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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Labatt Louisa, widow, h 15 East

Lacy Charles D., tailor and outfitter, 111 Water lane, h 18 Church

Lacy Timothy, with C. D. Lacy, h 125 West

Lafitte James, messenger medical department, h 99 Duke

Lagune Amelia, h 60 Orange

Laidman Alfred, bds 3 Hanover

Laidman Mark, h 33 Duke

Laidman M. A., with Turnbull & Co., h 3 Hanover

Laidman Herbert E., 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h 33 Duke

Laing Alice, h 89 Church

Laing Frederick, clerk, 27 King

Laing Peter, clerk, h 46 Barry

Laing Richard, tailor, h 23 Wildman

Laing Robert, furniture, 61 King, h same

Laing William, clerk, h 35 Orange

Lakedyken John, shoemaker, 26 Duke, h 25 Fleet

Laloubere Cyprian (C. Laloubere & Co.,) 4 Orange, h Liverpool, England

Laloubere C. & Co., dry goods, 4 Orange

Lambert Charles, clerk, h 25 John's lane

Lambert Sidney, printer, h 25 John's lane

Lambridge Mrs., h 66 Church

Lamont Jane, Grampian House, 87 Barry

Land George A., sub-inspector Constabulary

Lang Frederick, clerk, h 82 Tower

Langley Richard, with J. Wray & Nephew, h 48 Harbour

Langley Stephen, carpenter, 93 Duke, h Beeston

Laraque Francis H., (Laraque & Co.,) 118 Harbour, h Manchester square, East

Laraque & Co., boots and shoes, 118 Harbour

Laugier F. (V. Langler & Co.,) 26 King, h 149 King

Laugier F. & Co., chocolate factory, 26 King

Laugier John, h 149 King

Laugier John Jr., h 149 King

Lawes Henry, dispenser, General Penitentiary, h 23 Tower

Lawrence Charles, pressman, Gleaner office, h 4 West

Lawrence C. H., cabinet maker, 6 Princess, h 46 John's lane

Lawrence Fanny, h 31 E Queen

Lawrence John F., with V. R., & CO, h Belmont Cottage, St. Andrew

Lawrence Samuel, fourth master Wolmer's Free School, h 211 Tower

Lawton Michael Mrs., h 91 East

Lay Octave, with Alfred Pawsey, h 56 Duke

Lazarus Charles P. (Chas. P. Lazarus & Co.,) 183 Harbour, 151 Princess

Lazarus Charles P. & Co., West End Foundry, 183 Harbour

Lazarus Marian, h 78 Orange

Lea Thomas Rev., h 33 Charles

Leach J. V., with Harvey & Bourke, h 11 King

Leach Margaret Mrs., teacher, h 118 King

Leahong Henry, provisions, 112 Tower, h 31 Church

Leapetre R., head sorter, Post Office, h 119 East

Le Bosse C., with A. Legendre, h 80 East

Lecesne Annette, widow, h 37 West

Lee C. Franklin, with Burke & Lee, h Sweet Home Cottage, Elliston road

Lee David, baker, h 7 Love lane

Lee Henry H., clerk to commissions K and L Water Works h 8 Elletson road

Lee Isabella Mrs., h 7 Love lane

Lee John A., tailor, h 46 Gold

Lee Nathaniel W,., printer, General Penitentiary, h 31 Beeston

Lee Theodore G., with Henry Vendryes, h 22 Harbour

Lee Thomas, Rev., h 33 Charles

Lee W. Rastrick. (Burke & Lee,) 6 Port Royal, h Wavertree Villa, upper North

Lee William (Turnbull, Lee & Mudon,) 94 Harbour, h Elletson road

Lefebre Octavio, cabinet maker, Peter's lane, near Barry, h 21 Luke lane

Le Franc Annette, h 4 High Holborn

Legendre A., Haytian [Haitian] Consul, and dry goods, 59 Port Royal, h 80 East

Lemard Andrew, with A. E. Burke, h 123 East

Leon A., h 115 Orange

Leon Charles, turner, h 18 Church

Leon D. M., sub. assistant clerk, Kingston Markets, h 33 Orange

Leon Emanuel X., h 6 John's lane

Leon Frances, dry goods, 26 and 62 Princess, h same

Leon Francisco, provisions, 5 Beckford, h 59 Luke lane

Leon Gertrude, crockery, 94 Princess h Temple lane

Leon Simeon, h 37 George's lane

Leon SImon, carpenter, h 69 Mark lane

Leon S. I., h 26 Duke

Leonard Henry, tinsmith, rear 95 Orange, h 72 West

LeRay J. O. McB., clerk, 1 Orange, h 13 Parade

Lescene A. L. Miss., head mistress, Wollmer's Free School, h 109 King

Leslie Kate, h 81 Church

Levett D. L., dentist, 30 Duke, h same

Levien Kauffman, h 67 Orange

Levien Sydney, manager, D. C. Henriques & Co., and agent Theatre Royal, 1 Hanover, h same

Levy Alexander, tobacconist, 137 Water lane, h same

Levy Alexander Jr., second hand furniture, 66 Princess, h 137 Water lane

Levy Charles (Chas Levy & Co.,) 12 Port Royal h 6 Lime Street Square, London, England


Levy Charles & Co., merchants, 12 Port Royal and 13 King

Levy Edmund, collector water rates, K. & L. Water Works, h 76 King

Levy George, proprietor and publisher Colonial Standard, Church c Port Royal, h 65 Duke

Levy Isaac (Isaac Levy & Co.,) 9 King, h St. Jago Park, Spanish Town

Levy Isaac & Co., merchants, 9 King

Levy Jane, manager, 86 King, h 91 Matthew's lane

Levy Jeremiah, h 7 Tower

Levy Maurice, auctioneer and com. agent, 3 Orange, h 29 Tower

Levy Moses, merchant, 20 Port Royal, h 39 Duke

Levy Paul, manager, 2 1/2 W Queen, h 16 Bond

Levy Phillip, provisions, 142 Harbour, h York Lodge Race Course

Levy Wilfred, baker, 31 Luke lane, h 87 Hanover

Lewin Emanuel E., first class clerk, Custom House, h 67 Orange

Lewis Austin, with W. R. Macpherson & Co., h 18 Water lane

Lewis A. W., with S. D. Lindo, h 138 Orange

Lewis Benjamin, caulker, h 43 Water laneLewis Edward W., solicitor, 9 Port Royal, h Lignum Vitae Grove Pen, St. Andrews

Lewis George C. H., with Altamont De Cordova, h 97 Church

Lewis Isaac, porter, h 14 John's lane

Lewis James, carman, h 43 Water lane

Lewis John, manager, 96 Tower, h 10 1/2 Rosemary lane

Lewis John, provisions, 9 Spanish Town road, h same

Lewis J. J. G., dry goods, 37 Port Royal, h 137 East, Manchester square

Lewis Priscilla, h 21 Wildman

Lewis Sarah Mrs., h 127 Orange

Lewis Simon, fruit exporter, 150 Harbour, and liquors, 168 Tower and 17 Port Royal, h Bamboo Pen, St. Andrews

Lewis Simon Jr., with Simon Lewis, h Bamboo Pen, St. Andrew's

Lewis W. H., foundry, 171 Harbour, h 18 Hanover

Liantand E., h 32 Duke

Little E. B. Mrs., Fiddes House, 95 East

Lindo Alfred, mariner, h 19 Spanish Town road

Lindo A. A., with Fred Lindo, h 33 North

Lindo B. A., clerk collector of taxes, b 25 East

Lindo B. G., with D. R. Da Costa, h Studley park, St. Andrew's

Lindo Frances, bread, 8 W Queen, h same

Lindo Frederick, h 18 Beeston

Lindo, Fred, fancy goods, 34 Port Royal, h 33 North

Lindo Henry, with Roxburgh & Sons, h 25 Sutton

Lindo James, tailor, 55 Luke lane, h same

Lindo Richard, h 6 Sutton

Lindo S. D., advocate, 12 Port Royal, h Collins Green Pen, St. Andrew's

Lindo William, manager, 17 Luke lane, h 102 Matthew's lane

Lindsay Charles F., clerk, h 17 Orange

Lindsay Eleanor, h 37 E. Queen

Lindsay Mary A., dressmaker, h 15 Orange

Lindsey David, shoemaker, 26 Luke lane, h 60 Luke lane

Lingin Francis, pedlar, h 21 Beckford

Lipman Edward, tailor, 8 Peter's lane, h same

Lipman Isaac, cigar maker, h 5 Rae

Little S. E. Mrs., h 34 John's lane

Littlewood E. R., 3d class clerk, Collector General's Office, h 3 Hanover

Livingston Gilbert M., 2d class clerk, Audit Office, h 81 Water lane

Livingston H. W., Island Treasurer and Manager Government Savings Bank, 5 Port Royal, h Maryville, St. Andrews

Livingston Ross J., chief clerk, Audit Office, h 3 Laws

Llado Adele, teacher, 20 Parade, h 24 High Holborn

Llado Alice S., teacher, High Holborn c E Queen, h 24 High Holborn

Llado Charles R., provisions, 79 Tower, h 73 Tower

Llado Marie A., teacher, High Holborn c E Queen, h 41 Laws

Llado Sarah, dressmaker, 37 Temple lane

Llewelyn R. B., 1st class clerk, Colonial Secretary‘s Office

Lock Hospital, 4 Water lane

Lockhart Rosalind, tavern, 153 Water lane, h same

Lofthouse Wilson (Lofthouse & Co.), music, 17 King, h Campbellefield Pen, North

Lofthouse Wilson & Co., music and musical instruments, 17 King

Logan Dundas, h 31 John's lane

Logan John A., h 31 John's lane

Logan Walter, h 31 John's lane

Long George, foreman, h 13 1/2 W Queen

Longman Thomas, gate porter, Lunatic Asylum, h same

Lopez Ashel, manager, 115 Barry, h 90 Princess

Lopez Ashel Jr., provisions, 6 Heywood, h 6 Princess

Lopez Christopher, tailor, 147 Harbour, h 39 Charles

Lopez Christopher A., tailor, 141 Harbour, h 52 Beeston

Lopez Edward J., compositor, Gleaner office, h 22 John's lane

Lopez Louis, tailor, h 39 Charles

Lopez Manuel, tobacconist, 130 Tower, h same

Lopez Nathaniel, proprietor, Blundell Hall, h Marlboro Pen, Manchester

Lopez Sarah, fish, 91 Princess, h 90 Princess

Lorain F. N., manager, 12 W Queen, h 13 Princess

Lord Richard, with Finke & Co., h 157 Orange

Lord William C. P., 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h Breezy Castle, 2 St. Andrew's lane

Lorio Elizabeth, h 51 Maiden lane

Lorman Henry T., tailor, h 4 St. Andrews lane

Lothian Alexander, h 23 1/2 Rum lane,

Love Alexander, with Comer & Forbes

Low Joseph, tinsmith, h 9 Duke

Low Henry, provisions, 67 Water lane, h same

Luckson George, carpenter, h 19 Fleet

Lunan James P., with Briscoe Bros., h 15 High Holborn

Lunan Walter W., with Briscoe Bros., h 31 North

Lunatic Asylum, Paradise foot of Water

Lucas Sampson, jeweller, 28 Orange, h same

Lucas Thomas, h 19 Maiden lane

Lundie William, with A. Malabre & Co., h 56 King

Lundie William Mrs., fancy goods, 56 King, h same

Lune Thomas, cabinet maker, h 14 Mark lane

Lynn William S., merchant, h 9 East

Lyon Adella Mrs., h 9 Foster lane

Lyon Andrew Mrs., h 100 Orange

Lyon A. S. Mrs., h 18 Beeston

Lyon Edwin B., cigar maker, 9 W Queen, h 107 West

Lyon George, h 7 Johns

Lyon George Henry, furniture and crockery, 103 Harbour, h 18 Beeston

Lyons Emanuel &Son, importers hardware and lumber, Harbour c King

Lyons Emanuel Mrs., h 57 Duke

Lyons Francis B. (Emanuel Lyons & Son,) Harbour c King, h 53 Duke

Lyons George Jr., importer, 123 Harbour

Lyons John E., with E. Lyons & Son, h 53 Duke

Lywood John, carpenter, h 21 E Queen

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