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Add = Address

D.M.O. = District Medical Officer

dtr = daughter

J.P. = Justice of the Peace

M.O.H. = Medical Officer of Health

Sav-la-Mar = Savanna-la-Mar


Hall, Arthur More-Molyneux. Born at Hagley Park, St. Andrew 8/27/1883. Son of George Nicholas Hall, son of the late Rev. Charles Henry Hall, Rector of Chapelton, and Maud Allyne More Hall nee Aitken, dtr of the late Robert Aitken of St. Vincent, originally of Scotland. Married Hazel E. Neish, 10/9/1907, eldest dtr of the late Dr. G. J. Neish, D.M.O. for Balaclava. Appointed Superintendent of Public Works for Westmoreland 12/18/1912. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Hall, Duncan Hamilton. Born Kingston 12/27/1871. Son of Caleb Littlejohn Hall and Katherine Hamilton. Entered Public Service as copyist in the Colonial Secretary's Office 1891. Promoted to First Class Clerk 5/1/1913. Add: 8 Elgin Road, St. Andrew.

Hall, Hon. Commander E. C., R.N. Custos Rotulorum for Portland. Owner of Hector's River, Portland. Add: Hector's River P.O.

Hall, Maxwell, Barrister -at-Law; Government Meteorologist. Born Cheltenham, England in 1845. Son of John Hall and Charlotte Hall, formerly of "Mollance," in the stewartry of Kirkenbright, Scotland. Settled in Jamaica 1872. Erected an Astronomical Observatory at Kempshot, St. James, and took up private scientific work. Appointed Government Meteorologist 1880; appointed Stipendiary Magistrate for St. James 1884; Resident Magistrate for Hanover 1891; retired as Resident Magistrate for Clarendon in 1911. J.P. for St. James. Add: Montego Bay.

Hall, Vidal Charles Herman. Entered Public Service 1883. Appointed Junior Collector of Taxes for St. Elizabeth 1/1/1908. J.P. for St. Elizabeth. Add: Black River P.O.

Hamilton, Rev. H. H. Born at "Calabar," United Free Church of Scotland Mission. Minister of the Presbyterian Church. Add: Port Maria.

Hamilton, Henry Alexander. Appointed Senior Clerk, Engineer of Ways and Works Office, Jamaica Railway, 1900. Ardent member of Anglican Church. Add: Jamaica Government Railway, Kingston.

Handal, Anthony Charles. Born at Bethlehem, Palestine in 1891. Son of Charles Joseph Handal and Maria Joseph Handal. Came to Jamaica in 1904, along with his father who started a dry goods business in 1912. Entered business partnership with his father. Add: Kingston.

Hardie, Rev. W. W. Born Glasgow, Scotland 2/13/1858. Son of Captain James Hardie, Burn's Steamship Line, and Lillias Bowden. Minister of the Presbyterian Church. Add: Coleyville P.O.

Hargreaves, George; M.D. Entered Public Service 5/25/1891. District Medical Officer for the Cave Valley District of St. Ann. J. P. for St. Ann. Now abroad on active service in connection with the Great War. Add: Alexandria P.O.

Harriott, Edmund Cowles. Born at Turks Island 10/23/1865. Son of A. W. Harriott, J.P., United States Consular Agent, Turks Island, and Alice C. Harriott, native of Connecticut, U.S.A. Married to Annie Gertrude, eldest dtr of Re. William Ryan of Nova Scotia 7/1/1903. Appointed as First Class Clerk, Revenue Dept., Jamaica, 2/1/1907. Deputy Stamp Commissioner, Jamaica, 1909. Has been seconded for service in the Customs Dept. in British Eat Africa. Add: Mombassa, East Africa.

Harris, Alexander Lindo. Born in Portland, 9/17/1855. Son of the Rev. H. B. Harris. Appointed Cashier of the Treasury in 1914. Add: 23 Prince of Wales St., Kingston.

Harris, Herbert Leslie. Born at "Belle Castle," Portland, on 7/4/1889. Son of Alexander L. Harris of the Treasury, Kingston. A Master Mason. Clerk Kingston General Commissioners. Add: "Wynville," South Camp Road.

Harris, William. Born at Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, 11/15/1860. Appointed from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to be Superintendent in Botanical Department, Jamaica 10/3/1881; Superintendent of Public Gardens and Plantations, 4/16/1908. Has discovered a large number of species new to science of trees, shrubs, orchards and other plants found in various parts of the Island, but chiefly in the woods of the interior. Add: Hope Gardens, Kingston P.O.

Harrison, A. E. Born in Manchester 10/17/1869. Son of the late J. S. Harrison, J.P. J. P. for St. Elizabeth. Assistant Master of York Castle, 1890, and Jamaica College, 1891. Second Master of Potsdam 1893, Headmaster Potsdam 1907. Add: Potsdam, Malvern


Harrison, Leslie Girvan. Born at Hordley Estate, Golden Grove P.O., St. Thomas 8/11/1879, son of the late James Harrison, Custos for St. Thomas, 1899-1904, and Caroline Harrison, daughter of the late General Page of the Jamaica Militia. Lieutenant in the J.C.S., September 1914; Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment 1915. J. P. for St. Thomas. Owner of Belgium Estate, Prospect, and Oxford Estates, St. Thomas; Grange Hill Estate, Portland. Add: Prospect Estate, Morant Bay P.O.

Hart, Albert Joseph. Commercial Agent, Auctioneer, Grocer, and General Dealer. Born at Reading Wharf, Bogue Island, Montego Bay, 3/9/1842. Son of Aaron Hart of London; (grandson of Lionel Hart, Chief Rabbi, London 1796) and Louisa Hart nee Jacobs of Spanish Town. Married in 1871 to Isabel Morris, daughter of David Morris of Ipswich, England, who died after 39 years of married life. One of the founders of the Seville Lodge, St. Ann's Bay in 1871. Member of St. Ann Parochial Board for 17 years. Add: St. Ann's Bay P.O.

Hart, Ansell. Born Montego Bay 6/9/1878. Son of Samuel Hart and Constance Hart. Admitted as Solicitor. In partnership with V. E. Manton under name of Manton & Hart. Add: "Gonville," Oxford Road, St. Andrew.

Hart, George Abrahams. Born Kingston 2/17/1860. Son of John J. Hart and Martha Hart nee Solomon. Classified as First Class Clerk of the Post Office, 8/1/1909. Add: Kingston.

Hart, Samuel. J.P. and Chairman of the Parochial Board for St. James. Senior member of firm of Samuel Hart & Son Merchants and Wharf Owners. Add: Montego Bay.

Harvey, Charles Edward; L.R.C.P. Entered Public Service 5/16/1892. District Medical Officer for Sav-la-Mar. J.P. for Westmoreland. Add: Sav-la-Mar P.O.

Hastings, Rev. C. C. Born at Donegal, St. Elizabeth 12/17/1878. Son of Daniel Hastings and Susan Hastings (nee Shaw). Became Minister of the Christian Church in Jamaica 1909. Add: Brainerd P.O.

Haughton, R. S. Born Ballard's Valley, St. Mary 3/15/1846. J.P. for Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Thomas. Notary Public for St. Thomas. Ad: Kingston

Hawkins, Fred H. Entered Public Service 10/1869. In 1875 seconded for service with the Parochial Board. Clerk and Inspector of the Parochial Board for St. Thomas. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

Hay, Rev. J. Gordon. Born in St. Andrew 8/16/1876. Minister of the Christian Church. J.P. for St. Mary and St. Andrew. Add: Castleton P.O.

Hazlett, Thomas James. Entered Public Service 4/1/1897. Appointed Second Class Inspector 1913. J.P. for St. Mary. Add: Port Maria.

Hearne, Ambrose. Born at New Monklands, St. Thomas 5/31/1854. Son of Ambrose and Henrietta Hearne. J.P. for St. Thomas. Commissioned Land Surveyor. Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works, St. Thomas. Add: Trinity Ville P.O.

Heath, William Judd. Entered Public Service 1/16/1878. Appointed First Class Clerk in the Post Office 1902. Add: Post Office, Kingston.

Hedmann, Rev. Arthur Augustus. Born at Mount Felix, St. Thomas 7/22/1853. Son of Gothard Hedmann and Sophia nee Clinton. Became Anglican Deacon 1883, Minister 1886. Curate Albert Town 1883-88; Rector Siloah 1888-92; Rector Clifton and Mavis Bank 1892-99; Rector Woburn Lawn and Trinity Ville, 1899-1911; Rector of Keynsham, Balaclava and Siloah 1911. Add: Balaclava.

Hedmann, Rev. Gothard Clinton. Born Albert Town, Trelawny 12/27/1886. Son of the Rev. A. A. Hedmann and Mary Elizabeth nee Johnstone. Married in 1913 to Florence Kathleen Walker, youngest dtr of John DeLeon, Esq., M.R.C.S. of Bloomsbury, Montego Bay (since deceased). Ordained Anglican Deacon 1909. Curate of St. Matthew's, Allman Town 1909-10; Curate of the Cathedral 1910-11. Ordained minister 1911. Curate of Montego Bay Parish Church 1911-12; in charge of Old Harbour 1913-1916; Rector of King's and Bluefields 1916. A musician of some repute and an organist. Add: Bluefields.

Heighington, Rev. E. B. Born at Falmouth 1/4/1857. Son of Charles Heighington, druggist and chemist, Falmouth, and Mary Ann Heighington. Ordained Presbyterian minister 4/6/1880. Retired 1894 to 1906 due to ill health. Regained his health. Employed by the Rev. William W. Webb as an assistant, baptized by him 1911 and became a Home Missionary for the Jamaica Baptist Union in 1914. Add: Warsop P.O.

Helwig, Caleb James. Born Brown's Town 4/18/1875. Son of Henry and Frederica Helwig. Storekeeper. J.P. for St. Ann and Manchester. Add: "Tiverton," Christiana P.O.

Henderson, David. Hardware Merchant. J.P. for Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Hendrick, Cabib Samuel Purcell. Born at York Cottage, Kingston 3/23/1867. Son of Thomas Hendrick, late Registrar of the Supreme Court, and Registrar of the Diocese of Jamaica, and Catherine Eloise, nee Dubuison of Spanish Town. Anglican Deacon 1892; minister 1893. Rector of Keynsham, Balaclava and Siloah 1908-1909; Rector of Spanish Town and Senior Canon of the Cathedral, 1909. Add: Cathedral Rectory, Spanish Town.

Henriques, Charles S. Born Port Marie 10/31/1873. Son of Nathaniel S. Henriques and Rebecca nee DePass. Superintendent of the Falmouth Harbour Improvement Works 1903-6. Appointed Second Class Superintendent of Public Works 10/1/1905, and took charge of St. Elizabeth 1906. Transferred to St. Thomas 5/1911. Transferred to St. Ann 1/1916. Add: St. Ann's Bay P.O.

Henriques, Cyril Charles. Born Kingston 8/13/1877. Son of George J. Henriques and Louisa Henriques. Panama and Jippi-Jappa Hat Dealer; Produce Merchant. Add: 16 Orange St., Kingston.

Henriques, Frederic Cohen. Born Kingston 1860. Principal member of the firm of Army and Navy Stores, established 1878. Consul for Italy. J.P. for Kingston, and one of the founders of the Jamaica Masonic Temple. Add: Kingston.

Henriques, Owen K. Born Jamaica 1888. Panama 1903-1908. Returned to Jamaica and joined his brothers in the firm of Henriques Bros., Contractors Architects and Builders, etc. The firm designed and constructed the Ward Theatre in Kingston. In 1910 they started the Kingston Industrial Garage. They also run the Kingston Industrial Works. Other members of the firm are H. C. Henriques, R. C. D. Henriques, V. C. Henriques, F. C. Henriques, and H. L. C. Henriques. Add: West Street, Kingston.

Hewitt, Hon. Charles Henry. Born Westmoreland. Son of John and Ann Hewitt. Chairman Hanover Parochial Board 1908-11. Elected member of the Legislative Council for Hanover 1911. Planter. J.P. for Hanover and St. James. Add: Montego Bay.

Heyliger, William Abram. Entered Public Service 3/1883. Appointed Clerk of Kingston Court 12/1/1908. J.P. for Kingston. Add: Kingston Court's Office, Kingston.

Hicks, Colonel George. Born in Massachusetts 2/8/1835. Married 1886 to Miss L. Walder, teacher of the Moravian Female Training School, Jamaica; 3 children; Rev. George Hicks, Private No. 12 Field Ambulance C.E.F., and Miss Edith Hicks, now living. Admitted to practise Law in Illinois 1858. Was Colonel in "A" Company 96th Illinois Infantry Volunteers in the great Civil War. Visited his sister, Mrs. Thomas Oughton, in Jamaica in 1870, and moved to Jamaica 1875. Naturalized. Inspector of Schools 1876, permanent 1879. Add: Walderston P.O.

Hill, John Lawrence. Entered Public Service 7/27/1875. Clerk of the Courts and Keeper of Weights and Measures for St. Ann 3/1/1896. Add: St. Ann's Bay.

Hinshelwood, Colquhoun Alexander Shea. Born Gibraltar Estate, St. Mary 11/1/1882. Son of John Alexander Hinshelwood, J.P. and Agnus Clachar (nee Orgill). J. P. for Portand. Add: "Ross Craig" Pen, Long Bay P.O.

Hirst, Joseph. Born at Almondbury, Yorkshire, England 10/7/1876. Son of Joseph Hirst, Esq., of St. Helen's, Almondbury, Yorkshire. Came to Jamaica 1895; bookkeeper and overseer of coffee plantations and pens. J.P. Clarendon. Member Clarendon Parochial Board. Add: Sheckles, Four Paths P.O.

Hogg, R. A. Parochial Superintendent of Roads and Works for Hanover. Add: Lucea.

Holtz, Frederich Emanuel. Born St. David's 10/23/1874. First Class Clerk Custom's Department 1907. Add: "Wolgast House," Waterloo Road.

Hopkins, Elisha Baker. Born at Wellfleet, Mass., U.S.A. One of the pioneers of the fruit trade in Jamaica. Add: Halfway Tree.

Hopkins, R. B. Born at Wellfleet, Mass., U.S.A. Owner of Blue Mountain Estate, St. Thomas. Add: Seaforth P.O.

Hopwood, Alexander. Born Bluefields, Westmoreland 10/10/1853. Son of Samuel Missley Hopwood and Jane his wife. Married in 1890. Penkeeper. Bought Bengal Sugar Estate in 1888 and became a resident in St. Ann. J.P. Add: Bamboo P.O.

Howard, Cuthbert W. Born at Ware, Hertfordshire, England 10/5/1880 [?]. Son of William Howard, for 38 years Minister of the Catholic Apostolic Church, Ware, who died 4/15/1913, and Sarah Louisa Howard (nee) Stone, both of Islington, London. Married at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Kingston 12/28/1915 to Katie Clare Chegwidden of Cornwall, England. Arrived in Jamaica 8/17/1914. Appointed First Assistant Master of Titchfield School; Principal Teacher of the Secondary Department. Add: Port Antonio.

Hudson, John W. N.; L.R.C.P.&.S. Born at Sand Hope, Little London 1871. Son of John Hudson and Emma Hudson. J.P. for Hanover and Westmoreland. Retired from practice and now a planter. Add: Little London P.O.

Humphries, Frank Walter. Born at Woking, Surrey, England 4/26/1881. Son of the late R. M. Humphries, Superintendent of District Prison, Falmouth. Inspector of Poor for St. Andrew. Add: Halfway Tree.

Hunt, Canon Joseph David. Born at Yatton, Somerset 7/21/1846. Ordained Anglican minister 1872. Curate Boston 1871-2. Rector of St. Gabriel's, May Pen, 1873. Add: The Rectory, May Pen.

Hutchings, G. C. Born in Kingston 8/27/1837. Son of Henry Hutchings and Indiana Hutchings. Entered Public Service 4/1953 and resigned as First Class Assistant Collector of Taxes in 1894. Add: Halfway Tree.

Hylton, James Solomon A. Born at St. John's in St. Catherine in 1859. Was Druggist and General-Merchant for 25 years. Now in pen-keeping. Add: Zephyr Ville, Linstead P.O.


Inglis, Rev. W. Born at Newmains, Lanarkshire, Scotland 4/1879, Ekdest son of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Inglis, Newmains, Lanarkshire and Innellan, Argyleshire, Scotland. Ordained Evangelist Church of Scotland 1911. Appointed by Colonial Committee of Church of Scotland to Retirement Group of Churches, including Retirement, Glen Stewart, Accompong and Thornton 7/1915. Ordained to Ministry in Scotch Kirk, Kingston, 2/1916. Add: Retirement Manse, Maggotty P.O.

Ingram, D. N. Superintendent of the Parochial Roads and Works for Trelawny. Add: Falmouth.

Isaacs, C. Edward. Born in London, England 1856. J.P. for St. Elizabeth. Attorney for Fonthill Pen, the property of Major D. C. Spencer-Smith. Add: Whitehouse P.O.

Isaacs, Charles Lopez. Born Kingston 8/29/1893. Appointed Captain of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment for St. Thomas 4/13/1915. Add: Green Castle P.O.

Isaacs, Charles T. Born Kingston. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Henry Isaacs. General Hardware Merchant. Add: "Wayside," St. Andrew.

Isaacs, Frank Noel. Born St. Andrew, 3/1871. Son of the Rev. H. H. Isaacs, Assistant Secretary to the late Archbishop of the West Indies. Clerk of Works at the new Public Buildings. Acting Protector of Immigrants. Add: Kingston.

Isaacs, Frederick Leopold. Entered Public Service 1/7/1896. Appointed Chief Warder of the St. Catherine District Prison 10/1/1909. Add: Spanish Town.

Isaacs, Lionel A. Born in Mandeville 8/1860. J.P. Manchester and Portland. Add: Mandeville.

Isaacs, Ralph Henry. Born Kingston 8/1866. Son of Andrew Henry Isaacs late cashier of the Kingston General Commissioners. Appointed Junior Clerk in the Gas Commissioners 1884; Managing Commissioner 1913. Add: "Cavalier House," St. Andrew.

Isaacs, Walter Belanfante. Born at Ramble, Hanover, 12/6/1864, Senior Collector for Portland 1904; Harbour Master and the Receiver of Wrecks. Add: Port Antonio.

Issa, Elias Abraham. Born in Bethlehem, Palestine, 5/29/1876. Son of Abraham and Sarah Issa. General Wholesale Dry Goods Merchant. Add (residential) Eton Ville, 47a South Camp Rd., Kingston.


Jackson, Charles P. Born at Waltham, Mandeville 11/8/1880. Son of Henry Jackson, Waltham, and Louisa Peart, Newark. J.P. St. Elizabeth. Attorney and overseer for Mrs. Phillippo, Gilnock, Worthampton. Add: Santa Cruz.

Jacobsen, Scott Moncrieff: Born in Kingston on 5/12/1889. Son of the late H. R. Jacobsen and Mary Louise Jacobsen (nee) Scott. Director of the Jamaica Times, Ltd., and Manager of the Times Store. Add: "Moncrieff," Eureka Road, St. Andrew.

Jaquet, Sydney. Born at Vevey, Switzerland 1/9/1861. Grandson of Col. Philip Jaquet, late of the St. George Militia, and youngest son of the late Philip Jaquet, Solicitor; formerly of London, but late of the parish of St. Mary; and Emma Lemon Jaquet, his second wife (nee) Glanon, youngest dtr of the late William Glanon of Greenbank, Falmouth, England, Esquire. Father died aged 84 in 1888. Mother died aged 93 at Broadstone, Dorset, in 1915. Married to Miss Mary E. Hale of Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 1/2/1907. Educated at St. Servan College, France. Came to Jamaica in 1879; articled to his father 1880; admitted as Solicitor 6/1/1885 and practising law in Port Antonio ever since. Notary Public for the Island. Add: Richmond Hill, Port Antonio.

Jarrett-Kerr, Hon. Herbert. Custos of Trelawny. Born in London 6/21/1851. Came to Jamaica 6 weeks after birth and went to Scotland when 6 years old. Returned to Jamaica 1873; sugar planter ever since. J.P. for Trelawny and St. James. Custos Rotulorum for Trelawny. Lieutenant of the late Trelawny Mounted Infantry. Ad: Orange Valley, Hampden P.O.

Jekyll, Walter. Born Bramley House, Guildford, Surrey, England 11/27/1849. Son of Edward Jekyll, Captain Grenadier Guards of Wargrave Hill, Berks., and Julia, daughter of Charles Hammersley, a partner of Cox & Co. Ordained in Church of England 1874. Gave up active participation in church work 1880. Studied singing in Italy with Lamperti. Taught singing in England 1883-1894. Settled in Jamaica 1894. Add: Riverside P.O.

Johnston, Henry Grattan. Entered Public Service 11/1/1903. Appointed District Medical Officer for Adelphi 9/6/1910. Add: Adelphi P.O.

Johnston, Rev. Robert. Minister of the Presbyterian Church. Add: Cross Keys P.O.

Johnstone, C. E. Wholesale Provision Merchant. Add: Port Antonio.

Johnstone, Hon. Robert. Born at George Town, British Guiana, 3/25/1861. Son of John Maxwell Johnstone, M.D., and Susannah Pierce. Appointed Assistant Colonial Secretary 12/1906. Assistant Government Meteorologist 1880-1899. J.P. for Kingston. At present Acting Colonial Secretary while Lieut. Col. Herbert Bryan is doing military service during the Great War. Appointed C.M.G. 2/1917. Add: Kingston.

Jolly, Rev. Frederick George. Ordained Anglican minister 1912. Curate of All Saints' Kingston, and Port Royal 1911-1912; Acting Rector Highgate 1912-1914; in charge of Darliston 1914. Add: Darliston P.O.

Jones, Albert Henry. Born at Cashew Grove, St. Andrew 6/26/1843. Appointed Secretary of the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society 1/1/1878, retired 6/30/1913. J.P. for Kingston; member of the Diocesan Council; Acting Custos for Kingston; ardent Freemason. Add: 11 Blake Road, Kingston.

Jones, Henry Morgan. Born Williamsfield Estate, Hector's River, 7/26/1893. Son of the late Morgan Newton Jones, JP. Half owner of Williamsfield Estate, Portland. Enlisted on 8/8 in Canada with the 237th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F., American Legion. Add: Hector's River P.O.

Jones, Frederick McDonald. Born at Williamsfield Estate, Hector's River, 1/29/1890. Son of the late Morgan Newton Jones, J.P. Half owner of Williamsfield Estate, Hector's River, and attorney for property. Member of Parochial Board for Portland. Add: Hector's River P.O.

Josephs, Hector Archibald. Born 1871. Called to the Bar 1896. Acting Attorney-General 1914-1916. Lieut. and Adjutant St. Andrew Company J.R.R. Add: Kingston.

Judah, Braham Taylor. Son of the late George F. and Mary Amelia Judah. Assistant Engineer of the Kingston General Commissioners. Add: Kingston General Commissioners, Kingston.

Junor, T. A. Appointed Chairman of the Parochial Board for Westmoreland, 10/1916. Add: Petersfield P.O.

Junor, Percy. Born Manchester 12/1881. General Commission Merchant; large produce dealer. Add: Spaldings P.O., Clarendon.


Kelly, Charles Clare. Entered Public Service 6/1/1888. Appointed First Class Clerk Audit Office 11/1/1912. Add: Audit Office, Kingston.

Ker, Hon. John Errington. Born at Portrush, Co. Antrim, Ulster, Ireland 6/22/1860. Son of Charles B. Ker, late Resident Engineer, Great India Peninsular Railway, and Alicia Noble (nee) of Emskillen Co., Fermanagi. Superintending Medical Officer, Jamaica, 10/1904. Nominated Member of the Legislative Council 1904. Add: Halfway Tree.

Kerr, Charles Goldie Clinton. Entered Public Service 2/1/1892; appointed First Clerk at the Treasury 8/27/1914. Add: Kingston

Kerr, Jarrett F. M. Born at Phoenix, Trelawny 8/27/1885. Son of the Hon. H. J. Kerr and Mrs. Kerr of Orange Valley, Hampden. J.P. and Member of Parochial Board for St. James. Now serving with the Army Canteen Committee in England. Add: Montego Bay.

Kershaw, Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Edwin. Born in 1852. Inspector-General of Police and Prisons 1906. Appointed 9/16 to act as a nominated member of the Legislative Council during the leave of absence granted to Sir John Pringle. Add: Kingston.

Kilburn, John Bertram. Born in Kingston 1883. Son of the late Canon Kilburn. Formerly clerk in the Colonial Secretary's Office; resigned 1906. Add: Kingston

King, Alfred O'Reilly. Born in Jamaica. Son of Berry King, M. D., London, and Mrs. King. J.P. Kingston. Wholesale Dry Goods Merchant. Add: 85 Barry Street, Kingston.

King, Rev. Francis Louis. Ordained Anglican minister 1867. Curate Blue Mountain Valley 1866-73; Rector Stewart Town and Rio Bueno 1873-79; Woodford and the Grove 1879-1887; Snowdon 1887 and Providence 1897. Add: Snowdon Rectory, Newport.

King, Henry Marshall. Entered Public Service 1914 as Sub-Inspector. Now Inspector in command of the Westmoreland Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

King, John Leopold. Called to the Bar 6/1910. Member of the Mayor and Council, Kingston. Add: Chambers, 12 Duke St., Kingston.

King, J. P. K. Born at Harmony, Portland 11/18/1853. Married 10/10/1883 to the eldest dtr of the late Robert William Swan, Solicitor. Started life as a bookkeeper in cane cultivation. First Class Assistant Collector of Taxes 1895; resigned on pension 1914. Ordained Anglican minister 7/25/1915. Now in charge of St. George's Church, Mile Gully, Manchester. Add: Mile Gully P.O.

King, Rev. M. Britton. Born at Sittingbourne, Kent, England 4/10/1869. Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Add: Falmouth.

King, Mervyn Trevellyn. Born in Kingston 11/28/1892. Second son of A. O'Reily King and Mrs. King. Admitted as Solicitor 7/12/1815. Add: Kingston.

Kingdon, Arthur Vincent. Admitted as Solicitor 12/30/1885. Appointed Clerk of the Courts for Westmoreland 10/1/1889; Assistant Resident Magistrate Kingston 1897; Resident Magistrate for Kingston and St. Andrew 1904. Add: Manhattan, Cross Roads.

Kinkead, Edward D. Chemist and Druggist. Greatly interested in religious work. Add: Kingston.

Kitchener of Khartoum, 2nd Viscount, Henry Elliot Chevalier. Born 10/5/1846. Son of the late Lieut.-Colonel H. H. Kithener of Cossington, Leicestershire, and Miss Chevalier of Aspall Hall, Suffolk. Married 1877 to Eleanor Fanny (died 1881?), daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel F. Lushington. Succeeded to the Baronetcy in 1916 on the death of his brother, Earl H. H. Kitchener, late Secretary of War. Still in active service in the Army as a Colonel. Large landed proprietor in Jamaica.

Knight, Rudolph Albert Llewellyn. Born at Four Paths, Clarendon, 9/23/1890. Son of Mr. J. W. Knight and Mrs. S. R. Knight. Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union. Pastor of Hanover Street Baptist and Christ Church, Jones Pen; also Assistant Master of Calabar High School. Add: Calabar College, Kingston.

Knollys, John Courtenay. Born at San Fernando, Trinidad, 3/18/1878. Son of Sir Courtenay Knollys, K.C.M.G., former Colonial Secretary of Trinidad, and Ellen May Knollys (nee) De la Motte. Appointed to the Jamaica Constabulary 1/1/1900. Now in command of the St. Andrew Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. J.P. for Jamaica. Add: Halfway Tree.


Laidman, Herbert Edmund. Entered Public Service 10/20/1873; appointed Senior Clerk in Audit Office 1912. Add: Kingston.

Laing, Alfred William Leopold. Entered Public Service 1891; appointed Assistant Surveyor of Customs 1904. Add: Kingston.

Lake, Horace Alexander. Born Kingston 7/3/1887. Son of Alexander Louis Plunkett Lake, Solicitor, and Helen Haughton Lake (nee) Kellman; great grandson of the Hon. Charles Lake, Stipendiary Magistrate and member of the House of Assembly, and grandson of Charles Melville Lake, late Resident Magistrate for St. James and Hanover. Married 12/28/1914 in New York City to Adelaide Housten Requa, dtr of Mr. & Mrs. F. L. Requa of Washington Heights, New York City. Articled to his father 1905; admitted as a Solicitor 1911. Entered partnership with his father 1911. After the death of his father on 1/28/1915 admitted Mr. V. D. Rowe into partnership. Was organist of Sr. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Bedford Ave. 1912-1914. Add: "Truro," Old Hope Road, St. Andrew.

Lannaman, William Trescott. Born St. Ann 8/16/1865. Owner of Nuts River Estate, St. Thomas. J.P. and Member Parochial Board for St. Thomas. Add: Nut's River Estate, Morant Bay P.O.

Latreille, Herbert Rowland. Born in Vere, Clarendon 11/9/1884. Second Class Clerk in the Colonial Secretary's Office. Add: "Maerdy," Repon Road, Cross Roads P.O.

Lawrence, Reginald. Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works for St. Elizabeth. Add: Black River P.O.

Lawson, Dermot Owen Kelly. Born Montego Bay 1865. Son of Patrick Joseph Kelly, M.D., and Carey, daughter of G. MacFarquharson Lawson, Custos of St. James to 1875; married Charlotte, dtr of the Rev. John Smith of Edinburgh, Scotland. J.P. for Trelawny & St. James. Owner of Hampden Sugar Estate, St. James; lessee of "Gale Valley" Sugar Estate, "Titson Valley" Sugar Estate, and Golden Grove Pen, Trelawny. Add: Hampden P.O.

Lazarus, Charles P. Born Kingston 5/1/1836. His grandmother came over from Haiti when quite a young woman. She spoke "creole" French, but never learnt to speak English though she understood it. She died at the age of 90. His mother was born in Jamaica and died 7/5/1893 aged 84 years. Head of the West End Foundry. J.P. for Kingston 1916.

Lawson, J. Assistant Engineer of Way and Works of the Jamaica Government Railway. Add: Kingston

Leach, John Vincent. Admitted as Solicitor 1881. Resident Magistrate for St. Catherine. Add: Spanish Town.

Leader, G. H. Headmaster Montego Bay Secondary School. Add: Montego Bay.

Lescene, Ambrose L. Son of the late J. C. and Mrs. Lescene. J.P. and member of Parochial Board for St. Catherine. Planter. Add: Harker's [?] Hall, Bog Walk P.O.

Levy, Adolph. Wholesale Provision Merchant. Senior partner of firm of Adolph Levy & Bro. Add: Kingston.

Levy, Charles; M.D., L.R.C.P.& S. Born in Brown's Town, St. Ann 7/19/1878. Son of Joseph Henry Levy. Kingston General Hospital 1902-3; practised in St. Ann's Bay 1903-7; J.P. St. Ann; Acting District Medical Officer for Kingston 1907. Add: 48 Hanover St., Kingston.

Levy, C. Edgar. Born in Brown's Town, St. Ann. Son of J. H. Levy, Esq., Acting Custos for St. Ann. J.P. and member Parochial Board for Manchester. Manager of the Williamsfield Trading Co., wholesale Provision and Produce Merchants. Add: Williamsfield P.O.

Levy, Ernest Arthur Augustus. Born St. Elizabeth 10/15/1870. Son of George Ellis Levy, merchant, Black River (died October, 1906), and Ellen Catherine Levy. Married Edith Louise, second daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Dalrymple, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Aberdeen, Scotland, on 12/28/1897. Manager of the Drug and Grocery Business of the late Joseph Adolphus, Black River, until he retired from business. Assistant Accountant in the office of the late Charles E. Isaacs, Esq., merchant, Clack River; assistant clerk to F. B. Bowen, Esq., Parochial Board, St. Elizabeth. Manager of the drug and grocery business of the late W. C. Carter, Esq., Golden Grove, St. Thomas. Dispenser of the Falmouth Hospital and District Prison. Appointed Superintendent and Dispenser of the Leper's Asylum, Spanish Town, 1897. Add: Spanish Town.

Levy, Henry Queenborough. Born St. Ann's Bay 3/5/1870. Son of J. H. Levy, Esq., J.P. J.P. for St. Ann and Clarendon. Banana planter. Add: Mears, Crooked River P.O.

Levy, Joseph Henry. Born Manchester 12/30/1843. Went to St. Ann 1859; general merchant. Senior J.P. for St. Ann. Chairman of Parochial Board since 1896. Member of Legislative Council 1892, 1913. Add: Brown's Town, St. Ann.

Levy, Leslie Charles. Called to the Bar 1910. Clerk of the Courts for St. Catherine 1912. Returning Officer and Keeper of Standard Weights and Measures for the parish. Add: Spanish Town.

Levy, Leslie W. Born at Brown's Town, St. Ann 4/28/1880. Son of J. H. Levy, Esq., Brown's Town, and Mrs. Levy. J.P. St. Ann. Captain of the "H" Company of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment. Add: Brown's Town P.O.

Lewis, Arthur Adair. Born at Farm Plantation, Manchester, 10/1863. Son of Henry C. Lewis, J.P. Manchester, and Julia Lewis, nee Myers. J.P. and Member Parochial Board Clarendon. Add: Alley P.O.

Lewis, Edmund James. Born Sav-la-Mar 2/14/1873. Son of John Lewis and Sarah Lewis. Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works for Clarendon since 1912. Add: May Pen.

Lewis, Julius Maurice. Born in Newport House, Manchester, 12/6/1857. Son of the late Julius Lewis, J.P. and Elizabeth Ann Lewis his wife. Planter of bananas and coconuts on his own property "Phillipsfield," and other leased in St. Thomas. J.P. St. Thomas. Add: "Easington," Yallahs P.O.

Lewis, Rudolph. Entered Public Service 1875. Clerk of the Courts for Manchester. Add: Mandeville P.O.

Lightbody, Philip Frazer. Journalist. Born Montego Bay 2/20/1880. Son of Mr. J. and Mrs. Matilda Lightbody. Editor and Proprietor of the "Northern News," Montego Bay, which he founded 2/1/1908. Add: Newsville, Montego Bay P.O.

Lightbourne, R. A. Owner of Coley, St. Thomas. J.P. St. Thomas. Add: Trinity Ville P.O.

Lindo, Cecil. Born in Jamaica. Financier. For many years engaged in business in Costa Rica as Planter and Banker. Senior member of the firm of Lindo Brothers, proprietors of the spirit and wine business. Owns extensive plantations and sugar estates in Jamaica. Add: Resident in Costa Rica, but visits Jamaica frequently.

Lindo, Henry Alexander. Born in Kingston 4/27/1883. In service of the Bank of Nova Scotia since 1900. Manager of Port Maria Branch 1909-1911; Manager of Sav-la-Mar Branch since 1912. Add: Sav-la-Mar P.O.

Lindo, Percy. Born in Jamaica. Financier. For many years engaged in business in Costa Rica as Planter and Banker. Member of the firm of Lindo Brothers, proprietors of the spirit and wine business. Owns extensive plantations and sugar estates in Jamaica. Is in charge of the Jamaica business of the firm. Add: Kingston.

Linton, Arthur. Born in London 1847. Son of William John and Sophia Linton. J. P. and Parochial Superintendent of Roads and Works for St. Andrew. Add: "Latimer," Liguanea P.O., St. Andrew.

Litteljohn, Henry Cyril. Born in Falmouth 8/3/1866. Son of the Rev. D. Litteljohn, Rector of Trelawny, and Mrs. Litteljohn, his second wife nee Squire. Married in 1891. Accountant of the Jamaica Government Railway 1900. Add: Kingston.

Livingston, Gilbert McNab. Entered Public Service 1869; appointed Chief Clerk of the Audit Office 1912. Add: Kingston.

Livingston, Henry Coverley. Entered Public Service 1885. First Class Clerk in the Public Works Department since 1908. Add: Public Works, Kingston.

Livingston, Noel Brooks. Born Kingston 11/9/1882. Second son of the late R. J. Livingston and Ellen C. Livingston. Admitted as Solicitor 1906. Notary Public for Kingston. Published "Sketch Pedigrees of some of the early settlers in Jamaica," 1909. Add: "Callendar," Halfway Tree P.O.

Livingston, Reginald O'Connor Jackson. Entered Public Service 1880. Senior Collector of Taxes for Kingston since 1913. Deputy Censor. Add: Kingston.

Lloyd, T. J. Born at Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Son of __ Lloyd, M.D., Llanarthney, South Wales. Headmaster Rusea's School. Greatly interested in Freemasonry. Add: Lucea.

Lockett, George Vernon. Born in St. Vincent, B.W.I. 9/9/1866. Son of the Rev. George Lockett (Wesleyan Missionary) and Emily Lockett. Educated York Castle High School, Jamaica. Medical practice in Kingston prior to 1907, and after 1915. Add: 3 Bedford Ave., Kingston.

Lofthouse, William Oswald Robert. Born Kingston 3/10/1873. Son of Mr. W. O. and Mrs. Lofthouse. District Medical Officer for Balaclava. Add: Balaclava P.O.

Logan, Wilfred August. Appointed First Class and Senior Clerk of the Education Department 4/1/1913. Add: Kingston

Lord, John Leigh. Entered Public Service 1879. Appointed Senior Collector for Clarendon 7/1912. Transferred to St. James as Senior Collector 11/1914. Add: Montego Bay.

Lynch, John Moncrieffe. Entered Public Service 1900. Superintendent of Public Works for Trelawny. Add: Falmouth.

Lyon, J. J. J.P. for St. Ann. Add: St. Ann's Bay P.O.

Lyons, Frank Emmanuel. Born Kingston 5/8/1882. Commission Agent. Add: Kingston.

Lyons, Trevor. Born Kingston. Son of George Lyons, Esq., Jr. Admitted as Solicitor 1915. Add: Richmond P.O.

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