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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Ibbott Thomas S. T., h 9 Barry

Iffla, S. A., clerk to Custos, 3 Duke, h 41 E. Queen

Iles Henry H. (John C. Fegan & Co.), 58 Port Royal, h 28 E Queen

Immigration Office, Orange c Sutton

Innes William, saddler. 81 Princess, h 2 Bond

Innis James, with E. De Cordova & Co., h 33 Beeston

Innis Sophia, dry goods, 21 King, h Harbour c High Holborn

Inglis A. S., with Joseph Davidson & Co., h Breezy Castle, 2 St. Andrew's lane

Ingram John S. deputy supt. General Penitentiary, h East Wall

Inspector of Prisons, Orange c Sutton

Inspector of Schools, Orange c Sutton

Irrigation Works, Spanish Town

Isaacs A. H., 41 Port Royal, h 8 Heywood

Isaacs A. H. Jr., collector's assistant, 24 Church, h 9 Potter's row, Rae Town

Isaacs Andrew H., clerk, h 9 Potter's row

Isaacs Asher, with E. Lyons & Son, h 52 Duke

Isaacs F. A., with H. W. Cody & Co., h 24 Barry

Isaacs Henry J., with Adamson & Co., h 52 Duke .

Isaacs H. H. Rev., M. A., h Woodford, St. Andrew's Mts.

Island Secretary's Office, Spanish Town

Island Treasury, Harbour c Duke

Ives R. H., compiler Jamaica Directory, P. 0. address Kingston, Jamaica


Jackson C. H. Miss, teacher, 106 East

Jackson E. W. shoemaker, 92 Tower, h 36 Maiden lane

Jackson George R., cabinet maker, with Comer & Forbes

Jackson John, provisions, 10 New Cross, h same

Jackson Joseph, cabinet maker, h 97 King

Jackson Joseph, fisherman, h 3 Ladd lane

Jackson Robert, provisions, 170 Tower, 30 Laws, 52 Tower, 48 Princess, 87 Beeston, 193 Tower, 30 Matthew's lane and 1 Spanish Town road, h 30 Matthew's lane

Jackson Samuel, manager, 76 Charles, h 35 Matthew's lane

Jackson Mrs., h 38 Potter's row

Jacobs Deborah Mrs., h 98 East

Jacobs Francis, coach builder, h 45 Church

Jacobs Maria, widow, h 14 George's lane

Jacobs Mary J., widow, h 46 High Holborn

Jacobs Mary J. Mrs., h 1 Fisher's row

Jacobs Sipporah, teacher, h 39 Beeston

Jacobson H. R., atty. Finke & Co., 66 Port Royal, h 120 Duke .

Jaeckel Francis Xavier Rev., Principal St. George's High School, 87 Duke, h same

Jamaica Constabulary Depot, Sutton c East

Jamaica Club, 103 East

Jamaica International Hotel Co., office 6 Little Port Royal

Jamaica Mutual Life Ass. Society, Port Royal c Duke

Jamaica Railway Depot, 142 Barry

Jamaica Railway Co., 142 Barry

James Helen, h 29 Rum lane

James John Jackson, chief clerk to the Registrar, and clerk of the Courts and Crown, h Eastwood Park, St. Andrew

James J. R., whitesmith, h 6 McWhinney

James Mary Miss, h 94 King

James P. H., subinspector, h Halfway Tree

Jamieson Frederic, shoemaker, h Charlotte

Jenkins Samuel, carpenter, h 104 Orange

Jesurun J. A., with Gomes, Casseres & Co., h Islington Pen, St. Andrews

James W. M., tide surveyor, C. H., Port Royal

Jays Benjamin, bricklayer, h 87 E Queen

Jewish Almshouse, 37 Duke

Jino A., letter carrier, Post Office, h 6 Johns Allman Town

Johnson Charles, fish, 95 Princess, h 13 1/2 W Queen

Johnson Charles, provisions, 23 Parade, h 3 Spanish Town road

Johnson Henry, provisions, 43 and. 46 Barry, and 5 East, h 46 Barry

Johnson Henry, tinsmith, 81 Princess h same

Johnson James, carpenter, h 14 Potter's row

Johnson Joseph, with A. S. Blair, h 20 Mark lane

Johnson J. C., dresser, public hospital, h 168 Orange

Johnson Michael, baker, h 12 Chancery lane

Johnson Nathaniel, saddler, 18 Princess, h 28 High Holborn

Johnson Nathaniel, h 14 Potter's row

Johnson R. W., porter, lunatic asylum, h Potter's row

Johnson Salina, h 13 Gold

Johnson William, provisions, 22 and 53 Beeston, h Love lane

Jolly Andrew, liquors, 20 W Princess, h same

Jolly Augustus, jeweller, 48 King, h 58 Bond

Jolly Charles, wheelwright, h 4 James

Jolly Henry, h 11 Gold

Jonas Charles, tailor, h 112 Tower

Jones Ann, h 64 King

Jones Albert H., chief clerk, J. M. L. A. Society, h 38 E Queen

Jones Charles, steward, h r 68 John's lane

Jones Douglass, gas worker, h 12 Ladd lane

Jones Edward, porter, John Brass & Son, h George's lane

Jones Eleazar, jeweller, 13 W Queen, h 24 same

Jones Eliza Miss, h 60 Church

Jones Emma, teacher, 104 Church, h same

Jones Henry, carpenter, h 74 East

Jones Henry, cooper, h 84 King

Jones John, h 99 King

Jones Mary A., tinware, 59 Princess, h same

Jones Samuel T., with W. R. Macpherson & Co., h 6 Pechon

Jones Susanna, widow, h 18 Rosemary lane

Jones William, hairdresser, h 118 Tower

Jones W. D. (W. D. Jones & Co.), 18 and 90 Port Royal, h Altonville Pen, Slipe Pen


Jones W. D. & Co., merchants, 18 and 90 Port Royal

Jopp Gerald M., dispenser, 91 Harbour, h same

Jopp Mary A., dry goods, 115 Princess, h same

Jordon Edward, job printer and publisher, "Instructor," 103 Water lane, h 79 Tower

Jordon Rosa Mrs., h 28 High Holborn

Joseph Edward, h 31 Tower

Joseph John, provisions, 75 Harbour, h same

Joseph Mary, widow, h 36 Water lane

Joseph Samuel L., with Laraque & Co., h 66 Barry

Joseph Wolfe, with Judith Aarons, h 53 George's lane

Josephs H. A.. Supt. Jewish Almshouse, and assistant reader English and German Synagogue, and teacher Hebrew Collegiate School, h 37 Duke

Josephs Matthew, teacher, h 170 Orange


Kam L. E., provisions, 15 Spanish Town road, h same

Katon H. J., 2d class out door officer C. H., h 8 Princess

Keating E., tailor, 92 Barry, h 82 King

Keating N. M., tailor, h 10 Love lane

Keech Louis M., dispenser, 52 King, h 26 North

Keene James, provisions, 51 Tower, and 5 Potter's row, h Water lane

Keffry James, tobacconist, 162 Tower, h Hannah Town

Kelly Charles J., with Charles Levy & Co., h 109 Ease

Kelly Walter M., tailor, 7 Church, h 48 High Holborn

Kelly William, shoemaker, h 61 Luke lane

Kemble H, J,m Hon., custos of Kingston and insurance agent, 8 Duke, h The Cottage, St. Andrew

Kennedy Charles, upholsterer, 151 Tower, h 20 Rum lane

Kennedy Margaret, h 72 Hanover

Kenton Agustus, provisions, 102 Orange, h Charles

Ker Alan Hon., asst. judge Supreme Court, h Strawberry Hill, Port Royal mountains, St. Andrews

Kewa James, h 75 Barry

Kewa James Mrs., provisions, 18 W Queen, h 75 Barry

Kidd Henry, with Briscoe Bros., h Whitfield Pen, St. Andrews

Kidd Norman, with Briscoe Bros., h Whitfield Pen, St. Andrews

Kildare A. A., liquors, 97 Water lane and 139 Orange, h 7 Fleet

King Alexander, h 13 King

King Charles, physician, 72 King, h same

Kinkead Edward D., druggist and grocer, 24 King, h Chelsea Pen, Windward road .

King Louisa, widow, h 78 Church

King Maria, widow, h 8 Beeston

King Thomas, Inspector of nuisances, 99 Water lane, h 41 Rose mary lane

Kingston Benefit Building Society, 6 Duke

Kingston Gas Works, west of railway station

Kingston and Liguanea Water Works, 24 Church

Kingston Slaughter House, west end of city limits

Kingston Street Car Co., foot of King

Kirby George, dispenser, 91 Harbour, h same

Kirkpatrick John, with William Malabre & Co., h 59 Mark lane

Kirkpatrick Sophia, widow, h 57 Mark lane

Knight Harriet, h 63 Harbour

Knight Michael, tailor, h 17 Blunt, Hannah's Town

Knox Victorine, h 105 Orange

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