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Male persons of Twenty-One years of age, and not affected by any legal incapacity, and must possess:-

1. Freehold house and premises of the clear annual value of £6 sterling, or

2. Receive a rented charge of the clear annual sum to himself individually of £30 sterling, or

3. As a tenant of a house, plantation or settlement of £30 sterling payable by himself, or

4. As a tax-payer actually paying taxes to the amount of £3 sterling per annum.

5. Rectors of parishes.

Freeholders [property owners] must record their titles twelve months in the Secretary's Office previous to the day of giving in his claim to vote. Tax-payers must have actually paid the taxes due by him.


I hereby give you notice that I claim to be inserted in the list of Voters for the parish of _________, and that the particulars of place of abode and qualification are stated below.

Dated this _____day of ____________ in the year ______________.

(Signed)_____________________ A.B.

Place of abode _______________________

Nature of Qualification______________________________________

Freehold house (or estate, pen, or coffee or other plantation, etc., as the case may be).

STREET (or otherwise as the case may be). If the property be not situated in any street, lane or other like place, then say "Name of the property, farm, pen or estate" (as the case may be), or name of the Tenant.



May 20th. Notice to be affixed on doors of Chapels and Churches, for parties to give in claim on or before the 20th June.

June 30th. The Clerks of the Vestries on or before this day to make out an Alphabetical List of all persons claiming to vote. Copies of such lists to be put on Churches and Chapels on the Sundays next after such list shall have been made (July 1st).

July 1st to 15th. Copy of last mentioned list to be kept in Vestry Office for Public inspection. On or before the 25th July persons objecting to the claim of any voter must give notice in writing to the Clerk of the Vestry.

On the 31st of January in each year, the Clerks of each Parish shall transmit to the Barristers appointed copies of the lists made out by them, with a statement of the number of persons objected to, that such barrister may fix proper times and places for holding their courts.


The state of the Post Office in this Island ninety years ago, will be seen from a report made by a Committee of the House of Assembly, appointed to enquire into the irregularities and abuses in the year 1758.

"Mr. Dismore is appointed to act as Post Master of this Island, by a power from the honourable the Earl of Leicester and Sir Edward Falconer, Post Master Generals of Great Britain:- He keeps his office in Kingston, and has a Deputy in Spanish Town, at Old Harbour, the Cross in Clarendon, Black River, Savanna-la-Mar, Lucea and Montego Bay: to which places he sends a post, but to no other parts of the island: That the first is carried by negroes, who travel on foot, and he cannot afford to send posts to any other parts of the Island: that his rates of postage are 7 1/2d for single letter, 1s 3d for a double letter, 2s 6d per ounce for a Packet, to any point of the Island within one hundred and twenty miles of Kingston, and 5s. per ounce to any part above that: That he deems a letter, with a cover, to be a double letter: every cover containing two enclosures to be a treble letter: and every one weighing an ounce and upwards, to be a packet; and that he looks upon it he is entitled to charge these rates of postage, from the rates settled for North America, by a Statute of the ninth of Queen Anne."

[Comments by JFS: These rates may be compared with the rates in the 1851 Almanac. {LINK}.

Letters were folded, and the address with written on the back of the letter, to save postage. If an envelope was used, it was called a 'cover' and was charged as an extra page.]



Shaar Hashamayim

(Gate of Heaven)

Spanish and Portuguese Jews

Rev. Isaac Lopes, Reader

D. R. Dacoster [Dacosta?], Esq., President

George Delgado, Esq., Vice President

Abraham Depass, Esq., Treasurer


Shaar Hayosher

(Gate of the Happy)

English and German Jews

Rev. Solomon Jacobs, Minister

Hymen Levy, Esq., President

Henry Samuels, Esq., Vice President

Ralph Harris, Esq., Treasurer



(House of Jacob)

Rev. A. P. Mendes, Minister

S. G. Corinaldi, Esq., President

G. N. Phillips Esq., Vice President

George Delisser Esq., Treasurer



Rev. Rabbi B. B. Camllen, Minister

Abraham Lopez Esq., Warden

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