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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Keppel, Nathan Samuel, b 6/7/1916 Hartlands, St. Catherine. F= Wilford Keppel. M= Mary Jane Johnson. Laborer. Civil regn.

Keoughen, Francis Nicholas b 2/15/1813, bap 6/22/1813 Telawny. P= Peter Keoughen, Spinner Rapl Foreign Artillery, and Mary (W). I, p. 88

King, John Tomlinson, an infant, bap 5/1/1836 Westmoreland. M= Margaret Senior, apprentice. Res Kings Wood. III, p. 324 #71.


Laing, Charles, a free mulatto infant, bur 9/18/1761, church yard, Kingston. I, p. 384

Laing, David, bur 7/7/1752 by Mr. John Henderson, in Kingston. I, p. 287

Laing, Eleanor, buried by her husband in the church in Kingston, 9/30/1747. I, p. 236.

Laing, Elizabeth, a free mulatto infant, bur 3/4/1765 N. Ground, Kingston. I, p. 413

Laing, George, buried by the parish, Spring Path, Kingston. I, p. 405

Laing, George, free mulatto infant, bur 12/7/1764 in Kingston church yard. I, p. 411.

Laing, Margaret, a child of color, bur 3/2/1795 N. Ground, Kingston. II, p. 175.

Laing, Robert, gentleman, bur 8/5/1794, church yard Kingston. II, p. 164.

Laing, Thomas from the hospital, bur 7/27/1790 Spring Path, Kingston. II, p. 116.

Laing, Thomas James, a mulatto child, bur 3/24/1794 N. Ground, Kingston. II, p. 149.

Laing, William, free Negro man aged about 65 years, bap 4/9/1778 Kingston. I, p. 271

Lamont, Mrs. Jane, wife of Frederick Lamont, died 2/17/1803 aged 27 years.(Tombstone at Falmouth Parish Church, south side of churchyard)

Lang, Henry, bur by Mr. Woodcock 3/21/1739 church yard, Kingston. I, p. 148.

Lang, Louisa, b 2/15/1848, bap 3/25/1848 Kingston. P= Charles Maxwell Lang, servant, and Catherine (W). Res No. 6 Sutter Lane, Kingston. V, p. 46 #158.

Langbridge, Sarah, b 12/6/1849, St. Ann. F= W. F. Langbridge, planter. M= Christiana David. Birth reg. II, p. 96 #1876.

Lawrence, ___, infant daughter of S. B. Lawrence, bur 12/9/1796 in Westmoreland. I, p. 112.

Lawrence, Anne, mulatto aged 26 years, bur 9/23/1830 in Hanover by Revd. P. Burton. Res Eardley Estate. I, p. 205.

Lawrence, Anne Rebecca, bap 2/22/1795 Westmoreland. P= Thomas B. Lawrence and Sarah (W). I, p. 105

Lawrence, Barron, bur 7/21/1741 in Westmoreland. F= ___ Lawrence. I, p. 2.

Lawrence, Benjamin senior, bur 12/3/1776, St. James. I, p. 284.

Lawrence, Charlotte, Negro aged about 17 years, bap 2/14/1789 St. James. I, p. 62.

Lawrence, David Jenkins, mulatto aged about 8 yrs, bap 5/25/1779 St. James. I, p. 26.

Lawrence, Elizabeth, a Negro woman formerly called Hannah, bap 4/1/1781 Hanover. I, p. 54

Lawrence, David Jenkins, mulatto aged about 8 yrs., bap 5/25/1779 St. James. I, p. 26.

Lawrence, Elizabeth Mary Ann, a Negro woman formerly called Frances, bap 1/1/1780 Hanover. I, p. 54

Lawrence, George, a Negro man, bap 4/25/1784 St. James. I, p. 43

Lawrence, George, carpenter, bap 2/4/1780 St. James. I, p. 288

Lawrence, George, Maroon Negro, bap 1/5/1775 St. James. I, p. 14.

Lawrence, George, Esquire, mar Sarah Brissett Spence, spinster, by license 12/5/1805 Westmoreland. I, p. 139.

Lawrence, George Whitehorne, b 12/2/1794, bap 6/19/1795 Trelawny. P= Benjamin John Lawrence and Comfort Ann (W). I, p. 34

Lawrence, Hannah, a Negro woman aged about 60 years, bap 9/14/1790 St. James. I, p. 68

Lawrence, James, Maroon Negro, bap 1/6/1775 in St. James. I, p. 15.

Lawrence, James, mar Mary Hinde Record by banns 6/7/1815 in Orange Bay, Hanover. I, p. 150.

Lawrence, James, a brown man, bur 9/17/1800 in Montego Bay, St. James. Recorded in Hanover register. I, p. 103.

Lawrence, James, a brown man, bur 9/11/1800 in St. James. I, p. 355.

Lawrence, John, a mulatto man formerly called Mercury, bap 1/1/1780 Hanover., I, p. 54.

Lawrence, Judith, b 1/13/1733, bap 8/18/1733 Westmoreland (in St. Elizabeth Register). P= John Lawrence and Esther (W). I, p. 5

Lawrence, Martha, b 12/19/1797, bap 1/14/1798 St. Elizabeth. P= Brooks Lawrence, Cornet and Adjutant 13th Light Dragoons, and Rosanna (W). White. I, p. 82.

Lawrence, Mary, a Negro woman formerly called Mary, bap 4/1/1781 Hanover. I, p. 54.

Lawrence, Mary, white, aged 67 years, bur 7/30/1824 Hanover by Revd. B. H. Heath, rector. Res Endeavour. I, p. 171.

Lawrence, Mary, aged 54 years, but 3/7/1850 Sandy Park, Westmoreland by Daniel B. Miller. Res Sandy Park. III, p. 375.

Lawrence, Prince James, sambo aged 28 years, bap 2/2/1799 St. James. I, p. 117.

Lawrence, __, Quarter Master of 13th Dragoons. Bur 9/1/1797 Westmoreland. I, p. 114

Lawrence, Rachel Cornelius, bap 12.26.1750 Westmoreland. P= John Lawrence deceased, and his wife Mary. I, p. 18.

Lawrence, Rose, adult person of color, bap 5/14/1797 Westmoreland., I, p. 114.

Lawrence, Sabina Jane, bap 2/22/1743 Westmoreland. F= John Lawrence. I, p. 4.

Lawrence, Stephen, black, bap 6/14/1816 Hanover. I, p. 154.

Lawrence, Stephen, Esq., of St. James mar Susannah Moore of Hanover, widow, 4/26/1772, Hanover. I, p. 43.

Lawrence, Mrs., widow of Stephen Lawrence, esq., bur 9/22/1802 St. James. I, p. 365.

Lawrence, Thomas B., Parish clerk, bur 6/16/1798 Westmoreland. I, p. 118.

Lawrence, Thomas Banton, mar Grace Ebanks 5/1/1776 St. Elizabeth by license. Both of St. Elizabeth, listed with persons ‘not white.' I, p. 299

Lawrence, William Hudson, bap 5/19/1794. P= James Lawrence and Anne (W). I, p. 103

Laws, William, carpenter, mar Phyllis Margaret Fowler, spinster, 9/10/1836 in St. James by John C. Stone, offg. minister, by license. Both res St. James. II, p. 271.

Leary [or Leavy], Alexander, b 11/20/1849, bap 3/13/1850 Kingston. Res Rosemary Lane. V, p. 131 #184.

Leary, James, aged 18 years, bur 2/19/1861 in West Ground, Kingston. Res Public Hospital. VII, p. 393 #63.

Leary, Rowena Rebecca, b 2/17/1840, bap 2/7/1849 St. Catherine. P= William Gordon Leary, wheelwright, & Penelope Jane. Res St. Catherine. XII, p. 45 #16.

Leavy, Clara Ann, b 8/10/1847, bap 10/10/1847 Kingston. Res East Street. V, p. 26.

Leray, Lucy Emily Ada, b 4/27/1860, bap 11/1/1860 in St. Andrew. P= Oliver MacBean Leray, planter, and Ann (W). Res Temple Hall.

Levy, David, mar Margaret Ann Bruce 3/15/1861 in St. Elizabeth by banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 284 #28.

Levy, James Benjamin, mar Eliza Caroline Bruce 11/16/1860 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. W. Rowe after banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 278 #180.

Lewin, Jestina, laborer, mother of Wilfred George Augustus, b 8/10/1916 in Recess, St. Catherine (res). Reg by Obadiah Scott, occupier, 9/19/1916. Civil EG2521.

Linton, George Robert, Mr., mar Miss Margaret Bruce 1/22/1837 in St. Elizabeth by Thomas Williams, rector, by banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. III, p. 252 #12.

Livingston, Alexander, 77th Regiment, aged 20 years, white, bur 12/19/1827 St. Catherine. I, p. 106 #96.

Livingston, Alexander, mar Phoebe Taylor 5/9/1855 in Kingston by L. A. Mais, B.A., after banns. Both res Kingston. VI, p. 226 #28.

Livingston, Anne French, a free child of color, b 8/23/1825, bap 3/8/1824 St. Catherine. II, p. 364.

Livingston, Charles, b 1/14/1857, bap 4/11/1857 Kingston. Res Charles Street. VI, p. 184 #292.

Livingston, Edward, bap 5/1/1836 St. Mary. M= Harriet Grant (U). Res Whitehall. I, p. 158.

Livingston, Edward French, a free mestee b 5/13/1821, bap 12/19/1822 St. Catherine. II, p. 360.

Livingston, Eliza, b 1836, bap 12/11/1838 Kingston. Res New Bond Street. III, p. 432 #397.

Livingston, Eliza Ann, b 12/14/1827, bap 1/2/1829 Kingston by J. Brooks Crowe. F= William Livingston. M= Susan Dawson Wallis (U). Res Hanover Street. I, p. 40.

Livingston, Eliza Williams, b 2/17/1837, bap 1/1/1839 Kingston by T. B. Turner, Island Curate. Res New Bond Street. III, p. 49 #46.

Livingston, Elizabeth Frances, a free Negro woman aged about 45 years, bap 12/31/1789 Kingston. I, p. 409.

Livingston, George, b 11/10/1789, bap 11/14/1789 St. Andrew by Revd. John Campbell, rector. P= John Livingston, Sergeant 19th Regiment and Anne (W). I, p. 112.

Livingston, Henry F., Free black aged 44 years, bap 5/25/1824 Kingston. II, p. 411.

Livingston, Henry, Esquire, bur 1/15/1772 St. Mary by Will Williams, rector. I, p. 121

Livingston, James mar Margaret McCoulsky 6/25/1835 St. Andrew by banns. Both apprentices to Mount Cheerful. I, p. 182.

Livingston, Jasper, mar Joanna Williams 4/27/1854 in St. Mary by H. Girod after banns. Both of Metcalf. New Series II, p. 277.

Livingston, Jasper, mar Eliza Sinclair on Wednesday, 9/26/1856 in St. Mary by banns. Both res Metcalf. New Series VI, p. 147.

Livingston, Jasper Reid, mustee, bap 3/14/1830 St. Mary. M= Sarah Purser (U). Res Port Maria. I, p. 136.

Livingston, John, bap 9/21/1760 St. Andrew. P= Gilbert Livingston and Toye (W). I, p. 75.

Livingston, Joseph, quadroon child b 12/5/1801, bap 4/8/1802 Kingston. II, p. 119.

Livingston, Mary, bap 11/29/1835 St. Mary. M= Judy Lacking (U). Res Cromwell. I, p. 154.

Livingston, Mary Milborough, free mulatto b 7/2/1816, bap 3/4/1818 Kingston. II, p. 324

Livingston, Milborough, a mulatto woman aged about 25 years, bap 6/6/1780. I, p. 288.

Livingston, Muscoe, merchant of St. James, mar Isabella Richards, spinster of St. Thomas in the East, 10/20/1774 in Kingston. I, p. 104.

Livingston, Olive, bap 11/15/1835 in St. Mary by J. H. Archer, Island Curate. P= Philip Livingston and Eleanor his wife, free. I, p. 154.

Livingston, Philip, quadroon child aged 5 years, bap 11/3/1804 Kingston. II, p. 151.

Livingston, Polly, a free mulatto woman bap 4/4/1795 St. Mary. I, p. 27

Livingston, Rachael, free quadroon aged 9 years, bap 2/26/1821 Kingston. II, p. 367.

Livingston, Rosanna, free black aged about 40 years, bap 6/8/1819 Kingston. II, p. 338.

Livingston, Sophy, bap 8/16/1835 St. Mary. M= Ellen Stimpson (U). Res Cape Char. I,

p. 152

Livingston, Susanna Reid, b 5/19/1833, private bap 12/24/1833 Kingston. Res New Bond Street. II, p. 25 #408.

Livingston, Thomas, mariner of Kingston, mar Mary Collins of Kingston, widow, 1/30/1724 in Kingston. I, p. 4

Livingston, William Cargill, free mulatto man, b 2/16/1775, bap 5/11/1795 Kingston. II, p. 28

Livingstone, Alexander, aged 11 months, bap 8/4/1839 St. Mary. M= Jessy Livingstone (U). I, p. 210.

Livingstone, Robert Taylor, b 4/1/1860, bap 4/29/1861 Kingston. P= Robert Taylor Livingstone, butler, and Phebe (W). Res Rose Lane. VII, p. 81 #176.

Longland, Alexander, mulatto aged 6 months bap 7/18/1798 St. James. I, p. 114.

Longlands, Arthur Laird, b 11/24/1783, bap 12/10/1783 St. James. P= Alexander Longlands and Elizabeth (W). I, p. 41.

Lunan, (child), aged 2 months, bur 8/1/1874 in Kingston. Cause: small pox. Law 6, II, p. 19 #652.

Lunan, James, aged 20 years, black, bur 9/13/1874 in Kingston. Cause: small pox. Res 4 Sarah Street, Allman Town. Law 6, II, p. 29

Lynch, Benjamin, b 6/18/1840, bap 2/2/1840 St. Elizabeth. Res Goshen. IV, p. 3 #46.

Lynch, Benjamin, b 10/16/1836, bap 10/22/1843 in St. Elizabeth by C. J. P. Douet. Res Good Hope. IV, p. 173 #642.

Lynch, Benjamin, b 6/2/1845, bap 8/15/1845 in St. Elizabeth. P= Robert Lynch, laborer, and Ann (W). Res Barbary Hall. IV, p. 250 #498.

Lynch, Benjamin, b 3/3/1847, bap 1/29/1848 in St. Elizabeth. P= William J. Lynch, planter, and Ellen (W). Res Harmony Hall. V, p. 122 #73.

Lynch, Benjamin, b 5/10/1848, bap 5/8/1850 in St. Elizabeth. V, p. 230 #315.

Lynch, Benjamin Banton, b 3/1/1858, bap 5/7/1858 St. Elizabeth by W. R. Russell. P= John Benjamin Lynch, planter and Catherine (W). Res Cataboo. V, p. 648 #259

Lynch, John, b 3/28/1838, bap 10/28/1843 in St. Elizabeth. Res Good Hope. IV, p. 174 #643.

Lynch, Richard B., b 10/11/1847, bap 1/29/1848 St. Elizabeth. Res Harmony Hall. V, p. 122 #72.

Lynch, Ruth Ann, b 6/17/1839, bap 1/5/1840 St. Elizabeth. P= John Lynch, small settler, and Priscilla (W). Res Little Park. IV, p. 2 #31.

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