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1499/04  Recorded in Liber 7 Folio 13

St. James's  In the name of God Amen I John Lawrence being very week and Sick of my body, but of perfect mind and memory doe make Constitute and Ordaine this to be my last will and testament in manner and forme as follows
Imps I give my Soule into ye hands of ye Allmighty God that gave it to me Hoping by ye meritts of my Savior Jesus Christ to recive ffellowship and Comunion at ye day of ye Resurrection, as for my body I give to ye earth from whome it came to be decently Interr'd according to ye discression of my Executors, and Overseers as for what worldly goods it hath pleased god to Bless me with I give and bequeath as followeth: ffirst I give and bequeath to my sonne John three hundred twenty five acres of land lying and bunding on ye main Ridge on ye wester fforke of Drums? Hole Gutt Item I give to my sonne James forty nine acres of land bounding on Running? gutt and to my sonne Benjamin twenty two acres bounding on Running gutt nere ye sea side and to my daughter in law* Elizabeth Dunn I give and bequeath ffifty pound Sterling money, a molatto Girle and a mare ffilly, to be paid & delivered when she comes to Age, or at ye day of marriage provided she marries by ye Consent of her mother and all ye Rest of my Goods and Chattells to be Equally devided between my three above said Sonnes John James & Benjamin. Item it is my will & testament yt my wife which is my owne fflesh and blood shall be my whole and sole Executrix and Overseer to take Care to see yt this my last will and testament be ffulfilled. In witness hereof I have here unto sett my Hand and Seale this tenth day of may one thousand six hundred and ninety &c
Wittness the                                                                                        the marke of
        marke of                                                                                 John Lawrence
     John Castle
     Thomas Pinny


*stepdaughter; John Lawrence's wife Jane, née Collins, was widow of Richard? Dunn. So none of the sons were of age in 1690. John married Susanna Petgrave in 1702; the date of the marriage and the dates of the births of their six sons and three daughters are known from a sampler which was in the possession of English descendants many years ago.

John Lawrence is said to have settled in Jamaica in 1676 after going first to Barbados with John Bradshaw, nephew of the president of the regicide court. His father was Henry Lawrence of St. Ives, one time president of Cromwell's council - see Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


WILL - October 1787

In the name of God Amen This is the last will and testament of me Charles Stewart of the Parish of St Andrews in the County of Surry in the island of Jamaica Planter made this twenty first Day of October In the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Seven, I will and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied as soon as possible after my Death, I give and bequeath unto the eldest daughter of my Cousin Garth The sum of forty pounds sterling in gratitude for the care and attention paid to me whilst in that family, I give and bequeath to my Aunt Elizabeth Menzies and my cousin Jean Menzies the sum of thirty pounds sterling equally to be divided between them share and share alike, All the residue and remainder of my estate whatsoever and whomsoever I give devise and bequeath to my three sisters named Betty Mary and Christiana...as tenants in common and not joint tenants. (everything should be sold and the money sent over) I appoint my Uncle Robert Stewart of Taylor's hall in Edinburgh in Great Britain, John Taylor of the Parish of Kingston in the County of Surry aforesaid Merchant, and Robert Spalding of the Parish of St Andrews aforesaid, surgeon, joint executors. CHARLES STEWART

(in the presence of) Thomas Cockburn, Stewart Spalding, Alex Mitchell



Kingston Nov 11 1787

Sir, It gives me great pain to be obliged to communicate to you the loss of your worthy relation Mr Charles Stewart after being for some months in a bad state of health, he died of a putrid fever on the 22nd October at the house of Dr Robert Spalding, who did every thing that could be done both in the line of his profession and as a sincere friend to preserve his life.

     By the enclosed copy of his will you will see in what manner his property is to be disposed of.

     Dr Spalding and myself will qualifie as his Executors as soon as possible after which a state of his effects will be sent to you. All his property I know of is Eleven Negroes and some small personal effects, and a little money found in his Desk after his death - There are ten of the negroes under lease for two years, at a rent of one hundred pounds this Currency per annum, one year of which will become due in February hence.

     By next Packet I will be able to give you a particular state of your deceased nephew's property, but at the present can only give you a guess at the amount which I think may be after all Debts are paid about £600 Stg. I am, Sir, your humble servant, JAMES TAYLOR




1788 Jamaica Ss. Inventory and apprisement of all and Singular the Goods and Chattels rights and Credits in the parish of St Andrews in the said Island which were of Charles Stewart late of the said Parish deceased viz:

4 Coats, 18 Jackets, 21 Breeches, 15 Shirts, 10 neck Cloaths, 18 pair of Stockings, 13 Canvas Trowzers & 7 Night Caps - £15

An Old Chaise harness - £10

2 Old Guns & one pair Pistols - £2-10

An Old hat & pair Old Boots - 5s

A Horse - £10

An Umbrella - £1

A Silver Watch - £2

A Soap Box and Shaving Case - 10s

2 pair old Shoes & knee buckles, a Stock Buckle & Breast Pin - £2-15

A Small mahogany paper Case - £1

Ballance due him in Acct with Waterhouse Estate - £14-8-6

Eleven Negroes Viz: Jack -£90. Bob - £85. George - £85. Mungo - £85. Stephn - £85. Sampson £75. Peter - £75. John - £70. James - £75. Amey - £80. Will - £60   -   £856

Cash found in his desk - £179-3-6 1/2

          Currency £1103-12-1/2



Copy Letter Mr Taylor to Mr Stewart

Kingston Septemr 7th 1788

Sir, It is now a considerable time since I wrote to you owing to my being desirous of making you a small remittance from the Effects of your deceased friend Mr Charles Stewart, which I have not been able to do sooner, as the Doctor's Bill, Funeral Charges etc consumed nearly the whole of the money found in his desk and I have not yet received the years hire of his Negroes which became due in Feby last

     The Negro named Will, I have lately sold, at the price he was valued at. The Gentleman to whom the others are rented give them up the 1st Feby next, soon after which they shall be sold, and the proceeds remitted you - As soon as I receive the amount due for rent of Negroes I will remitt it. Herewith I send you a Bill of Exchange drawn by Nathaniel Bayly esq on Messrs John & Alex Anderson of London for £100 Stg with premium of 2.5% is £102.10. stg which please apply as directed by the last will of your relation - This Bill is more than the amount of Money in my hands belonging to Mr Stewart's Estate, but I am very desirous of sending you something as soon as I could, knowing the impatience of legatees to receive the money left them.

     I enclose an inventory of the Effects of Mr Stewart and apprisement taken agreeable to law - with great respect I am, Sir, your most etc JOHN TAYLOR



The Estate of Mr Charles Stewart deceased In Account Currt with Mr John Taylor, Kingston Jamaica, one of his Executors

1787 Octr 22. To 2 loaves Sugar 251/4 lb @ 13d for the Funeral        £1.7.4 1/4

             To Cash paid for Ribbon & Gloves..£4

                 6 yards linen 30/ Tea 15/

                 Chocolate 5/ Cakes 8/ 1/2.. -£2.18.1 1/2                             £6.18.1 1/2

    Dec 31   To paid Mr Richard Grant's Law Account viz for his
            Troubles in the Secretary's Office bespeaking and procuring the
            necessary papers for proving the Will and qualifying on his
            Estate                                                                        £20.2.6

1788 Feby 28 To Cash paid the Woman who attended him when sick -   £5.10

     Apr 28 To paid Clerk of St Andrews parish funeral fees £3.16.3

              Paid John Menzies Acc sworn for his coffin  £20

              Paid Dr John Spalding sworn for Medecines -£61.12.6

              Paid McKellar & Calders sworn for a Coat - £ 7                     £92.8.9

     Sepr   To Nathaniel Bailys et of Exchange on John & Alexander Anderson
              @ 90 sight remitted Robert Stewart the Executor in
              Britain for £100 Sterling with a premium of 2 1/2%                  £143.10

     Novr 7 To paid Cockburn & Davis, their Acct sworn for making
              His will                                                                                   £10

     Dec 31 To paid recording in the Secretary's Office Inventory
              Of the Effects of his Estate                                                            17/6

1789 Mar 31  To paid fees of Conveying Negroes to Richard Latimer        £1.4.7

     July 31 To paid Davidson & Walkers Acc for Madiera Wine sworn       £4.17.7

     Dec 31 To paid Advertising Sale of his negroes in the

           Kingston Journal                                        10/

           To ditto    Royal Gazette                               5/

           To Dr Spalding & my commission on £1303.1.3 1/2 amount
              Effects sold and Debts collected as contra the
              Property of his Estate @ 6%                                                       £78.3.8


                      To Balance                                                                    £937.6.3 3/4  


                                                                                      £1303.1.3 1/2




1787 Oct 23  By Cash found in his Desk per Acc therewith
            in his own writing                             £179.3.6 1/2

1788 Apr 20 By Robert Spalding sold him an old American
            horse for £10 and sundry wearing apparel
            for £15 at an appraisement                       £25

         31 (sic) By Cash received for a Negro Boy named Will £60

    Sep 30  By ditto recd the Balance of his Acount against
             Waterhouse plantation           £14.8.6

1789 Feby 18 By Richard Latimer sold him the following Negroes
            being all that was delivered up of the Ten leased
            by Mr Stewart in his lifetime to Messrs Steinson
            & Thomson viz Jack, Rob, George, Mungo, Stephen,
            Sampson, John & Emmy in all 8 at public sale
            For the sum of                                      £655

     May 19  By the following sums due on the estate of Mr
            Stewart received from Messrs Steinson &
            Thomson viz A Balance appearing due to him by
            them per his books at the time of his death £38.5.4

            Amount a bond for one years rent of Negroes
            on lease between 2 Feb 1787 & 2 Feb 1788    £100

            One year's interest on this Bond           £6

            Amount a Bond for one year's rent of Negroes
            on Lease between 2nd Feb 1788 & 2 Feb 1789   £100

            3 1/2 months interest on ditto               £1.15   £246.0.4

1790  Jan 20 By Henry Forbes sold him at Public Sale an
            old chaise 2 old guns a pair pistols an Old
            Hat a pair Boots & an Umbrella for                £10

            By Cash, ditto a silver Watch a Shaving Box
            A breast pin                                      £1.17.11

            By ditto Sundry Knee & Shoe Buckles sold for
            Silver amount                                     £1.10

            By a mahogany paper case remaining with the papers
            By a difference of revaluation of Negroes leased
            To Steinson & Thomson when leased they were valued
            At £805 two died and the remainder were valued at
            £745 received the difference from Steinson
            & Thomson                                          £60

      May 8 By received payment from Richard Latimer the
            Amount of                                          £49.1

            The Negroes sold 18th Feby last with interest from that time
            By a Balance due the Estate by Dr Robert Spalding   £1



                                                                                 £1303.1.3 1/2


 Errors excepted   Kingston Jamaica 18th June 1790 Signed JOHN TAYLOR


At Edinburgh the twenty second day of March one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven years In present of the Lords of Court and Session

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Gregory Esquire sometime of the Island of Jamaica lately residing at Plumdon near Annan presently residing in Edinburgh .............make public and declare this my last Will and Testament .............following I do hereby under the process of sale............................of......vested in my executors hereafter named and under............................hereinafter ........give devise and bequeath and dispone to my dearly beloved wife Margaret Milligan otherwise Gregory in liberator her liferent use only in other words merely for her benefit during her life and to Elizabeth Sherlock Gregory Timothy Gregory John Gregory Ann Milligan Gregory Robert Gregory Daniel Gregory Margaret Gregory and Edwardina Gregory children procreated of the marriage between my said wife and me and to any other child or children that may be procreated between us equally amongst them their heirs assignees in fee or absolute with all and whole my coffee plantation or estate called Fellowship Hall situated lying and being in the Parish of Clarendon in the County of Middlesex and Island of Jamaica and the Slaves theron and .............and such Slaves as may be upon the said Plantation or Estate at the time of my decease But I hereby declare that after the decease of my said Spouse in so far as regards my Sons my said estate and slaves shall not be subject to their ...............or management until they shall respectively be arrived at the age of twenty one years and in so far as regards my daughters till their respective majority or marriage but the same shall be under the management of my executors or executor hereinafter named and in order to meet the possibility or probability that my Executors or executor hereinafter named shall think it advantageous or expedient at any time to sell and dispose of my said Estate and Slaves or of the share or shares thereof which may belong to my son or Sons who at the time may be in minority or of the share or shares thereof which may belong to my daughter or daughters who may be in minority or unmarried I hereby authorize give devize and bequeath to my said Executors and to the acceptor? And survivor of the full power warrant .................and attorneyship to sell and dispose of the said Coffee Plantation or Estate and Slaves or the share or shares thereof above mentioned by private coup or private bargain as they or the...........or survivor shall decree proper and to grant any such........................................................................................... To the purchaser or purchasers as may be .............. In the same manner as I would have done myself if insite or as if the said Coffee Plantation or Estate and Slaves had been owners in trust to my said Executors or the acceptor or survivor for the purpose of their his or her selling and disposing of the same and I hereby declare that in the event of a sale by my said Executors of the whole or a share or any of the shares of my said Estate and Slaves the liferent of my said spouse shall immediately on ......................or said having taken place ............ and become void in so far as it shall regard the whole Estate and Slaves or the share or shares thereof so sold as the rest may be and the price to be obtained for the said estate and slaves if sold together I hereby give devise and bequeath to my said wife my children before named and any other child or children......................................................................................................................that may be procreated of my present marriage equally amongst them and to their heirs and assignees but in case only a share or shares of the said estate and slaves shall be sold or in case a separate shares or in case slaves shall be sold at one period or several periods I hereby leave and bequeath the price or prices to be obtained for such share or shares to such of my said child or children born or to be born as the said share or shares shall cooperatively belong to and to their respective heirs and assignees but subject to the deduction therefrom a proportional part or parts thereof ................to that or those part or parts of the said share or shares to which my said spouse would have been entitled if the said part or parts had been divided equally between her and the heirs or such of them as may be then deceased the heirs of each deceased child drawing only such a part as the deceased child would have been entitled to draw if in life which proportioned part or parts of the said share or shares I hereby leave and bequeath to my said wife .................and moreover in case the British Government shall emancipate the Slaves of the said island of Jamaica and give or make for or on ......................their emancipation in money or otherwise to the Land Owners or Owners of Coffee Plantations or Estates in that island I hereby give devise and bequeath...............and dispone the money or whatever other subject matter or thing shall be given or allowed in relation to my said Estate and Slaves for or on ..............of such emancipation to my said spouse my children before named and any other child or children that may be procreated of my present marriage equally amongst them and to their heirs and assignees and I hereby declare that in case my said Estate and Slaves shall be sold in whole or in different share or shares as before mentioned or in case the British Government shall emancipate the slaves and give or make recuparation in money or otherwise as aforesaid the shares of the price or prices or of such recuparation shall not be subject to the control or management of my said children in case of  Sons to  their respective majority and in case of Daughters till their respective majority or marriage the same shall be under management of my Executors or Executor or of money being allowed by Government in the purchase of British Government Stock and to appoint the ......................or probate thereof to the maintenance and education of such of my children  as may be owners or ............to the Stock so purchased and I also give devize  bequeath and dispone to my said wife in liferent for her liferent use only and to my children above named and any other child or children that may be procreated between my said wife and me equally amongst them their heirs and assignees in fee All and whole that property land ......................or tenanted with the apartments called Gregory's Sfold or under whatever other name the same may be called or known situated lying and being in Staffordshire in England or wherever situated which belonged to the deceased Daniel Gregory my paternal Grandfather and now belongs to me or to which I have or may have right by inheritance or otherwise and which is or are or lately was or were possessed by Mary Gregory my aunt daughter of the deceased Daniel Gregory I having a considerable time ago given her a letter authorizing her to possess the same during her life upon condition that she should for every year of her possession pay yearly to me a half penny...........I give devize and bequeath to my said wife and in case she shall predecease me or repudiate this Will and Testament to my children above named and any other child or children that may be procreated of my present marriage equally amongst them and to their heirs and successors all personal property of whatever kind or.....................the same may be which now belongs or shall belong to me and is and shall at the time of my decease be in the said Island of Jamaica and all debts now due or which shall be due to me at the time of my decease by any person or persons in the said Island of Jamaica my said spouse being bound by acceptation of the rights thereby given devised and bequeathed to her so long as my said Coffee plantation or estate and slaves shall remain unsold or until the emancipation of the slaves and an allowance be made by Government for such emancipation to bear and pay all expenses attending the educating clothing and ............of my said children and fitting them out in business or otherwise but this burden of expenses shall attach to her only in so far as they shall regard our child or children whose share or shares shall not be sold or paid for nor shall it attach to her in so far as these expenses shall regard any child or children born or to be born who shall reject this will and Testament and insist upon obtaining any share or shares of my real or personal estate to which any such child or children rejecting may be entitled by the laws of Jamaica and I hereby direct my said wife and failing her my other executor pay as soon after my decease as it can be done without inconvenience to her or our children a legacy of 50 pounds sterling I hereby leave and bequeath to her Brother Robert Milligan Doctor of Medicine in order that he may purchase a ring to be kept in remembrance of me And I appoint my said wife and John Phillips Solicitor in the Supreme Courts of Scotland residing in Edinburgh Executrix and Executor of this my last Will and Testament with full power to them and the acceptor survivor to appoint overseers or managers of my said Coffee Plantation or estate and slaves and allow them such Salary or .............. as they and the acceptor or Survivor shall deem reasonable and to appoint overseers or managers at their or the survivors pleasure hereby declaring that it shall be lawful to the acceptors or acceptor or survivor by law out of the monies which may come into their or either of their hands or meet? their or either of their management to .........and retain such costs charges and expenses as shall be incurred or sustained by them or either of them in or about the execution of my Will and Testament and that neither of them shall be liable or accountable for the acts deeds omissions or defaults of the other but care for her or his own acts and deeds omissions and defaults only and I hereby nominate and appoint my said wife and the said John Phillips and the survivor and acceptor of them Guardians of my children before named and of any other child or children that may be procreated of my present marriage in the case of my sons during their minorities and in case of my daughters during their respective minorities or marriage In Witness whereof I the said John Gregory the Testator have to this my last Will and Testament contained in three pages of paper written by the said John Phillips duly stamped act my hand to the first two pages and my and my hand and seal to this third and last page thereof this seventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six  Signed JOHN GREGORY     signed sealed published and declared by the said John Gregory the testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request and in the presence each other have hereto subscribed our names as witnesses hereto
Signed  - JOHN CAIRNS Writer in Edinburgh  - JAS. CAMPBELL Baker Archibald Place Edinburgh - JOHN RICHARDSON 11 Lothian Street School Teacher Edinburgh

                 Extracted from the Records in Her Majesty's General Register House upon this and the  thirteen .............pages of stamped paper by me one of the Keepers of these Records having commission for that effect from the Lord Clerk Register  Signed WILLIAM ROBERTSON

ON the 10th June 1845 ......, with the Will attached of the Goods Chattels and Credits of John Gregory formerly of the island of Jamaica afterwards of Plumdon near Annan but late of Edinburgh in North Britain Esquire deceased was granted to Margaret Gregory Spinster and Edwardina Gregory  Sp two of the natural and lawful children having been first sworn ...............only to ..........Margaret Gregory formerly Milligan and John Phillips the Executors survived the said deceased but died without having proved the said Will at least in this Court  Its Residuary Legatee.

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