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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Padmore William, shoemaker, h 62 King

Paine, William Albouim, ice and aerated water manufacturer, insurance agent and general merchant, 2 Little Port Royal h Content Pen, Halfway tree

Palma Dolores, teacher, 51 Orange, h same

Palmer, Rev. Edwin, h 27 Hanover

Palacios Y., tobacconist, 62 King, h same

Panton George, storekeeper, Jamaica Railway Co., h 14 West

Panton Jessie, h 13 Wildman

Papall Right Rev. Nicholas, h 26 North

Parago Joseph, tobacconist, 91 Barry, h same

Parchment A. A., manager, 131 Tower, h 94 Rum lane

Parchment William O., with A. & E., h 55 High Holborn

Paret Th., h 143 Princess

Paris Diego, tobacconist, 161 Tower, h same

Park George, plumber, 5 Mark lane

Parke Arnold, with A. E. Burke, h 7 Rum lane

Parke Charles W., jeweller, 74 Water lane, h Elletson road

Parke Thomas, with Cripps, Scott & Co., h 7 Rum lane

Parke William Mrs., widow, h 124 East

Parker Maria Mrs., h 24 Tower

Parkes Capt. George E., supt. Royal Mail, S. P. Co., h Belmont Pen, St. Andrews

Parkinson Charlotte, crockery, 85 Princess, h 16 Oxford

Parkinson Judith, crockery, 83 Princess, h 3 Oxford

Parkinson Robert, tinsmith, 82 Princess, h 3 Oxford

Parks Thomas, with George Holt, h 35 Gold

Parks Louisa, h 79 Duke

Parsons D. G., 2d class clerk, Post Office, h 100 Duke

Passmore C. A., assistant locker and gauger, h 16 Rum lane

Passmore A. F., with Nathan & Co., H Clarendon House, East

Patterson Anna, widow, 91 Water lane

Patterson Anne, widow, h 8 Parade

Patterson Edward, gateman, General Penitentiary, h 19 Tower

Patterson Henry F., with Ackermann & Elliott, h 72 Tower

Patterson Henry F. Jr.. with Ackermann & Elliott, h 72 Tower

Patterson James, bricklayer, h 2 New Cross

Patterson Jane E., h 26 Rum lane

Patterson, Mary, widow, h 9 George's lane

Patterson Sarah J., fancy goods, 74 Harbour, h same

Patton Andrew, h 122 East

Pawsey Alfred, dry and fancy goods, 101 Harbour, h 48 Duke

Pearce G. H., chief clerk Post Office, h 52 Wildman

Pearce William, Master Upper School, Mico Institution or College, h 82 Hanover

Pearce William, shoemaker, 13 Chancery lane, h 20 same

Pearson Eliza, widow, h 36 Georges lane

Pearson Turner, chief clerk, Public Hospital, h 29 North

Peareon William, coach builder, 32 East, h 35 same

Pecan George, carpenter, h 2 Gold

Peirce L. H., with Davidson, Colthirst & Co., h Prince of Wales, Allman Town

Peixotto D. C., h 21 Beeston

Pengilly George, h 49 Beeston

Penrose, Rev. Elisha, h 88 King

Penrose Elisha Jr., with George Holt, h 88 King

Penso Henry (Penso & Allen), 38 Princess, and at J. C. Silburn's, h same

Penso John, cigar maker, 245 Tower, h same

Penso & Allen, leather and fancy goods, 38 Princess

Peralta Joseph, laborer, h 58 Barry

Perez B. J., with A. Legendre, h 13 Temple lane

Perez John, clerk, h 13 Temple lane

Perneau C. H., cabinet maker, 12 Princess, h same

Perneau Emanuel, cabinet maker, h 29 John's lane

Perneau Urselina, h 2 Beckford

Perreno Antonio, liquors, 141 Tower, h same

Perrin Charles, draughtsman, Jamaica Railway Co.

Pervado Juan, hairdresser, 167 Tower, h 10 Laws

Peters G. W., h 74 King

Peters S. E., h 74 King

Peters S. E. Jr., with Davidson, Colthirst & Co., h 74 King

Pett William H., agent Pouter & Truax, h Parade Villa, 38 Parade

Peynado, George, managing director, Tramway, h Halfway Tree

Peynado J. C., sexton, h 121 Tower

Peynado J. J., produce, 68 1/2 Port Royal, and provisions, 74 Barry, h 29 Rosemary lane

Phillibert Joseph, clerk, 78 Water lane, 4 W Queen

Phillibert Louis, carpenter, h 3 Harbour

Phillibert Thomas, shipwright, h 10 Ladd lane

Phillippo James C., M. D. L. R. C. S. and L. M. (Phillippo & Saunders,) physicians, 16 Sutton, h same

Phillippo & Saunders, physicians, 16 Sutton cor. Hanover

Phillips A. R., tavern, 143 Water lane

Phillips Charles J., tavern, 118 Tower, h same

Phillips Edward F., accountant, h 93 King

Phillips Edwin, h, 17 Fisher's row

Phillips Eliza A., teacher, 116 Orange, h same

Phillips Francis, wharfinger, h 48 King

Phillips Gertrude dry goods, 51 Princess, h same

Phillips Jane, widow, h 75 Harbour

Phillips J. H., assistant clerk, Public Hospital, h West

Phillips Mary, h 7 Mark lane

Phillips, S. L., with Davidson, Colthirst & Co., h 11 Rosemary lane

Phillips Thomas B., carpenter, h 49 Maiden lane

Phillips William, h 48 King

Phillips William R., with Harvey & Bourke, h 152 Tower

Phillips William R., with Nathan & Co., Harbour cor. West

Phillipson Adolph, h Cassia Park, St. Andrews

Phillipson Albert, with Briscoe Brothers, h Cassia Park, St. Andrew's

Phipps, John A., h 48 Orange

Phipps Margaret, widow, h 48 Tower

Pichardo Teofilo, tobacconist, 57 Barry, h 101 Princess

Pierce Edward W., B. A. Rev., h St. Michael's Parsonage, East Camp road

Pierson Robert, coach maker, h 22 Tower

Pieterez G. W., with McDowell & Barclay, h 74 King

Pieterez Simon E., chief clerk Mcdowell & Barclay, Consul Netherlands and Vice-consul Spain, h 74 King

Pike Christopher, tailor, h 18 Mark 1ane

Pike Rhoda Miss, h 73 North

Pike Thomas S., supt. Kingston Slaughter House, h Lindo

Pilgrim J. H., engineer, h 72 East

Pillou Ann, dry goods, 60 Princess, h same

Pilotage and Harbour Board, P. O. building

Pinnock B. R., with Morrice & Co., h 8 Mark lane

Pinnock Edward, teacher, 25 E Queen, h Stephen, Allman Town

Pinnock Henry (Pinnock, Surridge & Co.,) Harbour c King, h Isle of Wight

Pinnock Thomas, laborer, h 33 Church

Pinnock Surridge & Co., dry goods, wholesale and retail, Harbour c King

Pinto Abraham, h 84 East

Pinto Abraham Jr., manager, 131 Harbour, h 77 Hanover

Pinto Moses, manager, 22 King, h 84 East

Pinto Philip, shoemaker, h 146 Princess

Piper Mary, 66 Water lane

Pitkin George, boxmaker, 65 Princess, h 27 George's lane

Pitkin Henry G., painter, h 27 George's lane

Pitkin James B., with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 24 John's lane

Pitkin William, with Pinnock, Surridge, & Co., h Paradise row

Plano Manrico, tobacconist, 155 Tower, h same

Planto Simon, shoemaker, h 70 E. Queen

Plummer Charles, Asst. Inspector of Schools, h Friendship Lodge, St. Andrews

Plummer Mary A. Mrs., h 32 Laws

Plunkett Richard, dispenser, 72 King, h 28 Orange

Plummer W. C., 3d class outdoor officer C. H., h 10 Water lane

Poinsset Henry S., dry goods, 9 Beckford, h 53 Luke lane

Pointer James, messenger, h 38 Peter's lane

Pointer W. J., liquors, 14 E Queen, h 71 Tower

Polack George R., lumber measurer, h 4 East

Polack Jonas, wharfinger, McDowell & Barclay, h 4 East

Poll John L., fisherman, h 14 Tower

Polony Alexander, sailmaker, 179 Harbour, h same

Polson David N., with J. W. Whitbourne, h 100 Princess

Polson Ellen Mrs., h 100 Princess

Polson John Miller, Secretary and Accountant K. B. B. S., h 100 Princess

Pomler P. A., clerk, office Jamaica Gazette, h 15 Hetywood

Ponsonby Granville, SubInspector, h Barracks, Sutton

Poole Henrietta, teacher, 39 Princess, h same

Porter Donald, shoemaker, 83 Tower, h Tex lane

Portes Joseph, agent, h 3 Smith lane

Pothmont Charles, shoemaker, h 28 Matthews lane

Pouyat Francis, clerk, Government Savings Bank, h Vauxhall Pen, Brown's Town, Kingston

Pouyat Henry, with Finke & Co., h Brown's Town

Powell Edwin, clerk, h 24 Barry

Powell E. T., with Roxburgh & Sons, h 68 Barry

Poyser Isaac, tailor, h 44, Foster lane

Post Office, Harbour c Duke

Pouter N. B. (Pouter & Truax), 18 Church

Pouter & Truax, agents for Canadian organs, boots and shoes and produce, 18 Church

Povedo Juan, hairdresser, 167 Tower and 7 Church

Pratt Ann L., manager, 49 Barry, h 4 Fleet

Pratt Bernardo, tailor, h 23 Duke

Pratt Catharine, widow, h 79 Harbour

Prendergast Henry Mrs., widow, h 67 Church

Prendergast Robert B., 3d class clerk, Custom House, h 67 Church

Prendergast William., h 67 Church

Prenderville J. H. Major, Inspector General, h Spanish Town

Preston Edward, h 14 High Holborn

Preston E. C., chief clerk, Commissary General's Office, 74 Hanover, h 6 E Queen

Prego Juan hairdresser, 76 Water lane, h Princess

Price Edward C., 1st class outdoor officer, C. H., h 99 West

Priest H., librarian Public Library, Date Tree Hall, 14 East, h 47 High Holborn

Priestly Theophilus, jeweller, 23 W Queen, h 24 W. Queen

Prieur Frances Mrs., h 40 Orange

Public Hospital, North, between Matthews and Rose lanes

Public Library Datetree Hall, 14 East

Purcell Edward, with W. D. Jones & Co., h Sunnyvale Pen, Rock Fort road

Purrier John J., clerk, h 90 King

Putmah Adolph, shoemaker, 86 Water lane, h 26 Princess

Putmo John, tinsmith, h 81 Tower


Quallo Aaron H., with David Motta, h 33 Tower

Quallo Abraham, h 50 Orange

Quallo Albert H., clerk, Petty Sessions, h 10 Lord Elgin, Allman Town

Quallo Charles, clerk, h 40 Peter's lane

Quallo Christopher, manager, 42 Potter's row, h 126 West

Quallo David H., dry goods, 119 Harbour, and billiard saloon, 78 Water lane, h 13 Laws

Quallo Septimus, h 189 Tower

Quesada Leonte, tobacconist, 20 and 79 King, h 77 King

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