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Add = Address

D.M.O. = District Medical Officer

dtr = daughter

J.P. = Justice of the Peace

M.O.H. = Medical Officer of Health

Sav-la-Mar = Savanna-la-Mar


Macaulay, Wentworth Hyde. Born at Duplin near Glengoffe, Jamaica, 5/10/1879. Son of David and Isabella Macaulay. Educated at Glengoffe School under Miss A. Northover. Entered business in Christiana 1902; left for Spaldings 1905. J.P. and Member Parochial Board for Clarendon. Add: Spaldings P.O.

MacCalla, Rev. Basil Anthony Storks. Born Spanish Town 5/23/1866. Eldest son of the Rec. William Clarke MacCalla and Hannah Elizabeth nee O'Malley. Married Barbara Emmeline 4th dtr of the late William James Tomlinson, Esq., merchant of Cornwall, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth. St. Paul's Anglican Westmoreland 1889-1890, Rector 1890-1892. Acting Rector St. Dorothy's Parish Church with St. Phillips, Old Harbour 1892; Rector Siloah, St. Elizabeth, 1892-1901; Rector Holy Trinity Anglican, Montego Bay 1901. He is a pronounced High Churchman and his teaching and ritual is of the true Catholic character. Add: Holy Trinity Rectory, Montego Bay.

MacDermott, Thomas Henry. Born 6/26/1870 at "Elma" the Anglican Rectory, Arthur's Seat, Clarendon. Third child and only son of the late Rev. H. C. P. MacDermot and Mrs. MacDermot nee Rutty. Editor of "The Jamaica Times". As "Tom Redcam" has written much in verse and fiction. Add: Redcam, 10 Lincoln Road, Kingston.

MacDermot, Rev. Canon Henry Miles Fleetwood. Anglican minister 1861; Curate of Rural Hill 1860-63; St. John's Portland 1863-69; Woburn Lawn and Yallahs 1869-73; Woburn Lawn and Blue Mountain Valley 1873-80; Rector, Grove, Gordon Town and Mavis Bank 1881-2; St. Michael's Kingston 1882-5; Rector Craigton 1885; Chaplain to the Troops at Newcastle 1885-1907; Canon of the Cathedral 1889.

MacGregor, J. M. Born Vere, Clarendon 2/4/1872. Son of John MacGregor Dufftown, Banffshire, Scotland, who came to Jamaica at the age of 16, was a sugar planter. and Isabel nee Downer, sister of the late Archdeacon Downer. Admitted as a Solicitor 1897; practises in Manchester, St. Elizabeth, and Clarendon. Add: Mandeville P.O.

MacLeod, E. C. Born at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada 3/1881. Appointed to Bank of Nova Scotia in Jamaica in 1913. Add: Kingston.

MacMillan, Thaddeus Rudolph. Born at "Delacree," St. Andrew 2/10/1872. Son of John Malcolm Wise MacMillan and Priscilla MacMillan. Admitted as Solicitor 1903. Add: "Macclesfield," St. Andrew.

McCarthy, Kenneth. Born Kingston 1877. Son of the late Justin McCarthy and Louisa McCarthy. Add: Port Antonio.

McCarthy, Ivan Gaston. Born Kingston Jan 1888. Son of the late Justin and Louisa McCarthy. Admitted as Solicitor 1911. Add: 27 Duke St., Kingston.

McCormack, Kenneth Gordon. Born Kingston 1/2/1887. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Constantine McCormack (father conducted a produce and shipping business in Kingston); mother the granddaughter of a French artist some of whose paintings were in the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church up to the earthquake in 1907. Assistant Superintendent at United Fruit Co. Composer of music. Add: Port Antonio.

McCrea, J. E. Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works, and Keeper of Hydrants for Portland. Add: Port Antonio

McCutchin, Sidney C. Clerk of the Parochial Board for St. Mary. Add: Port Maria P.O.

McDowell, Rev. Samuel. Born in Portadown, County Armagah, Ireland, 10/31/1861. Minister of the United Free Church of Scotland, came to Jamaica 1890; Minister of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Montego Bay. Add: Montego Bay P.O.

McFarlane, Alexander Bruce. Principal of the Teaching Staff of Mico Training College. Add: Kingston P.O.

McFarlance, Alexander. Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works for St. Catherine. Add:Spanish Town.

McGrath, Hon. George. Custos of St. Catherine. Served for 12 years in the Jamaica Constabulary Force from its organization in 1866, in St. Andrew, St. Thomas, St. James, Hanover and Manchester. Add: Charlemont, Ewarton P.O.

McIntosh, Amos Claude. Entered Public Service 1891. Clerk of the Courts, Returning Officer and Keeper of Weights and Measures for St. Thomas since 1910. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

McIntosh, Alexander Holdershaw, D.D.S. Born Montego Bay 12/1888. Son of Alexander Holder-Shaw McIntosh and Sarah Ann Barnett McIntosh. Add: 15 East St., Kingston.

McKay, Uriah Theodore. Born James Hill, Clarendon 3/23/1872. Son of Thomas Francis McKay, and Hannah Elizabeth McKay, dtr of Thomas Edwards, many years Deacon of the Baptist Chapel at Mount Zion. Member of Parochial Board for Clarendon. Add: Frankfield P.O.

McLaughlin, Rev. R. H. Minister of the united Methodist Free Church. Add: Richmond P.O.

McNeil, Eustace A. Born at Newmarket, St. Elizabeth 1875 [?]. Worked for firm of J. C. Lescene in Bog Walk for 6 years. Runs the Hotel Bybrook. Member of Parochial Board for St. Catherine. Add: Bog Walk.

McPhail, John H. Planter. Born in Jamaica 10/6/1858. J. P. St. Catherine. Add: Tulloch, Bog Walk P.O.

Madeline, Sister. Born in Bristol, England. Head Deaconess of the Deaconess Home. Add: Deaconess Home, Hanover St., Kingston.

Magnan, Charles William. Born Spanish Town 10/4/1857. Son of the Rev. Charles M. Magnan and Lizzie Magnan nee Davies. Acting Accountant of the Government Savings Bank. Add: Kingston.

Magnan, Charles Oaks. Bown in Burlington, Iowa, U.S.A. 8/11/1858. Son of Peter A. F. Magnan and Sarah S. Magnan. Educated in Kingston. Accounting Clerk of the Public Works Department. Add: 11 Musgrave Ave., Kingston.

Mair, Rev. Elijah. Born Knockalva, Hanover 9/7/1850. Son of Robert William and Anne William Mair. Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Laboured in Jamaica and Turks Island 14 years and 18 in Haiti, Santo Domingo, and Panama. Returned to Jamaica 1905; work in Guy's Hill and Hampstead Circuit 4 years, Manchioneal 5 years, and since 1914 Mount Fletcher Circuit. Add: Mavis Bank P.O.

Mair, James J. G. Son of Thomas Mair. Superintendent of the Boys and Girls' Industrial School, Stony Hill. Add: Stony Hill P.O.

Mair, Thomas. Born in Ayshire, Scotland 6/1850. Appointed Superintendent of Industrial School and Reformatory in Jamaica 1881. J.P. Retired 1916. Add: Constant Spring P.O.

Mais, John Henry Brooks. Entered Public Service 1883. Junior Collector for St. James 1909; transferred to Clarendon 1914. Add: May Pen P.O.

Malabre, Charles Arnold. Hardware Merchant. J.P. for Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Malcolm, Maurice. Born at Murcheston Grove, Edinburgh 8/10/1877. Fourth son of Col. E. D. Malcolm, C.B. of Poltallvere, Argyllshire. J.P. Hanover, Westmoreland and St. James. Add: Knockalva, Ramble P.O.

Manning, Sir William Henry, Brigadier-General, His Excellency the Governor of Jamaica since 2/1913. Born 1863. Add: King's House, St. Andrew.

Manton, Victor Evelyn. Born Mandeville 5/19/1875. Son of S. H. Manton. Solicitor in firm of Manton & Hart. Add: 117 Duke St., Kingston.

Mapp, James Hugh Gaskin. Born Bridgetown, Barbados, 11/1878. Son of B. C. Mapp (Barbados).Add: "Carleton," Halfway Tree P.O.

Marchalleck, David. Born in Manchester 1852. Son of David Marchalleck and Rosan Levy. Owner of Brown's Gully, St. Thomas. J.P. St. Thomas. Add: Morant Bay.

Martin, Alexander Cochrane Lowe. Born St. Helen's, St. Catherine 12/4/1864. Son of Henry Vincent Martin, late of Cherry Garden Estate, St. Catherine, and Susan Martin nee Logan. Chairman of Manchester Parochial Board. J.P. Manchester. Add: Great Valley, Cross Keys P.O.

Massiah, Ven. Archdeacon Joseph. Born in Barbados 11/29/1865. Son of W. Massiah and Margaret his wife. Anglican minister 1890 Jamaica. Curate of Kingston Parish Church 1889-91; Rector Port Royal 1891-1905; Rector Montego Bay Parish Church 1905; Archdeacon of Cornwall 1916. Add: The Rectory, Montego Bay.

Maunsell, H. E. Member of the Central Board of Health. Formerly President of the British Medical Assn. Add: Kingston.

Maxwell, F. Salmon. Born at Land Pen 11/18/1838. Son of D. Maxwell and Mrs. Maxwell, of Long Hill. J.P. St. Elizabeth. Add: Eardly Cottage, Malvern P.O.

Melhado, Abraham Arthur. Born Old Harbour 12/10/1866. Son of the late Abraham and Rebecca Melhado. Produce Merchant of the firm A. A. Melhado & Co. J.P. and Vice-Chairman Parochial Board, St. Catherine. Elected Chairman 2/1917. Add: Old Harbour P.O.

Melhado, Reginald. Born in Darlington, Old Harbour 1/19/1863. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Melhado. J.P. for St. Catherine and Kingston. Founder of Melhado Brothers & Co. Add: Fair View, Halfway Tree P.O.

Mellish, Cecil Edward. Barrister-at-Law. Clerk of Courts for St. Elizabeth. Acting Commissioner of Grand Cayman. Returned to Jamaica 1/1917. Add: Black River P.O.

Melville, Edward E. Born Jamaica 1862. J.P. Hanover. Add: Cascade P.O.

Mennell, John Williamson. Born ar Sheriff, Hutton, Yorkshire, England 7/2/1841. Came to Jamaica 1859. J. P. Westmoreland. Chairman of Westmoreland Parochial Board 9 years. Add: Darliston P.O.

Mercier, F. C. Son of the Rev. F. M. H. Mercier, Durham. Inspector of Schools 1914. Add: Buff Bay.

Meudon, William Lee. Born Kingston. Son of William Lee Meudon of Henbury England and Caroline Frances Ethelinde Annie Meudon (nee Forbes). Asst. Manager of the Titchfield Land Trust. Add: Port Antonio.

Michelin, Victor A. Born Jamaica 1/1/1874. J. P. St. Thomas. Add: Golden Grove.

Miles, Hon. Alfred Henry. Entered Public Service 1874; appointed Collector General 1908; Stamp Commissioner; Member of Legislative Council. Add: Kingston.

Milholland, J. F. Admitted as Solicitor 1887. Notary Public. Crown Solicitor. Add: Kingston.

Miller, Robert John. Born Manchester 1852. Planter and Merchant. J.P. and Member Parochial Board Manchester. Add: Christiana P.O.

Miller, J. A. Merchant. Add: Kingston

Miller, William Henry. Born Toronto Canada 4/22/1849. Son of Robert Bell Miller, Barrister of the Court of Dublin, Ireland. Government Medical Officer in Clarendon and St. Ann. J.P. St. Ann. Add: Brown's Town P.O.

Mills, Andrew McFarlane. Health Officer for Montego Bay. Add: Montego Bay P.O.

Mills, John James. Born near Sturge Town, St. Ann 1/9/1888. Appointed Tutor, Mico College, 1914. Add: Mico College, Kingston P.O.

Monaghan, James Charles. Born Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 10/11/1857. Son of James and Mary Monaghan. Married Dorothy T. Ryan of Lonsdale, R.I. 6/12/1892. Sent to Jamaica as Consul of the United States for Kingston in 1915. Add: Kingston

Morais, Audley. Born Kingston 3/6/1885. Son of Amos and Esther Morais. Managing Director of the Palace Amusement Co. Lrd. Add: Kingston.

Morais, Moses. Born Kingston 6/22/1872. Son of Amos and Esther Morais. Cigar Manufacturer for over 22 years. Antiquarian. Acting Consul for the Republic of Colombia in Jamaica. Add: 92 Harbour St., Kingston.

Morales, E. J. Born in Philadelphia, U.S.A. in 1871. Son of A. H. Morales. Merchant. Add: Kingston

Morales, Ernest McLarty. Entered Public Service 1894; promoted to First Class Superintendent of Public Works 1911. Now Superintendent of St. James and Hanover. Add: Montego Bay P.O.

Mordecai, Ernest Rienzi. Born Kingston 6/8/1868. Son of Ainsley Mordecai. Wholesale merchant. Add: Kingston.

Mordecai, Ivanhoe J. Born Kingston. Senior Resident J.P. for St. Thomas. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

Mordecai, Llewellyn Montefiore. Born Kingston 4/18/1862. Son of Samuel Mordecai and Rachael Mordecai. Printer and Publisher. Add: 145 Harbour St., Kingston.

Mordecai, Thaddeus. Born Kingston 8/26/1858. Son of the late Ainsley Mordecai. Merchant; J.P. for Portland. Add: Port Antonio.

Morris, Samuel Edward. Born Shrewsbury, Westmoreland 9/12/1876. Son of Samuel Halton Morris and Alice Morris nee Lee. Married 11/1/1902. Sugar planter. J.P. for Hanover and Westmoreland. Add: Petersfield P.O.

Morrison, Charles S. Son of the late W. Morrison. Admitted as a Solicitor 1911. Add: Kingston.

Morrison, William. Son of the late W. Morrison. Admitted as Solicitor 1899. Was a member of Legislative Council. Add: Kingston.

Mosely, Charles Albert. J.P. Portland. Entered Public Service 1881. District Medical Officer for Portland. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Motta, Alfred E. Admitted as a Solicitor 1904. Add: Kingston.

Motta, Edgar Cecil. Born Jamaica 11/20/1876. Merchant. Owner of banana and coconut properties. Add: "Cleveden." Hope Road, St. Andrew, and 89 King Street, Kingston.

Mott-Trille, R. District Medical Officer for Newport. Add: Newport P.O.

Mould, Thomas Rawlings. Entered Public Service 1886. First Class Clerk in Customs Department. Add: Kingston.

Moulton-Barrett, Colonel Edward Alfred. Custos of St. Ann. Born 1/17/1859. Retired from the Army 1907. After the outbreak of the war proceeded to the mother country and was re-employed on active service.

Mudie, Ernest Philip. Entered Public Service 1881. Junior Collector and Harbour Master for St. Thomas. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

Muirhead, Frank Terence. Born Mandeville, Manchester, 12/31/1882. Son of C. E. Muirhead and Ella Muirhead. Admitted as Solicitor 1909. Add: Kingston.

Muirhead, Sydney Charles Emanuel; D.D.S. Born Mandeville. Son of Charles Muirhead and Ella Muirhead. Practised dentistry Montego Bay 1906-1909; Canada 1910-1915; Kingston, Jamaica 5/1916. Add: 68 1/2 King Street, Kingston.

Mullings, Rev. Abraham Benjamin. Born at Malvern, Santa Cruz Mountains 1871. Ordained Anglican minister 1900. Curate Allman Town 1899-1901; Rector of Green Island 1901. Add: The Rectory, Green Island.

Munn, Cecil Victor. Born in Trinidad, B.W.I. J.P. for St. Andrew 1910. Planter. Add: Mavis Bank P.O.

Munn, Horace Cullis. Born in Throwley, Kent, England 1859. Son of Major Munn and Marianne Munn nee Wildman, of Chilham Castle, Kent. Owner of Low Ground, Clarendon. Add: Low Ground, Chapelton.

Murad, Habid. Wholesale Dry Goofs Merchant. Add: Kingston.

Murad, Salim. Wholesale Dry Goods Merchant, junior partner. Add: Kingston.

Murray, Ernest Elias. Born in St. Thomas 2/14/1869. Son of the late Dr. W. Clarke Murray, D.D., President of the Wesleyan Conference, and Sarah Parsons nee Rutty. Add: Kingston

Murray, Everard Somerville. Born at Norris Estate, St. Thomas, 3/10/1879. Son of Elias Alexander Baine Murray and Lilian Murray. Assistant Collector of Taxes Kingston. Add: 15 South Camp Road, Kingston.

Murray, George Dorset. Born Jamaica 5/5/1856. J. P. Clarendon. Add: Alley P.O.

Murray, Percival Waterhouse. Born Kingston 10/28/1880. Son of the late Dr. William Clarke Murray and Mrs. Murray. Acting Superintendent of Government Stock Farm. Add: Farm School, Hope.

Murray, Reginald Myrie. Born York Castle, St. Ann, 3/14/1883. Son of the late Dr. William Clarke Murray and Sarah Parsons Murray. Add: Jamaica College, Kingston.

Myers, Alfred DeCordova. Born Kingston 10/10/1879. Son of the late Fred L. Myers, J.P. for Kingston and Mrs. Myers. Admitted as Solicitor 1901. Notary Public. Add: Kingston

Myers, Algernon Edgar Cyril. Born in Port ROyal 8/24/1882. Son of George Paton Myers J.P. Kingston; married Edna, dtr of L. L. Fraser, Esq., of St. Ann's Bay. Attached to the Kingston Public Hospital and Lunatic Asylum for 2 years; District Medical Officer for Falmouth 2 years; D.M.O. St. Ann's Bay. Add: St. Ann's Bay.

Myers, Edward Elias. Born Mandeville 4/17/1876. Son of Joseph and Sarah Ann Myers. Station Master Jamaica Government Railway Service. Add: Cambridge P.O.

Myers, George Paton. Born in Jamaica. Formerly Mayor od Kingston and Member of Legislative Council. Engineer. J.P. for Kingston. Member of Diocesan Board (Anglican). Add: Kingston.

Myers, Horace Victor. Born Kingston 1/14/1876. Son of Fred. L. Myers and Fleurette Myers, daughter of Aaron deCordova. His family was amongst the first Jewish settlers in the island. Sole proprietor of the business started by his father in 1879, wholesale merchant. Was President of the United Congregation of Israelites. J. P. for Kingston. Add: The Sugar Wharf, 188 Harbour St., Kingston.


Nash, Alfred George. Born in Mandeville. Son of the late James Nash and Francilla his wife. Returned to Jamaica in 1882. Engineer. Add: Belretire, Mandeville P.O.

Neish, William Darley. Entered Public Service 1888. Medical Officer of the Public Hospital, Spanish Town. J.P. for St. Catherine. On military service in connection with the Great War.

Negus, Samuel, Born at Bedford, England 3/1/1859. Son of John Charles Negus of Bedford. Moravian Missionary in Jamaica 1887-1894, as Principal of the Moravian Training College for Women Teachers. Ordained Anglican Minister 1896. Curate of St. Andrew's, Albert Town, Trelawny, 1895-1896; Rector of St. Thomas, King's, and Bluefields, Westmoreland, 1898-1903; Rector of Christ Church, Marley, St. James 1903-1904; Rector of St. Peter's Vere 1904. Chairman Clarendon Parochial Board. Add: St. Peter's Rectory, Vere.

Nethersole, John Mapletoft. Entered Public Service 1893. Appointed Administrator General and Trustee in Bankruptcy 8/1/1899. J.P. Kingston. Add: Kingston

Nethersole Ernest Bertram. Born Kingston 5/12/1876. J.P. Kingston. Secretary of Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society. Add: "Ambergate", St. Andrew.

Nicholson, R. B. Major West India Regiment. Born at Madras, India 3/15/1876. Son of Sir Frederick A. Nicholson. Add: Up Park Camp.

Nixon, E. G. O.; M.B., B.S. Born in Vere 1873. Son of George Nixon. Add: Highgate P.O.

Noble, Robert Emilius. Barrister-at-Law. Resident Magistrate for May Pen, Clarendon since 1914. Born in Leicestershire, England. A devout Roman Catholic and has been the means of establishing the mission of St. Thomas More at May Pen. Add: "Longville," May Pen P.O.

Norman, David Nathaniel. Entered Public Service 1893. Appointed First Class Clerk in the Kingston Customs 1908. Add: Customs, Kingston.

Norton, W. G. General Merchant and Wharf Owner. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Nosworthy, Richard. Born in Cheshire, England 5/1860. Entered Jamaica Public Service 1880. Supervisor of the Revenue, Censor. Censor's Office, Kingston.

Nunes, Robert Eustace. Entered Public Service 1879. Collector of Customs for Kingston; Shipping Master and Inspector of Invoices. Receiver of Wrecks. Add: Customs, Kingston.

Nunes, Lauriston Charles Egerton. Born at Brentford Pen, St. Andrew 5/24/1878. Son of Charles Mortimer Nunes and Wanetto Felicito Hidalgo. Proprietor of the Chemical Hall, Kingston. Add: 41 South Camp Road, Kingston.

Nuttall, Ernest. Son of the late Enos Nuttall, Bishop of Jamaica and Archbishop of the West Indies. Admitted as a Solicitor 1892. Notary Public. Ad: Duke St., Kingston.


Ogilvie, Percy Campbell. Born at St., George's Cottage, Kingston 4/3/1881. Youngest son of the late James Ogilvie, M.D., L.R.C.P.&S., several times Mayor of Kingston, and Medical Officer of Health for Kingston. Articled to Philip Stern Esq., and to C. M. Ogilvie, Esq. Admitted as Solicitor 1907. Add: Melrose, Porus, Manchester.

O'Hanlan, Leslie Richard. Acting Third Class Inspector of Constabulary.

O'Hare, Very Rev. Father William F., S.J. Born Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 1/23/1870. Vicar-General of the Roman Catholic Vicariate. Add: Winchester Park, Kingston.

Orpen, Richard Theodore. Born at Tralee Cokerry, Ireland. Son of the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Limerick. Called to the Bar 1898. Resident Magistrate for Portland since 1910. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Orrett, Major E. G. Assistant Staff Officer Local Forces. Born at Halfway Tree, son of the late Hon. John Orrett, Member of Privy Council. J.P. for St. Andrew 1894. His only son Captain E. G. Orrett (Jr.) is on active service at the front.

Orrett, Henry Macaulay. Born Kingston 5/11/1871. Son of the late George Denniston Orrett. General Shipping Agent. J.P. Kingston. Add: 66 Port Royal Street and "Le Chalet," Glenmore Road, Kingston.

O'Sullivan, Michael Bernard. Entered Public Service 7/6/1893. Third Class Inspector in command of the St. Thomas Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Add: Morant Bay.

O'Toole, Bernard. Superintendent of Prisons in Jamaica since 1908. Add: Kingston.

Owen, John Erasmus. Born Kingston 11/10/1856. Son of John Erasmus and Frances A. B. Owen. First Class Clerk, Finance Clerk in the Constabulary Department since 1882. Add: Kingston P.O.


Panton, Cecil Hope. Born at Abbey Farm, St. Thomas, 3/17/1879. Son of Frederick Tuckett and Henrietta Hall; father left for Canada and was adopted and named after a near relative. Married in 1899, Mary Jane, dtr of the late T. A. Valentine, Esq., of Portland. Owner "The Valentine Bakery." Add: 13d Geffrard's Place, Kingston.

Park, Hon. James Henry Williamson. Born at Gosport, Hants; educated Edinburgh. Appointed Director of the Public Works, Jamaica 1913. Member of the Privy Council. Add: Kingston.

Parker, Nathaniel Alexander. Born Cheapside, St. Elizabeth 2/2/1875. Son of the late John George and Margaret Parker. Learnt printing with J. Wishart Kerr, then proprietor of the "Jamaica Post." News Editor of the Daily Chronicle. Add: Kingston.

Parkin, Harry John Harcourt. Born at Catherine Mount 10/20/1878. Son of Harcourt Parkin and Agatha Evelyn Goodrich. J.P. for St. James. Add: Montego Bay P.O.

Parkin, J. W. Harcourt. Sugar and J.P. St. James. Add: Anchovy P.O.

Parkinson, Randolph A. C. Born in Montego Bay. Public Auditor and Accountant since 1907. Add: 14 King Street, Kingston.

Parks, Basil Oscar. Born Kingston 7/13/1882. Eldest son of the late Thomas Parks of Oxford, England. Director and Secretary of the Jamaica Times, Ltd. Add: 6 King St., Kingston.

Parnther, Rev. D. D. Son of the Rev. R. M. Parnther. Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Add: Duncans P.O.

Parsons, Dudley Guildford. Born in Grand Cayman 7/21/1857. Entered Public Service 1874. Senior and Accounting Clerk. Retired from Local Forces after 29 years, with rank of Captain. Add: 5 Norman Road, Kingston.

Pascoe, Herbert George. Senior Clerk Director's Office, Jamaica Railway, since 1900. Add: Jamaica Government Railway, Kingston.

Pearce, Frank Leopold. Born Kingston 3/31/1869. Son of Mr. George H. Pearce, formerly Postmaster of Jamaica. First Clerk Clerk in the Colonial Secretary's Office and Clerk Privy Council since 1909. Resigned 2/1917. Add: Colonial Secretary's Office, Kingston.

Pearson, Turner. Born in London, England 8/25/1843. Son of William John (late Curate, St. Faith's, St. Catherine) and Eliza Pearson. Chief Clerk Island Medical Department. Secretary to the Central Board of Health and Secretary of the Quarantine Board 1897. Resigned on Pension 1908. Add: Half Way Tree P.O.

Pearson, Turner Langbridge. Son of Turner Pearson, formerly Chief Clerk in Medical Department. First Class Superintendent of Works, St. Catherine. Add: Spanish Town P.O.

Peck, John Huntly. Entered Public Service 1880. District Medical Officer in St. Catherine since 1899. J.P. St. Catherine. Surgeon of the St. Catherine District Prison. Add: Spanish Town.

Peet, John George. Born Newark, Trent, England 1/5/1865. Came to Jamaica 1897 to establish a Model Elementary School on English lines and to introduce "manual training" into the elementary school system. Headmaster of the Government Technical and Continuation School. Add: Hanover Street, Kingston.

Petgrave, Rev. Albert Victor. Born at Devon, Manchester 6/10/1886. Member of Parochial Board for Portland. Add: Port Antonio.

Phillips, David Ponathan. Born St. Ann's Bay 7/9/1869. Son of Henry Phillips Davis and Elizabeth Phillips-Davis. Practising Medicine in St. Ann's Bay and Kingston. Member of the Baptist Church, St. Ann's Bay. Add: St. Ann's Bay and 8 East Parade, Kingston.

Phillips, Rev. William Raglan. Born at Bristol, England 11/1855. Married the only daughter of John Burke, Esq., Land Surveyor. Salvation Army officer for 12 years. Baptist minister in Clarendon and St. Thomas. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

Pickwick, William Samuel. Born in St. Andrew 2/25/1868. Son of Robert Alexander Brown and Agnes his wife. Admitted as a Solicitor 1890. Banana planter and pen-keeper 1902. Notary Public. Add: Port Maria P.O.

Pietersz, Joseph Luckert. Entered Public Service 12/10/1885. First Class Clerk, Audit Office. Add: Audit Office, Kingston.

Pigou, William Eric Alexander. Born Jamaica 9/10/1878. Son of the late E. W. Pigou, Protector of Immigrants, and Elizabeth Pigou. Assistant Censor since 1915. Add: 1 Piccadilly Road, Cross Roads, P.O.

Pike, Rev. Christopher Robert Stephenson. Born at Camperdown Pen, Windward Road. Anglican minister 1896, Guiana. Rector of Black River, 1914; formerly in charge of Albert Town, 1908; Mount James and Brandon Hill 1908-1911; Old Harbour 1910-1913; Rector Darliston 1913-14. Add: Black River P.O.

Pink, Leo. S. H., D.D.S. Born St. Ann's Bay 10/25/1883. Son of W. H. Pink and Mary Elizabeth. Add: Kingston.

Pinnock, Colonel Arthur Herbert. Born at the Isle of Wight, England, 1856. Came to Jamaica 1880. J.P. Kingston and St. Andrew. Commission in the Jamaica Militia 1885. Lieut.-Colonel in command of the Kingston Infantry Militia 1897-1906. Member of the Legislative Council 1897-1907. Add: Cross Roads, St. Andrew.

Pinnock, Thomas R. Wholesale and retail dry goods merchant. Born Spanish Town 1860. His son, Dr. Vivian Pinnock is a Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps now serving in Mesopotamia. Add: 21 King Street, Kingston.

Plant, William Henry. Born Manchester 1860. Headmaster of Titchfield School since 1886. Anglican Lay reader. Add: Port Antonio.

Plummer, Onderain Uriah; D.D.S. Born Mandeville 9/19/1890. Add: 68 East St. Kingston.

Pocock, Innes A. Born Florida U.S.A., 1890; parents both English. Acting Superintendent of the West India Cable Co. Add: Kingston.

Pomareda, Federico Lopez. Born at Guadas, Colombia, 9/10/1879. Son of Federico Lopez de Lema and Julia Pomareda Tanco. Appointed Consul for Colombia 1903, and Consul for Santo Domingo in 1909. Add: 20 East St., Kingston and 10 Lissant Road, Kingston.

Pow, David. Born at Hawick, Scotland 2/16/1886. Manager of the St. Ann's Bay Branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia 1911; Port Antonio Branch 1913. Add: Port Antonio.

Pratt, Rev. William. Born at Northampton, England 5/28/1856. Minister of the East Queen Street Baptist Church, Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Price, Rev. Ernest. Born in East London, England, 9/18/1874. Invited to Jamaica 1910 as President of Calabar Theological College. Reopened Calabar High School 1912. Add: Calabar College, Kingston.

Priestnal, Rev. William. Minister of the Congregational Union; in charge of Kingston, Rosedale and Shortwood Churches. Add: Kingston.

Pringle, Sir John. Member of the Privy and Legislative Councils. Landowner. Born 7/26/1848. Son of John Pringle of Whaup, Co. Roxburgh. Married 1876 to Amy Zillah, dtr of the late Hon. J. Levy of St. Jago Park, Spanish Town; 4 sons and 2 daughters. Custos Rotulorum for St. Mary. Member of the Diocesan Council. District Grand Master of Free Masonry of the District Grand Lodge. Add: Cape Clear, Clonmel P.O.

Pringle-Mallet, K. MacK. Born at Nonsuch, St. Mary 6/7/1879. Married 10/27/1913 to Miss Dita Mallet, only dtr of Sir Claude and Lady Mallet, British Legation, Panama. J.P. and Member Parochial Board for St. Mary. Add: Agualta Vale, St. Mary.

Purchas, Frederick Arthur Gordon. District Medical Officer of Duncans, Trelawny. J.P. Trelawny. Add: Clark's Town P.O.

Purchas, Henry Claude Guyon. Entered Public Service 1883. Second Class Inspector of Constabulary in command of the Clarendon Division. Add: Kingston.


Radcliffe, Henry Milne. Born Kingston 6/15/1868. Son of the late Rev. John Radcliffe, minister for over 40 years of Scotch Kirk, Kingston, who was born at Castle Wellan, So. Down, Ireland, and Mrs. Radcliffe, born at "Chesterfield," St. Ann, eldest dtr of the late Alexander Cooke, M.D., Custos for St. Mary, and granddaughter of the late Thomas Horlock Esq., of Green Park," St. Ann. Married 8/4/1914 Gainey Gladys, eldest dtr of Mr. & Mrs. M. G. Rickman of Chester, England, and granddaughter of W. Rickman, Esq., of Font House, Poole, England. Barrister-at-Law 1909. Add: 14 Duke Street, and "The Hawthorns," Halfway Tree P.O.

Ramsden, Hugh. Planter. J.P. for Trelawny and St. James. Add: Hampden P.O.

Ramson, Rev. John Luce. Born at Mount Zion, Santa Cruz Mountains, St. Elizabeth 10/10/1870. Son of the Ven. Archdeacon Ramson and Mrs. Ramson. Ordained Anglican Minister 1901. Curate of Kingston Parish Church 1900-1902; in charge of St. Luke's Church, Cross Roads, 1902-1907; Rector of St. George‘s Church 12/1916. Add: St. George's Rectory, Kingston.

Reed, E. W. F. General Manager and Attorney in Jamaica for the Atlantic Fruit Company. Add: 1 King Street, Kingston.

Reed, Hon. Francis Ernest. Born Kingston 1852. Headmaster Kendal 1884; Inspector of Schools 1892; Acting Director of Education 1916. Member of Legislative Council. Add: Keresley, Kingston P.O.

Reid, William Octavius, Born in Westmoreland 12/22/1877. Son of George Reid, late of Westmoreland and Hanover, proprietor, who died 12/15/1912. He was the son of Dennis Reid (the younger), Land Surveyor, who died in 1850, and the grandson of Dennis Reid (the elder) late of London, deceased, and the grand nephew of the late George Reid of London, England, and Bunker's Hill and Friendship Estates in Jamaica, who married Lady Oakley, the daughter of a former British Colonial Governor and had issue (a) the late General Sir Charles Reid who died at Southsea in Wales in 1901, and (b) Lady Georgina Ann Gresley (nee Reid) who died in April 1904 in England. Mother: Esther Matilda Reid (nee Lawton), died 11/9/1899 [?], dtr of David Lawton of England and of Westmoreland, planter, deceased. Admitted as Solicitor 1904. Married 6/1907 Rosa Ann, younger dtr of the late Robert Millar of Clifton House, Mandeville, deceased, and Mrs. Millar, and granddaughter of Findlay Millar, late of Glasgow Scotland, and of Manchester, Jamaica, proprietor. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

Reinke, Rev. Jonathan. Chairman of the Moravian Church in Jamaica. Add: Kingston.

Rerrie, Anthony Bayley Dugall. Born Jamaica 4/7/1884. J. P. for St. Ann. Manager of Messrs. J. E. Kerr & Co.'s business for the parish of St. Ann. Add: St. Ann's Bay.

Reynolds, Rev. Charles Herbert. Born at Dacca, E. Bengal, India, 8/25/1859. Son of the Hon. H. J. Reynolds; married Landa, dtr of the Rev. M. M. Young (Anglican minister) 7/1887. Anglican minister 1883. In charge at August Town, 1916. Initiated in Masonry 1885. Add: Earl's Court, North St., Kingston.

Reuben, S. R. Born in Spanish Town 1867. J.P. Kingston and St. Thomas. Add: 87 Barry St., Kingston.

Richards, Arthur George. Entered Public Service 1897. First Class Clerk, Government Savings Bank. Add: Savings Bank, Kingston.

Richards, Reginald William Poole. Born in St. Thomas-Ye-Vale, 10/5/1864. Son of the late Rev. J. G. Richards, Rector of Morant Bay; planter. Member of Portland Parochial Board 1909-1912. J.P. for Portland and St. Catherine. Planter and shipper. Add: Boundbrook, Port Antonio.

Rickards, Egerton E. Born Spanish Town 9/10/1873. Commissioned Land Surveyor. Add: The Cottage, Linstead P.O.

Ripley, Rev. Reginald John. Born at Lyrum, Cheshire, England. Son of the Rev. F. W. Ripley and Mrs. Ripley, nee Heywood. Ordained Anglican minister 1891 Jamaica. Rector St. Ann's Bay 1891; Rector and Senior Canon of the Cathedral, Spanish Town 1901-1904; Rector Parish Church Kingston 1909; in charge of Port Royal 1908-10. Add: The Rectory, Kingston.

Rippin, John. Chief Warder of the General Penitentiary since 1909. Add: General Penitentiary, Kingston.

Ritchie, A. H. Government Entomologist, attached to the Department of Agriculture. Add: Hope.

Ritchie, Frederick Arnold. Born Kingston 11/15/1880. District Medical Officer for Richmond. Add: Richmond P.O.

Robertson, George Duncan. Entered Public Service 1881. Clerk of the Courts for Clarendon since 1912. Returning Officer and Keeper of Weights and Measures for Clarendon. Add: May Pen P.O.

Robertson, John George McDonald. Born in England. Attorney for Burnt Ground, New Milns, Sod Hall and Golden Grove Pens in Hanover; Paradise and Acton Pens in Westmoreland; Two Mile Wood Pen in St. Catherine. J.P. for Hanover. Add: Ramble P.O.

Robertson, Oswald D. F., M.D. Born in Hanover 3/25/1873. Son of Robert H. and Eliza F. Robertson. Surgeon of the local Forces. President of the Kingston Athenaeum. Add: Kingston.

Robertson, Percy E. F. J.P. for Trelawny. Add: Falmouth P.O.

Robinson, Herbert Charles, Admitted as Solicitor 1892. Clerk of the Courts for Kingston and St. Andrew 1898. 3/1917 appointed Acting Resident Magistrate for Kingston and Supernumerary Resident Magistrate. Add: Kingston.

Rock, George Augustus. Electrical Inspector, Supervisor of District Post and Telegraph Offices, and Inspector of Telephones, since 1909. Add: Post Office, Kingston.

Ronaldson, Hon. Huthwaite Townshend. Born Springfield, Clarendon, 1/6/1850. Son of John James Ronaldson and R. A. Ronaldson, nee Townshend. Was Member of Legislative Council for Clarendon 1903 and 1911. Planter. J.P. for Clarendon. Add: Newport P.O.

Roots, Neville. Appointed Inspecting Engineer of the Public Works Dept., Jamaica, 1908. Assistant Director of Public Works 1915. Add: Kingston.

Roper, F. L. Clerk of the Parochial Board for Hanover. Now serving with the British West Indies Regiment in connection with the Great War. Add: Lucea P.O.

Ross, Rev. Adam William. Son of Lieut.-Colonel A. A. Ross, Leicestershire Regiment. Ordained Missionary of the United Free Church of Scotland. Chairman of the Central Board of the Presbyterian Church of Jamaica. Add: Mount Hermon Manse, Lamb's River P.O.

Ross, George Herbert Kemp. Entered Public Service 1895. Senior Resident Medial Officer of the Public Hospital since 1908. Add: Public Hospital, Kingston.

Rowe, Vernon Durbin. Born at Cookson Pen, St. Catherine 9/9/1888. Son of George Durbin Rowe, J.P. and Alice Maud Rowe nee Hunter. Admitted as Solicitor 1915. Add: Kingston.

Rowlands, O. R. Born in Liverpool, England 5/25/1866. Superintendent of Parochial Roads for St. James. Add: Montego Bay P.O.

Rowley, Alfred Henry. Born at Fredricton, New Brunswick, Canada 7/30/1872. Son of Alfred Rowley and Sarah E. Rowley. Businessman. Add: Kingston.

Roxburgh, Thomas Laurence. Born Kingston 3/29/1853. Son of Thomas Francis Roxburgh and Catherine, his wife, dtr of Lawrence Gibson of Kingston. J.P. Kingston 1876. Entered Public Service as Clerk of the Courts for St. Elizabeth 1882; Assistant Colonial Secretary of Jamaica 1904; appointed Administrator of St. Christopher and Nevis 1906; retired 1915. J. P. for St. Ann. Elected Member of Legislative Council for St. Ann, 1/1917. Add: Annandale, Claremont P.O.

Royes, Samuel William. Entered Public Service 1893. First Class Clerk, Post Office, since 1912. Add: Post Office, Kingston.

Rubie, H. P. Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Work for St. Ann. Add: St. Ann's Bay.

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