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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Tadhunter J. W. G., with M. Brandon & Co., h 1 High Holborn

Tadhunter George W., h 1 High Holborn

Taggert Ann, widow, h 20 Smith lane

Tait C. W., 1st class clerk, Dept. of Roads and Works, h 1 Manchester Sq

Talbot Eliza, h 102 Orange

Tamayo Charles (Tamayo Bros.,) 122 Orange, h 86 Barry

Tamayo Peter (Tamayo Bros.,) 122 Orange, h 36 Church.

Tamayo Bros., cigar makers, 122 Orange

Tarbett Clara, h 41 Fleet

Target Felix, civil engineer K & L Water Works, h Hope Pen, St. Andrews

Tarnley Richard, h 55 Beeston

Tarrant William, h 92 Barry

Tate John, carpenter, 126 Tower, h 15 High Holborn

Tavares Abraham, 44 Port Royal, h 58 Orange

Tavares Horatio, coach builder, 105 Barry h 20 Pink lane

Tavares Rachel Mrs., h 58 Orange

Tavares Solomon, crockery, 117 Barry, h same

Taylor Ellen, manager, 6 Beckford, h 89 Princess

Taylor Ellen Mrs., h 72 Tower

Taylor George R. (Taylor & Ford,) Harbour c King, h 22 Rae, Rae Town

Taylor James, with M. C. Morgan, h 85 Church

Taylor John, carpenter, h 123 Church

Taylor John, laborer, h 115 Mark lane

Taylor Richard, fish, 86 Princess, h 15 Beckford

Taylor Sarah widow, h 94 Church

Taylor William, meat market, 25 Parade

Taylor William J., with Joseph Deleon, h 79 Princess

Taylor William P., clerk, h 94 Church

Taylor & Ford, dry goods, King c Harbour

Tejada R., tobacconist, 31 King, h 35 Sutton

Tenison C., laundress h 22 George's lane

Tenreyro Joseph, h 84 Orange

The Budget, 146 Harbour

The Church Chronicle, 130 Harbour

The Colonial Standard, Church c Port Royal,

The Gleaner, 148 Harbour, c Princess

The Instructor, 103 Water lane

The Jamaica Gazette, Robert Osborn, 12 Orange

The Mercantile Intelligencer, 148 Harbour

The Police Gazette, General Penitentiary

The Telegraphic News Letter, 46 Harbour

The Tri Weekly Gleaner, 148 Harbour

Theatre Royal, Parade, north side

Thelwell Anthony L., conductor, h 65 Laws

Theobald W. H., jeweller and importer of general merchandise, 236 Washington, Boston, Mass. USA

Thibeau Alexander, shoemaker, 5 John's lane, h 21 Harbour

Thibeau Henry, goldsmith, h 90 King

Thibeau Matthew, jeweller, h 40 John's lane

Thirwall John, clerk to Inspector of Prisons, h 13 Barry

Thomas Alexander, h 21 Water lane

Thomas Catharine, manager, 26 E Queen, h 24 Hay wood

Thomas Charlotte, widow, h 15 John's lane

Thomas Coly, cigars, 2 Oxford, h same

Thomas Daniel, provisions, 51 Barry, h Spanish Town road

Thomas H. S., sub inspector, h Barracks, Sutton

Thomas James, hairdresser, r 1 John's lane, h Phillip

Thomas John, provisions, 76 Charles, 11 W Queen, 77 Oxford, 93 Charles, 3 Heywood, 22 E Queen, 51 Beeston, 14 E Queen, 33 Princess, and 93 Charles, h Princess c Tower

Thomas Matthew, painter, h 48 Foster lane

Thomas Theophilus, blacksmith, h 40 Parade

Thomas Walter H., shoemaker, 92 Barry, h 30 James

Thomas William, fireman, h 16 Peter's lane

Thomas Mrs., 135 East

Thompson Abraham, carpenter, h 85 Orange

Thompson Anita, h 57 Luke lane

Thompson Charlotte, fruit, 2 John's lane, h same

Thompson Cyril, relieving officer, office of Relief of the Poor, 99 Water lane, clerk and treas. Wollmer's Free School and ass`t clerk to Municipal Board, h 83 Luke lane

Thompson Edward, shoemaker, h 33 Tower

Thompson Edward, h 31 Duke

Thompson Gordon, h 31 Duke

Thompson G. H., third master Wollmer's Free School, h 46 Church

Thompson Hugh, manager, 33 Harbour, h 4 Race Course

Thompson H. A. Mrs., matron Lock Hospital, h same

Thompson John, clerk, King cor. Port Royal, h 128 East

Thompson John, provisions, 25 and 110 Barry, h 112 same

Thompson Joseph, manager, 39 E Queen, h Mark lane

'Thompson J. S., photographer, 7 Church, h 34 Duke

Thompson Louis Mrs., h 85 Orange

Thompson Matthew Mrs., h 64 Hanover

Thompson Michael, h 112 Barry

Thompson Richard, laborer, h 20 Peter's lane

Thompson William, cooper, 145 Barry, h 36 Bond

Thompson William, provisions, 86 King, h same

Thompson William L., teacher, h 28 Water lane

Thompson W. W. Mrs., widow, h Coolshade Villa, 4 Elletson road

Thomson Frederick G., wharfinger, A. Malabre & Co., h 31 Duke

Thomson G. S., clerk Stamp Dep't, h 33 Duke

Thomson Robert, Island Botanist, P. O. address Gordon Town

Thonson S. Powell, phonographer, reporter and press corrector, Gleaner office

Thorner S. L., jeweller, 119 Court, h Boston, Mass., U. S. A.

Thornhill Eliza, fancy goods, 80 Barry, h same

Thornley T. B., tailor and tobacconist, 131 Water lane, h 55 Beeston

Thwaites Charles G., with W. R. Macpherson & Co., h 57 Beeston

Tilley James, with W. R. Macpherson & Co., h 48 Church

Tillman J., head master Wollmer's Free School and drawing master Collegiate School, h 35 North

Timke Ernest, travelling agent Finke & Co.

Tivy St. Leger, lst. class inspector, h 100 Duke

Todd Alexander, saddler, 28 Parade, h Luke lane

Todd David, h 30 Beeston

Todd Leopold, tinsmith, h 100 East

Toledano Joseph, pressman, Gleaner office, h 132 Barry

Tolman Alvin, with J. N. Cardozo, h 46 Fleet

Towsley William D., jeweller, 48 King, h 25 Pink lane

Tredway Anne Miss, h 31 North

Tremble Octavio, engineer, h 59 Orange

Trench D. P., Collector General, h Greenwich Park Pen, Spanish Town road

Trescott Robert, messenger, h 9 Hanover

Treves Mary A., h 33 Barry

Troutman G., manager, 5 Potter's row, h 6 Catharine

Trowers George W., shoemaker, 53 Hanover, h 43 Rum lane

Trowers William, with A. DaCosta, h 9 Drummond

Truax Richard (Pouter and Truax,) 7 Church, h American hotel Toronto, Canada

Truman John, shoemaker, h 15 High Holborn

Tucker, Emanuel, jeweller, h 169 Tower

Tucker, James H., with W. B. Hannan, h 33 Hitchins, Allman Town

Tuckett J. M., clerk Government Savings Bank, h 44 John's Lane

Tudor Ice Co., 1 Duke

Turnbull Alexander (Turnbull & Co.,) 60 Port Royal, h 118 Belsize Park Gardens, Hampstead London, N.W., England

Turnbull Elizabeth, widow, h 97 Water lane

Turnbull L. A., with Burke & Lee, h 52 E Queen

Turnbull Richard, with Alexander Berry, h 50 E Queen

Turnbull William, bath, foot Rosemary lane, h 15 Rum lane

Turnbull & Co., merchants, 60 Port Royal

Turner George, dry goods, 6 Beckford

Turner George, wharfinger, h 50 Fleet

Turner Thomas, with J. Wray & Nephew, h 36 Regent

Turpin Thomas, asst. bailiff District COurt

Tweedale Edward M., with M. Brandon & Co., h 35 Potter's row, Rae Town

Tyndall Margaret, h 54 Water lane

Tyrrell Eliza, widow, h 92 Tower


Ulloa Franciso, mechanic, h 31 Church

Uppoo Charles, provisions, 67 Luke lane

Usher James W., with H. W. Cody & Co., h 113 West

Uter Anthony, fisherman, h 12 Stephen lane

Uter Edwin, tailor, h 42 Charles

Uter Eliza Mrs., h 25 High Holborn

Uter Louis, coachmaker, h 26 Mark Lane

Uter Salina Miss, manager, 53 Tower, h Church c Tower


Valdez Juan, with Lugardo Vila, h 21 Church

Valencia Charles T., with McDowell & Barclay, h 166 Tower

Valencia J. E., clerk, Medical Dept., h 166 Tower

Valencia Martin, h 74 King

Valentine Gilbert, cabinet maker, h 22 Duke

Valentine Susan, manager, 50 E Queen, h 120 Church

Valiente Donatis (Vallente & Badell,) 29 Port Royal, h 104 King

Valiente & Badell, tobacconists and exchange brokers, 29 Port Royal

Valverde Joseph M., goldsmith, 119 Orange, h 13 Chancery lane

Vaz Carrie, widow, h 7 John's lane

Vaz Joseph, fish, 95 Princess, h 90 same

Vaz J. S., foreman, Ordnance Dept., h same

Vaz Osmond N., h 17 Barry

Vaz Randolph, with Ford Bros., house 27 Spanish Town road

Vendryes Amelia, widow, h 40 John's lane

Vendryes Arthur L., with Henry Vendryes, h 48 E Queen

Vendryes Chas. L., importer, 30 Port Royal, branch stores, 48 E Queen, 89 Orange, 36 Tower, 49 Barry, h 48 E Queen

Vendryes Ernest, h 155 King

Vendryes Henry, advocate, 88 Harbour, h 48 E Queen.

Vendryes Henry Mrs., h 31 Mark lane

Vendryes Mary L., widow, h 58 Laws

Vendryes Paul Emile, solicitor, 86 Harbour, h 48 E Queen

Vendryes Phillip C., with C. L. Vendryes, h 48 E Queen

Venice John, carpenter, 151 Water lane, h same

Venning Charles B., h 42 Maiden lane

Verley Louis F. (Verley, Robinson & Co.,) 188 Harbour, h Marble Hall, Rae Town

Verley James L., with V. R. & Co., h 95 Hanover

Verley, Robinson & Co., merchants and bakers, 188 Harbour

Vernon Jane Mrs., h 118 Church

Verranes Philip, h 67 East

Vila Lugardo, cigars and tobacco, 96 Harbour and 147 Tower, h 75 Orange

Villags John, h 75 Orange

Villear Isabel, h 1 Chancery lane

Villegas J. M., manager of estates, h 63 Orange

Villegas Richard, clerk, h 63 Orange

Villicy G. D., with Charles Grant, h 104 Church

Vital J. B. (C. Laloubere & Co.,) 4 Orange, h Jacmel, Hayti [Haiti]

Vollmer Michael, professor of music, h 98 Orange

Volney Mary (D. Feres & Co.,) dry goods, boots and shoes, 104 Harbour

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