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Add = Address

D.M.O. = District Medical Officer

dtr = daughter

J.P. = Justice of the Peace

M.O.H. = Medical Officer of Health

Sav-la-Mar = Savanna-la-Mar


DaCosta, Alfred Horace. Born Kingston 1/23/1873. Son of David Rodriques DaCosta and Cordilia Margaret, his wife. Admitted as Solicitor March 1894. Appointed Registrar of the Supreme Court 1907, and Acting Registrar of Titles. Resigned 1909. Now Managing Director of Lascelles deMercado & Co. Ltd. Add: Constant Spring P.O.

DaCosta, Altamont Ernest. Born Kingston 12/28/1868. Son of the late David Hoffman DaCosta and Rosa DaCosta. Proprietor of the "Sports," Gent's Furnishing Store, Kingston. J. P. Kingston. President of the United Synagogue. Add: 27 King Street, Kingston.

DaCosta, Cecil Malvern. Wholesale Dry Goods Merchant. Add: Kingston.

DaCosta, George Forsyth; M.D., C.M. Aberdeen. Born Kingston 1857. Add: 14 Duke Street, Kingston.

DaCosta, Hofman Earle. Born Kingston. Son of Isaac Sanguinetti DaCosta and Mrs. Louisa DaCosta nee Bonitto. Wine and Spirit Merchant. Add: Residence 11 South Camp Road; Business 29 Port Royal Street, Kingston.

Daly, Richard B. J.P. for St. Elizabeth. General Merchant. Add: Black River P.O.

Davidson, Gordon Hugh. Entered Public Service 1875. Appointed Junior Collector and Harbour Master for Trelawny 9/11/1907. Retired 1916 on pension. Add: Falmouth.

Davidson, R. H. Acting District Medical Officer for Gordon Town. Add: Gordon Town P.O.

Davis, Alexander Montague. Born Lucea 10/11/1875. Son of A. E. Davis and Anne Davis. J. P. for Hanover. Add: Lucea.

Davis, Rev. David. Born at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 8/12/1886. Son of the Rev. D. Davis of Alberton, South Australia. Pastor of Street Somerset Baptist Church 1910-1911. Appointed tutor of the Calabar College 1911. Add: Calabar College, Kingston.

Davis, Henry Eustace Henderson. Born Kingston July 1860. Admitted as Solicitor 5/9/1884. Notary Public 1886. Acted as Commissioner of Cayman Islands and Judge Grand Courts 1903-1904. Add: Port Antonio.

Davis, Leslie Foster. Born at Barossa Pen, Mandeville 12/25/1860; third son of the late Foster and Jeminia Davis. Commenced business life in the office of Mr. William Climie, a prominent civil engineer and contractor of the 1870s. Went to Panama as Assistant Commissary and Commissary of the Panama Railroad Company 1883-1889. Returned to Jamaica 1889 and introduced electric lighting to Jamaica, organizing with the late Mr. A. M. Nathan and Mr. Alfred Pawsey the Jamaica Electric Light and Power Company. Appointed Clerk to the Mayor and Council 11/1/1911. Add: Karlton Villa, South Camp Road.

DeCarteret, George Frederick Cecil. Lord Bishop of Jamaica (Anglican). Consecrated Assistant Bishop of Jamaica in Southwark Cathedral 10/18/1913. On the death of Dr. Nuttall, late Archbishop of the West Indies and Lord Bishop of Jamaica 5/31/1916, at a Special Synod of the Diocese he was elected Bishop. Add: Bishop's Lodge, Cross Roads P.O.

DeCordova, Leonard. Merchant. J.P. for Kingston. Add: Kingston

DeCordova, Michael. Secretary and Manager of the Gleaner Co. Ltd. Consul for Honduras and San Salvador, and Consul-General for Nicaragua in Jamaica. Add: Kingston.

DeCordova, O'Connor. Born Kingston 1/8/1866. Son of Altamont deCordova and Catherine M. deCordova. Admitted as Solicitor 6/1888. Registrar of the Supreme Court 1895. Resigned office 1907. Left island to settle in New York. Add: 75 Barry Street, Kingston.

Deerr, George H. Born at Wolston Vicarage, Warwickshire 7/11/1868. Son of the Rev. T. G. P. Deerr. Inspector of Schools. Appointed to Public Service 1902. Add: Halfway Tree P.O.

DeLeon, Cecil A. General Fruit Dealer. Vice-Chairman of the St. Andrew Parochial Board. Add: Constant Spring.

Delgado, Alfred Leopold. J.P. for Trelawny. Chairman of the Trelawny Parochial Board. Add: Falmouth P.O.

DeLisser, Herbert George. Journalist and Author. Born in Jamaica. Add: Kingston.

Dell, Rev. I. A. Born at Castle Hyde, Hanover, 11/26/1872. Son of William and Elizabeth Dell. Minister of the Presbyterian Church. Missionary teacher Calabar, South Nigeria, West Africa 1902-1909. Ordained a minister 1910. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

DeMercado, Lionel. Merchant. J.P. for Kingston. Add: Kingston.

DeRoux, Storks, McMahon. Born Jamaica 8/9/1865. Married Imogene Victoria Lindo in 1891; one son, Louis Herbert Austin Evelyn, born 1896, trooper of the 2nd King Edward's Horse, B.E.F., France. Proprietor of Storks deRoux & Co., the Champion Warehouse, May Pen. J.P. for Clarendon 1904. Add: May Pen P.O.

Desnoes, Eugene Peter. Born in Kingston 1879. Son of the late Peter B. Desnoes and Mrs. Desnoes nee Malabre. After leaving school entered the mineral water business, and in 1903 started business on his own account which was destroyed by the earthquake in 1908, but was re-established at the present site, 157 Harbour St., Kingston.

Desnoes, Vincent Arnold. Born at Camperdown Pen, St. Andrew 10/8/1873. Son of the late Peter B. Desnoes. Married Louise Emily Gadpaille, dtr of Mr. & Mrs. Ivanhoe Gadpaille, of Kingston. Oct 2, 1892, entered the service of the late Colonel Hon. C. J. Ward. Add: 150 East St., Kingston.

DeSouza, Mortimer, Snr. Printer an Stationer. Born Kingston 2/16/1856. Served in the Kingston Infantry Militia 1880-1885. Add: "Excelsior", Connolly Ave., St. Andrew.

DeSouza, Jr., Mortimer Chyim Henriques. Born Kingston. Son of M. C. DeSouza and Mrs. DeSouza. Became partner in M. C. DeSouza & Co. in 1915. An enthusiastic member of several Secret Societies. Grand Master in the Oddfellows; Mason. Add: 139 Harbour St., Kingston.

Dickenson, James Alexander. Admitted as Solicitor 3/29/1910. Add: Brown's Town.

Dietz, Johan Peder. Born in Denmark 5/4/1865. Married in Denmark 1901. Arrived in Jamaica end 1893. Superintendent of Shipping of the United Fruit Company. Add: Jamaica Division of the united Fruit Company, Port Antonio.

Dixon, Major E. T. Royal Artillery. Was residing in Jamaica at the outbreak of the war, but proceeded to England shortly after, where he now commands a battery. He acquired "Billy Dunn," St. Andrew, from Colonel (now Earl) Kitchener.

Dodd, Henry Joslyn. Born Kingston; second son of John Hugh Dodd, District Engineer of the Public Works Dept. and Mrs. Dodd nee Johnstone. Returned to Jamaica 1901. Now in charge of the St. Ann Division of the Jamaica Constabulary. J.P. 1909. Add: St. Ann's Bay.

Dodd, J. H. Born Kingston 8/27/1877. Engineer of Way and Works on the railway staff, since 6/13/1908. Add: Jamaica Government Railway, Kingston.

Dolphy, Altamont. Merchant and Pen-keeper. Senior member of firm Messrs. Melhado Bros. & Co. Provision and Produce Merchants. Prominent horse breeder and turfite. J. P. for St. Catherine. Add: Marlie, Old Harbour.

Don, Charles. Entered Public Service 1900. Appointed Medical Store-keeper and First Class Clerk in the Medical Dept. 4/1/1908. Add: Island Medical Office, Kingston.

Donald-Hill, William J. Born at Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Son of Captain Anthony Donald of the 42nd Highlanders (The Black Watch). J. P. for Trelawny. Add: Windsor, Falmouth.

Donaldson, Andrew George. Born in St. Thomas 12/20/1855. Son of George A. Donaldson. Planter and Pen-keeper; owner of Pembroke Hall, St. Thomas. Add: Morant Bay.

Doubleday, H. M. Born in Brooklyn, New York 1855. American Consular Agent at Montego Bay. Add: Montego Bay.

Downer, Lindsay Pierrepoint. Born Kingston 11/25/1885. Son of the late Van. Archdeacon G. W. Downer. Division Accountant of the Atlantic Fruit Company in Jamaica. Appointed Captain in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment at outbreak of war and given command of "C" Company, Portland. Add: Kingston.

Drummond, Major William Edward Mosse. Born 1864 in Jamaica. Entered Civil Service 1880. Now Collector of Revenue and Parochial Treasurer for St. Catherine. He was called out for service at the outbreak of the war as the Officer Commanding the Jamaica Artillery Militia, and Commandant of Prisoners of war at Port Royal and Up-Park Camp. Retired in 1915. Add: Spanish Town P.O.

Dryden, Thaddeus Augustus. Entered Public Service 11/26/1912. Appointed District Medical Officer for Manchioneal 5/5/1913. Now acting D.M.O. at Four Paths. Add: Four Paths.

Duff, Charles Frederick. Born Kingston 9/17/1858. Father was writer to the "Signet", Scotland, Recorder of Kingston; mother nee Dallas, dtr of General the Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas, Speaker of the House of Assembly. Appointed Superintendent of Telegraph, 4/1/1913. Add: Kingston.

Duff, John Hartley. Born Brown's Town 5/10/1876. Son of the Rev. John and Mrs. Duff. Appointed Acting-Inspector of Schools 1901-03. Appointed to Sierra Leone, West Africa 1906. Transferred to Jamaica as Inspector of Schools 1/1/1910. Lieutenant Kingston Infantry Volunteers 1/1916. Add: Camp Lodge, Arnold Road, Kingston.

Duff, Percy Granville. Born Brown's Town 12/22/1877. Son of Rev. John Duff. Entered Public Service 1898. Appointed Inspector of Immigrants 4/17/1909. Add: Kingston.

Duffus, William Alexander. Born Montego Bay 10/8/1875. Son of George Duffus, of Scotland, and Elizabeth A. Duffus nee Ramson, of Jamaica. Married 11/12/1907 to Emily, only dtr of the late F. H. C. Holwell and Mrs. Holwell. Appointed Clerk of the Courts for St. Mary 3/1913. Add: Highgate.

Duhaney, Wilfred Stanley; D.D.S. Born Kingston 10/23/1878. Graduated from Howard University USA 1904; returned to Jamaica to practice of dental surgery. ADD: 69 East St., Kingston.

Dumar, Alfonso. Minister of Religion. Born at Bath, Maine, U.S.A. 8/3/1862. Son of Alfonso and Marie Dumar; twice married, present wife was Mrs. Georgia Fox, of Livingstone. Minister of the Organization and the Incorporation of the A.M.E. [African Methodist Episcopal] in Jamaica. Recreations: Good smoke, and long walk. Add: 75 Beeston St., Kingston P.O.

DuMont, Emile. Born in the English Channel, between Start Point an the Lizard, 11/8/1843. Educated in Belgium. Entered the Public Service in the Colonial Secretary's Office 1873, and the Audit Office 1875; resigned 1909. Add: 69 Church St., Kingston.

Duncombe, L. A. Admitted as Solicitor 7/30/1915. Add: Morant Bay.

Dunn, H. H. Admitted as a Solicitor 6/13/1904; member of firm of Cargill and Cargill. Notary Public for Kingston. Secretary of the Kingston Athenaeum. Add: Kingston.

Dunn, James. Merchant. Knight of the Order of St. Gregory. Staunch Roman Catholic. Add: Kingston.

Dunnett, Arthur Frank. Born at Watton, Norfolk, England on 7/2/1872. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunnett, very prominent in religious and political matters. Mr. D. Dunnett was the first County Councillor for the district. Came to Jamaica in 1897. In conjunction with Mr. William Wilson started the Temple of Fashion, Ltd. in 1912. Add: Cassia Grove, St. Andrew.

Dupee, Peter Herbert. Born at Gordon Town 2/26/1858; twice married. Penkeeper since 1904. Add: L. Valley, Rock River P.O.

Durie, Walter R. Journalist. Born at Bradford, England 12/1875. Son of James Durie, War Correspondent. Founder of the Jamaica Times newspaper in 1898. Member of the Mayor and Council 1909-1912. Add: Kingston.


Earle, Edward Robert Charles; M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Born South London, England 2/4/1866. Son of Edward M. Earle. Educated at Potsdam School, Jamaica, 1875-1882. Dec 1882 passed Senior Cambridge Local Examination with second class honours (the first year this examination was held in Jamaica). Studied Medicine in England. Returned to Jamaica 1890. Private practice in Malvern St. Elizabeth in July. District Medical Officer of Buff Bay District 9/1892; Lucea District 8/1896; Black River District 1/1901; Four Paths, Clarendon 6/1904, and subsequently Medical Officer of Health there. Health Officer and D.M.O. at Port Royal 7/1915. J.P. for Portland 1895. J.P. Clarendon. Add: Port Royal.

Eccleston, Rev. A. G. Born Alexandria, St. Ann, 2/1/1866. Son of W. Eccleston, coffee planter, St. Ann, and E. Eccleston, his wife, sister of the late Hon. and Rev. W. M. Webb. Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union. Add: Falmouth P.O.

Edwards, Benjamin. Wholesale Dry Goods Merchant. Member of firm of Branday, Edwards, and Co. Add: Kingston.

Edwards, Charles Reginald; M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Entered Public Service 1886. Appointed District Medical Officer for Lower St. Andrew 9/5/1907. Absent on military service at the front at the time of compiling these records. Add: St. Andrew.

Edwards, James Josiah; M.D., L.R.C.P., L.M.R.C.P. Born Ulster Spring, Trelawny 6/28/1865. Son of William and Mary Edwards. Educated at Stewart Town Baptist School under Rev. S. J. Washington. In 1883 started for the U.S.A.; vessel wrecked near St. Ann's Bay. Went to Panama. Returned to Jamaica 1887. Practises in Spanish Town where he has established "The Olivier Sanitarium," and started a Nurses' Training Centre. Free Mason, Forester, and Odd Fellow. Acting Medical Officer of Health for Spanish Town, and M.O.H. for the district of St. Dorothy in St. Catherine. Add: Spanish Town

Edwards, Rev. Joseph Augustus. Born at Frankfield district, Clrendon, 5/10/1885. Son of John Scott Edwards and Mrs. Joanna Edwards. Married to Miss Sytre Grant of Annotto Bay 4/29/1915. Ordained to Ministry 10/10/1913. Minister of Baptist Union. Add: Yallahs P.O.

Egel, Daher. Born in Syria 1879. Son of Joseph Daher Egel and Jamily, his wife. Merchant. Add: Harbour St., Kingston.

Eggins, William George. Born at Leicester, England 1872. Director of Nathan & Co. Ltd. Add: Liguanea Club, St. Andrew.

Elworthy, William Burleigh. Born in St. Thomas-ye-East 8/29/1869. Youngest son of Robert Elworthy, late Headmaster of the Model School, Buff Bay, Portland, and Mrs. Elworthy. Married Miss Mabel Taylor, eldest daughter of Fred. Taylor, of Montpelier and Shettlewood, in Dec. 1902. Superintendent of Roads and Works for Westmoreland. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Escoffery, William Ignatius. Born Kingston 5/26/1889. Entered Public Service 2/25/1915. Acting District Medical Officer for Gayle since 2/25/1915. Add: Lynnewood, Gayle P.O.

Esson, Hon. Walter Booth. Minister of Religion. Born at Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1870. Started life as a farm servant in 1884. Converted in a Wesleyan Church in Niantic, Conn., U.S.A. Sailed for Jamaica 1895. Labored for the Wesleyans at Mountainside for 18 months. Entered the Congregational Union of Jamaica 8/1896 and worked in Upper Clarendon, Mount Zion, Main Ridge, for 8 years. Came to Whitefield, Porus 1904. Member of Legislative Council for Manchester. Add: Whitefield, Porus.

Evans, Hon. Frederick Richard. Born at Struie Pen, Westmoreland. Son of Daniel Evans, late manager of Struie Pen, and Frances Evans, his wife. Licensed Dispenser of Medicine, carrying on business in Sav-la-Mar. Member of Legislative Council for Westmoreland since 1911. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Evans, Frederick Richard, M.D. Born at Haughton Court, Lucea, Hanover, 9/1/1874. Son of Richard and Rebecca Evans. Government Medical Officer of the Cayman Islands 1902-03; District Medical Officer for Manchioneal 1903-4; and for Plantain Garden River from 1907. Add: Plantain Garden River P.O.

Eveleigh, Edmund William. Born at Taunton, England. Entered Public Service 1/1896. Superintendent of Works, and Manager of Titchfield Land Trust. Add: Port Antonio.

Evelyn, Henry Alexander. Born St. Elizabeth 6/17/1883. Former proprietor, now Managing Director of the South Camp Road Hotel. Add: South Camp Road Hotel, Kingston.

Evelyn, Rev. Richard Austin. Born at Gayle, St. Mary 11/9/1882. Ordained Anglican minister 1908. Curate of Somerset Hall 1906-09; in charge of Fellowship and Moore Town 1909-13; Rector Woburn Lawn and Trinity Ville, 1913-16; Rector, Manchioneal, Boston and Rural Hill, 1916. Add: Long Bay P.O.

Evelyn, T. Percy. Born in Barbados 1881. Member of the firm of Bryden & Evelyn. Add: Kingston.

Ewen, R. M. Born at "Walbro' Hall," Westmoreland, 4/13/1869. Son of the Hon. William I. Ewen and Mrs. Fanny Anglin Ewen nee Tate. J.P. for Trelawny and Wetmoreland. Add: Grange Hill P.O.

Ewen, Hon. Guy Seymour. Born at "Walbro' Hall,94" Westmoreland, 1871. Son of the Hon. William Ewen and Mrs. Fanny Anglin nee Tate. Admitted as a Solicitor 3/1894. Elected member of the Legislative Council for Trelawny 1913. J.P. for Trelawny. Add: Falmouth P.O.

E - From 1919 Who's Who

Emanuel, Rev. Charles Levens. Anglican minister 1917. Curate Lacovia 1918, Rector 1919. Add: Lacovia P.O.

Emmet, S.J., Rev. Thomas A. S., of the Roman Catholic denomination. Add: Winchester Park, Kingston.

Escala, H. DeBruess. Manufacturing chemist. Add: Harbour St., Kingston.

Escoffery, Cyril A. Born Kingston 6/24/1880; son of Charles S. and Caroline Escoffery. Married Blanche, dtr of the late T. Figueroa.

Evans, Henry J. Dental Surgeon. Add: Laws Street, Kingston.


Facey, Luther Herbert. Chief Clerk and Accounting Officer of the Jamaica Constabulary Dept. since 1913. Add: Inspector General's Office, Kingston.

Farquharson, Arthur W. Admitted as Solicitor 2/1884. Appointed Notary Public for the Island 1890. Crown Solicitor 1894-1911. Member of the Legislative Council 1907. Managing Director of the Amity Hall Central Factory 1916. Add: Kingston.

Farquharson, Charles Henry Campbell; L.R.C.P.&S., L.F.P.S. J.P. for St. Elizabeth. District Medical Officer for Black River since 1910. Add: Black River P.O.

Farquharson, Charles M. C. Merchant. J.P. for St. Elizabeth. Add: Black River P.O.

Farquharson, Charles Salmon. Born at Spanish Town, 11/9/1846. J.P. for Westmoreland and Manchester. Member of Legislative Council 1884-1894. Add: Mandeville.

Farquharson, John Coke. Born at Chichester 1/29/1857. Son of the Rev. John Salmon Farquharson. J.P. St. Andrew, St. James and Westmoreland. Add: Constant Spring P.O.

Farquharson, Walter H. Born at Brampton Bryan, Jamaica, 6/26/1859. Son of the hon. J. M. Farquharson and Margaret Farquharson. J. P. for Hanover, Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth. Add: Little London P.O.

Farquharson, William George; M.R.C.S. amd L.R.C.P. Born in Santa Cruz Mountains 8/5/1864. Son of the late Hon. James Miller Farquharson. District Medical Officer for Lucea, Santa Cruz, Port Maria and Mile Gully Districts. Add: Christiana P.O.

Feurtado, Duncan Lawrence. Entered Public Service 4/1/1891. Appointed First Class Superintendent of Public Works, 6/1/1896. Add: Highgate P.O.

Few, Jethro. Merchant. Add: South Parade, Kingston.

Ffrench, Alfred Ernest. Born Port Antonio 2/23/1861. Son of the late George Ffrench, Collector of Taxes, and Eliza Ffrench. Received his early education at the Westmoreland Academy of which the late Mr. William Morrison Griffiths was Headmaster. Now Inspector of Fruit and Wharfinger with the United Fruit Co. Entered politics 1893. Chairman of Parochial Board for Portland. Staunch Roman Catholic. J.P. for Portland since 1916. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Field, Inspector Thoms John. Entered Public Service 9/23/1896. Inspector in charge of St. James' Division of Constabulary. J.P. for St. James. Add: Montego Bay.

Finzi, Eugene. Senior Member of firm of Daniel Finzi & Co., Wine and Spirit Merchants. J. P. for Kingston. Add: Kingston P.O.

Fitz-Herbert, G. W. Born at Holland Hall, Derbyshire, England., 6/16/1864. Member Manchester Parochial Board. J.P. for Manchester & Clarendon. Add: Cross Keys P.O.

Fleming, Hon. Alfred Augustus. Admitted as Solicitor 8/16/188. Notary Public for St. Catherine. Member of Legislative Council for St. Catherine. Add: Spanish Town P.O.

Fletcher, Reginald Honon. Born Spanish Town 9/6/1873. Son of Christopher T.H. and Sophia A. Fletcher. Entered Post Office Dept. of Public Service 2/1/1890; promoted Chief Clerk 3/22/1915. Add: "Ennirmore," Waterloo Road, Windward Road.

Fletcher, Walter, born at Blackburn, Lancashire, England in 1880. Son of the late J. R. Fletcher, Solicitor. Came to Jamaica in 1902 to take up banana planting. J.P. for St. James. Banana and cane planter. Proprietor of Virgin Valley Estate and Manager of Latium Estate. Add: Montego Bay.

Foote, Arnold. Born Sav-la-Mar 9/5/1889. Son of Samuel Appleby Foote (died in March 1902), and Mary Jane his wife (died 2/1895). Articled to Mr. C. Lister Clarke 3/1909; admitted as Solicitor 1914. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Forsythe, Horatio Alexander. Born in Bahamas, B.W.I. 1/29/1872. Came to Jamaica 1897. Chief Engineer of the United Fruit Co. from 1909 for the Electric Light an Ice Companies. Designer and builder of "Waterloo House," Port Antonio. Add: Port Antonio.

Foster, Edward. Born at Porto Bello Pen near Montego Bay 9/27/1868. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Foster. Member of St. James Parochial Board. Commissioned Land Surveyor. Add: The College, Montego Bay.

Fowler, Horace A. Born at Green Pond, St. James 11/23/1875. Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Fowler. Penkeeper. J.P. for St. Ann. Member of Parochial Board St. Ann. Add: Moneague.

Fraser, Dudley Wentworth; D.D.S. Born Mandeville 5/26/1883. Son of the Rev. T. A. Fraser. Doctor of Dental Surgery 1911. Add: 55 Duke St., Kingston.

Fraser, Walter Mortimer. Entered Public Service 2/1/1886. First Class Clerk, Treasury, 11/1/1910. Add: Treasury, Kingston P.O.

Fray, Thomas Edward. Born Chestercastle, Hanover 6/7/1875. Son of Edward and Ann Fray. Entered Public Service 1893. First Class Clerk 1915. Add: 4 Portland Road, Camperdown.


Gadpaille, Ivanhoe. Born Kingston in 1853. Consular agent in Jamaica for France. Member of Mayor and Council. Add: 150 East St., Kingston.

Garcia, Robert Donald. Born St. Ann 5/18/1883. Son of George Donald Garcia and Louisa Griffiths Garcia nee Scarlett. Married to Mary Louisa Josephine Jensen April 1911. Agent for United Fruit Co. Add: Annotto Bay.

Gauntlett, Hugh Gauntlett H.; Born at Santa Cruz Mountains 11/10/1873. Son of Ellen Gauntlett and James Gauntlett. Private tuition in classics by the Rev. C. A. Wookey, Principal of the Ridgemount High School, Mandeville. Second surname of Gauntlett added in 1900, in manner and form then decided on, for family and other reasons. Married in September 1908 Mrs. Charlotte Augusta Morris, widow of the late Louis A. Morris of New Court, Trelawny, Commissioned Land Surveyor and Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works, and daughter of the late Rev. Charles Augustus Winn of Ballintoy, St. Ann, and Mears, Clarendon. Appointed Clerk of the Courts for Westmoreland 2/1915. Add: Sav-la-Mar P.O.

Gauntlett, Oscar Greenwood. Born Spanish Town 1/6/1872. Son of the late Edmund Greenwood Gauntlett. Chief Clerk of the Revenue Department 1/1/1913. Add: Kingston

Gauntlett, Walter Charles. Entered Public Service 1/1887. Appointed Junior Collector and Harbour Master for St. Mary 7/1/1912. Add: Port Maria P.O.

Geddes, Thomas Clement Darlington. Born at Eden-Bower, Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Son of John Cameron Geddes and Sarah Geddes. Agent of the United Fruit Co., Buff Bay. J.P. for Portland. Recreation: no time for any. Add: Buff Bay.

Geddes, Thomas Hargreaves. Born Spanish Town 1880. Son of the Rev. Thomas Middleton Geddes. Manager of the Manufacturing Frpt. of the West India Aerated Water Co. for 11 years; resigned and started his own business since 1/1914. Add: 7 South Camp Rd. Business: 27-31 Orange Street, Kingston.

George, Arthur. Wharf Owner and Produce Merchant. J.P. for St. Andrew. Add: Kingston.

Gideon, Cyril Searle; M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Born Port Antonio 12/28/1886. Son of the Hon D. S. Gideon and Mrs. Gideon. District Medical Officer for Gayle 11/1912. J. P. for St. Mary. Obtained commission in the R.A.M.C. as Lieutenant in the King's Shropshire Light Infantry, 6/1915; promoted Captain 6/1916; on active service in France.

Gideon, Hon. David Sampson. Born in New York 6/1/1862. Married 8/6/1884. Educated in Kingston. Started commercial life in Kingston 1876. In 1890 appointed Vice-Consul for Spain, and J.P. In 1891 he admitted his nephew Mr. I. Abendana into partnership in D. S. Gideon & Nephew. Member of Legislative Council 1896. Vice-Consul for Norway. Appointed Member of Privy Council in place of the Hon. Col. Moulton Barrett who is now in active service, 12/9/1914. Add: Port Antonio.

Gideon, Eugene DeMontevin, M.D., L.R.C.P. Born Port Antonio 5/21/1885. Eldest son of the Hon. D. S. Gideon and Mrs. Gideon. Married in England 4/21/1909 to Ruth Jessel Riga; divorced 8/1915. Came to Jamaica and practised medicine in Port Antonio, and now Buff Bay, Portland. J.P. for Portland 1910. Son: David Stratley Gideon, born 4/26/1910. Add; Buff Bay, Portland.

Gifford, Lawson. Entered Public Service 5/1/1883. Appointed District Medical Officer for Kingston 10/19/1907. J.P. for Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Gillies, Rev. William. Born in Scotland 1827. Came to Jamaica 1857. In charge of Goshen Presbyterian Church in St. Mary 1857-1860; Falmouth 1860-1867, succeeded there by Rev. B. C. Lumsden. He returned to Scotland due to his health. Returned to Jamaica and became Principal of Mico College until 1898. In 1910 he resigned the few appointments he had retained, and remains at home.

Glanville, Stephen T. Born Kingston 4/8/1878. J.P. and Member of Parochial Board for Manchester. Add: Mile Gully P.O.

Goffe, Alexander Davidson. Born Port Maria 10/5/1865. Son of John B. Goffe, J.P. Merchant, and Mrs. Margaret Goffe, dtr of the late Robert Clemetson of Frontier, Port Maria. Assisted in starting the firm of Goffe Bros., the only Jamaican firm now in the fruit exporting business, also started the firm of Lanessa and Goffe Steamship Co. of Baltimore. J. P. for St. Mary. Add: Oxford, Port Maria, St. Mary.

Goffe, Cecil Herbert Clemetson. Born Port Maria 11/7/1859. Son of John Beecham Goffe, J.P. Articled to Henry I. Coburn in London 1877. Admitted as Solicitor in England in 1882, and in Jamaica 1883. Notary Public for St. Mary. Clerk of the Courts for St. Mary 6/25/1890. Add: Port Maria P.O.

Gordon, Alexander William. Born at Newtimber Place, Sussex, England in 1877. Son of the late C. H. W. Gordon of Newtimber Place Sussex and Braco, Jamaica, and Lucy Gordon, the dtr of Colonel Grant, R.H.A., of South-end, Eltham, Kent, England. Add: Bryan Castle, Rio Bueno.

Gordon, Gilbert D. Barrington; M.D. Born Spanish Town 8/30/1876. Son of Henry and Rosanah Gordon of Ann's Vale Pen, Spanish Town. Began medical practice in Jamaica 9/1913. Appointed District Medical Officer for Buff Bay Hospital and District 10/1915. Resigned 2/1917. Add: Buff Bay.

Gordon, Rev. I. N. D. Born at Pondside, Hanover, 2/26/1867. Son of George and Frances Gordon. Studied at the Local Theological Hall in Kingston for the Presbyterian Ministry. Ordained to ministry at Cedar Valley 11/20/1899. Feb 1911 called to the Hampstead Presbyterian Church. Add: Hampstead P.O.

Gordon, Richard Abraham Nugent. Entered Public Service 1889. Appointed Dispenser of the Public Hospital, Kingston, 7/1890. Also Dispenser of the Victoria Jubilee Lying-In Hospital, and the Jamaica Constabulary, Kingston since 4/1/1892. An ardent Free Mason. Add: Public Hospital, Kingston.

Gosset, Hon. Beresford Smyly. Custos Rotolorum, St. Andrew since 1907. Born at Inverness, Scotland, 11/17/1852. Son of Alfred Gosset and M. C. Gosset. Came to Jamaica in 2/1872; was sugar planter, then pen-keeper and coffee planter. Member of the Privy Council. Add: Halberstadt, Bull Bay P.O.

Grabham, Michael. Born in 1866. Surgeon to the Lying-In Hospital and General Pentitentiary, Kingston, 1892. Add: Hanover St., Kingston.

Grace, Michael Sheffield. Captain of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment. Born at Wellington, N.Z. 5/27/1884. Son of Surgeon General the Hon. Count Grace, member of New Zealand Parliament during 37 years. J.P. for St. Thomas. Add: Potosi Estate, Bath.

Graham, Rev. John Henry Heron. Born at Herondale, St. Catherine 6/10/1852. Son of the late Henry Graham and wife. Married in 1881, Jessie Bethune, second dtr of the late Benjamin Henry Stainer, Esq., M.D. of Spanish Town. Rector of St. Andrew's Church, Golden Grove, St. Thomas, Bath, 1881-1883; St. Peter's, Lluidas Vale and St. George's, Point Hill, 1883-1886; St. Mary's, Port Maria, 1886. Add: The Rectory, Port Maria.

Graham, Rev. William. Born at Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, 5/14/1859. Son of John Graham, Provost. Minister of the Scotch Kirk, Kingston. Ordained to the ministry 8/1887/ Came to Jamaica 1896. Add: Cross Roads P.O.

Graham, Rev. William Thomas. Born at Herondale, St. Catherine (St. John's) 8/23/1859. Son of the late Henry Graham and Eliza, his wife. Married Florence, dtr of the Rev. M. G. Constantine; issue, eight children, 2 boys gone to the front. Curate, Highgate, St. Mary 1885-86; Rector Retreat 1887-1904; Rector Milk River, Kemp's Hill and Pratville, 1904-1907; Rector St. Alban's, Stanmore 1908-10; Rector St. Mary's, Southfield 1908 and St. Mark's, Mayfield, 1910; Rector Retreat 1913-1916. Rector of St. Cyprian, Highgate. Add: Highgate P.O.

Grant, Rev. Jonathan. Born at St. Nicholas, Margate, England 7/12/1849. Son of Jonathan and Ann Grant of London. Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

Gray, W. Bagget. Admitted as Solicitor 6/10/1878. Notary Public for Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Gregory, Claude Rickord. Born Montego Bay 1/2/1863. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gregory. Member St. Elizabeth Parochial Board. Was Second Lieutenant of the late St. Elizabeth Infantry Militia. Add: Bloomsbury, Santa Cruz.

Grey, Gerald Omar Rushie. Veterinary Consultant to the Dept. of Agriculture in Jamaica. Born Kingston 9/1/1892. Son of H. J. Rushie Grey, Inspector of Poor for the parish of Kingston, and Ambrosine Grey nee Dupee. Returned to Jamaica 8/1914. Left for England 10/24/1915 where he got a commission as Veterinary Lieutenant in the Army, and is on active service.

Grey, H. J. Rushie. boen at St. Ann 6/16/1860. Son of Henry Ridley Grey, Major of the Jamaica Militia since 1840 and Jane Ann Grey nee Sheriff. Inspector of the Poor for Kingston. Add: Kingston.

Griffith, Hon. Henry William; Planter. Elected member of Legislative Council for St. Elizabeth 1915. J.P. for St. Elizabeth and Manchester. Add: Hodges, Black River P.O.

Griggs, William J. Born at Romford, Essex, England, 6/1876. Locomotive, Carriage and Waggon Superintendent of the Jamaica Government Railway. Add: Lewisham, Halfway Tree P.O.

Grosett, Fred. George. L.R.C.P. & S. Born at Port Antonio 12/4/1874. Son of C. H. S. Grosett and Esther Grosett. Practising medicine in Port Antonio from 12/1896. J. P. for Portland. Was Member of Legislative Council for Portland. Medical Officer of Health for Portland. Add: Port Antonio.

Grosett, Vernon E. Born Port Antonio 1877. Son of C. H. S. Grosett and Esther Grosett. Admitted as Solicitor 6/24/1902. Notary Public. Add: Port Antonio.

Gruber, Edmund Charles. Born in St. Catherine in 1844, from Canadian and Scotch parentage. J.P. St. Mary and St. Ann. Sugar planter 1863-1884 as Manager of Llandovery, Richmond, and Seville Estates, when he resigned on account of ill health. Left for U.S.A. and id his own business for 8 years. Returned to Jamaica with his family and settled down on his plantation near St. Ann's Bay. Add: St. Ann's Bay P.O.

Gruchy, L.G.. Born at St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Island, 2/15/1852, Came to Jamaica 3/1879 to be assistant Master at Potsdam School under the present Archdeacon Simms. Resigned to work at Mico College 5/1/1884. Resigned 1916 due to ill health. Retired from Jamaica Militia 1906 with rank of Lieut.-Colonel. Add: "Fermain," Anderson rd., Kingston.

Gunter, Geoff C. Born Kingston 4/30/1879. Son of Thomas M. Gunter, late Assistant Manager and Accountant of the Jamaica Government Railway, and Eliza Heslop Gunter (nee Campbell) niece of the late Alexander Heslop, Attorney General of Jamaica. Appointed Assistant Accountant and Cashier of the Railway Stores Branch of the Jamaica Government Railway 11/1908. Add: Kingston.

Gyles, Nicholas Charles Gruber. Born at "Recess," St. Catherine 9/12/1876. Don of William Joseph Gyles and Eliza Jane Gyles nee Gruber. Owner of Wallen's, St. Catherine. J. P. for St. Catherine. Add: "Wallen's," Linstead.

Gunter, John Edmund. Born Kingston 1/23/1873. Son of Charles Edmund Gunter an Aurora Moore Gunter. Married 4/12/1898. Admitted as Solicitor 8/21/1896. Notary Public for Kingston. Add: 28 Duke Street, Kingston.

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