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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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N and O



NAIRNE COLIN, writer, Ordnance Department, h 94 Water lane

Narr Abraham, bookbinder, h 59 Pink lane

Nash James, with Anderson & Watson, h 181 Princess

Nash James Mrs., teacher, h 181 Princess

Nash John P., h 18 Fleet

Nathan A. M. (Nathan & Co.,) 98 and 100 Harbour, h 44 Duke

Nathan Daniel P., advocate, 11 Port Royal, h 44 Duke

Nathan &.Co., dry and fancy goods, 98 Harbour

Nearn Alexander, inspector, h 63 Hanover

Nelson Charles, carriagesmith, 36 East, h 40 Wildman

Nelson Dianah Mrs., h 41 Smith lane

Nelson Richard, manager, 41 Barry, h 10 Gold

Nethersole John (W. A. Nethersole & Nephew), 123 Water lane, h 25 Charles Nethersole John C., with Davidson, Colthirst & Co., h 58 Hanover

Nethersole W. A. & Nephew, hardware, 123 Water lane

Newman John, h 3 Mark lane

Newman John D., with Roxburgh & Sons, h 10 Beeston

Newman Walter S., with Stelfox & Sargeant, h 2 James

Newby James, baker, h 104 Orange

Nibb Thomas, carpenter, h 61 Harbour

Nibbs George, shipwright, h 18 Laws

Nibbs Kate, widow, h 66 E Queen

Nibbs Thomas, mariner, h 41 Harbour

Nibbs Thomas, mason, h 1 Charlotte

Nichol Joseph T., liquors, 13 E Queen, h Barry

Nicholas Ferris, painter, h 27 Smith

Nicholas J. W. (J. W. Nicholas & Co.,) Tower, h 54 Orange

Nicholas Manuel, h 56 Orange

Nicholas Robert. carpenter, h 1 Ladd lane

Nicholas William, h 54 Orange

Nichols Josiah, with C. E. Brock, h Church

Nicholson Charles, with J. B. Morris, h Princess

Nicholson John, umbrella repairer, 174 Harbour, h 2 Beeston

Nicol Mary, trunks, 89 Princess, h 110 Matthew's lane,

Nieto A. H. Rev., h 80 Orange

Nieto David, trader, h 80 Orange

Nightingale Susan, manager, 133 Barry, h 63 Beeston

Nix George G., second class clerk, Customs House, h Tower

Noble Robert, steward, h 46 Laws

Nolan S. H. S. Mrs., h 26 Harbour

Nord Alexis, h 39 Orange

Nolan Henry, with Thomas Breakspear, h 26 Harbour

Norman David, shoemaker, h 28 Foster lane

Norman William A., printer, General Penitentiary, h 138 Barry

Norque Charles, liquors, Port Royal, h 75 Duke

Norton Agnes, widow, h 18 East

Norton Edward, with W. D. Jones & Co., h 18 East

Nosworthy Margaret, lodging house 5 East

Notice George, fruit, h 56 Water lane

Nunes Augustus, hairdresser, 17 Duke, h same

Nunes Benjamin Mrs., h 85 Duke

Nunes Charles, foreman, Water c South, h 15 Water

Nunes Charles M. (Charles M. Nunes Co.,) 21 King, h Aranguez Pen, St. Andrews

Nunes Charles M. & CO., dry goods, 21 King

Nunes Frances Mrs., h 35 Laws

Nunes George E., manager, 74 Barry, h 84 Rum lane

Nunes G. W., 3d class clerk, Colonial Sec. Office

Nunes Joseph, cigar maker, h 34 Peter's lane

Nunes O. P., h 85 Duke

Nunes Ralph, vice consul, U. S. A. and consul Venezuela, h Emmaville, South Camp road

Nunes Eustace, merchant, agent Murray, Ferris & Co., and Spanish S. S. lines, 62 Harbour, h Emmaville, South Camp road

Nunes Robert E., fifth landing waiter, C. H., h 85 Duke

Nunes R. J., grocer, 45 Beeston, and bakery 17 North, h85 Duke

Nunes Theodore, grocer, 23 King, h 115 Duke

Nuttall Enos Rev., h St. George's Parsonage, South Camp road


O'Brien J. A. B., deputy paymaster, 74 Hanover, h Camp

O'Brien Margaret, h 4 Chancery lane

Ochva Octaviano, h 11 Duke

O'Connor William, carpenter, h 22 Love 1ane

O'Donnell Henry D., h 148 East

O'Donnell J. E., clerk Collector of Taxes, h 148 East

Ogg William, sewing machine repairer, 104 Tower, h 162 Princess

Ogilvie James, F. R. C. S. E. (Bowerbank, Anderson & Ogilvie) 91 Harbour, 93 Hanover

O'Hara Amelia, h 72 Tower

O'Hara Mary L., h 59 Rosemary lane

O'Hara Theodore, J. P., liquors, 67 Luke lane, h same

O'Hara Henry, baker, h 84 King

O'Malley Edward L. Hon., Attorney General, Court House, Harbour, h Richmond Park, St. Andrew

Orate Isabel Mrs., h 50 Laws

Orrett George Mrs., widow, h 8 Harbour

Orrett John D., bookbinder, h 10 High Holborn

Orrett T. H. supt. Plumb Point Lighthouse, h 20 Harbour

Orritt William H., with Harvey & Bourke, h Grove Pen, St. Andrews

Orgill Eliza, laundress, h 6 East

Orgill B. C., 1st class clerk Internal Revenue Dept. h 11 Parade

Orgill Joseph, laborer, h 14 Tower

Ortis Frederic T. R., master and teacher of French, Spanish and German, Collegiate School,h 43 Duke

Osborn C. P., blacksmith, h 35 Temple lane

Osborn Robert, proprietor and publisher Jamaica Gazette, 12 Orange, h 82 East

Oties Moses, cigar maker, 132 Barry, h same

Oughton Thomas (Oughton & Garsia), 6 Duke, h Bel Air Villa, South Camp road

Oughton & Garsia, solicitors, 6 Duke

Ovich Manuel (E. Revilla & Co.,) King c Tower, h 81 Barry

Owen John E., 3d class clerk Audit Office, 36 Hanover

Owen Louis, Blacksmith, h 123 Princess

Oxley, Henry, seaman, h 41 East

Oxley, Henry, fireman, h 70 Tower

Ozouf & Co., Aerated Water Manufactory, 69 King

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