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Will of Dugald Campbell

of Saltspring, Hanover Jamaica

[PRO London, PROB11/1600]

I bequeath to my brother John Campbell and Duncan Campbell and worthy friends James Boyick of London and Robert Scarlett of Ducketts Spring in the parish of St. James Jamaica not only that part of my plantation belonging in mortgage to James Boyick but also all my estate in Jamaica, Saltspring1 [in trust to provide the following]

An annuity of £70 Sterling to my sister Mary Wilcox of Charmouth Street
An annuity of £70 Sterling to my sister Launce Glover
An annuity of £100 Sterling to Mary Smith, formerly Johnson, wife of Thomas Pope Smith of Hammersmith
Annuities of £100 Sterling to Susanna Ricketts Johnson and Ann Pope Johnson both now residing in Dalston [London] sisters of Mary Smith
An annuity of £100 Sterling to George Johnson at present in London, brother to Mary Smith, Susanna Ricketts Johnson and Ann Poole/Pool/Pole Johnson
Annuities of £10 each to two Negroes Named James and William, two of my domestic servants at Saltspring for their faithful service hereafter directed to be manumised.
My trustees shall [also] discharge such monies owing to James Boyick in mortgage and after the full payment and out of the nett profits and proceeds
To my brother Duncan Campbell £600 Sterling
To my nephew John Campbell and other nephews and nieces Harriet Campbell, Mary Alexwina* Campbell, Duncan Archibald Campbell, William Campbell and Charles Dugald Campbell, Philip Dugald Glover, John Campbell Glover, Mary Ann Glover, Launce Glover, Edward Glover, Fanny Glover and William Glover, Ann Pope, William Pope and Caroline Pope, £300 Sterling
And after payment of Legacies I direct my trustees to assign my estate [Saltspring2] to my brother John Campbell, failing him to my brother Duncan Campbell, but subject to the said annuities
To my brother Duncan all my books and bookcases at Saltspring
To my brother John all my plate and household furniture
All the residue of my estate not particularly disposed of to John Campbell, Duncan Cambell, James Boyick and Robert Scarlett

Signed, Dugald Campbell at Thomas's Hotel, Berkley Square, London on 1st November 1813
Witnesses, William Bligh, Rear Admiral Royal Navy, William Scammell and John Carpenter, both waiters at Thomas's Hotel

Proved 7th January 1818 in London by the oaths of John Campbell and Duncan Campbell

* doubtful reading


  1Duncan Campbell, Dugald's father, acquired the Saltspring estate in Hanover after the death of John Campbell, his cousin and brother-in-law. Duncan had loaned John money, by way of mortgage in 1776, and on John's death in 1782, over £11,000 was still owing. A chancery case in the Jamaica Supreme Court followed and, in 1787, the estate was adjudged to belong to Duncan. John Campbell had originally inherited the estate from his father, Dugald Campbell (taken from the Cornwall Chronicle, June 30, 1787, viz:  In Chancery. Campbell, per Attorney, v Campbell
In pursuance of the final Decree made in this Cause bearing the date the 20th day of April 1787, and in default in payment of the sum of Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventeen Pounds Eleven Shillings and Ten pence sterling money of Great Britain with interest...being the sum then reported as due to the complainant Duncan Campbell, from the Estate of John Campbell late of the parish of Hanover Esq. deceased...the said money being payable in Great Britain: I hereby give notice that I will on Monday the 5th day of November next...actually sell to the highest and best bidder all that Sugar Work...known by the name of Salt Spring...situate...in the parish of Hanover...slaves, stock and premises...which are...included in the Indentures of Lease and Release by way of Mortgage dated 17th and 18th days of October, 1776...
George Murray, M.C.C)

  2The Jamaica Almanacs record Saltspring as belonging to 'the heirs of Dugald Campbell' from 1820 onwards to at least 1845.

  3William Bligh, in the early 1780s, commanded ships, sailing between Britain and Jamaica, which belonged to Dugald's father, Duncan Campbell.

  4The circumstances of John Campbell's death are recorded in Feurtado's Personages.

  5While William Bligh witnessed Dugald Campbell's will in 1813, Dugald himself was one of two executors and a also legatee of Bligh's will [Written October 1805]. Campbell predeceased Bligh but not by much; Bligh's will was proved in the same year, 1818 [April].

1810 Will of Duncan Campbell

[extracted] Public Record Office, London: PROB 11/1515

I Duncan Campbell of the Morven Estate in the parish of Hanover in the island of Jamaica Esq. do make this my last will and testament
I give and bequeath unto Duncan McFarlane of [....] in the parish of St. James island of Jamaica Esq. my gold watch and unto my worthy friend and relation John Malcolm my small Bay Mare named Louisa and unto John Hog of the said parish of Hanover Esq. a cow name Pretty and her calf
I give and bequeath the following legacies to be paid in Jamaica currency
Unto each of my Quadroon reputed daughters Margaret Campbell and Christiana Campbell £100
Unto my reputed Quadroon son Duncan Campbell £200
Unto each of my three Mulatto reputed daughters by Esther belonging to the Retrieve Estate Old Works named Susannah Campbell, Jane Campbell and Ann Campbell £100 and unto my reputed Mulatto son William Campbell by the same mother £300 and the last named four Mulatto children I will shall be manumized
Unto my Negro woman Fanny Clarke as a reward for her due attendance on me £70 and unto her youngest child known by the name of Elizabeth Campbell Clarke £30
And unto my old and faithful servant John Campbell £30 and his freedom
All the rest residue and remainder of my property I bequeath unto my brother Captain John Campbell his heirs and assigns and I appoint my said brother John together with George Malcolm of the parish of Hanover Esq. and his son John Malcolm Esq. and the aforesaid John Hog executors of this my last will.

[Signed 6th September 1810, Duncan Campbell.  Witnesses: Denis Thomas of Somerset Place, James Campbell of Duke St. West, Alexander McDougall of Lincoln's Inn.
Proved in London 13th September 1810]

1785 Will of Dugald Malcolm

[extracted] Public Record Office, London: PROB 11/1126

I Dugald Malcolm of Pell River in the parish of Hanover in the island of Jamaica Esq. at present residing in Queen Ann Street West in the parish of St. Mary le Bone in the county of Middlesex do hereby give and bequeath unto a free Mulatto man named Alexander a carpenter in Hanover the sum of £140 current money of Jamaica to be laid out in the purchase of one or more Negro or Negroes for the use of the said man his heirs and assigns
I give and bequeath unto a Mulatto woman named Elsey in the parish of Hanover the daughter of a Negro woman named Juba the sum of £140 current money of Jamaica for the purpose of purchasing one or more Negro or Negroes for the use of the said woman her heirs and assigns.
I hereby bequeath unto my sister Ann the wife of Donald Ruthven all my household furniture and plate in the county of Argyle together with an annuity of £60 lawful money of Great Britain for and during the rest of her natural life and in case Donald Ruthven shall survive the said wife I do hereby continue the yearly sum of £60 during the term of his natural life.
I do hereby bequeath unto my nephew Robert Ruthven the sum of £1000 lawful money of Great Britain and in order to promote his timely advancement together with the further sum of £1000 like money at the expiration of six years after my decease and the like sum of £1000 Sterling at the expiration of 10 years and the like sum of £1000 at the expiration of 12 years
In case of the decease of Robert Ruthven before the whole of the said legacies shall become payable I herby bequeath the said sums unto the child or children of my said nephew and failing such child or children then unto my nephew Dugald Malcolm Rutherford.
I hereby give and bequeath unto Dugald Malcolm Rutherford the sum of £1000 lawful money of Great Britain in order to promote his timely advancement together with the further sum of £1000 like money at the expiration of six years after my decease and sum of £1000 like money at the expiration of 10 years...and the like sum of £1000 at the expiration of 12 years and in case of the decease of Dugald Malcolm Rutherford before the said legacies shall become payable then unto the child or children of Dugald Malcolm Rutherford...
I hereby give and bequeath unto my natural son Captain Alexander Malcolm late of His Majesty's 97th Regiment now retired an annuity of £250 until he shall obtain a commission in an old regiment on full pay of the rank of Captain at least and I do further direct that so much money that shall be sufficient to purchase for him a Captaincy in an old regiment shall be advanced and paid for that purpose and I further direct that the sums of money sufficient to purchase the commission and regimental rank of Lieutenant Colonel shall be in like manner advanced
I do hereby bequeath unto my said son so much money as together with the monies intended for his promotion as shall make up in the whole exclusive and independent of the aforesaid annuity the sum of £8000 lawful money of Great Britain
In case of the decease of my said son before the whole of  the £8000 shall become payable then I bequeath such part unto the child or children of my said son failing such child or children then the said part of £8000 shall sink into the residuum of my estate
As to my plantation sugar work called Pell River lands slaves hereditaments and premises in the said island of Jamaica and all other estate real and personal I give and devise unto my affectionate cousin Neill Malcolm of the said parish of Hanover Esq. but now residing in the parish of Mary le Bone in the county of Middlesex his heirs and assigns forever and I hereby appoint the said Neill Malcolm sole executor and in case of the decease of Neill Malcolm I appoint his brothers Donald Malcolm and George Malcolm of the parish of Hanover executors

[Signed, Dugald Malcolm 17th January 1785. Witnesses: Dugald McLachlan, John Allen, William Sutherland. Proved in London 14th February 1785]

1813 Will of George Malcolm

Recorded in the Island Record Office, Jamaica, LOS 87 Fol 152

Jamaican SS.
In obedience to the dedimus Potestatem I have administered an Oath unto Robert Lindsay ...This 16th day of June Anno  Domini 1813 Hugh Stephenson Malcolm George Proven 16th June 1813 Jamaica SS.

This is the last Will and testament of me George Malcolm of the parish of Hanover in the county of Cornwall in the island of Jamaica Esquire
First I subject charge and make liable all My Estate both real and personal...with the payment Of all My just bills and My burial expenses Therein
I give devise and bequeath all my Estate real And personal ... unto My son John Malcolm Barrister at Law in the parish of Saint Catherine County Of Middlesex and Island of Jamaica aforesaid Esquire and his heirs and assigns...
and for default of such lawful Issue Of the body of My Said John Malcolm...I give devise and bequeath the Same unto My Nephew Neil Malcolm Esquire of the City of London in The Kingdom of Great Britain to hold to Him and the heirs of his body lawfully  Begotten forever
As I do not mean to Subject My Said Son to any Legacy or annuity Whatsoever I recommend in the strongest Manner to him and I am sure he Will not disappoint my expectations to Continue the same yearly allowances to His Aunt Amy* Mennid* Malcolm that He knows I have constantly given her
And that he will as far as propriety goes afford every comfort to his poor Nationals Sister Margaret Malcolm Residing at Huddersfield in Yorkshire In England and Sally Malcolm residing At Kilmartin in Argyleshire Whom He knows I have adopted for my daughter and I trust that he will not tarnish my memory or Stain his own character by any deviation from a recommendation urged with such feeling and affection for two destitute orphans
and I have also particularly to recommend to his care and Attention the poor unfortunate... Margaret Malcolm Campbell and Elizabeth Sinclair that have lived with Me for some years and have all along expressed the sincerest respect and attachment for him and I recommend that all the property that may be found in their possession a great deal of which they have acquired themselves may be conferred to them  
Margaret Malcolm Campbell has a title to all the Negroes she purchased herself as that I gave her...I have given her a life rent of one hundred and ninety acres of lands but if the condition of the deeds are complied with She shall be Satisfied with fifty acres and the Erection of the houses cannot cost a great deal and until that is done should She survive me she is to remain unmolested At my house at Argyle Estate - with all the parity That are necessary for a person in her Situation and the negroes belonging to me in the house are to remain with her if she has Occasion for them particularly Joans* all the days of her life but should she form any connexion before her house is built for her at her own place She must remove from Argyle
with respect to Elizabeth Sinclair she has a house and homes but many of the slaves that attend her she has no title to but I hope my said son will confirm them To her and her two sons named Alexander Malcolm and Donald Malcolm.
And Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute And appoint my aforesaid son John Malcolm George Hibbard* William Hibbard and Samuel Hibbard of the city of London in the Kingdom of Great Britain Merchants Alexander Campbell and James Martin of the parish of Hanover in the county of Cornwall and Island aforesaid esquires to be my lawful Executors of this my last will and testament and hereby revoking and making void all former and other wills at any time here before made by me - in witness thereof I have to the preceding page hereof set my hand and to this page my hand and seal this thirteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirteen
                        George Malcolm Esq.
Signed Sealed published And declared by the testator The written named George Malcolm as and for his Last will and testament In the presence of us Who in his presence a His request and in the  Presence of each other Have hereunto subscribe Our names as Witnesses...
James Irving, Neil Mclaren, Robert Lindsay
* doubtful reading

Will of Hugh Malcolm, merchant of Jamaica

[PRO London PROB 11/897]

I Hugh Malcolm late Clerk of the Customs of Port Glasgow and now Merchant of Jamaica...make this my last Will and Testament
I bequeath unto my dearly beloved Peggy at Polltalloch my intended wife one hundred pounds sterling.
Then unto Patrick Campbell of Knap thirty pounds fifteen shillings and nine pence which he owes me & on demand
then unto my Uncle Angus Campbell of Hanover forty pounds sterling .
Then unto James Campbell of Rasthoyllie twenty pounds sterl'g.
Then unto Alexander Campbell Deputy Controller of the Customs at Greenock twenty pounds sterling.
Then unto John Clerk, Clerk of Customs at Port Glasgow all the household furniture which I left with him when I left Glasgow.
Then unto my dutiful and beloved Grandmother Sarah Campbell thirty pounds sterling Conditioning that what remains thereof at the time of her death do fall into my dearly beloved Cousin Hugh Campbell Minister of South Knapdale.
Then unto my Foster John H...... and his spouse Margaret Ruthven my Nurse fifteen pounds sterling.
Then unto Hugh, Neil, Archibald and Margaret McCallum lawful children to the deceast Malcolm McCallum my uncle five pounds to each.
Then unto John Campbell one of the Clerks of the Customs at Port Glasgow twenty pounds
then fifty pounds sterling to be laid out at Common Interest for an addition to the salary of the schoolmaster of Kilmartin to be under His management of the Kirk Sessions of Kilmartin for the time being.
Then unto Archibald and Alexander Clerk, my brothers uterine and to my sister Elizabeth Clerk thirty pounds sterling cash.
Then unto my Cousin Mr. Neill Malcolm of Jamaica all of my books of whatkindsoever.
Then and lastly the Remainder of my fortune of whatkindsoever I bequeath unto Dugald Malcolm Esqr. of Pell River and Mr. Neill Malcolm Merchant both of Jamaica who I constitute and appoint Executors of this my last Will and testament with the provision that they do annually pay or cause to be paid unto my dearly beloved mother Catherine Campbell fifteen pounds sterling during her natural life...
This done with my own hand at Deal in Kent This 13th March 1763 before witnesses Alexander Ramsay Master and Hugh Ballantyne Mate of the Ship Duke of Portland of London Hugh Malcolm signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Witnesses Alexr. Ramsay / Hugh Ballantine

This will Proved at London 5th April 1764 by the Oath of Dugald Malcolm Esquire one of the Executors named in this said Will to whom administration was granted...making the like grant to Neill Malcolm the other Executor when he shall apply for the same.


Transcription and notes on the above Campbell and Malcolm wills are by Pieter Dickson.

Extracts from Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills

Will of David Wright

Practitioner in Physic and Chirurgery of Saint Ann, Island of Jamaica

David Wright

Wife - Sarah (Wright)
Daughter - Mary Wright
Daughter - Elizabeth Wright
Daughter - Jane Wright

Nephew - David Wright (son of brother George Wright of Kilgraston, Shire of Perth, Scotland)
Brothers - George, William, Andrew
Two sisters (?)

Executors: James Gray (Esq. of St. Thomas in the Vale), Charles Allen & John Searle (Planters of St. Ann), Bob Matthew (Apothecary of the City of London), Joseph Fab... (Merchant of the City of London) & brother George Wright

Will signed February 9, 1732

Proved, the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, August 3, 1753

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