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The third Contingent was somewhat unfortunate. On leaving Jamaica the transport was turned up to Halifax, where it was caught in a blizzard and a large number of the men suffered severely from frost-bite. A few died while others lost limbs. The latter have been fitted with artificial limbs and granted pensions, while those who were left back in hospital in Halifax received the best treatment, and are being taught such trades as will enable them to help themselves. The rest of the battalion after recuperating at Bermuda for some time went on to England and have since taken their places with others in France and Egypt.

Reports that have come to hand show that one or two battalions have been serving in France as labour battalions and doing remarkably good work. They have shown much courage under fire and the officers speak highly of them everywhere. The letters received here from time display a most cheerful spirit and a determination to carry on till victory is assured.

Equally good reports have come to hand with regard to the men in Egypt and in East Africa, and it is safe to expect that each unit will do its share with credit.

Recruiting for the Fifth Contingent has been very successful and fully fifteen hundred men have been enlisted within a couple of months. The Fifth Contingent is thus assured and when they leave there will be the nucleus for the sixth.

Much credit is due to Lieut.-Colonel H. N. Durant, the present Commandant of the Contingent Camp, and his staff on the organizing ability displayed by them.

May Jamaica shine in history for the splendour of her service and the valour of her sons, and may they return hearing the laurels of a great victory and thus cause the name of Jamaica to rank high in the Roll Call of the Empire.


The Central Recruiting Committee is composed of the following gentlemen:

Hon. J. H. W. Park, President; Hon. S. Couper, Hon. H. A. L. Simpson, Hon. Dr. John Errington Ker, Col. H. N. Durant, Lt. Frederick S. Waldegrave, Messrs. A. H. Jones, William Wilson, Michael deCordova, W. Baggett Gray, J. Tapley, C. N. Barr and A. B. Wood, Secretary.



Revised and brought up to December 31st, 1916


Rank, Name, Date of appointment to Present Rank

Captain, Waldegrave, Frederick Stanley, 21st April, 1916

Major Orrett, Edward George, 4th Aug., 1914

Company Sergt.-Major Adams, S. A. 5th Jan., 1914


The Jamaica Militia Artillery consists of one Company. The following are the present officers:

Rank, Name, Date of appointment to Present Rank

Captain, Simms, Alfred Aston, 26th Nov., 1915

2nd Lieutenant Pawsey, Francis Graham; Bevan, Ivan Geoffrey Chandos 30th April, 1913


The Governor has from time to time authorized the enlistment of men in various Parishes of the Island to serve as members of the Volunteer Force in a Regiment he designated as the Jamaica Reserve Regiment.

Where more than one Company is raised in a Parish, a Commandant, with rank of Major, is appointed.

Each Company of the Regiment is designated according to the Parish in which it is raised.

The strength of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment is at present distributed as follows:

St. James, Companies, I.K.

St. Andrew, Companies, P.Q.R.S.

Kingston, Company, T.


The following are the Officers of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment:

Parish. Rank. Name.

Kingston. Com. (with rank of Brevet Lt.-Col.), Harrison, Leslie Girvan

Captain, Tittensor, Walter Harrison

Lieutenant, Barr, David Newlands

St. Andrew Com. (rank of Major), Cargill, John Henry

Capt. & Chaplain, Ramson, J. L.

Captain, Young, John Girtrig

Captain, Dunn, Harold Herbert

Captain, Tennant, Matthew Pettigrew

Captain, Marley, Robert

Lieutenant, Graham, Robert John*

Lieutenant, Brandon, C. S.

Lieutenant, Cox, George S.*

Lieutenant, Josephs, Hector

Lieutenant, Tapley, John

Lieutenant, Gunter, Geoffrey C.

Hon. Phy. Cap., Turton, Robert S.

Hon. Phy. Cap., Robertson, O. D. F.

Hon. Phy. Cap., Levy, Charles Isaac

St. James Com. (rank of Major), Kerr, Hon. W. Coke

Captain, Scholefield, W.

Captain, Hart, Edmund

Lieutenant, Kerr, Walter Reginald Coke*

Lieutenant, McPhail, Frank Digby*

Lieutenant, Rose, Alexander Shinton

Lieutenant, Davidson, Stewart Poole*

Hon. Phy. Cap, Thomson, George William

Supernumerary J.R.R., Captain, Downer, L. P.

2nd Lieut., Latreille, Henry LeM.

2nd Lieut., Young, John Girtrig


*Serving with Jamaica Contingent of British West Indies Regiment



Prior to the outbreak of the war there existed an unrecognized Volunteer Corps known as the St. Andrew Rifle Corps. This Corps, though not recognized as a military body, was partly supported by the Government, grants being made to it each year for training and for ammunition and transport. The majority of its members had been members of the former Kingston Infantry Militia.

At the outbreak of war, when it was found desirable to enrol the Corps as part of the new Volunteer Force, it was decided to disband the Corps and to re-enlist the men in a Company of the Volunteer Force to be designated as "TheKingstom. Volunteers." The Commanding Officer of the Corps was accordingly authorized under Warrant by the Governor, to enlist persons to serve as members of a Company of the Volunteer Force to be designated as The Kingston Infantry Volunteers. This was done and Commissions were issued to the Officers of the Corps.

The present officers of the Kingston Infantry Volunteers are:

Rank, Name, Date of Appointment to Present Rank. Previous Service.

Company Commander (Capt. and Hon. Major), Ogilvie, Charles McDonald* 29th Aug., 1914. Attained the

rank of Capt. & Hon Major in the old Kingston Infantry Militia.

Tem. Commandant (Captain Tem. Major), Burke, H. M. 5th Feb., 1915. Attained the rank of Capt. & Hon. Major in the old K. I. M.

Lieutenant, Orrett, Edward George* , 7th Oct., 1915. Served in St. Andrew Company J. R. R.

Lieutenant, King, J. C. O'Reilley+ , 24th June, 1915. Lieut. K. I. V., 27th April 1915.

Lieutenant, Sharp, Thomas Hicks, 26th Oct., 1915, Sergt. in St. St. Andrew Company J. R. R.

Lieutenant, Duff, John Hartley, 8th Feb., 1916


*Serving with Jamaica Contingent of British West Indies Regiment

+On leave and serving in the United Kingdom.



Rank, Name. Date of Appointment. Previous Service.

(Tem.) Com. Lieut.-Col., Durant, H. N. 30th Sept. 1916. Maj. R.I. Rifles, 8th Sept. 1916, G.S.O., 3, I.G.S. 8th March, 1915. Apptd. Instr. to Local Forces, 28th July 1916, apptd. C.S.O.L.F., Jamaica, 18th Aug. 1916.

Lieut. & Quarter Master, Mansell, Walter Beverstock 1st Dec., 1915. Rifle Brigade, & W.I. Regt.

Asst. Adjutant, Copp, Samuel Percy, 25th Nov., 1916. J.R.R.


Rank. Name.

Officers who have Proceeded Overseas for Service with the British West Indies Regiment.

1st Contingent

Major, Neish, Walter Darcy

Major, Roper, Findlater L.

Captain, Orrett, Edward George

Captain, Stuart, Campbell L.

Captain Med. Officer, Curphey, Aldington George

Lieutenant, Cox, George S.

Lieutenant, Ripley, Reginald Charles Proby

Lieutenant, Farquharson, Cyril

Lieutenant, Browne, George Edwin

Lieutenant, Thomas, W. Llewellyn

Lieutenant, Kerr, Walter Reginald Coke

Lieutenant, Morgan, Charles F.

Lieutenant, Rutty, Ronald Coy

2nd Contingent

Lieut.-Col., Hill, C. Wood

Captain, Sanguinetti, Charles Sheddon

Captain, Roper, Claud Lester

Captain, Quin, Edward Hardinge

Captain, Robinson, Cyril Aubrey

Lieutenant, Gowenlock, Frederick

Lieutenant, Jacobs, Caryl Frederick

Lieutenant, Donald, Harry Fulshing

Lieutenant, Med. Ofr, Sharp, Claude

2nd Lieut., Phillips, William Lindsay

2nd Lieut., Spyer, Aubrey Huntley

2nd Lieut., Thompson, John Arthur Vassall.

2nd Lieut., McKay, Leonard Herbert

2nd Lieut., Martinez, Roy Sidney

2nd Lieut., Stockhausen, Ivan L.

2nd Lieut., Andrews, Kenneth Dunlop

2nd Lieut., Ballard, Douglas Roy

2nd Lieut., Hart, Joseph Foley

2nd Lieut., McPhail, Frank Digby

2nd Lieut., Lord, Eric Murcott

2nd Lieut., Binns, Samuel Foster

2nd Lieut., Delgado, Charles Howard

2nd Lieut., O'Donnell, Henry Doyle

2nd Lieut., Keiffer, William Henry

2nd Lieut., Barrett, Caryl

3rd Contingent

Rank. Name.

Major, Hart, G. V.

Lieut., Allan, Alexander Thomas

Capt. Med. Ofr., Cooke, Francis Hamilton

2nd Lieut., Lord, John Leigh

2nd Lieut., Keiffer, Thomas Dann

2nd Lieut., Davis, Arnold Alexander

2nd Lieut., Headman, Arthur Samuel Carlyle

2nd Lieut., Nicholls, Ernest Wiles

2nd Lieut., Bacquie, Palry St. Leger

2nd Lieut., Adam, Thomas Ernest

2nd Lieut., Treleaven, Walter Farquharson.

2nd Lieut., Dawson, George Herbert

2nd Lieut., Dunlop, Allan Aloysius

2nd Lieut., Horne, Leonard Montague

2nd Lieut., Thompson, Arnold Edward

2nd Lieut., Isaacs, Frederick Keith

2nd Lieut., Nusson, John McDougall

2nd Lieut., Grant, Cecil Archibald

2nd Lieut., Gallwey, Reginald Payne

2nd Lieut., Harris, Oscar-Drewe

2nd Lieut., Young, Leycester Barclay

2nd Lieut., Beresford, Walter Marcus

4th Contingent.

Captain, Furber, A. M.

Captain, Waters, R. C.

Surg.-Captain, Hargreaves, G.*

Surg.-Captain, Hearne, Ambrose A.

Lieut. & Adjutant, Fink, R. H. L.

2nd Lieut., Masters, Charles Henry Collingwood

2nd Lieut., Masters, John Collyns Stainsby

2nd Lieut., Cousins, Claude Simpson

2nd Lieut., Watson, Arthur Money

2nd Lieut., Niven, William

2nd Lieut., Harper, Wilfred George

2nd Lieut., Hooper, Sydney Louis

2nd Lieut., Graham, William A.

2nd Lieut., Hind, William

2nd Lieut., Clarke, Donald Stewart M.

2nd Lieut., Jamieson, Wallace C.

2nd Lieut., Thursfield, John Browne

2nd Lieut., Davidson, Stewart Poole

2nd Lieut., Livingston, Reginald H. S.

2nd Lieut., Griffiths, W. G.

2nd Lieut., Lepingwell, M. J.

2nd Lieut., Patterson, L. V.

2nd Lieut., Mills, J. M. D.

2nd Lieut., Robertson, P. O.

2nd Lieut., Jenoure, E. M.

2nd Lieut., Wetton, W. S.

2nd Lieut., Revell, Christopher

2nd Lieut., Aitken, Leonard C.

2nd Lieut., Campbell, Ian Hamish

2nd Lieut., Bartlett, Allison Lester

2nd Lieut., Henriques, Louis Victor Cohen

2nd Lieut., Cousins, Henry Christie

2nd Lieut., Duff, Lloyd Morrison

2nd Lieut., Meek, Robert

2nd Lieut., Sturridge, Hubert Beresford

2nd Lieut., Ratcliffe, Frank


*Embarked 22nd July, 1916


Officers under Training for Service with the British West Indies Regiment

Rank. Name.

2nd Lt. & Adjutant, Willis, Reginald Elgar

2nd Lieut., Collins, Reginald E.

2nd Lieut., Andrews, Leonard Roy

2nd Lieut., Leach, Anthony

2nd Lieut., McLachlan, Henry

2nd Lieut., Aitken, Victor Colquhoun

2nd Lieut., Farquharson, F. H. R.

2nd Lieut., Abrahams, Arthur Vincent

2nd Lieut., Clarke, Eric Hugh

2nd Lieut., DePass, Robert Clinton

2nd Lieut., Andrews, Leslie Vernon

2nd Lieut., Henderson, Harry Dixon

2nd Lieut., Braham, J. E. R.

2nd Lieut., Silvera, Leopold George

2nd Lieut., Parkinson, R. B.

2nd Lieut., Burrough, Allen K. C.

2nd Lieut., Rousseau, Cecil Leopold

2nd Lieut., Reid, H. T.

2nd Lieut., Silvera, O.


The following officers have been placed on the Reserve List of the Local Defence Force:

Jamaica Corps of Scouts

Major Maurice Malcolm

Captain the Hon. Guy Seymour Ewen

Lieut. Harold Archer Melville

Lieut. Edward C. Pratt.

Jamaica Reserve Regiment

Major W. H. Plant,

Major C. H. Yorke-Slader

Captain J. E. McCrea

Captain Leslie Levy

Captain D. L. Feurtado

Captain the Rev. E. Armon Jones

Captain A. R. Suares

Hon. Physician Capt. T. Gideon

Hon. Physician, Capt. J. H. Peck

Lieut. H. G. Tenant

Lieut. K. McCormack

Lieut. C. L. Clemetson

Capt. W. M. Fraser

Lieut. L. C. Levy

Lieut. A. Cook.



Who have laid down their lives for their King and Country in the Great European War

ASTWOOD, Lieut. Edward L. S.; Son of Mr. E. W. Astwood, Accountant of the Treasury, and Mrs. Astwood. Died on the 15th September in one of the Red Cross Hospitals at Rouen, France, from shot wounds. He was formerly in the employ of the Jamaica Government, and subsequently joined the Contingent. He was wounded whilst firing a machine gun in the very forefront of the attack after having done very good work. He was brought back, but unfortunately he succumbed to the wound in his body some five days later. Joseph K. Ireland is Captain of his O. C. B. Company.

BEMAND, G. E. K. , Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bemand of Kingston, and grandson of the late Mr. George Adams. Shortly after war was declared he gave up his employment as an engineer in England and joined the army. He was killed in action in France on the 26th December, 1916.

BERTRAM, Lieut. Rolf Guillaume be la Vienvil1e, of the Eighth Winnipeg Regiment; second son of the Hon. L. J. Bertrain, Auditor-General of Jamaica. The deceased officer left Jamaica sometime ago and obtained a commission in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was in the thick of the fight in May, 1916, on the Western front. On the 18th of that month he was seriously wounded and had to be removed to the base hospital at Boulogne. He was subsequently conveyed to England, but despite the skilled attention he received, he succumbed to his wounds in a military hospital in London on the 6th September, 1916.

BLACKDEN, 2nd Lieut. Arthur Worsley, Royal Field Artillery, eldest son of Brigadier General Blackden, and Mrs. L. S. Blackden, was born at Paston House, Cambridge, on the 6th January, 1898. He was at Tonbridge School from 1911 to 1915. He passed for the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in March, 1915; was gazetted as 2nd Lieutenant to the Royal Field Artillery on, the 27th October, 1915, and posted to 4a Reserve Battery, R.F.A. On the 3rd May, 1916, he went to France with the 189th Brigade, R.F.A. After a short period in Y41 Trench Mortar battery he returned to his old Brigade and went to the Somme, and took part in the great campaign. On the 28th September, 1916 a trench was very heavily shelled, and his battery was too far in the rear to render effective support. He was sent forward into the heavily shelled trench to ascertain how best to help the infantry and to select a new position for his battery. While standing in the trench he was instantly killed by a shell.

BRADBURY, Second Lieut. Dennis John Freeland, was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. O'Leary Bradbury, Acting Assistant Director of Education. He was born in Antigua nineteen years ago. He accompanied his parents to Jamaica some time after, and on receiving an early education here left just after the earthquake for England where he continued his studies at Fulneck School in Yorkshire. In August, 1915, just after leaving school, he got his commission in the King's Own, and on the 15th of July, 1916, he went to do his bit for King and Empire somewhere in France. The deceased officer was a battalion bombing officer in the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. The cablegram received from the Secretary of the War was as follows: "Deeply regret to inform you that 2nd Lieut. Bradbury, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, attached to the Royal North Lancastershires was wounded, and died of wounds on the 15th November, 1916. The Army Council express their sympathies." The young Lieutenant died on the 22nd of November, 1916.

CALDER, Lieut. Kenneth William, Royal Field Artillery, son of the Hon. J. V. Calder; born at Stanmore, St. Elizabeth; was educated at Potsdam School and gained Rhodes Scholarship in 1912. He entered Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He joined King Edward's Horse. He visited Jamaica in 1914 on vacation leave. He returned to England on the outbreak of the present war and enlisted in Hon. Artillery Company, London. Given a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in Royal Field Artillery, he went to Gallipoli, July 1915. He died at Malta of wounds received in a on 21st December, 1915.

CHANDLER, Second Lieut. John, son of the Rev. and Mrs. J. T. H. Chandler of Falmouth. The deceased soldier was a member of 1st, 19th County of London Regiment. He died while in action in France on the 1st October, 1916.

CLARE, Second Lieut. Arthur Vernon. He was born in 1895, and was the only child of Rev. M. C. Clare and Mrs. Clare nee Miss L. A. Long, Headmistress of the Girls High School, Kingston. He was killed in action on the 15th September, 1916 while serving in the great war.

CRAVEN, Lieut. Brian T. was killed in action during the present year, (1916).

EDWARDS, Harrington Douty, D.S.O., R.N., Lieutenant Commander, son of Capt. C. R. Edwards, R.A.M.C. (District Medical Officer for lower St. Andrew, but now serving in a military hospital in Weymouth), was born in the West Indies; he spent a few years in Jamaica; was educated at Cambridge, and entered the Navy, rising to the position of Lieutenant Commander. In the war he won the Distinguished Service Order for Special Service in a submarine in September, 1915. He perished with his submarine which left Harwich on patrol work in March, 1916, and never returned.

FORD, Royston Dearmer, Second Lieut. Royal Irish Regiment; eldest son of the late J. T. Ford, of 86 Eltham Road, Lee, Kent, (formerly of Jamaica.) He joined Kitchener's first army and went rough many engagements. He was killed in action on the 15th March, 1915, at St. Eloi, while leading his platoon to the attack in the face of the terrific fire from machine guns and rifles. He was 20 years of age.

GOSSET, Lieut. William B., Royal Field Artillery; son of the Hon. Beresford Smyly Gosset, Custos of St. Andrew, by his wife Mary Jean, daughter of the late Dr. James Davidson, Fleet Surgeon Royal Navy; was born at Farm Hill, in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, on the 17th November, 1893. He was educated at Ascham School, Eastbourne, and Clifton College, Bristol. He entered the Royal Military College, Woolwich, in 1911, and passed out into the Royal Field Artillery at the end of 1912. He went to France with the first division of the Expeditionary Force in August, 1914, in the 5th Battery of the 26th Brigade Royal Field Artillery; was engaged in most of the battles at the beginning of the war on the Marne, and was in the retreat from Mons, and in the subsequent engagements. He was killed in action at Ypres on 1st November, 1914, by shrapnel shell, having gone out of the trenches to his fellow-officer, 2nd Lieut. John Ayre Tucker, who had been shot while mending a telephone wire. Their bodies were brought in and buried together in Ypres cemetery the following day. They were both in the list of those recommended for gallant and distinguished service in the field by Field Marshal Sir John French, in his despatch of the 14th January, 1915.

HALL, Lieut. Clarence Espeut Lyon, of the South Wales Borderers (Pioneers); son of Mr. C. Lyon Hall of 65 Sinclair Road, Kensington, and grandson of the Rev. Clarence Hall of Somerset Hall, St. Dorothy's, Jamaica, and of Mr. Bancroft Espeut of Spring Garden, Buff Bay, Jamaica, was killed in action on the 7th July, 1916. He was educated at Oundie, Northamptonshire, and was only in his 21st year when he was gazetted a Lieutenant in the regiment with which he was serving on October 15th last. It was only in September, 1915 that he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry.

HARVEY, Lieut. Charles Milne; Middlesex Regiment; only son of the late Hon. Thomas Lloyd Harvey, Custos of St. Catherine; was born in Spanish Town on the 19th of October, 1892. He was educated at Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, and entered Woolwich in 1910, being gazetted to the Middlesex Regiment in 1911; he was promoted Lieutenant in January, 1914. He served in England and Malta, and at the outbreak of the war went to France. He was killed on the 23rd of November, 1916 at Essere, in France, while dislodging some Germans from a farm house, and was buried in the garden next day with "the enemy's bullets humming around."

KERR, Second Lieut. Harvey; 4th Battalion Royal Scots Guards, was the youngest son of the late William Louis Kerr, of Orange Valley, Trelawny. When the war broke out he was serving his apprenticeship with the firm of John McNeil & Co., Glasgow. Along with several other apprentices of the same firm, he enlisted in the 4th Battalion of the Royal Scots (Queen Edinburgh.) The regiment was sent to the Dardanelles, and on the 28th June, 1915, in a successful attack on some Turkish trenches, he, along with the greater part of his battalion, was killed.

KERSHAW, Rev. Captain H. V., in the 19th Battalion of the London Regiment. He was at one time on the staff of the Jamaica Government Railway and later on, after a few years absence on the West Coast of Africa, he came back the Island and joined the Jamaica Theological College as a student. While there he was in charge of the Stony Hill Church. He left the island again, and the outbreak of the war found him in East Africa where he promptly volunteered for service, rising to the rank of Temporary Major in the Uganda Railway Volunteers. He was subsequently invalided home. and after convalescence, he joined his old regiment (the London Regiment) in which he had served during the South African war. He went out to France as stated above and met his death in recent fighting in that theatre of war. He died In France during the month of September 1916.

KEMBLE, Lt. Henry Noel; son of Mr. Kemble of Elm Tree, was killed in action by a sniper on the 21st July. His body was recovered on the 22nd and was buried by a Chaplain at a place called Carnoy, three and a miles northeast of Bray.

KERR, Edward Bournes, Lieutenant, Rifle Brigade; eldest son of Rev. W. F. Kerr of St. Peter's, Ipswich. He was educated at Tyttenhanger Lodge, Seaford and Malborough College, where he gained a foundation Scholarship. He gained an exhibition at Sydney, Sussex College, Cambridge, and received a commission in the Rifle Brigade on Januarv 25th, 1916. He went to the front in July and took part in the engagement of September 25th, about Loos. He was wounded by gunshot in the trenches on the 23rd May, 1916, and died on the 26th. Aged nearly 20 years.

LLEWELLYN, Lt. Robin Horman, was killed in action during the present year (1916).

McGRATH, Lieut. Noel George Scott, 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays), the eldest son of the Hon. George McGrath of Charlemont, Jamaica, Custos of St. Catherine; was born at Charlemont on December 12th, 1885. He obtained his first commission in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in 1907, and received his step in February, 1912, and in the following October joined the Queen's Bays. He died November 5th, 1914, at Boulogne from wounds received at Messines, on October 31st, 1914, when the 1st Cavalry Brigade, under Major-General Allenby, was holding Messines.

McKINNON, Captain Ronald Fullerton of the 11th Lancashire Fusiliers died on the French front on 21st September, 1916. Captain MacKinnon was the second son of the late Louis F. MacKinnon, Esq., Director of the Jamaica Railway. Captain MacKinnon was awarded the Military Cross last January, 1916, and had recently been promoted to the rank of captain. He was leading his company in the first wave of the attack on Regina Trench, when he killed by a shell. Captain MacKinnon was 27 years of age.

MELHADO, Lieut. Owen; Yorkshire Regiment; son of Mr. Reginald Melhado of Fairview, Halfway Tree; was educated at Camperdown School (E. A. Poole) and afterwards at Bath College, England, and Geneva, Switzerland. On the declaration of war he went to England and obtained a commission in the 11th Yorkshire Regiment on the 10th February, 1915. He went to the Dardanelles and was attached to the 32nd Division. He was dangerously wounded on the 19th November, and died in the Military Hospital in Malta on the 7th of December.

MORGAN, Lieut. C. F. was appointed commander of No. 5 Platoon, of the First Jamaica War Contingent, and left Jamaica in that capacity. He was killed in action in November, 1916.

PARK, Walter Williamson, Lieutenant, Hertfordshire Regiment elder son of the Hon. J. H. W. Park, Director of Public Works; was born at Foresthill, London, S.E., on the 4th March, 1897, and educated at St. Chads, N. Wales, and Haileybury College. He had been in the Officers'Training Corps for some years and had represented his school at Bisley. On leaving school in 1913 he joined the Hertfordshire Regiment and was sent to France in March, 1916. He was killed by a shell on the 2nd April, 1916 at Bacquerot near La Basse.

PAYNE-GALLWEY, Lieut. Maurice H. F. of the lst Grenadier Guards. He was killed in action on the 25th September, 1916. He was the son of the late Lionel Philip Payne-Gallwey, Esq., and of Mrs. F. E. Taylor of Highfield, Spanish Town.

PEARCE, Robert Campbell, Lieut.-Colonel Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; served in Burmah, 18912; took part in operation on N.W. frontier of India, 18978; with Peshawar Column, 5th Brigade Tirah Expeditionary Force; killed in front of his regiment at the Battle of the Somme. Son of the Rev. William Edward Pearce, once Rector of St. Michael's Church, Kingston, who was the uncle of Hon. Robert Johnstone, I.S.Q., C.M.G., Acting Colonial Secretary of Jamaica.

PROUDFOOT, Captain Harold H., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., of the R.A.M.C., was attached to the Royal Field Artillery. He was killed in France along with two brother officers on the 2nd September. He was the son of Mr. James Proudfoot of 279 Derby Road, Nottingham, and was born at Green Park, St. Ann, Jamaica, in 1889.

SAUNDERS, Arthur Hugh Rich, Captain 1st Battalion 2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles, Sirmoor Rifles; son of the late Dr. Arthur Saunders, formerly principal of Drs. Saunders and Saunders, Kingston. He was born in Kingston on the 28th April, 1882 and was educated at Collegiate School under the late Mr. W Morrison, M.A. He held the rank of Second Lieutenant in the old Jamaica Infantry Militia. In 1909 he joined the East Yorkshire Regiment as Second Lieutenant. In the same year he was employed with the King's African Rifles. Later he was transferred to the Indian Army and posted to the famous Second Gurkhas. In January, 1914, he obtained his Captaincy in the Regiment. He was killed while serving with his Regiment on the 8th March, 1916.

SMITH, Lieut. Ewan Lucie, 1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment; son of John Barclay Lucie-Smith, late Postmaster for Jamaica. He was killed in action in 1915.

SPALDING, Robert Gordon, Second Lieutenant South Lancashire Regiment. He was born at Potosi Estate, St. Thomas. He was wounded in Flanders on September 25th, 1915, and died in hospital in France on September 28th, 1916. Aged 30 years.

STEPHENSON, Second Lieut. Daniel Pike, 4th North Staffordshire Regiment, was a pupil and subsequently Master at Wolmer's School, Kingston. In 1911 Stephenson was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship, he then proceeded to Lincoln College, Oxford, and graduated as a Bachelor of Arts. Stephenson served three years in King Edward Horse, and at the outbreak of war received a commission as Second Lieutenant in the 4th Staffordshire Regiment, and was attached to the 1st Cheshire Regiment, ordered to the front on March 17th, 1915. He was mortally wounded while throwing bombs into a German trench near Ypres, and died in hospital at Boulogne in France on May 4th, 1915.

STURRIDGE, Second Lieut. Ernest Arthur Leland, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, was the twin son of Dr. and Mrs. E. Sturridge, of Jamaica, and 29 Wimpole Street, London, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on August 14th, 1895, and after spending a year at the Jesuit College of St. Michael in Brussels, was educated at University College School, Hampstead. He entered University College Hospital, and had completed his first year in the conjoint medical and dental course when the war broke out, and he joined the army. He received his commission in August, 1914, and went to France with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in May 1915. He was promoted in the field to the rank of Captain, but his promotion had not been gazetted when his young life was cut short. Whilst he was drilling his men a bomb thrown by one of them exploded prematurely, injuring fourteen men and Lieut. Sturridge who died of his wounds ten hours later, on December 30th

THOMAS, Captain Francis Hastings, D.S.C. of the Royal Marine Light Infantry; second son of Ins[ector Herbert T. Thomas, of St. Elizabeth. Captain Thomas was serving on H.M.S. Talbot and was killed in action in East Africa on the 11th of August, 1916. Captain Thomas was thirty years of age.

THOMAS, Captain Harry Reid; Royal Garrisson Artillery; son of Inspector Herbert Thomas; was born in Kingston in 1883. In 1900 he went to the Bedford Grammar School in England, and in the following year entered Baden Powell's South African Constabulary and fought during the last fifteen months of the Boer War. In 1905 he returned to England and received a commission in the Durham Artillery Militia, from which he passed in the following year into the Royal Garrison Artillery. In 1909 while serving in Malta he was transferred to the Indian Battalion of Royal Garrison Artillery and served in Singapore and Hong Kong. At the outbreak of war he was called home and assisted in training recruits till August, 1915 when he accompanied his battery (the 34th) to France. He was killed in action on Christmas Day.

WARD, Capt. Arthur Claud, Second Lancashire Fusiliers, D.S.O.; son of the late Hon. C. J. Ward, C.M.G Custos of Kingston; was engaged in various expeditions in West Africa between 190203. He served in the South African War and received a commission in the 1st Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed at Cambrai on the 26th August, 1914.

WEBER, Second Lieut. Henry Percy, Royal Lancaster Regiment, was killed on November 16th. He was the youngest son of the late Arthur Weber, of Georgetown, British Guiana, and of Mrs. Weber. He was educated at Lancing College and in 1909 was called to the Bar at Gray's Inn. On the outbreak of war he relinquished the appointment of Acting Resident Magistrate at Essequibo, British Guiana, and came to England in charge of the Demerara section of the First British West Indian Contingent. On December 28th, 1915 he obtained a commission in the Royal Lancaster Regiment. The deceased officer was a brother of Mrs. Ross, wife of Dr. G. H. K. Ross of the Public Hospital in Kingston.

WORTLEY, Second Lieut. Maurice L.; 3rd Battalion West Suffolk Regiment, son of Canon Wortley of Halfway Tree. He was killed in action in 1915.

YOUNG, Leycester B., Second Lieutenant of the B. W. I. Regiment, and eldest son of the late Robert L. Young of Hawhurst, Brown's Town, St. Ann, died in active service at Wilercaux, France, of bronchial pneumonia. Born at Tobolski in the year 1892. Lieut. Young, after a brilliant scholastic career at the Jamaica College, went to Cuba to one of his uncles, the late Mr. E. R. D. Cover, and there entered the employ of the United Fruit Co. During the formation of the Jamaica War Contingent in 1916 he was on vacation in the island when he decided to enlist. He returned to Cuba, sold off his effects and belongings, and on coming back enlisted in the Jamaica War Contingent in which he obtained his commission. He proceeded to Egypt and then to England where he took ill. He was survived by his only sister, Miss Sally V. Young.

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