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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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RADCLIFFE JOHN Rev., principal Collegiate School, h 43 Duke

Rae John, with A. Malabre & Co., h 78 East

Rameau V., h 45 Laws

Rample William, shoemaker, h 61 Charles

Rampini Charles, judge District Court and Coroner, h Wray's Pen, St. Andrews

Randall Edward, shipwright, h 13 Harbour

Rankin George C., officer Penitentiary, h 21 Tower

Rattray Helen, h 50 Duke

Rawlins John, sergeant and staff clerk, 74 Hanover, h camp

Raymond Isabella, h 22 High Holborn

Reanga Alva, manager, 48 E Queen, h 4 Fleet

Redwood Augustus, printer, h 24 Luke lane

Redwood Helen, widow, h 20 Temple 1ane

Redwood William, h 7 William

Reece George, fisherman, h 22 Harbour

Reed Alexander, tinsmith, h 16 E Queen

Reed Dorothy, h 110 Orange

Reed Susanna, widow, h 92 Tower

Reed William, canes, r 77 Tower, h same

Reef William, tailor, h 10 Water

Rees George H., chief clerk, Medical Dept., 87 East, h Spanish Town

Reeves James, asst. foreman Ordnance Dept., h same

Reeves James M., h 96 East

Reeves John, warder Ordnance Dept., h same

Reeves, W. H., writer, 74 Hanover, h 92 Tower

Reid Henry, tailor, 14 Church, h 1 Mark lane

Reid Isaiah, with Henry Reid, h 1 Mark lane

Reid John, with William Malabre & Co., h 35 Orange

Reid J. B., with Eustace DeCordova, h 7 W Queen

Reid Richard, cooper, 4 Luke lane h same

Reid Thomas Wheelman, Gleaner office, h Cross roads

Rennie Nancy, laundress, h 19 Mark's lane

Revilla E. (E. Revilla & Co.,) King c Tower, h same

Revilla E. & Co , boot and shoe manufacturers, King c Tower

Reynolds Daniel, teacher, 20 Parade, h 26 North

Reynolds George, upholsterer, 27 Spanish Town road, h Delicree Pen, St. Andrews

Rice Jane Mrs., h 13 Gold.

Richards,Christina, h 27 Tower

Richards Henry G., third clerk to the Registrar, and clerk of the Courts and Crown, h 95 Church Richards J. W., hatter, 223 Tower, h same

Richards Samuel, h 105 Duke

Richards Thomas, tailor, h 19 Love lane

Richards William S., 1 Orange, h Constant Spring Estate

Richardson Sappho Miss, h 24 Rae

Richemond Frederic, with M. Brandon & Co., h 16 Heywood

Richmond Charles M., druggist, 4 W Queen, h 16 Heywood

Richmond Eauralie, h 44 Water lane

Richmond Peter, h 100 Tower

Rickard M. S. Mrs., matron Public hospital, h Charles, opp. hospital gate

Ricketts Robert, shoemaker h 2 Run lane

Rickie John, gate porter, h 20 Tower

Ripoll Bernard, h 60 East

Ripoll Henrietta Miss, dry goods, 20 W Queen, h 62 East

Rittenburgh B. Rev., rabbi German synagogue, h 49 Orange

Ritchie Frederick, accountant, K. B. B. Society, h 34 High Holborn

Ritchie John T., h 37 High Holborn

Ritchie J. T., with William Malabre & Co., h 34 High Holborn

Rivett R. L., sub inspector, SavannalaMar

Roach Anthony, shoemaker, h 84 King

Roach Edward, car driver, h 62 King

Robb Charles, sergt. constabulary, h 62 Duke

Robbins Jane, widow, h 21 Mark lane

Robbins John, butcher, h 16 Rosemary lane

Roberts David B., waiter, h 141 Princess

Roberts James Rev., h 88 King

Roberts J. Seed, principal Calabar College, h Rose Hill Pen, Gordontown

Roberts Mary A., h 17 Maiden lane

Roberts Mary, widow, h 41 Hanover

Roberts Peter, tailor, h 75 Laws

Roberts Urselina, crockery, 56 Princess, h 136 Barry

Robertson Alexander, h 88 Church

Robertson Maria, widow, h 9 Wildman

Robertson Mary, tinware, 28 Luke Lane, h same

Robertson R. J. S., h 15 Hanover

Robertson William, with J. M. Milholland h 434 Hanover

Robins Henry N., dispenser, 16 Sutton, h 65 Pink Lane

Robinson Aubrey N., with V. R. & Co., h 1 Hannan, Rae Town

Robinson Charles A. (Verley, Robinson & Co.,) 188 Harbour, h Duke c North

Robinson T. E., tavern, 13 1/2 W Queen, and liquors, 138 Barry, h Barry c West

Robinson J. A., clerk Colonial Bank, h Potter's Row, Rae Town

Rodgers Edward B., with V. R. & Co., h 43 Fleet

Rodgers Robert B., bricklayer, h 44 Gold

Rodgers T. W., first class out door officer C. H., h 43 Fleet

Rodrigues Henry J., tinsmith, 57 Luke lane, h Slipe Pen road

Rodriguez Joseph, with Lugardo Vila, h Barry

Rodrigues Morris, carpenter, h 4 High Holborn

Rogers Henry (Ford Bros.,) 136 Harbour, h Wolverhampton, England

Rogers Henry, Sons & Co. (Ford Bros.,) 136 Harbour

Rogers Maria Mrs., h 43 Fleet

Roland Peter. shoemaker, h 61 Luke lane

Romagosa Sebastian B., lawyer, h 81 Church

Romaine L. Mrs., h 127 King

Romer Captain George, h 143 Water lane

Romero Henry, with George Henderson &Co., h Victoria Cottage, Elletson road

Romney E. N., third class Custom House, h Jasmine Cottage, Camp road

Rookwood Augustus, shoemaker, 18 Princess, h 71 John's lane

Roper Georgiana M. Mrs., h 32 E Queen

Rosales Manuel, h 63 King

Ross D. P., M. D. and M. R. C. S., asst. medial officer Public Hospital, h Pen Orange

Ross Edward R., compositor, Gleaner office, h 1 Temple lane

Ross Louis, with C. Faichney, h 23 Harbour

Ross Sarah, h 15 Rum lane

Ross William, with George Levy, h 34 Church

Ross William, liquors, 102 Water lane, h 6 Bond

Ross William B., h r 35 Parade

Rouse Nathaniel, steward Jamaica Club, 103 East

Rousseau Charles, with Mudahy & Co., h 148 Tower

Rowe Edwin, with H. M. Fisher, h 30 Rum lane

Rowley William, cabinet maker, 151 Tower, h 19 Rum lane

Roxburgh T. L. (Roxburgh & Sons,) 115 Harbour, h Holmwood, Rae Town

Roxburgh T. F (Roxburgh & Sons,) 115 Harbour, h St. Ann's, Claremont P. 0,

Roxburgh & Sons, dry and fancy goods, 115 Harbour

Royal Mail S. P. Co., foot of Duke

Rubie H., 3d class supt. of Roads and Works, h May Pen P. 0,

Rugless Catharine P., h 39 Laws

Rugless Joseph, horseshoer, 3 Water lane, h Matthew's lane

Rugliss George, carriage painter, h 86 Wildman

Rugliss Martha and Elizabeth, h 30 East

Rugliss Theophilus, blacksmith, 108 Tower, h 8 Hannan, Rae Town

Rumar Robert, h 42 Water lane

Russell Robert, coach painter, h 9 John's lane

Ryan William, h 19 E Queen

Ryder Arthur, correspondent, Emanuel Lyons & Sons, h 3 Hanover

Ryder William R., with Stelfox & Sargeant, h 12 New lane

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