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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Sadler William, with Charles Grant, h 143 Oxford

Sailor's Home, 61 West

Sale Edward, cigar maker, 26 Parade, h 49 High Holborn

Salmon Charles A., h 41 Duke

Salmon Elizabeth, laundress, h 58 Princess

Salmon Henrietta, manager, 83 Luke lane, h 46 Orange

Salmon Margaret Mrs., h 128 Princess

Salmon Marie A., h 110 King

Salmon Robert Mrs., h 51 Duke

Salom Aaron, h 77 Luke lane

Salsado Cecelia, baker, 93 Barry, h same

Sammy Emanuel, provisions, 25 North, h 13 West

Sampson William, provisions, 2 Beckford, and 72 Barry, h same

Samuel A. A., 2d class clerk, Dept. of Roads and Works, h 22 North

Samuel Arthur J., bill broker 82 Harbour h 22 North

Samuel Charles L. (Samuel & Bro.,) 143 Harbour, h Oxford Pen, St. Andrews

Samuel Henry (Samuel & Bro.,) 143 Harbour, h Elgin Cottage, St. Andrews

Samuel H. S., h 22 North

Samuel John, seventh landing waiter, C. H., h 22 North

Samuel L. L., with S. D. Lindo, h 22 North

Samuel & Brother, fancy goods wholesale, 143 Harbour

Samuels Rebecca, h 48 Rum lane

Sanches Rigby, sexton, h r Coke's chapel, Parade

Sanchez Henry, shoemaker, 25 Potter's row, h Paradise

Sandford Charles A., commercial merchant, 68 Port Royal, h Elliston road, Rae Town

Sanguinnetti Alfred, fisherman, h 94 Charles

Sanguinetti Edmund S., 1st class clerk, Audit Office, h Oaklands Pen, St. Andrews

Sanguinetti F. S., 2d clerk Colonial Sec. office, h Headquarter House

Sargeant George J. (Stelfox & Sargeant,) 39 & 41 King, h Deanery Pen, St. Andrews

Sargood Thomas, millinery & fancy goods, 18 Orange, h same

Satchell Ann, h 108 King

Satchell Charles, shoemaker, h 71 North

Sauman Victoria, widow, h 14 Love lane

Saunders Arthur R., M. R. C. S. (Phillippo & Saunders,) 16 Sutton, h 42 Duke

Saut, W. E., manager Government Work Shops, h same

Savage Arthur L., h 39 Hanover

Savage Catharine, widow, h 39 Hanover

Savage Edward A., 2d class clerk, Custom House, and acting landing waiter, h 130 Princess

Savage John, inspector of schools, h 124 King

Savier Francis, fisherman, h 41 Harbour

Sayle Christopher, saddler, 65 Princess, h 14 High Holborn

Scarlet Rebecca, h 16 Parade

Schloss Sigismund L. (Schloss & Co.,) h Marble Hall 41 Potter row, Rae Town

Schloss & Co., commission merchants, 1 & 2 Church

Scholar Sarah D., matron General Penitentiary, h same

Schole John, shoemaker, 105 Gt. George

Sequeira Arthur M., with Chas. M. Nunes & Co., h 85 Barry

Sequeira Emanuel W., h 24 Rum lane

Sequeira R. M., preserves, 85 Barry, h same

Scobie Alexander, furniture turner, 39 Church h Foster lane

Scrimpton John, tailor, 123 Tower, h AllmanTown

Scotland Mary J., druggist, 2 1/2 W Queen, h 64 Barry

Scott Alfred, provisions, 36 Laws, h same

Scott Arthur, goldsmith, bds 39 Temple lane

Scott A. M., with Joseph Davidson & Co., h 120 Duke

Scott Charles, with George Henderson & Co., h Sabina Pen, South Camp road

Scott David, cooper, 27 Barry, h 24 Pink lane

Scott Edwin A., tailor, 64 Barry, h Love lane

Scott Elizabeth, h 63 East

Scott Evelina, h 15 Beckford

Scott Isabella Mrs., toys, 10 King, h same

Scott James, M. R. C. S., surgeon and Commissioner of Health, office Duke c Water lane, h 50 Church

Scott John K. (Cripps, Scott & Co.,) 107 Harbour, h 120 Duke

Scott Louisa Mrs., h 120 Duke

Searle John, carriage maker, h 48 Rum lane

Searle Rosanna, widow, h 48 Rum lane

Seddon Catharine, widow, h 36 King

Seddon George, with Roxburgh & Sons, h 66 King

Seddon Henry, assistant clerk Royal Mail S. P. Co., h 91 Church

Segree Jacob, tinsmith, h 29 White

Seixas Emanuel, h 93 Princess

Seixas Eugenia, h 10 Parade

Senon Reno, tobacconist, 157 Tower, h same

Sewell George N., h 199 Tower

Shand Bellveneza Miss, h 4 John's 1ane

Shaw Charles, tinsmith, 73 Luke 1ane, h 133 Barry

Shaw Henrietta, lodging house 3 Hanover

Shaw H. B., Inspector of Prisons, h Retreat Pen, St. Andrews

Shaw F. M., cabinet maker, 229 Tower, h same

Shaywood Charles A., shoemaker, h 25 Fleet

Sherbon James, accountant Department of Roads and Works, h 18 Orange

Sherlock C. M., with Morrice & Co., h Hanover

Sherlock James G., with D. R. Dacosta, h 54 Rose lane

Sherwood Robert, manager, 141 Barry, h 6 Sarah

Sherwood Robert, tailor, 24 Luke lane, h Allman Town

Shirley Ebenezer, tobacconist, 113 Water lane and 17 W Queen, h same

Shreyer John, carpenter, h 56 Harbour

Shrimptom Emanuel J. (E. Hendricks & Co.,) 12 Orange, h.Allman Town

Sicard Isabella, with DeCordova & Gall, h 57 Water lane

Sicard J. M., with Roxburgh & Sons, h 57 Water lane

Sicard Louis, with Joseph Davidson & Co., h 57 Water lane

Silburn J. C., bootmaker and leather dealer, 72 1/2 Water lane, h Cashew Grove, St. Andrews

Silvera A. J., shoemaker, 131 Water lane, h 55 Beeston

Silvera Vivian, shoemaker, 84 Hanover

Simmons John, tinsmith, h 133 Barry

Simmons W. R., cabinet maker, 34 Foster lane

Simon Charles E., h 140 Orange.

Simon Conrad, with P. Desnoes & Son, and bakery 27 North, h 124 Church

Simons Abraham, with Moses Levy, h 47 Orange

Simons Abraham E., with E. J. Brandon, h 47 Orange

Simons Abraham S., clerk, h 47 Orange

Simons Edward, h 34 Barry

Simons Emanuel, h 47 Orange

Simons Hannah, teacher, 87 Orange

Simons Hyman, h 24 Princess

Simons Isaac A., clerk, h 47 Orange

Simons Alexander, 8 Orange, h 23 Princess

Simpson J., treasurer, clerk and steward, Lunatic Asylum

Simpson Letitia, widow, h 138 Orange

Simpson Peter, clerk to Inspector of Schools, h 112 Duke

Simpson Robert, carpenter, 68 Water lane, h 4 Chestnut lane

Simpson William G., with Charles P. Lazarus & Co., h Gosford Lodge, High Holborn

Sims Robert, shoemaker, h 113 Princess

Sinclair David, h 81 West

Sinclair Henry, saddler, 141 Harbour, h Rivals Pen, Spanish Town road

Sinclair J., cashier Government Savings Bank, h 33 Harbour

Skinner John, cabinet maker, 10 Temple lane, house same

Skinner Philip A., h 33 John's lane

Skinner Henry, printer, h 3 George's lane

Skipton T. B., tailor, 92 Tower, h Maiden lane

Skipton William H., printer, General Penitentiary, house 3 Foster lane

Slack Shackleton B., proofreader, Gleaner office

Slader Charles G., manager, A. & E., 32 Port Royal, h 84 Duke

Small C., postman, 74 Hanover, h Allman Town

Smeeton S. P., 1st class clerk, Colonial Secretary's office

Smith Caroline, fancy goods, 30 Princess, h same

Smith Charles, shoemaker, 100 Barry, h 70 Hanover

Smith Charles L., manager, 30 Sutton, h Orange

Smith Charles M., tinsmith, 127 Barry, h West

Smith Edwin, house 88 King

Smith Elizabeth, h 64 Princess

Smith Fannie, h 25 East

Smith Fanny Mrs., house 4 Duke

Smith Felicia, house 64 Water lane

Smith Francis, shoemaker, h 70 Hanover

Smith George, baker, h 153 Princess

Smith George, meat market, 12 W Queen, house 28 Oxford

Smith Henrietta, dry goods, 92 Princess, house 52 East

Smith Henry, clerk, house 60 Water lane

Smith Sir J. Lucie, Hon., C. M. G., Chief Justice and Vice Chancellor, h Knutsford, St. Andrews

Smith James, local manager, W. I. and P. Telegraph Co., house Daly's Pen, near Torrington bridge

Smith James, tailor, 49 Luke lane, h 44 Rum lane

Smith James, waiter, h 26 Smith lane

Smith John, carpenter, h 175 Princess

Smith J. B. Lucie, 2d class clerk, Colonial Sec. office, h Knutsford, St. Andrews

Smith Kelly, baker, 39 Luke lane, h same

Smith Leah, house 85 Church

Smith Mary A., widow, house 6 East

Smith Phillip, manager, 14 E Queen, h 71 Tower

Smith Roderick, bookbinder, h 1 James

Smith Richard, shoemaker, 2 Heywood, h 81 Orange

Smith R. B. W., 1st class clerk, P. P., h 2 Mark's lane

Smith Samuel, blacksmith, 17 Parade

Smith Samuel, coachmaker, h 1 Smith lane

Smith Samuel, manager, 72 King, h 129 Princess

Smith Samuel, shoemaker, 205 Tower, h same

Smith S. M. Miss, 2d mistress, Wollmer's Free School, h 109 King

Smith Thomas, secondhand clothing, 129 Water lane, h Tulip lane

Smith Thomas A., junior asst. Dept. Roads and Works, h Rae Town

Smith Thos. R., h 27 Mark lane

Smith William, carpenter, h 128 East

Smith William, livery stable, 25 Peter's lane, and liquors, 132 Tower, h same

Smith William, manager, King cor Port Royal, h 128 East

Smith William McF., with Morrice & Co., 1 Manchester square

Smith William, shoemaker, h 60 Rum lane

Smith William, shoemaker, h 70 Hanover

Smith W. F., with George Holt, house 75 Beeston

Smith W. R., shoemaker, h 66 Rum lane

Smythe Annis, house 32 John's lane

Smythe John, 2d class outdoor officer, C. H., h 32 John's lane

Soady F. J., 2d class out door officer, C. H., house 35 Mark lane

Soares Augustus, tinsmith, 6 Beckford, h 16 same

Soares David, trader, h 39 Temple lane

Socorro Martin, cigar maker, h 12 Luke lane

Sohco Alex., provisions, 99 Duke, h same

Sollas Amelia, house 56 Laws

Sollas D. M., manager, 97 Princess, h 100 Matthew's lane

Sollas Hiam M., baker, 21 Orange, house 82 Parade

Sollas Leah M. Mrs., dry goods, 21 Orange, h same

Sollas Market, Orange c West Queen

Solomon A. C., dispenser and practical dentist, 85 East, h 40 Church

Solomon Charles, with George Solomon, h Retreat Pen, St. Andrews

Solomon Frank, with George Solomon & Co., h Retreat Pen, St. Andrews

Solomon F. A., furniture, 139 Water lane, h same

Solomon George Hon. (George Solomon & Co.,) 3 Church, h Retreat Pen, St. Andrews

Solomon George & Co., merchants, 3 Church

Solomon Henry, storekeeper, h 40 Church

Solomon Henry Jr., with F. A Solomon, h 139 Water lane

Solomon H. A., h Worthington Pen, St. Andrews

Solomon Isidore, commission merchant, 41 Port Royal, h 8 Heywood

Sorapure E. L., with William Malabre & Co., h Barnes Pen, Windward road

Sorapure J. B., accountant Colonial Bank, h Barnes Pen, Windward road

Soulett Aschila, moulder, h 11 Tower

South Joseph, tinware, 142 Tower, h same

Sowley Alexander, clerk, house 20 Foster lane

Sowley H., with E. Ellis & Co., h 20 Wildman

Spalding Robert, cabinet maker, h 34 Smith lane

Spencer A., machinist, h Manchester house

Spencer Martha, 105 Water, h 72 East

Spicer K. J., with E. Lyons & Son, h 11 High Holborn

Spirden William, shoemaker, 164 Tower, h 68 Matthew's lane

Spratt Edward Rev., h 15 Maiden lane

Stamp Department, Harbour c Duke

Stamp Elias, shoemaker, h 2 Fleet

Stamp Henry C., tailor, h 105 Duke

Stamp William, h 56 Gold

Stapleton George, h 57 Rosemary lane

Staples Samuel, dry goods, 56 Princess, h 49 E Queen

St. Cel Menam, h 179 Princess

St. Joseph, Poor School, 20 Parade

Stedman George, with E. Lyons & Son, h Hanover c Water lane

Stedman James wharfinger, at Astwood wharf, h 121 Church

Steel Elizabeth, h 38 Harbour

Steele J. L., jeweller, 48 King h 58 Water lane

Stelfox John (Stelfox & Sargeant,) 39 and 41 King, h 71 East

Stelfox & Sargeant, dry goods and earthenware, 39 and 41 King

Stephen Joseph, laborer, h 20 John's lane

Stephens Isaac, carpenter, h 153 West

Stephenson F. J., chief clerk, Customs House h 2 Harbour

Stephenson William, shoemaker, 195 Tower, h same

Sterling William, shoemaker, 28 E Queen, h same

Stern H., merchant, 3 Church, h 21 Beeston

Stevens Edward, shoemaker, h Manchester square

Stephens William, shoemaker, h 82 Maiden lane

Stevenson. Henry, fish pots, 147 Barry, h Matthew's lane

Steventon William, M. D. & M. R. C. S. chief medical officer and director Public Hospital, h 23 North

Stewart Catharine, h 6 East

Stewart Edward, asst. bailiff, District Court

Stewart Jane, lodging house 33 Duke

Stewart John, carpenter, h 65 Mark lane

Stewart Susan, manager, 177 Tower, h 6 McWhinney

Stewart Walter, collector, Halfway Tree, h 99 Orange

Stiebel George (Schloss & Co.,) 1 and 3 Church

Stiner Charles, grocer, h 38 Duke

Stiner Isaac, with Altamont DeCordova, 38 Duke

Stines Barnet, h 65 Hanover

Stines Barnet Jr., auctioneer and commission agent, 23 Port Royal, h Emerald Park Pen

Stines Jacob A. (Stines & Co.,) produce, 38 Port Royal, h 57 E Queen

Stines Joseph, auctioneer, 44 Port Royal, h New York

Stines Joseph, h 38 Duke

Stines Joseph, h Manchester square

Stines Nathaniel, h 100 Orange

Stines Priscilla Mrs., h Manchester Cottage, Manchester Square

Stines & Co., produce, 38 Port Royal

Stiven John, Supt. Kingston Gas Works, h adjoining works

Stratford George R., h 31 Foster lane

Stredick Jennie, bread, 98 Tower, h Love lane

Streadick S. J., lumber, Rum lane, h 50 Harbour

Street Charles A., 3d class clerk, Custom House, h 19 Water lane

Striboe Fernand L., grocer, 143 Tower, h 95 King

Strowers James, cigar maker, h 9 Barnes Gully

Stuart Charles M., with J. N. Cardozo, h 6 E Queen

Stuart James, clerk, Jamaica Railway Co., h High Holborn

Stuart J. Rev., resident master Collegiate School

Stuart J. J., writer, 74 Hanover, h 6 E Queen

Sturgeon John, engineer, h 18 Harbour

Sturridge Jamas, piano tuner, 25 Hanover, h same

Sullivan Fred., Postmaster General, h Richings Pen, St. Andrews

Sullivan Sarah, teacher, 46 Church, h same

Supreme Court, adjoining Post Office

Surgeon John G., with E. Sale, h 57 Rose lane

Surridge Charles, goldsmith, h 45 George's lane

Surridge Eugene, with W. Faichney, h 45 George's lane

Surridge Isabel Mrs., h 110 Orange

Surridge Thomas R. (Pinnock, Surridge & Co.,) Harbour c King, Northville

Surridge Thomas R. Jr., 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h Northville

Surridge Sarah, widow, h 45 George's lane

Sutcliffe Charles, tailor, h 65 Church

Sutcliffe, janitor, Wollmer's Free School, h same

Sutherland Charlotte, h 22 John's lane

Sutherland W. H. H., teacher, 87 Duke, h same

Swainson Currie, 2d class clerk, Colonial Secretary's office, h 62 Hanover

Symes William A., carpenter, h 7 Gold

Symmonett Emma, dry goods, 5 W Queen

Symmonett Mary, teacher, 116 Orange, h same

Symmonett Mary A., widow, h 99 Church

Symoinette Adelaide, h 62 E Queen

Symonds Mary A., widow, h 33 Church

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