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Add = Address

D.M.O. = District Medical Officer

dtr = daughter

J.P. = Justice of the Peace

M.O.H. = Medical Officer of Health

Sav-la-Mar = Savanna-la-Mar


Abrahams, Charles Victor Emanuel. Born Kingston, 9/14/1866. Eldest son of Charles P. Abrahams and Simha, his wife. Appointed City Surveyor 1892. Add: Sylvanhurst, Connolly Ave.

Abrahams, Gerald Randolph. Born Spanish Town. Son of Augustus Abrahams, J.P. and Mrs. Julia Abrahams. Veterinary Surgeon and Meat Inspector. Add: Spanish Town.

Abrahams, Thomas. J.P. for Clarendon. General merchant. Add: Chapelton.

Adam, William Patterson Conie. Born Cumberland, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, 5/18/1887. Son of the Rev. Thomas Adam of Wolgelee Manse, Hawick, Scotland. Arrived Jamaica 1903. Inspector of Constabulary. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Adams, William Nassau. Entered Public Service in Jamaica 9/23/1896. J.P. for Kingston. Detective Inspector and Inspector in charge of the Constabulary Depot, Kingston. (Died at his residence, 5 South Camp Road, 4/8/1917). Add: Sutton St., Kingston.

Aguilar, A. W. O. Born Scarboro, Tobago 10/12/1880. Educated at York Castle High School, St. Ann. Solicitor 6/25/1906. Notary Public for Westmoreland 1908. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Aguilar, Moses. Born Kingston 6/19/1878. Journalist. Promoted to News Editor of the Gleaner in May 1911. Add: Kingston.

Aguilar, Thomas N. Born in St. James. J. P. for Kingston. Merchant. Add: Kingston.

Aiken, David. Born Kingston Nov. 1867. Mechanical Engineer, Kingston.

Aitken, Charles Colquhoun. Born St. Vincent, B.W.I., son of Robert Aitken J.P. for Clarendon. Entered Public Service 1877, resigned 1913. Late Assistant Registrar-General and Assistant Deputy Keeper of the Records. Add: Spanish Town.

Alexander, Harold Vincent. Born Kingston 11/19/1886. Third son of Moses M. and M. Alexander. Married Marjorie de Sammarez eldest dtr of Mr. & Mrs. B. de S. Bell of St. Andrew. Solicitor and Notary Public. Add: Kingston.

Alexander, Thomas. Born 1851. Promoted to 1st class Inspector 1877. Acting Inspector-General of Police and Prisons 1904-5. Add: Mandeville P.O.

Allwood, Ivan William. Solicitor since 1898. Appointed Clerk of the Courts for St. James 1910. Add: Montego Bay.

Allwood, James A. M.B., C.M. Aberdeen. Formerly Senior Resident Medical Officer of the Public Hospital, Kingston. Resigned from Public Service. Now in partnership with Dr. Frank H. Saunders. Add: Kingston.

Allwood, John Humber. Solicitor since 1890; one of the Referees of Titles. Ex-Member of the Legislative Council for St. Ann. Add: Brown's Town P.O.

Allwood, Selwyn Henslow Whitelock. Entered Public Service June 1885. Appointed Junior Collector of Taxes for St. Ann 7/1/1912. Add: St. Ann's Bay.

Anderson, Charles Campbell. Appointed Collector of Taxes for Kingston 1909, Island Treasurer 1912. J.P. for Kingston 2/1917. Appointed Member Legislative Council 3/1917 vice J. V. Calder, resigned. Add: Kingston.

Anderson, Lewis. Born Elgin, Scotland, 5/6/1850. Came to Jamaica 1870. Married 1873. Sugar estate engineer since 1873. J. P. for Clarendon. Add: May Pen.

Andrade, Jacob A. P. M. Clerk to St. Catherine Parochial Board. Add: Spanish Town.

Andrews, Charles. Deputy Superintendent St. Catherine District Prison since 1908. Add: Spanish Town.

Andrews, Ernest A. Retired from Public Service 1913 as First-class Clerk in the Education Department. Add: Kingston.

Armstrong, C. H. Barrington. M.., C.M., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., L.R.F.P. J.P. for Kingston. Add: 38 East St., Kingston.

Arscott, P. Clerk to the Parochial Board of St. Ann. Add: St. Ann's Bay.

Ashby, Sydney Francis. Microbiologist attached to the Department of Agriculture. Add: Hope P.O.

Ashenheim, Lewis. Born Kingston 5/7/1873, son of J. L. Ashenheim, J.P. Grandfather was Lewis Ashenheim, M.D. a D.M.O. in Jamaica. Admitted as Solicitor 2/7/1896. Notary Public since 1/7/1899. Add: Kingston.

Ashman, Edward. Born Oct. 1853 in Somersetshire, England. Machinist. Came to Jamaica 1876. Left in 1883 and worked in Colon 5 years. Returned to Jamaica 1889 and purchased Barrowfield in St. Thomas planting banana and cocoa. J. P. 1904. Add: Morant Bay.

Astwood, Edward William. In Public Service since 1875. Chief Clerk and Accountant of the Treasury. Add: Kingston.

Ayton, Albert Augustus. Born Kingston 5/10/1878. Son of Timothy Ayton and Mary Ann Ayton (nee) Cushnie. Physician and surgeon. Add: 67 Church Street, Kingston.


Baillie, Rev. W. Born at Barrow-in-Furness, England. Member of Wesleyan Methodist Church. Add: Williamsfield P.O.

Baillie, F. W. W. Born Kingston 1892, son of the Rev. W. Baillie. M.B., Ch.B. (Edin). 3/1917 appointed to act as District Medical Officer for Mandeville. Add: Kingston.

Baker, W. Anthony. Commissioned Land Surveyor. Entered Public Service April 1903. Now acting as Surveyor General in place of the late Mr. Colin Liddell. Add: Kingston

Balfour, David. Born Westray, Orkney, Scotland. Solicitor in Scotland 1888, in Jamaica 1893. Clerk of the Courts 1897; Stipendiary Magistrate 1906. Registrar General etc. 1908. J.P. Add: Kingston.

Bancroft, Augustus Charles. Born Greenwich Hill, St. Andrew 7/31/1853. Son of the late Hon. Peter Alexander Espeut and Marianne Agusta Espeut (nee) Bancroft, dtr. of Dr. Edward N. Bancroft. Dropped the name Espeut by Deed of Poll in 1884, and carried on second surname of Bancroft, the male issue of Bancroft having lapsed, Col. W. C. Bancroft, his uncle and mother's brother leaving only daughters. Married Miss Sarah Elvina Henriques, eldest dtr of the late Nathaniel Septimus Henriques of Buff Bay, J. P. for St. Mary. Was one of the first 6 men who started cultivation of bananas in Jamaica as plantation in 1880 at Chepstow in Portland. Member of first Parochial Board in Portland, and continued more or less as a member until resignation in 1915. J. P. for St. Thomas and Hanover. Add: Stokes Hall, Golden Grove P.O.

Baquie, Rev. N. A., Wesleyan minister. Born Port Antonio, Jamaica, 5/30/1856, son of R. C. J. Baquie and Julia Eliza Baquie. Wesleyan missionary in British and Spanish Honduras. Add: May Pen P.O.

Barclay, John. Born Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland 5/30/1870. Came to Jamaica October 1897. Secretary of the Jamaica Agricultural Society. Sergeant of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment, 1915. Add: 11 North Parade, Kingston.

Barclay, Rev. A. A. Born at Rocky Villa, Manchester Sept 21. Son of Thomas Barclay. Presbyterian Minister. Minister at Carmel in Clarendon 2 years, and at Goshen in St. Mary 5 years. Greatly helped by his first teacher, O. F. Balley, then at Mount Olivet in Manchester. Add: Gayle P.O.

Barr, D. N. Born Cambusland, Scotland. Superintendent of Traffic of the West India Electric Co. Lieut. of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment. Add: Kingston.

Bartlett, Thomas MacKenzie. Appointed District Medical Officer for Morant Bay 1901. Entered Medical Service 1896, and served in Santa Cruz, Buff Bay, Bath and Balaclava Districts. J.P. for St. Thomas and St. Elizabeth. Add: Morant Bay P.O.

Bavin, Rev. Francis. Born at King's Lynn, Norfolk, England 4/17/1853. Came to Jamaica 1898 as General Superintendent of the United Methodist Free Churches; resigned in 1906 due to health. A Free Mason. Add: Bavinton, Stony Hill, St. Andrew.

Beard, Charles Halman. Born St. Kitts, B.W.I. in 1851. Resident Magistrate in St. Mary, 1898. Puisne Judge 1908. Add: Kingston.

Beard, William Egon Halman, son of His Honour Mr. Justice C. Halman Beard and Mrs. Beard. Entered the Public Service 1912. District Medical Officer for Grange Hill district of Westmoreland. Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Bell, B. deS. Surveyor of the Kingston Customs and Deputy Harbour Master since 1911. Add: Kingston.

Benbow, R. L. J. P. for St. Mary and Portland. Add: Annotto Bay or Buff Bay P.O.

Bennett, Rev. W. Copeland. Born near Sav-la-Mar in Westmoreland. Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union in Linstead. Add: Linstead P.O.

Bertram, Louis John. Born 1859. Auditor Jamaica 1897. Member of Privy Council and Legislative Council. Add: Kingston.

Bevan, F. W. Born Liverpool, England 1891. Appointed Second Master of the Montego Bay Secondary School 1914. Add: Montego Bay.

Beverley, Rev. L. M. Born Four Paths, Clarendon about 1/20/1874. Son of John Beverley, Schoolmaster and Accountant, and Sarah Beverley. Paternal grandfather was John Beverley of Yorkshire, England. Married Sarah Isabel Johnston of the East Queen Street Church 6/26/1905. Assistant to Rev. T. Gordon Somers, Spanish Town in 1904. Pastor of the Point Hill Cure 1905. Add: Point Hill P.O.

Bicknell, Charles Arbouin. Born Kingston 5/30/1868, son of the late Henry John Bicknell, for many years Stipendiary Magistrate for Kingston, and afterwards Resident Magistrate for St. Catherine. Solicitor 4/9/1890. Notary Public for St. Catherine 4/20/1891. Solicitor chiefly in St. Catherine and S. Mary until 1/1902 when he was appointed Clerk of the Courts for Westmoreland. Clerk of the Courts for St. Ann, and Supernumerary R. M. in Ulster Spring 4/1903. Resident Magistrate for St. Thomas 1912. Add" "East Cliff", Morant Bay P.O.

Biscoe, Robert Stafford. Born at Holton, Oxfordshire, England, 4/17/1886, son of H. Stafford T. Biscoe. Entered Public Service 1912. Third Assistant Surveyor. Add: Surveyor-General's Office, Kingston.

Blackden, Leonard Shadwell. Born Tan-y-Watch, North Wales, 4/11/1863, son of Marcus Seton Blackden and Fanny Blackden nee Franklyn. Appointed Brigadier-General, and assumed command of the troops in Jamaica 8/20/1914. Senior Member of the Privy Council. Add: Trafalgar Park, Halfway Tree P.O.

Blair, Homer Hansard. Born Westmoreland 10/28/1886 son of Mr. & Mrs. Homer Blair. Licensed to practice Medicine and Surgery in Jamaica 12/24/1914. M.D. Add: Negril P.O.

Bond, Hopetoun Edward, M.D., C.M. 10/19/1914 appointed Junior Medical Officer of the Lunatic Asylum. Now acting as Senior Assistant M.O. in place of Dr. Thomas Francis Shackleton now on War Service. Add: the Asylum, Kingston.

Bonitto, George Alfred. Born Battersea, Manchester 10/22/1865, son of Mr. & Mrs. S. Bonitto. Clerk of Manchester Parochial Board since 1899.J. P. for Manchester. Add: Mandeville, P.O.

Bonitto, S. J. Born in Manchester in 1866. Optician, Watchmaker, Jeweller and Engraver. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Bourne, Mrs. H. K. Widow of the late Hon. Hugh Clarence Bourne, Colonial Secretary of Jamaica. Add: "The Priory", Halfway Tree.

Bowen, Frederick Graganza. Born Lucea in 1851. Custom House Clerk to Messrs Abraham Hart & Son, Montego Bay. Civil Service 1876 in Lucea Collectorate; transferred to Sav-la-Mar in 1877; Treasury Clerk in Montego Bay about 1881. First-class Clerk in Spanish Town 1882-3. Presently Clerk of the St. Elizabeth Parochial Board. J.P. Add: Black River.

Bowen, Rev. Henry Charles. Son of David Bowen, Esq. of Rocky Point, St. Mary and Henrietta his wife. Curate of Mount James and Brandon Hill 1910-1911. Anglican Minister in charge Rio Bueno and Stewart Town churches, Trelawny, and Gibraltar Church, St. Ann, since 1912. Still present owner of "Wren Hurst" in Retreat District, St. Mary. Add: The Rectory, Rio Bueno P.O.

Bowker, Harold Walter. Born at Darlington, Durham, England 9/6/1888. Trained as Civil Engineer and Mine Surveyor. Entered Public Service 1914 as Additional Surveyor. Add: Surveyor-General's Office, Kingston.

Bradbury, Patrick Joseph O'Leary. Born Derbyshire, England 4/26/1868. Appointed Inspector of Schools, Jamaica 7/1900. Acting Assistant Director of Education. Add: Education Department, Kingston.

Branch, Ernest St. John. Attorney General for Jamaica, 10/1909. Member of the Privy Council. Add: Kingston

Brandon, David. Second son of the late David Brandon. Member of the House of Assembly. J. P. St. Andrew and St. Mary. Add: Brentford Road, Cross Roads P.O.

Brandon, Jacob Ralph (Jack). Born Old Harbour 1/15/1868. Managing director of Isaacs and Brandon, Ltd. Add: Kingston.

Brennan, Joseph Frederick. Born Kingston 9/12/1857. Superintendent of Works 1887. Assistant to the Government Meteorologist. Add: 148 1/2 East Street, Kingston.

Brice, W. B. J. P. for Portland. Add: St. Margaret's Bay.

Brown, A. Augustus. Born Brown's Town, St. Ann. Son of Mr. & Mrs. William Brown. Educated at the private school of R. G. Drew, Brown's Town. J. P. for Portland. Merchant of Port Antonio for over 20 years. (Died at his residence in Port Antonio 3/23/1917). Add: Port Antonio.

Brown, Edwin Hamilton, D.D.S. Born at Pedro, St. Ann in 1877, son of Hamilton Brown, J.P. and Mary Malvina Brown. Dentist. Add: Pedro P.O., St. Ann.

Brown, Rev. Egbert Ethelred. Born Falmouth 7/11/1875, son of James Alexander and Florence A. Brown. Entered Civil Service 1894. Second Class Clerk in Montego Bay 10 1899. Treasury clerk, Spanish Town to 2/1907. Accountant, Montego Bay 1908-1910. Theological Student Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 1910-1912. Ordained Unitarian minister 1912. Minister in Montego Bay 1912, and Kingston 1914. Add: 69 1/2 Church St., Kingston.

Brown, Rev. George Alexander. Born Montego Bay 11/19/1885, son of George Lyons Brown and Anna his wife. Anglican Curate Buff Bay 1911. Curate Birnamwood 1912. Curate in Claremont and Ocho Rios 1913. Add: Ocho Rios P.O.

Brown, Henry Isaac Close. Born Montego Bay 11/28/1874, son of Phillpotts Brown, Solicitor, and Agnes Kidd, dtr of Rev. Isaac Close, Rector of Kirby Hill, Yorkshire, England. Referee of Titles and Registrar of the Supreme Court as of 1/1912. J. P. Kingston 1915. Add: Caenwood, Arnold Road, Kingston.

Brown, Samuel Wesley. Born at Watson Ville, St. Ann, 9/27/1887, son of the Rev. & Mrs. S. T. Brown. Science Master at Jamaica College since 9/1913. Add: Jamaica College, Kingston.

Browne, William Alfred Sandys, M.D., C.M. Born Kingston 6/25/1879, son of William Peters Browne and Eugenia Browne. Acting District Medical Officer for lower St. Andrew. Add: 51 Duke Street, Kingston.

Brownhill, John Stringer, Born in Heaton Moor, Heaton Chapel, England. J. P. for Westmoreland. Add: Negril P.O.

Brownie, Percival John. Senior Assistant Collector of Taxes for St. Andrew since 1904. Add: Halfway Tree P.O.

Bryan, Herbert, Lieut.-Colonel., Hon., C.M.G. Born in 1865. Colonial Secretary of Jamaica since 8/1914. Left 11/1914 to rejoin the Army, serving with Northumberland Fusiliers in France.

Bryant, Robert William. Born at Shorncliffe, Kent, England 7/8/1865. Arrived in Jamaica 7/1887. Admitted as a Solicitor 1/21/1898. Mayor of Kingston. Add: 8 Duke St., Kingston.

Bullard, Henry. Colonel Salvation Army. Born in Leamington, England 1860. Appointed to the command of the West Indian Territory April 1915. Add: Salvation Army Temple, Kingston.

Bunbury, Henry Shirley. Born in Waterford, Ireland in 1843. Son of Captain T. H. Bunbury and Mrs. Bunbury dtr of Major-General Kettlewell, R.A. His paternal grandmother was a dtr of the Hon. and Rev. W. Shirley, niece of the Earl of Ferres, same family as the late Hon. L. C. Shirley, Custos of Trelawny. His maternal grandmother belonged to the Ormonde family, Ireland. Add: Mandeville

Bundy, Aruth Jones. Vice-Consul of the United States of America. Born at Middletown, Ohio, U.S.A. 5/7/1885, son of Charles Hoover Bundy and Emma Abbie Jones. Add: Kingston

Burgess, Ernest R. F. Born in Jamaica 1863. Son of Richard Burgess of North Devon, England, and Agnes Burgess, nee McGrath, Jamaica. J. P. for Westmoreland. Add: Grange Hill P.O.

Burgess, Rev. M. B. Born near Buff Bay in Portland 7/2/1874, son of Robert Kirkland Burgess, M.P.B. for Portland. Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union. Succeeded his uncle Rev. P. F. Schoburgh at Bethtephil Baptist Church, where he grew up as a lad. Add: Adelphi P.O.

Burke, George Arthur. Collector of Taxes for Westmoreland. Entered Public Service in March 1882. Add: Sav-la-Mar P.O.

Burke, M. L., L.R.C.P. & S. Born Sav-la-Mar 9/9/1869, son of the Rev. Windsor Burke and Mrs. Burke. Engaged in private medical practice in Port Antonio.

Burke, Samuel Constantine. Born Newington, St. Andrew 8/25/1867, son of the Hon. Samuel Constantine Burke and his wife, Sarah Catherine, dtr of Captain Peynado. Clerk of the Courts 1898. Acting Resident Magistrate for Kingston, 11/1916. 3/1917 granted leave of absence to take up duty as Lieutenant in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment for service with the Jamaica War Contingent. Add: Jamaica Club, Kingston.

Burrow, Joseph Dujiol. Born Halfway Tree, St. Andrew, 1/4/1889. Admitted as Solicitor 1914. Add: 7 Duke St., Kingston.


Calder, Charles Maclear. Born at Stanmore in Santa Cruz Mountains, 5/2/1857. Son of John Calder who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Georgiana Elmina his wife, daughter of George Robert Johnson and Elizabeth Oliver nee Vassal. Clerk of Petty Sessions and Court Portland 1885-1888, Clerk of Courts St. Mary 1/1889; Resident Magistrate Trelawny 1/1897; R. M. Westmoreland and Hanover 1/1899. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Calder, James Arthur Lawrence. District Medical Officer for Santa Cruz since 4/1905. Add: Santa Cruz P.O.

Calder, Hon. John Vassall. Born in St. Elizabeth 1844. Son of John and Georgiana Calder. Member of the Privy Council and Legislative Council, resigned 3/1917. J.P. for St. Elizabeth & St. Catherine. Add: "Worthy Park", Ewarton P.O.

Cameron, John Joseph, M.D., C.M., L.R.C.P. Born Kingston 5/18/1882. 1/1917 appointed Captain of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment for Medical Service with the Contingent at Up-Park Camp. Add: 4 Duke St., Kingston.

Campbell, Hon. Dugald. Born Argyleshire, Scotland 1844. Son of James Campbell, farmer, born in 1796, and Margaret McPhail, born in 1802. Married Lilias, eldest dtr of the late Mr. McPhail of Tulloch, in 1876. Planter and proprietor of Rosehall Plantation. J.P. since 1879. Member of Legislative Council. Add: "Rosehall," Linstead P.O.

Campbell, Edward Augustus Glen. Chief Sanitation Officer for Kingston. Add: Public Health Dept., Mayor and Council, Kingston.

Campbell, George Percival, M.D. Born Kingston 1/20/1881. Son of George A. Campbell and Ella Rebecca Campbell. Married Marian Taylor of Montego Bay June 1912. District Medical Officer at Falmouth. Add: Falmouth P.O.

Campbell, Henry Arthur. Born in St. Andrew 1873. Electrical Engineer. Add: Kingston.

Campbell, T. A., M.D. and D.D.S.. Born Westmoreland 8/3/1869. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Cargill, Henry Richard. Born 1/25/1848 at Fort George, Spring Vale. Son of John Cargill and Eliza Cargill nee Smith. Planter, merchant, and politician. Member of the Parochial Board for St. Mary for over 22 years. J.P. for St. Mary. Baptist. Add: Annotto Bay P.O.

Cargill, Jasper Farmer. Born Linstead, St. Thomas in the Vale, in 1866. Son of the late Dr. Jasper Cargill (son of the late Mr. Justice Cargill), and Gertrude Claver, his wife (daughter of the late Edward Claver Smith, Solicitor, Spanish Town). Married 7/27/1892 to Clara, second daughter of the late Hon. John Orrett, Merchant, and member of the Privy Council; has 1 son and 2 daughters. Resident Magistrate, 1904; Judge of the Kingston Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal, 1/1910. Add: Kingston

Cargill, John Henry. Son of the late Dr. Jasper Cargill and Gertrude Claver his wife. Admitted as Solicitor 1902. Notary Public for Kingston 1912. Major of the St. Andrew Company of the Jamaica Reserve Regiment. Add: Kingston P.O.

Cargill, Sidney R. Son of the late Dr. Jasper Cargill and Gertrude Claver his wife. Admitted as Solicitor 1892. Notary Public 1907. Add: Kingston P.O.

Carman, Ralph. Born London, England. Incorporated Accountant and Auditor. Add: 4 Duke St., Kingston.

Carnegie, Rev. J. Born at Devon in Manchester 6/14/1863. Son of Joseph Carnegie, builder. Ordained Moravian minister 1896. Served at Carisbrook, Lititz, Broadleaf, Mizpah, and Beaufort. Add: Darliston P.O.

Carpenter, W. A. Born at Mount Rose, St. Mary, 1/5/1880. Son of the late William Carpenter and Jane Carpenter. In 1903-1906 articled to E. A. Rickard, Esq., of Spanish Town. Commissioned Land Surveyor 1906. Proprietor of 2200 acres of land in Jamaica. Add: Halfway Tree P.O.

Cartwright, Rev. J. H. Chairman of the District and General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Jamaica. Add: Kingston.

Casseres, D. Gomes. Merchant. Add: Mandeville.

Cassidy, Matthew Ignatius Thornton. Entered Public Service 1910. Appointed District Medical Officer for Vere 2/20/1913. Now on active Service in the Great War. Captain in the R.A.M.C.

Cassidy (nee Beard), Marie, A.A., B.M., B.S. Daughter of His Honour Mr. Justice C. Halman Beard, Puisne Judge. Wife of M. I. T. Cassidy. Add: Alley P.O.

Cassidy, Walter Clarence. Born at St. John's, New Brunswick, Canada, 3/11/1880. Son of John Wesley Cassidy of Brookville, N.B., Canada. Managing Director of the Motor Car and Supplies, Ltd., Kingston.

Castle, Harold Duncan Boycott. Born at Futtehpoore, India, N.W.P 12/11/1861. Son of the late Captain C. T. Castle. Married Annie, dtr of Major John Poole. Island Medical Service 1894-1904. J.P. St. Elizabeth 1901. Married in 1900 to Edith Maud Isabel, youngest dtr of the late Hon. James Miller Farquharson, Custos of St. Elizabeth; 3 daughters, Edith May Farquharson born 1901, Ivy Gertrude Farquharson born 1903, and Marguerite Farquharson born 1908. Add: Long-hill, Santa Cruz P.O.

Cathcart, W. H. B. Born at Whitney Estate, Clarendon 9/21/1871. Son of William James Cathcart and Ellen Eliza Cathcart nee Butler. Appointed Clerk of the Courts and Returning Officer for Portland in 1910. Add: Port Antonio.

Catto, Henry. Appointed by the Secretary of State for the Colonies on 10/27/1913 to be Assistant Government Bacteriologist and Pathologist. Resigned 2/1917.

Caws, Byron Frank. Hon. Major on the staff for Royal Engineer Service. Born at Sea View, Isle of Wight 12/23/1862. Add: Up-Park Camp.

Chambers, Alexander. Born at Lewisburg, St. Mary 11/24/1875. Son of Alexander and Joanna Chambers. Headmaster of the Central Branch School, Kingston. A Mason of the Scottish Constitution. Add: The Conversorium, Kingston.

Chambers, Rev. Robert James Gillett. Born Montego Bay. Son of Thomas and Sarah Chambers nee Frances Gillett, who was the grand-daughter of Dr. Ross of Montego Bay. Marries Miss A. D. Tharpe, Headmistress of the Government Girls' School, Spanish Town 1/1/1907; three sons, Rendel, Horton, and Winston, and 3 girls, Hazel, Ena and Cynthia. Succeeded the Rev. J. B. Murphy to Churches in Clarendon where he stayed for 7 years. Removed to Maldon, St. James in 1909. Add: The Mission House, Maldon, Point P.O.

Charley, Edwin Alexander. Born at Nanaimo, B.C. in 1873. Wine and Spirit Merchant. J.P. of Kingston. Add: 64 King St., Kingston.

Charley, John Howell. Born at Belfast, Ireland 5/24/1885. Son of P. H. Charley of Coltra, County Down, Ireland, and Lucy, daughter of G. Heidman, Lion House, Strabane, Ireland. Married 2/13/1914, Marie Dorothy, daughter of the late Hon. J. B. Lucie-Smith, Postmaster for Jamaica. Came to Jamaica 10/30/1909. Now Inspector of Police stationed in Trelawny. Add: The Quarters, Falmouth.

Christie, Rev. W. M. Born Clarksonville, St. Ann 5/3/1860. Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union. Add: Hope Well P.O., Hanover.

Clark, George Harvey. Born in Jamaica 1873. Son of the late Dr. James Henry Clark, District Medical Officer for Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, and Harriet May Clark, who still survives her husband, and resides in London. Admitted as a Solicitor 9/17/1897; appointed Clerk of the Courts for St. Mary 11/2/1903, Acting Resident Magistrate for St. Mary 1904; Acting R. M. Clarendon 1905, for St. Mary 1906 and 1907, for St. Thomas in 1909, for Clarendon in 1910, for Kingston in 1910, for St. Mary 1911 and 1912, for Portland in 1912. Resident Magistrate for St. Mary 2/1/1913. Add: Port Maria P.O.

Clark, L. M. Born in Kingston. District Medical Officer for Gayle 5/25/1891. DMO for Linstead 1905. J.P. for St. Mary 1896, and for St. Catherine 1908. Add: Linstead.

Clark, William Powell, Resident Magistrate and Coroner for Manchester and St. Elizabeth. Son of the late Hon. J. P. Clark, Custos for Manchester. Admitted as Solicitor 12/18/1886. Resident Magistrate 12/1892. Add: Mandeville P.O.

Clarke, Arnold Theodore. District Medical Officer for the St. David's District of St. Thomas since 4/6/1912.

Clarke, Arthur Waghorn. Born Sav-la-Mar 1877, son of Thomas Forbes Clarke and the late Florence Elizabeth Clarke. Went to England and enlisted in Hon. Artillery Company. Was in the trenches in Flanders when these records were compiled. Add: Westover, Cross Road P.O.

Clarke, Charles Lister. Born Westmoreland 7/5/1872. Son of the Rev. Henry Clarke and Jane Lister, his wife. Admitted as Solicitor 8/16/1895. Notary Public for Westmoreland 1896. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Clarke, Rev Edward. Ordained Deacon 1870. Anglican minister 1874. Formerly Curate of Sav-la-Mar 1870-74. Rector of St. Paul's, Westmoreland and Negril 1874-83; Golden Grove and Bath 1883-85; Morant Bay 1885-86; Mile Gully 1886-1900. Retired 1900. Add: Shooter's Hill P.O.

Clarke, George Good; B.E. Born Falmouth in 1888. Son of Thomas Forbes Clarke and the late Florence Elizabeth Clarke. Enlisted in a Battery of Canadian Field Artillery and was at the front when these records were compiled. Add: Westover, Cross Roads P.O.

Clarke, Hugh. Born 12/4/1868. Son of the late Rev. Henry Clarke. Chairman and Manager of the Westmoreland Building Society. J.P. for Westmoreland. Owner of Blackheath Sugar Estate and Llandilo and Robins River Pens. Add: Hendon, Sav-la-Mar.

Clarke, John H. Acting D.M.O. for Vere district. Add: Alley P.O.

Clarke, Stainton. Planter and penkeeper. Born 11/6/1859 at King's Valley Pen in Westmoreland. Son of the late Rev. Henry Clarke. J.P. for Westmoreland and St. Ann. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Clarke, Thomas Forbes. Born at Belfield Pen in St. Mary. Son of Thomas Clarke M.D. and Elizabeth Clarke. Appointed Clerk at the General Penitentiary 1865-1868. Harbour Master and Health Officer of Annotto Bay 1871-1875. Registrar of Voters for Kingston and St. Andrew 1884. Retired from Public Service 1901 as Collector of Revenue of the first class. Add: West-over, Cross Roads P.O.

Clarke, Thomas Waghorn; B.E. Born in Kingston 1885. Son of Thomas Forbes Clarke and the late Florence Elizabeth Clarke. Enlisted in the Second Canadian Contingent and was in the trenches in Flanders at the time these records were compiled. Add: Westover, Cross Roads P.O.

Clerk, Astley. Dealer in Musical Merchandise. Born Montego Bay 5/11/1868. Son of Robert Thomas Clerk (Montego Bay) and Martha Jane Clerk nee Campbell (Falmouth). A Mason, and a member of the Royal Lodge. Add: Kingston.

Cocking, Ralph McDonald. Entered Public Service 1879. Now first-class clerk in Administrator General's Office. J.P. for St. Mary. Add: "Widcombe", Liguanea P.O.

Coke, E. F. Planter. Born in New York. J. P. for Manchester. Owner of Lyndhurst, Manchester. Add: Mile Gully P.O.

Coke, William Henry. Born at Hibernia, Manchester 7/9/1877. Son of E. F. Coke (J. P. for Manchester) and A. E. Coke. Admitted as Solicitor 9/6/1900. Add: Mandeville.

Cole, Augustus, Rev. Born Kingston 12/20/1851. Deacon 1888; minister 1890. Curate Bybrook 1888-1892. Rector Birnam Wood 1892-97. Rector Yallahs 1897. He was brought up by his grandparents Richard Hill and Jane Hill of Happy Hut. Married in 1878 Angelina, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Elizabeth Roune of Clarendon. Two daughters and 3 sons: Hilda Jane, Mona Morton, Enos Playdelhill, Cyril Havergal, and Evan Augustus. Add: Yallahs P.O.

Coll, Sir Anthony Michael. Knight 1912. Called to the Bar 1887. Attorney General, Gibraltar, 1901. Chief Justice of Jamaica 1912. [From 1919 Who's Who: born 1861. Unmarried. Add: Kingston].

Collins, Right Rev. John Joseph, S.J., D.D., V.A., LL.D., Bishop of Antiphellos and Vicar Apostolic of Jamaica 1907. Born at Maysville, Kentucky U.S.A. Arrived in Jamaica 4/7/1894. Returned to U.S.A. 1902. Returned to Jamaica 1906. Appointed Bishop 1906. Add: Winchester Park, Kingston.

Collymore, Ren Philip. Entered Public Service 1873. Appointed Civil Registrar of Marriages and Clerk of the Parochial Board for St. James 1879. Add: Montego Bay P.O.

Conahan, Rev. Patrick Augustus. Born at Fairfield, Buff Bay, Portland 3/22/1865. Son of William and Christiana Conahan. Ordained Anglican Deacon 1906, minister 1907. Rector of St. Margaret's Bay and Hope Bay 1907. Add: St. Margaret's Bay.

Cooke, Francis Hamilton. Appointed District Medical Officer for Lucea 5/3/1909. Now on active service in the Great War. Add: Lucea P.O.

Cooke, George. Appointed District Medical Officer for Mandeville 3/1/1878. J. P. for Manchester. (Died in Mandeville 1/8/1917). Add: Mandeville P.O.

Cooper, Evans Gustavus. Born Sav-la-Mar 9/16/1875. Son of Mr. & Mrs. George Evans Cooper. Entered Public Service as Junior Assistant Clerk of the Courts, Westmoreland, 1893. Called to the Bar 1/27/1912. Appointed Clerk of the Courts for Hanover 12/15/1912. J.P. for Hanover 1913. Acting Resident Magistrate St. Thomas 1913. Add: Lucea. [From 1919 Who's Who: Clerk of Courts, St. Mary, 1918. Married 6/1914 to Lilian Gertrude Rust, dtr of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Rust, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, England. Add: Highgate P.O., St. Mary.]

Cooper, H. Austin. Appointed Clerk of the Courts, Peace and Vestry of the Cayman Islands 1903. Assistant Clerk of the Courts for Clarendon 1907; Deputy Clerk of the Courts St. Elizabeth 1912, Manchester 1913; acting Clerk of the Courts Hanover 1914, St. Thomas 1915; Deputy in Westmoreland 1916. Add: Sav-la-Mar.

Coore, Rev. F. Wilson. Minister in the Baptist Union. Add: Clonmel P.O., St. Mary.

Corinaldi, A. J. Admitted as a Solicitor 12/17/1880. [From 1919: Crown Solicitor for Jamaica 1919]. Add: Kingston P.O.

Corinaldi, Hon. David Aurelius. Journalist and Politician. Born Montego Bay 3/26/1834. Son of Jacob Portello Corinaldi and Sarah Williams. For 21 years Member of the Legislative Council for St. James. J. P. for St. James. Consular agent for Colombia. Mason, past Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Jamaica. Editor and proprietor of the New Century newspaper. Add: Montego Bay.

Cork, Alfred. Born 8/11/1857 at Elma Parsonage, Upper Clarendon. Son of the Rev. Josias Cork, Rector of Westmoreland who died in 1892, and Ann Eliza Cork nee Bennett died 1874, both born in England. Married 12/2/1893. Educated at home by his father. Entered Public Service in the Colonial Secretary's Office 5/1/1876. Became principal clerk in 1902. Pensioned in 1913. Held office in Good Templar Lodges. Vice-President of the Athenaeum. Add: 6 East Ave., Kingston Gardens.

Cork, Hon. Henry. Member of Legislative Council for St. Thomas. Planter and Valuator. J.P. for St. Thomas, Portland and St. Catherine. Add: Port Antonio P.O.

Cork, Hon. Philip Clarke. Born in 1854. Clerk of the Immigration Department 1875. Hindustan Interpreter to the Acting General 1876. Nominated Member of the Legislative Council 1896. Colonial Secretary 1909. Administered the Government of Jamaica June to Sept. 1909, and in 1911, 1912, 1913. Retired 1914. Add: Barbican, Halfway Tree P.O.

Cory, Francis Aymer. Born at Kensington, West London 1876. Son of A. T. Cory, Esq., J. P. St. James. Add: Catadupa.

Couper, Hon. Sydney. Born in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1913 was appointed Director of the Jamaica Government Railway. Married in 1911. Add: Kendal, Cross Roads P.O.

Cousins, Hon. Herbert J.; M.A., F.C.S. Director of Agriculture and Island chemist since 1908. Born in 1869. Son of Rev. W. E. Cousins. Married Minnie, dtr of the late R. J. Hardy; 1 son 3 daughters. Island and Agricultural Chemist 1900. Member of Legislative Council 1907. Ad: Hope, Kingston.

Cover, John George Corbett. Born in St. Ann 11/17/1873, on of William and Sarah Cover nee Arscott. Married Mary Findlay 1910. Appointed second class Superintendent of Roads and Works 1/8/1911, now stationed in St. Thomas. 1/1917 transferred to Manchester. Add: Morant Bay.

Cowper, William. Born in Davington, Kent, England 3/21/1865. Son of Joseph Meadows Cowper. Married in Linstead 4/16/1895 to Blanche Elliott dtr of Gabriel J. Evelyn. Came to Jamaica 2/6/1891. Headmaster Jamaica College 1915. Add: Jamaica College, Kingston P.O.

Cox, Hon. Edward Fraser Hamilton. Son of the late Theophilus Pugh Cox, Headmaster of the Government Training College, Spanish Town. Admitted as a barrister in Jamaica 5/2/1910. Elected member of the Legislative Council for St. Andrew 1915. Add: Constant Spring P.O.

Cox, James Hill. Born Kingston 11/25/1866. Son of the late Henry Martyn Hill Cox, first tutor of the Government Training College for elementary teachers, and afterwards Wesleyan Minister. Entered service of Jamaica Government Railway 12/23/1885, now senior clerk in the Locomotive Office. Add: 1 Elgin Road, Cross Roads P.O.

Cox, J. E. L. Born 2/17/1871 at Reigate, Surrey, England. Son of the late Hon. H. E. Cox, Custos of St. Ann for over 16 years, who came to Jamaica in 1892 and died 12/10/1914. Managed Ramble Tea Estate for his father; planter and exporter of essential oils. J. P. for St. Ann. Add: Trafalgar, Claremont P.O.

Cradwick, William. Entered Public Service 1888. Appointed Travelling Agricultural Instructor for the Jamaica Agricultural Society 12/1/1900. Add: Highgate P.O.

Craig, Robert. Born in Glasgow, Scotland 10/29/1840. Son of Archibald Craig and Jane Gray. Married in 1869 Fanny Catherine, dtr of James Johnston, Esq. of New Mill, Elgin, Scotland; 2 dtrs and 1 son. Came to Jamaica in 1874. J.P. Clarendon 1875. Settled as merchant in Chapelton in 1875 and later started township of May Pen. Elected member Legislative Council for Clarendon 1884-1892. Purchased Danks and Savoy estates 1889. Retired from mercantile business 1905. Add: Savoy, Chapelton.

Crooks, Lewis Archibald; M.B. and C.M.. Born in Trelawny 3/5/1873. J. P. for St. Andrew. Medical Officer of Health for St. Andrew; at present Acting District Medical Officer, Stony Hill. Add: Dudley Lodge, Halfway Tree.

Crosswell, Louis Oliver; M.B., C.M. Entered Public Service as Government Medical Officer of Turks and Caicos Islands April 1895. District Medical Officer in Black River 1904-1908. Appointed Medical Officer of Health for Kingston 1915. Add: Public Health Department, Mayor and Council, Kingston.

Crum-Ewing, Hon. Humphrey Ewing. Custos for Manchester. Add: Mandeville P.O.

Cundall, Frank. Born in London 1858. Secretary and Librarian of the Institute of Jamaica since 1891. Add: Kingston

Cunningham, Rev. Aubrey William. Born at Lemon Hall, Ct. Catherine, 5/16/1866, Son of the Rev. William Cunningham and Sarah Cunningham. Spent 20 years as schoolmaster at Wilbury School, and in April 1906 transferred to Mount Zion. Ordained to the ministry in the Congregational Union 1908. Add: Mount Zion, Main Ridge, Chapelton.

Curphey, Addington George. Son of T. J. Curphey of Kingston. District Medical Officer for Moneague 1913. Proceeded to England with the First Jamaica Contingent. Now serving with the B.W.I. Regiment as Captain of the R.A.M.C.

From the 1919 Who's Who

Collins, Major R. G. Officer attached to the 1st Battalion West India Regiment. Add: Up Park Camp, Cross Roads, P.O.

Collymore, F. St. J. Son of Ren P. Collymore. Solicitor since 1902. Add: Montego Bay.

Colvin, Leon. Manager of the Royal Bank of Canada in Jamaica up to 8/1909. Now Manager in British Guiana. Add: Georgetown.

Connolly, W. T. Member of the Mayor and Council of Kingston. Add: Vineyard, St. Andrew.

Conran, Henry. Pen-keeper, St. Ann. J.P. St. Ann. Add: Walker's Wood P.O.

Conran, William. Pen-keeper. Owner of extensive grazing penns, St. Ann. J.P. St. Ann. Add: Walker's Wood P.O.

Constantine, Eric A. Dental surgeon. Add: Barry St., Kingston.

Constantine, Robert Lamb. Planter and penkeeper; owner of Bybrook. J.P. St. Catherine. Add: Bog Walk P.O.

Coote, Henry Groves. Field Inspector of Plant Diseases under the Department of Agriculture. Add: Hope, Kingston P.O.

Cope, Henry William, Minister of religion. Born at Highgate, England, 1882. Curate, St. George's Church, Kingston 1909-11; In charge Woburn Lawn and Trinity Ville Churches 1911-1913; Rector St. Mary's, Southfield 1913-15; Rector of Parish Church, Westmoreland, 1915. Add: The Rectory, Savanna-la-Mar.

Corinaldi, J. C. B. Junior Assistant Collector of Taxes in Portland. Add: Port Antonio.

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