acres blank]

Wilds, John, Mount Tiviot, 04 1/2 [sic]

Wilds, Henry, Burleigh Hall, 39

Williamson, James, Clifton, 252

Wilson, John, Hillside, 408

Waire, William, Content, 1/2

Williams, James, Drudging Hill, 16

Wilson, Mary C., Retreat, 1/2

Wilkie, James, Silver Vale, 1

Waire, Anthony, Tune Hill, 1/2

Wilkie, Arthur, 1
Total, 50,545

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