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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Macdougal Alexander, with J. E. West, h 8 Mark lane

Macdougal Duncan, h 14 Barry

Macfarlane Alexander, carpenter and builder, h 43 E Queen

Macfarlane Catharine, h 18 E Queen

Machado B. (B. & J. B. Machado,) 9 Port Royal, h 68 East

Machado J. B. (B. & J. B. Machado,) 9 Port Royal, h 68 East

Machado B. & J. B., tobacconists, 9 Port Royal

Machado Mariano, h 41 Church

Macham George, h 13 Harbour

Macham Jos. A., blacksmith, h 13 Harbour

Macham Maria, teacher, h 13 Harbour

Mackenzie E. Y., watchmaker and jeweller, 96 Harbour, h same

Mackglashan John C., auditor general, h Ardenne Pen, St. Andrews

Mackglashan William H., with William Malabre & Co., h 38 Milk

Mackinnon Louis F., manager, Jamaica Railway Co., h Whim Pen, Old Harbour

Mackinnon L. F. Jr., accountant, Government Savings Bank, h 142 Barry

Mackinnon W., travelling supervisor, Post Office, h Retreat Pen, St. Andrews

Maclean Ann Miss, h 119 Church

Macpherson Daniel, carpenter, h 14 Stephen lane

Macpherson James, watchmaker and jeweller, 28 King, h 116 Barry

Macpherson J. S., dispenser, 75 King, h 28 Mark Lane

Macpherson L. G. with Charles Grant, h 116 Barry

Macpherson R. J., with W. R. Macpherson & Co., h 48 Church

Macpherson W. R. (W. R. Macpherson & Co., h Devon Villa, St. Andrews

Macpherson W. R. & Co., dry and fancy goods, 105 Harbour

MacTernan James Mrs., widow, h 2 Love lane

Maddan A. T., letter carrier, Post office, h 2 New lane, Fletcher's town

Maddix F. S., dressmaker, 116 Tower, h same

Madison Richard, carpenter, h 39 Smith lane

Madore Margaret,dry goods, 11 Beckford, h 50 E Queen

Magill William, third landing waiter, Custom House, h 72 E Queen

Magnan Charles O., 3d class clerk, Dept. of Roads and Works, h 98 Duke

Magnan C. W., 3d class clerk, Post Office, h 98 Duke

Magnan Peter, with E. Lyons & Son, h 98 Duke

Magnus Alexander, clerk, h 53 Orange

Magnus Eugene, h 34 Fleet

Magnus George, tyler, grand lodge, and at 44 Port Royal, h 23 Hanover

Magnus Hymen, h 116 Church

Magnus Mortimer, with Adamson & Co., h 152 Princess

Magnus, Richard S., with D. Finzi & Co., h 34 Fleet

Magnus Samuel Mrs., h North Street Villa, North

Magnus Walter S., h North Street Villa, North

Mahong Luke, provisions, 21 Beeston, h same

Maillard Lewis, with W. D. Jones & Co., h 21 Harbour

Maillard Peter T., engineer, h 10 High Holborn

Maillard Theophilus, foreman, C. P. Lazarus & Co., h 10 High Holborn

Mainwaring K. H. A., captain R. N. and harbour master, office Custom House, h York Cottage, Upper Orange

Mais A. Cameron, with Corty & Co., h 4 E Queen

Mais, S. W. J. P., h Halberstadt, Port Royal Mt., P. O. address Kingston

Mais Eliza Mrs., h 4 E Queen

Mais William B., 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h 4 E Queen

Maize Edward, with Hyman Cohen, h 65 Luke lane

Malabre Arnold L. (A. Malabre & Co.,) 48 Port Royal, h 150 East

Malabre Arnold L. & Co., hardware merchants, 48 Port Royal

Malabre Charles, accountant, P. Desnoes & Son, h 108 Princess

Malabre Charles Mrs. Sr., h 80 Hanover

Malabre Charles A., with A. Malabre & Co., h 150 East

Malabre Jane, bread, h 36 Water lane

Malabre Mary E., fancy goods, 8 E Queen, h 16 George's lane

Malabre William, (William Malabre & Co.,) . Harbour c King, h 3 North

Malabre William. H., with A. Malabre & Co., h 150 East

Malabre William Titley, with William Malabre & Co., h 3 North

Malabre William. & Co., importers dry and fancy goods, Harbour, King and Port Royal

Malliett Ann, widow, h 50 John's lane

Malliett H. B., with E. Lyon & Co., h. 50 John's lane

Malliett John C., clerk, h 27 Barry

Malliett M. Miss, third mistress, Wollmer's Free School, h 50 John's lane

Malliett Rosa Miss, h 40 Foster lane

Malone William, carpenter, h 141 King

Mamby John, h 29 Rum lane

Manford Alexander E., h 44 Barry

Mann George, blacksmith, h 7 Fisher's row

Mann Hon. General J. R., R. E. Director of Roads, Surveyor-general and Supt. Public Works, h Ellerslie Pen, Gordon town

Manning George G., h 10 Sutton

Marchant William, pressman, General Penitentiary, h 74 John's lane

Marchand Joseph, with E. Ellis & Co.

Marco Henrietta Mrs., h 237 Tower

Mardinez Manuel, h 11 Duke

Marescaux Oscar, manager, Colonial Bank, h Cherry Garden, St. Andrews

Markland Helen, h 4 George's lane

Marmon Leonardo, h 44 Barry

Marryatt Sophia, dry goods, 34 Princess, h same

Marshall A. C., clerk, Colonial Bank, h 90 East

Marshall C. A., commissary clerk, Ordnance Dept., h 90 East

Marshall A. M., 2d class clerk, Island Treasury, h 90 East

Marshall Cordelia, h 110 Church

Marshall Edgar, h 61 Hanover

Marshall E. N., 2d class clerk, Post Office, h 90 East

Marshall James Mrs., h 90 East

Marshall J. Miss, h 143 King

Marshall William, with Comer & Forbes, h 13 Harbour

Martin Anthony A., manager's asst., Jamaica Railway Co., h 67 1/2 Harbour

Martin David, 64 Port Royal, h 114 East

Martin David & Nephew, auctioneers, 64 Port Royal

Martin Emily, h 44 Water lane

Martin F. B., carpenter, h 43 Rosemary lane

Martin John E., general superintendent Mico Institution or College, h 82 Hanover

Martin Maria Mrs., h 62 Orange

Martin T. M., with John Brass & Son, h 3 Gold

Martin W. H., wharfinger, Royal Mail S. P. Co., h 62 Water lane

Martindale Thomas, clerk, h 31 Temple lane

Marty Isidore, engineer, bds 78 Barry

Martinez Joseph, tobacconist, 115 Tower, h same

Mary Volny (Volny Mary, D. Feres & Co.,) 104 Harbour, h Mary Villa, Church

Mary P., h Mary Villa, upper end Church

Massias W. C., 3d class clerk, Dept. Roads and Works, h Spanish Town road

Matchen Sarah Mrs., h 63 Tower

Mathias Lewis, boot and shoe maker, 74 Water lane, h 244 Tower

Mathon Charles, with V. R. & Co., h 177 King

Mathon Charles Jr.,, coach trimmer, h 27 John's lane

Matthews Alexander, h 88 East

Matthews E. G., shoemaker, 5 Gold, h Matthews' Villa, St. Andrews

Matthews Esther Miss, h 109 Church

Matthews Matthew, h 78 Hanover

Mattison William, hair oil, 104 Barry, h same

Matton Lydia, widow, h 42 Barry

Mattos Alexander, manager, D. C. & Co., 25 and 27 Port Royal, h 88 East

Mattos George A., baker, h Princess

Mattos Matthew F., Notary Public, 4 Church, h 78 Hanover

Mattox Joshua, carpenter, h 26 Ladd lane

Maunsell H. E., M.D., resident medical officer, Public Hospital, h 37 North

Maxwell Christiana, h 52 Foster lane

Maxwell Eliza, bread, 83 Tower, h 5 Foster lane

Maxwell James, builder, h 130 Church

Maxwell Lydia, dressmaker, 16 Mark lane, h same

May Donald M., with Wilham Malabre & Co., h 1 Bow, Rae Town

May John, provisions, E Queen, h same

May John, h 110 Rum lane

May Robert, veterinary surgeon, 31 East h 68 John's lane

May Theophilus, carriage builder, h 96 King

Mayner Joseph, homeopathic physician, 53 Church, h same

Maynier Adolphe, veterinary surgeon, Duke c Barry, h Parade Villa, 38 Parade

Mayo Fanny E. Mrs., h 23 E Queen

McBayne Evan, h 48 1/2 Hanover

McBayne T. H., lst class clerk, Post Office, h 48 1/2 Hanover

McBean Helen, h 106 Church

McCaller John, tailor, h 143 Barry

McCallum Susan, h 70 Laws

McCarthy Eliza Mrs., h 8 E Queen

McCarthy Jane, widow, h 34 Laws

McCarthy Justin, with McCartney & Wood, h 20 Prince Albert, Allman Town

McCartney Wm. F. (McCartney & Wood) 16 King, h 22 Prince of Wales, Allman Town

McCartney & Wood, booksellers and stationers, 16 King

McCaw, Obadiah, tailor, 156 Tower, h 34 Kingston lane, Fletcher's Town

McClelland Emily, widow, h 56 Laws

McClelland Lyndon R., h 56 Laws

McClelland R. G., 2d class clerk, Island Treasury, h 56 Laws

McCormack G. S., shoemaker, 121 Barry, h 22 W Queen

McCormack Louis, with L. C. McCormack h Woodward road, Brown's Town

McCormack Louis L., blacksmith, 145 Water lane, h Windward Road, Brown's Town

McCormack L. C., commission agent, Orange c South, h 1 East

McCormack Wm., corn., 3 Orange, h 12 East

McCoy Thomas, mariner, h 65 Harbour

McCoy William, omnibus driver, h 107 Duke

McCrindle A. Mrs., druggist, 12 King, and diningroom 101 Harbour, h same

McCrae Hector J., cook, h 116 Tower

McCrae James, cook, h 116 Tower

McCulloch Frank, asst. traffic clerk, Jamaica Railway Co., h Charles

McCutchin R., clerk, Colonial Bank, h same

McDonald John, harnessmaker and saddler Harbour, h Racecourse

McDonald John Jr., with J. McDonald, Kingston Gardens

McDonald Thomas, compositor, Gleaner office, h 17 Luke lane

McDonald William B., upholsterer, h 30 Barry

McDougal Ann, h 15 Heywood

McDougal Neil, solicitor, 4 Church

McDowell Ann, lodginghouse, 56 Duke

McDowell James H. Hon. (McDowell & Barclay) 1 King, h Trafalgar Park, St. Andrews

McDowell Jane, h 45 Duke

McDowell William, shoemaker, 133 Water lane, h same

McDowell & Barclay, com. merchant agents, Atlas and W. I. and P. S. S. lines, 1 King

McFarlane George, shipwright, h 40 George's lane

McFarlane James, cigarmaker, 40 George's lane

McFarlane Janet, Manchester House, 70 King

McGeachy David, carriage maker, h Slipe Pen road, St. Andrews

McGill Eliza Miss, h 13 Parade

McGlashin William, h 38 Laws

McGrath George, 1st class inspector, Mandeville

McGregor Marian, widow, h 28 Laws

McHardy Charles, salesman, penitentiary, h 61High Holborn

McInnis Alexander, constable, h 46 John's lane

McIntosh Alexander, with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h Allman Town, opposite Race Course

McIntosh James, clerk, h 98 King

McKean Silas, clerk, Jamaica Railway Co., h 53 Rosemary

McKearn Robert, seaman, h 46 East

McKen Eliza, widow, h 53 Rosemary lane

McKenzie Charles T., shoemaker, 41 Tower, h Teck lane

McKenzie George, omnibus driver, h 27 Sutton

McKenzie Isabel, coal and wood, 114 Barry, h same

McKenzie Louis, blacksmith, 3 Mark. lane, h 26 Maiden lane

McKenzie Louis, blacksmith, h 16 John's Lane

McKenzie R., messenger, 74 Hanover, house same

McKinney Helen, h 5 Wildman

McKinney Rosina A., h 5 Wildman

McKnight George, tailor, h 10 Oxford

McLarty Charles, saddler, 147 Harbour, h 48 Tower

McLaughlin James, shoemaker, h 102 Orange

McLean Ann, fancy goods, 6 Beckford, h Bond

McLean Mary A., manager, 1 Heywood, h same

McLean William, hairdresser, 10 Orange, h same

NcLeish George, leaf tobacco, 161 Harbour, h 14 Pink lane

McLellan Ann, teacher, h 5 Mark lane

McLeod Jane Mrs., h 135 King

McLeod Wm., 1st class inspector, Spanish Town

McMahon T. G., hall porter, public hospital, house same

McMickan Catharine, lodginghouse, 95 Water lane

McMurray Robert, bds 5 East

McNab John R., reporter and librarian to Legislative Council, h St. Thomas House

McNearth Daniel, coachpainter, h 65 Barry

McNearth Daniel, with William Andrews, Jr., h 11 Church

McNeil John M., with Turnbull & Co., h 102 Orange

McNorton Dennis, Inspector of Nuisances, 99 Water lane, h 74 East

McNuff Maria, h 9 Mark lane

McPherson Joseph S., dispenser, h 28 Mark lane

McPherson Mary, manager, 57 Barry, h 134 Orange

McQuin Catharine, teacher, h 32 Smith lane

McRae Ellen, fancy goods, 49 Tower, h 39 Laws

McWhenney W. W., manager, 8 Manchester square, house 40 Barry

Medical Department, 87 East

Melbourne John S., 2d class out door officer C. H., h 168 Tower

Melhado D. J., 3d class clerk Collector General's Office, h 41 George's lane

Melhado Jane, widow, h 41 George's lane

Melhado Sophia Miss, h 46 Orange

Melhado Solomon, with M. Brandon & Co., h 57 Parade

Melleville Edward, assistant superintendent Mico Institution or College, h 82 Hanover

Melville Frederick W., with McDowell & Barclay, h 19 Fisher's Row, Rae Town

Melville H. R., clerk Colonial Bank, h 19 Fisher's Row, Rae Town

Meadows Sarah, widow, h 46 Water lane

Meddins George, with Ford Bros., h 78 East

Medical Dept. Office, 74 Hanover

Meau Walter M., clerk, h 125 Princess

Mendes Alexander, coach builder, 31 East, h 25 Laws

Mendes Ebenezer, with Mudahay & Co., h 47 Oxford

Mendes Francis, with E. C. Dazavado, h 45 King

Mendes Hamilton, h 92 King

Mendes James, liquors, 29 Laws, h 47 Maiden lane

Mendes Miriam Mrs., h 98 Orange

Mendes Rebecca Miss, h 110 East

Mendes Samuel, liquors and fruit exporter, foot of King, h 6 Tower

Mendes Samuel P., h 34 Matthew's lane

Mercado David, with O. Bavastro, h 120 Church

Merchant George, h 85 Tower

Merrick Dorothy, teacher, 77 Orange, h same

Messenger Joseph S., tailor, h 107 Luke lane

Metcalf Jane E., widow, h 14 Hanover

Meu Walter A., with E. Ellis & Co., h 18 Princess

Michaels Rachel, h 121 Orange

Mico Institution or College, 82 Hanover

Middleton Jane E., h 124 Orange

Milanes Concepcion, fancy goods, 22 Princess, h same

Milburn John, h 27 Barry

Miles A. H., 2d class clerk Collector General's Office, h 36 Hanover

Miles Charles, carpenter, h 2 Rum lane

Milholland J. M., watchmaker and jeweller, 86 Harbour, h 54 E Queen

Milne Amelia, h 13 East

Minot James S., h 42 Harbour

Minot T., provisions, Harbour c George's lane

Miranda Sarah, h 44 Church

Mitchell A., with Ackermann & Elliott, h 51 Mark's lane

Mitchell Archibald, shipwright, h 18 Water lane

Mitchell David, porter, h 19 Kingston lane

Mitchell G., 2d class clerk, Dept. of Roads and Works, h same

Mitchell H. D. C., cashier, Island Treasury, h 3 East

Mitchell. Jacob Mrs., h 75 Hanover

Mitchell John, with Alfred Pawsey, h 16 Prince of Wales, Allman Town

Mitchell Joseph, constable, h 46 John's 1ane

Mitchell Thomas, lst class inspector Lucea

Mitchell William, tobacconist, 20 Parade, h 15 W Queen

Millard Harry, h 124 Church

Miller Edward, with A. Woolley, h 107 Luke lane

Miller George H., shoemaker, h 20 Laws

Miller Henry, carver, h 9 Harbour

Miller H. R., manager, Comer & Forbes, h 1 Parade

Miller Marian, h 144 Church

Miller Robert, carpenter, h 6 Wildman

Millingen Joseph, grocer, 125 Water lane, h 68 Tower

Mills George L., bricklayer, h 12 Maiden lane

Mold John W. Rev., h 88 King

Molena Manuel, planter, h 73 Orange

Monsalvatge Ramon Rev., h 15 Sutton

Monsalvatge Ramon, Jr., h 15 Sutton

Monsalvatge R. Alfred, tobacconist, 55 King, h 15 Sutton

Montagnac Anthony, h Villa Pen, South Camp road

Montagnac Edward, shoemaker, h 101Oxford

Montagnac Gustavus, chief clerk, Royal Mail S. P. Co., h 8 Port Royal

Montagnac James, bricklayer, h 18 Rosemary lane

Moodie Charles, tobacconist, 100 Barry

Moore Charles, tinware, 84 Princess, h Spanish Town road

Moore Edward, tinware, 144 Tower, h 44 Oxford

Moore Mary Mrs., widow, h 44 High Holborn

Moore Peter, piano tuner, 76 Harbour, h 44 High Holborn

Moore Robert, liquors, 27 West and 19 Port Royal, h 27 West

Morais Aaron, h 51 E Queen

Morais Amos, with George Solomon & Co., h 54 East

Morais Augustus, livery stable, 2 Parade, h 54 East

Morais Benjamin & Co., Harbour n Princess, h 70 Barry

Morais Edmund, carpenter, h 9 Peter's lane

Morais Ernest, speculator, h 32 Peter's lane

Morias [Morais] Eugene L. Francis, with Oughton & Garsia, h 54 East

Morais Gerald, h 54 East

Morais Horatio, h 63 1/2 Duke

Morais Matthew Mrs., h 71 Barry

Morais Morris, h 56 E Queen

Morais, Nathaniel, ale bottler, 22 Orange, h same

Morais Rachel, h 86 Barry

Morais Sarah, h 68 King

Morais Sarah A., h 56 E Queen

Morais Solomon, h 70 East

Morais William, Supt. Sailor's Home, h same

Morales C. A, with Morrice & King, h 87 King

Morales Martino, h 193 Tower

Morales Rebecca, h 69 Hanover

Morand Edward, asst. clerk, Sollas Market, h 47 George's lane

Morcel Michael, tailor h 35 E Queen

Mordecal A.. general merchandise, 154 Harbour, h 89 East

Mordecai Lionel M., with A. Mordecai, h 89 East

Mordecai Samuel, tavern, 128 Tower, h 53 Orange

Mordecai Thaddeus, with A. Mordecia, h 89 East

Morel Thomas D., cigar maker, h 100 Barry

Morell, Alexander & Co., coach builders, 77 Harbour

Morell Joseph (Morell, Alexander & Co.,) 77 Harbour, h 16 Sarah, Allman Town

Morgan M. C., post contractor, 2 Little Port Royal, h Barbican Pen, St. Andrews

Morgan Thomas, shoemaker, 194 Princess, h 18 Princess

Morillo Juan, cigar maker, h 77 Barry

Moria Alexander, clerk, 14 W Queen, h 77 Beeston

Morian Belina, with P. Desnoes & Son, 7 King, h 66 Church

Moria Julie Mrs., h 24 High Holborn

Morin Louisa, widow, h 58 Church

Morphy William, engineer, h 30 High Holborn

Morrice Alexander (Morrice & Co.,) 108 Harbour and 97 Princess, h 93 Church

Morrice Samuel (Morrice & Co.,)108 Harbour, h London

Morrice & Co., importers, dry and fancy goods, 108 Harbour

Morrice Albert, h 67 Duke

Morrice Charles, clerk, 22 E Queen, h Beeston c West

Morris Henry, fruit, 12 Port Royal, h 67 Duke

Morris J. B., watchmaker and jeweller, 30 King, h 19 East

Morris William, manager, 3 Heywood, h 12 Regent

Morrison Charles, with Fred L. Myers, h 26 George's lane

Morrison Henry, fitter, h 13 Tower

Morrison James, shoemaker, r 44 Laws, h same

Morrison John, shoemaker, h r 44 Laws

Morrison John, jeweller, 169 Tower, h 22 Barry

Morrison Joshua, bricklayer, h 67 Beeston

Morrison William, M. A., editor Colonial Standard, secretary Jamaica Association, and

co-principal Collegiate School, h 43 Duke

Morrison William D., with J. S. Codner, h 34 Mark's lane

Mort R. A., h 33 Mark lane

Morton C., clerk, Government Savings Bank, h 62 Water lane

Morton Edward, h 62 Water lane

Morton Henry, h 62 Water lane

Morton William, h 62 Water lane

Moses Albert, manager, E. De Cordova & Co., 8 King, h East, Manchester square

Moses Nancy, dry goods, 135 Harbour and 98 Princess, h Manchester square

Mosse C. B., supt. medical officer, 87 East, h Mona, St. Andrews

Motta Amelia, manager, 68 Laws, h same

Motta, Daniel I., with Eustace De Cordova, h 90 Church

Motta David, dry goods, 127 Princess and Princess c Beckford, h 127 Princess

Mould Alex. M. Capt., h 79 King

Mowatt Margaret Mrs., h 113 King

Mowatt Richard A., 1st class out door officer, C. H., h 33 Mark lane

Mudady Jacob (Mudady & Co.,) 114 Harbour, and manager, George Solomon & Co., h Bismarck Cottage, Manchester square

Mudahy & Co,, dry goods, 114 Harbour

Mudon Wm. Lee (Turnbull, Lee & Mudon,) 94 Harbour, h 16 Elletson road

Muir Alfred E., storekeeper, General Penitentiary, h 18 High Holborn

Muir John E., clerk to Municipal Board, h 25 East

Muir William, shoemaker, 140 Mark lane, h 2 Kingston lane

Muir William, crockery and fancy goods, 52 Harbour, h same

Mulholland M. J., h 52 Hanover

Munds John P., h 5 Johns.

Municipal Board Office P. O. building

Munro Archibald (Turnbull & Co.,) 60 Port Royal, h Prince of Wales, Allman Town

Munro George, boatswain, h 49 Water lane

Munro Georgiana Mrs., widow, h 48 Charles

Munro G. G., tailor, 15 Orange, h 96 Charles

Munro Robert, clerk, h 78 East

Munro Samuel, tailor, h 96 Charles

Murduc James, attendent, h 23 Potter's row

Murphey M. J., warden, Public Hospital, h same

Murphy William, h 35 Mark lane

Murray Adelaide, h 47 E Queen

Murray Ann Miss, h 57 Luke lane

Murray Ann H. Miss, h 62 Laws

Murray Caroline Mrs., h 142 Princess

Murray C., corporal and porter, 74 Hanover, h Camp

Murray C. S., with Volney Mary, D. Feres & Co., h 61 Gold

Murray Frances, h 42 Wildman

Murray Frederic, tailor, h 61 John's lane

Murray Frederick, cook, h 61 Mark lane

Murray H. G. B., with Geo. Henderson & Co., h 142 Princess

Murray Jennetta, h 16 Potter's row

Murray John, clerk, Colonial Bank, h 49 High Holborn

Murray J. G., second master Wollmer's Free School, h 30 Beeston

Murray W. C. Rev. h 81 Hanover

Murray William C., with Laraque &,Co., h 142 Princess

Musson John T., with Harvey & Bourke, h HalfwayTree, St. Andrews

Musson S. P., 1st class clerk, Colonial Secretary‘s Office, h Halfway Tree St. Andrews

MUSGRAVE ANTHONY SIR, K. C. M. G.., Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of Jamaica and its dependencies, h King's House, St. Andrews

Musgrave Anthony, Jr., private secretary, h Kings house, St. Andrews

Myers Abraham, h 68 Hanover

Myers Elizabeth h 9 Smith lane

Myers Fred L., dry goods, 35 King, h same

Myles William M., letter carrier, Post Office, h 41 Princess

Myles Philemon, compositor, Gleaner office, h 114 West

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